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Where the Hell is Matt? 2008

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www.wherethehellismatt.com 14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Thanks to everyone who danced with me.
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슨득이 (sundoggy) (5 hours ago)
This video gives joy and hope. Thank you :) 이 영상은 기쁨과 희망을 주네요. 감사합니다 :) in Korean
Daddy VG52 (4 days ago)
wait where is matt?
TingleDingle (5 days ago)
the story of how some dude with the worst dancing moves conquered the entire world
No Ohio?
Justin Moore (7 days ago)
2:02 is that Tomska?
xmanBHz (9 days ago)
Getting back after many years to watch this and feel good again.
Rebel Fleet Trooper (12 days ago)
Okay, this is the first video where I saw someone, in real life, legit dance in space! :D
dvpro1 (15 days ago)
After all these years of grounding myself by watching this, I've realized.... People rock, we're all the same. Politicians suck, Matt (stride) - - Thank YOU.
chrismne92 (17 days ago)
Here I am, 10 years after...and I still feel the same vibes i felt first time when i watched it. Smiling and having tears in an eyes... Its been 10 long years and I still feel the same emotion.
Mack Maloney (19 days ago)
what the internet was made for
von Hessen (19 days ago)
Skeleton King (20 days ago)
Honestly, I dont find any joy in dancing. But those videos of mad always bring tears to my eyes. First saw this exact one when I was on a class trip in a semi-christian hospice via school and they we're like "just watch this and make your thougths of it." Back then, I was a die hard atheist, not doubting that the world was devided, riddled by war and that we'd never ever see something different. I did make my thoughts of it though. Nowadays I'm following shamanistic virtues and this so beautiful.. Yeah, there are some factions on earth that are hell-bend on killing everyone else, but inside every human, there's just one thing that we all share. Not dancing, but this one single piece I can't even name. Wouldn't call it a soul, but something that binds us all. Something that everyone has, even non-developed tribes, but still also highly-developed civilisations. It just makes me cry a bit because I realize: Not everything is lost. We're moving as one.
규선KYU-SUN IZ*ONE (24 days ago)
Tim M (27 days ago)
5.9K people are assholes
SketchinIt (1 month ago)
Adi Shriram (1 month ago)
Apt that the background score to this is a Rabindranath Tagore composition. One of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th century and a humanist to his very core!
jonny estaloca (1 month ago)
Still watching this <3
Aryan Acharya (1 month ago)
the original boggiedown contest
Atheer K (1 month ago)
I used to watch this video when I'm working on my graduation project, I don't know why
Dancing is the shortest path between two people.
Giugno Caparo (1 month ago)
Excellent video !!!! But it's strange he did not include Italy, the craddle of western civilization, and that of South America, Peru
4th Dimension (1 month ago)
Damn i remember watching this back in 08. Still the most wholesome video I've ever seen in my life
Mrfootlong (1 month ago)
The most uplifting video on youtube. Shame Sana'a Yemen is now a bombed out dump. Those kids are all adults now.
AMAR TIWARY (1 month ago)
fuck this guy.. he already lived my dream life.. now to beat him i gotta go to moon n mars too
Sketchdreams (1 month ago)
This video has always made me so happy, and it still does
Faiz Zam (1 month ago)
It can be a the new fortnite dance move..
Jill HHB (1 month ago)
Matt best thing I ever felt--wish i could dance with the world like u!
mb bajuta (1 month ago)
BG up
ASAF YUSEF (1 month ago)
Anthony Oliver (1 month ago)
October 2018 anyone?
COUGH NOISE (1 month ago)
Honesty why would you go to Atlanta? I live there and it’s boring as hell but YoU dO yOu
NUS01 (1 month ago)
This reminds me feel like the scene in Shawshank Redemption "“I have no idea to this day what those two Italian ladies were singing about. Truth is, I don’t want to know. I like to think they were singing about something so beautiful it can’t be expressed in words, and makes your heart ache because of it.”
emma (1 month ago)
Victor Kuri (1 month ago)
Han pasado 10 años y sigue siendo mi video favorito de YouTube, para momentos tristes, alegres, sin inspiración, algún día espero poder hacer un viaje similar :)
Vercetti Ricks (2 months ago)
wow. 4:00 So glad to see the guy on electric wheelchair having fun.
