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"Mystique Fight" X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Movie Clip # 3

1069 ratings | 366612 views
An epic fight starring Jennifer Lawrence as the angry MYSTIQUE Join us on Facebook ➨ http://facebook.com/FreshMovieTrailers ✓ Subscribe Here & NOW ➨ http://bit.ly/16lq78C More X-MEN Here ➨ http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqkCiYF4GzA3AbQU-mnk_bWO4vSgJyXsy X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Movie Clip # 3 "Mystique Fight Scene" The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The beloved characters from the original "X-Men" film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from "X-Men: First Class," in an epic battle that must change the past -- to save our future. X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Movie Clip # 3 "Mystique Fight" © 2014 - 20th Century Fox Subscribe now 2 catch the best trailers and the latest HD official movie trailer, film clip, scene and video !
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Text Comments (258)
Malah Bros. Animates (1 year ago)
Good actors that played her and great character....One problem....... Why is she naked.............My friends would question this and either laugh or feel uncomfortable or just feel the.......other word....
Nothing beats a blue snatch!
Fre240dom (1 year ago)
welp every comment is either 1 year old or 2 years
Aurora Lara (1 year ago)
How does mystique go to the bathroom
Call Me Witcher (2 years ago)
Jennifer just looks ridiculous in the mystique outfit, the person who does the painting/body suit is awful, at least rebecca agreed to be naked, amirite?
ArtyDiva (2 years ago)
He I like it ... it's cool :-)
Ann Boylen (3 years ago)
Everybody loves the strong female role and "Miss-T" is the epitome of this, unlike what they've been doing to Storm's character; they're using H.B. as a fucking prop.
Varah Potter (3 years ago)
Probably! They don't realize how much of an influence we've had on history. And they made it that way when they started burning our pictures and scratching us out of history books.
Ann Boylen (3 years ago)
+Varah Sarah I bet you if you asked the average American if there were any black authors 250 years ago they'd forget about Alexandre Dumas and the slew of other blacks that wrote books that are still read to this day.  It's as if blacks came into being once slavery started and before that we were in the safari far away from humanity.  
Varah Potter (3 years ago)
+Ann Boylen Exactly, I remember I was reading a post on tumblr once of some person that had done a collage of poc scifi characters in different HP houses. Well someone got on there and commented that, although it was all fine and dandy we all knew people of color didn't really live in medieval times which was why they are not in fantasy or scifi settings. Despite the fact that, that argument is totally saturated in ignorance produced from a biased educational and social system. It's that kind of thinking along with those sexist racist ideologies that have kept us out of the scene. I agree, and I believe that to be true with other races as well. Asians, Hispanics, etc. Once we get more diversity behind scenes, instead of just white women, and stop boxing people is when we'll truly seem some change.
Ann Boylen (3 years ago)
+Varah Sarah Well you have to understand that their perception of blacks in SciFi is that we're not qualified enough to write science fiction, maybe artsy fartsy poetry and that's it.  They don't see black writers as objective calculated original scientific thinkers.  This has been the case for so long until those 5 black physicists started showing on the science channel.  It used to be that if you wanted an "expert'' in anything it was a white male and this has stuck in Hollywood for the most part because that part of town has an institutionalized sexist and racism complex that is perpetuated by the dynastic studio system.  Only when the world globalizes some more will blacks have more appeal and demand.  
Varah Potter (3 years ago)
So true, that's one of the reasons I liked the Marvel Universe over the DC. And it's because they don't have any diversity behind the scenes. Most of the writers are one, white, and two, male. So there is no background, no place of understanding at all. They're just repeating the same thing over and over, and people just eat it up. As a female and a black one at that it pisses me off so much.
annuna (3 years ago)
I miss being able to see her full ass crack like in the first xmen movie. That was the most exciting scene for me. Gay how they make her more watered down.
blood hound (3 years ago)
Jen law is bettdr thn rebekka
IIIOldSchooLIII (3 years ago)
That Thumbnail
RachelStG (4 years ago)
Singe Cauchemar (4 years ago)
How many banks do I have to rob to pay for the privilege of banging Jenny L. wearing that makeup ? Wold X and weed be included ?