Deb Johnson (2 months ago)
I love this! ❤️
tornedo623 (2 months ago)
Watching this after 8 years! Hey Matt how are you now??
Jorge Camacho (2 months ago)
Ten years after, and I still cry like a little baby while I watch this images. I think of this as the finale scene of our movie. I mean, the human race movie, like on The Truman's Show. That final scene would show what we could have been if all stupid interests and differences would have not divided us over all history. What a great ending it would be.
Una manera desesperada de decirle al mundo que viajo por muchas partes XD. ¿Baja autoestima?
Asphalt Pilgrim (2 months ago)
This video used to make me happy and hopeful every time. Now in 2018, it feels like remembering a dream i once had... T_T
Laurian Phillips (2 months ago)
Still love this wonderful video. Thank you!
Ed (2 months ago)
When iam sad i listen to this, make's me feel better i dont know why. Sorry for my bad english.
Slurpwis (2 months ago)
World Peace: The Video
Rafli Ardana (2 months ago)
Wait Did i see *FORTNITE DANCES?*
Paul Paulsen (2 months ago)
First I thought he is kinda stupid, just to be able to make only one single dance move, but when I saw how many people and kids he made happy, dancing with him made me almost cry.
Nina Agi B. (2 months ago)
Unfortunately the music and the dance moves are not match at all. Otherwise nice idea.
Nina Agi B. (2 months ago)
Yes, I'm THAT person. I love to dance and I can dance, and when I see such a mismatch it just doesn't fell good to watch. I assume they had a music on the scene. Probably better than this beautiful melody which is a mediocre music. These dance moves need a more energetic music. The person who edited this video and chose the music simply had no sense for rhythm. Even I don't like the background music you still can enjoy it.
Lodbrok (2 months ago)
There´s always THAT person who will point out a nonsense, this isn´t supposed to be a professional video. It´s just people randomly dancing to a beautiful melody. In case you didn´t notice they´re dancing as wished, it´s natural.
MrSass1 (2 months ago)
thank you, you by choosing this song, have changed my personal point of view how i choose to view then world, this song and video helps me to see the world as it is and my friends and girl friends inqluded i am truly grateful
Bastian (2 months ago)
AlexxDj2 GG (2 months ago)
Ida Nielz (2 months ago)
I love this video - that's what youtube is for.
Tiago Santos (2 months ago)
Sensacional! São Paulo, Brazil ❤❤
princess k (2 months ago)
this is so nice i watched it at school with my class and my teacher
Pedro Rito (2 months ago)
When people on internet were authentic
Syk0tik (2 months ago)
Holy crap, this video is over 10 years old.
Odesskiy (2 months ago)
*I remember this video for the rest of my life, every year I look and every time goose bumps. Thank you for the wonderful video! Maybe I will when I get it)*
Celia Rose (2 months ago)
Best video I have ever seen!!
Isaac gaming Dyson (2 months ago)
Someone fell at 0:54
Random Account (3 months ago)
2:00 :)
YungJuli (3 months ago)
Poor Italy
Matt Riddle (3 months ago)
who are the nearly 6k people that dislike this? so weird.
Andrew Siconi (3 months ago)
Fucking ICONIC!
Bret Petersen (3 months ago)
Been almost 10 years....just a random thought to check it out again! So happy to see it still up! Thankyou!
Críticas Sanas (3 months ago)
Mangina, retard face, numale, leftie retard
Zyra mae (3 months ago)
After watching this video it make me feel all of people love me for who I am. Encourage us to see what we have in this world. It is my first time to watch this video.
AGSmove (3 months ago)
10 years OMG!!!!
Silver Chicken (3 months ago)
Who's watching in 2018?
charissamarluk (3 months ago)
I LOVE MATT … signing in on 08-30-2018...!
Tamás Matyó (3 months ago)
still one of my favourite videos on yt
Ben Thompson (3 months ago)
Matt, thank you for the countless times that I have watched this video, and been reminded that sharing joy can be so simple, and so powerful.
Ryan Reeder (3 months ago)
Ten years on, made when we as a people hardly knew what YouTube was. You can watch this over and over and always see a different video, looking at different people, all authentically being themselves, and genuinely happy. The music is a great fit, and it's all so joyous and seems to capture the message that we are all brothers and sisters and children of the same God. So much variety, and yet so much sameness. You watch this and you love people. It's fascinating how one video, posted early in the history of YouTube, is still, and probably always will be, one of the best. Brilliant!
JJ Flash (3 months ago)
Magnificent...even 10 years later.
Randy Martosoewito (3 months ago)
If we could just understand Matt's meaning in this video since 2006 we would have been living in a better 2018
Skid1288 (3 months ago)
i am from Austin :D i was not in your video though D:
Zoltek (3 months ago)
Реквием по старенькому, хорошему ютубу.
Chloe Papillon (3 months ago)
Fukra Ted (3 months ago)
10 Years Later. I found it. I'm happy.
Michael Sillion (3 months ago)
Still watch this from time to time to remin me that life is a journey and we live on one beautiful planet filled with fantastic people and now it is time to really start caring for this planet and build a new type of collaborative and participatory effort to change into a true democratic global cilvilzation. Built on belonging and community. A new story about us! We are the Captains of Spaceship Earth! 🌍🌎🌏
박민지 (3 months ago)
2:48 Seoul!!!
Summerson Goncalves (3 months ago)
Why I'm crying ?
Aviv Metz (3 months ago)
For the love of god, what is the song in the background? I need it in my life.
james chen (3 months ago)
Praan by Garry Schyman
古川晃一 (3 months ago)
Ray (4 months ago)
Favorite moments: 1. Paris, France: Dude with beard white shirt..lol 2. Sydney, Australia: kid/ Justin Beiber look alike 3. Soweto, South Africa: 2 girls in front trying to stay in unison. 4. Wadi rum, Jordan: Big kid kicking little kid in the rearend.
نور احمد (4 months ago)
Demonic Veteran (4 months ago)
10 years.... :( Time goes by. Jeez I remember how obsessed my family was with this video back when we were watching it in 2009.
Demonic Veteran (4 months ago)
michael CARROLL (4 months ago)
Demonic Veteran how old are you now?
Bluerasperries111 (4 months ago)
10 years later and this still rocks. By the way, the best are Solomon Islands (the kids going ballistic) and when he follows the India dancers!
12 Parsecs (4 months ago)
Boom Do (4 months ago)
God damned onions... From now on after i read a history book, no matter the era or region of the world...i will remember this video. I'll come back to it. First time I saw this was about 7 years ago. it hit me hard then. it did it again
TheChiyomaru (4 months ago)
this should be called 'Humans'
Joshe Castro Antonio (4 months ago)
*¡Nunca me cansaré de ver este hermoso video!* 👏😭 💙 *Una sola raza: Humanos.* 💙
Ryan Estrada (4 months ago)
2:40 Here's the kid with the nice blue shirt doing the meme dance created by Pennywise the Clown.
thomas scherz (4 months ago)
superb video reg
Lee Smith (4 months ago)
3:28 Taiwan ~~ ^^!
MrBuckaroo2014 (4 months ago)
I am sooo late to this party. Just finding this in 2018! AWESOME! #Inmyfavs
Skylark (4 months ago)
I love everybody in this video.
Paulinhorocos (4 months ago)
vvv vvv (4 months ago)
I’d forgotten about these. He brought the world together.
mikesitzler1106 (4 months ago)
I always LOL at this part 1:53
Aiden’s World (4 months ago)
FoodWorld88 (4 months ago)
And that scene he danced with the dog, it was so CUTE
Dan the Man (4 months ago)
It's all great, but 2:34 was absolutely magnificent. Love Palbasha Siddique's "Praan" too. Never get tired of watching this.

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