blood hound (4 years ago)
The reason i love..its jst natural..bold...its nt having ny heroic pose after doin any stunts..its just simply awessom..
blood hound (4 years ago)
I lov that athelete body nd i m so love with her action stunt mwaah
InsanityProjectz (4 years ago)
Dat Thumbnail!! xD
Beannjess (4 years ago)
Bad ass
scott carron (4 years ago)
I like mystique she does the voice of Jennifer Lawrence
Makimoto (4 years ago)
I think Jennifer Lawrence's performance was amazing. But Rebecca Romijn's version is still my favorite because her persona is more of what Mystique is in cartoon and comics. I also like the blue make up of Rebecca Romijn because it's darker, it looks like they use brighter blue for Jennifer Lawrence. I could be wrong tho
Bryan Ho (4 years ago)
what thumbnail?
BigSkippy1263 (4 years ago)
I like her, she's slidey. And bendy.
Chris S (4 years ago)
At 0:17 I thought that was Colossus
Evaquiel (4 years ago)
Guys, for those who are saying the other actress (Rebbeca) was better and more bitter then this, yes, i agree. Hotter too. But you have to take in consideration that that Mystique was the older, more mature version. This is the young, more insecure and very conflicted version. Also, a huge plot point is about her decision of killing or not killing, or rather, bringing her good side and not the bitter one. So it fits the theme, no big deal. Plus, its Jennifer Lawrence!
DeeHoffner (4 years ago)
Why does she have to be such dark blue?
MrWierchawsky (4 years ago)
mystique she´s so delicious
Break The Chains (4 years ago)
Why is mystique so HOT!
Natboy129 (4 years ago)
Rebeccas Mystique would have been done in no time... But i guess Jeniffers Mystique still has 30 years left to get that good.
Ann Boylen (3 years ago)
+Natboy129 Yeah it's like at this point she's more juvenile.
Prince Bautista (4 years ago)
the original mystique voice is mixed up with a lil computer editing, this mystic has a pure voice, anyway i love both of them!
TheSuperAbsolut (4 years ago)
Peter Dinklage yay!
DarkSaiyan 101 (4 years ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is not that hot and sophistacated like Rebecca Romjin to be Mystique. I use to like her back in Hunger Games but now she's overrated
Jon Ebron (4 years ago)
i still don't get why she didn't just play it off. Trask: there is a mutant in this room *detector beeping  Mystique in disguise: well is obviously broken I’m the general of Vietnam not a mutant treat. Trask: you sure cuz its beeping *beeping intensifies  Mystique in disguise: yup, not a mutant. *in vietnamese* this guy is crazy lets go guys. 
Jinhunter Slay (4 years ago)
"SPY!!!" "BLOODY SPY!!!" "SPY AROUND HERE!!!" "THERE'S A SPY CREEPING AROUND HERE!!!" "HEY BOYS! IT'S A SPY!!!" "spy among us..." "          *Get kicked in the face*
Letitia Dominica (4 years ago)
She nice, but I found Rebecca the superior version in the previous x series. Not mentioned a better body...
rextony22 (4 years ago)
i was cheering for her through out the movie. she was great
NewWaveFan1 (4 years ago)
I enjoyed seeing her great views.... sure got my attention..
Pokemontas (4 years ago)
They should have kept Rebecca Romijn, but this new actress is ok. 
Brandon Cull (4 years ago)
Although Jennifer Lawrence did a good job as Mystique I still prefer Rebecca Romjin, she has that colder side of her and she's more of a badass
Chris S (4 years ago)
Can Mystique take the form of a Robot? and if so she could turn into a Sentinel ... but they would still sniff her out :( I would marry her and sleep with a different celebrity every night.
D V (4 years ago)
we count on Tyrion to save us from mutants? O_o
javi del (4 years ago)
I'm the one that I try to see it in slow motion all positions while fighting deJennifer Lawrence? hope not. :) ----
Dr. Otto Octavius (4 years ago)
That was good, now bring back Rebecca.
Maya Burgos (4 years ago)
I wish I was that flexible. LOL XD.
smithredhawk (4 years ago)
The choreography to Mystique's fights is always awesome. But on another note, I had no idea that Peter Dinklage was in this movie, love his acting!
excaribur excaribur (4 years ago)
you all can tell that trask demanded a trial by combat 
lys8886 (4 years ago)
I don't even know why you guys are comparing the 2 mystiques. They are different. One is the mystique and the other is Raven becoming mystique... She's still confused/struggling with who she is/will become.
Stephanie Allen (4 years ago)
Mystique is just awesome period. The fight scenes were incredible!
haemorrhoid1989 (4 years ago)
Good movie and good fight scene, but I prefer Rebecca Romijn Stamos's Mystique over Jennifer Lawrence's. She's too... round-faced and girly, Romjn's is the ultimate badass
Alvin Díaz (4 years ago)
La película está mega wooow!!! ME ENCANTÓ!!! Alguien conoce algún video o enlace donde se muestren detrás de cámaras o ensayos de las escenas de pelea del personaje de Mystique y las dobles que realizan las escenas?
Aaron De Leon (4 years ago)
Dumb bitch
Kendric Chua (4 years ago)
this movie was great
jamal bryant (4 years ago)
damn!...that my prom date right there
WADE WILSON (4 years ago)
ok I'll just come on out and say it. The only reason people watch x men movies( excluding origins and the wolverine) is because of Mystique no matter who is playing her. I myself like Jennifer Lawrence as the blue babe, like if you do too!
MrJpman2 (4 years ago)
See I thought she wasn't supposed to be as badass as the Rebecca's Mystique, I mean isn't she still going from Raven to Mystique around this time. With Rebecca's she was much older and had gone through a lot and didn't have the same moral conflicts as she did when she was younger. I didn't read the comics but that's what I thought the character development was.
TK Yang (4 years ago)
I really hate this "fight" scene. At least 3 guys with guns and everyone just runs up to her instead of shooting. 
TK Yang (4 years ago)
0:35 why didn't Stryker just shoot? 
llwyd anwyl (4 years ago)
she looks terrible - she's not slim enough for this role!
Gary Last (4 years ago)
Who wouldn't want to be beaten up by a naked blue lady?
De'Mion Reese (4 years ago)
does magneto kill trask in the movie? i'd be glad if he did
Dylan Ogega (4 years ago)
I swear to God, when the little guy walked in and held that thing up, I thought it was a joke and I got pretty mad.
Bon (4 years ago)
Her body is amazing. It's beautiful, athletic and healthy looking.
Scott Williams (4 years ago)
This IS in the movie. I've seen it.
Vancougar (4 years ago)
Sounds like John Malkovich
TheAmazingOtakuRii (4 years ago)
OMG!! I just seen this movie today! And absolutely love it!!! Like my comment if you seen the trailer of "Lucy" while in the movies it's coming out in August! ^^ btw Mystique is soooooooo awesome
seaweedbrain009 (4 years ago)
I find it sad how she went from a sweet little mutant hugging xavier for a bedtime story to a cold hearted assassin
Glori Castillo (4 years ago)
The thumbnail of this is hilarious
Jamal Gleeson (4 years ago)
They really need to put a disclaimer on movie trailers and clips like this that MOST of what you are seeing will NOT be in the movie.
Bon (4 years ago)
+Jamal Gleeson This scene was in the movie. A bit longer version though.
Negan (4 years ago)
This scene has to be, since the whole plot of this movie is to stop Mystique from killing Trask.
Jamal Gleeson (4 years ago)
Although I hope this scene is :)
Gunner4477 (4 years ago)
Nice flatscreen monitor.
david moreno (4 years ago)
and she is really hot
david moreno (4 years ago)
i just love how she kicks 
Colin Daeschle (4 years ago)
You are all forgetting one thing, Boliver Trask is a munchkin
Adam Nur (4 years ago)
We need rabekah, Jennifer and her face can't go with mystique😭😭😭😭😭😭 rabekah is what we need
StoicDeviant (4 years ago)
Young Mystique is on her way to being a badass! All these comments about here not living up to Rebecca... just remember Mystique has been living with Xavier while growing up, in this version, so forgive her for not playing the part you all remember. She's getting there.
Peteypooooo (4 years ago)
Rebecca sooooo much better as Msytique!!!!
Odi NAKA (4 years ago)
This movie makes mystique look like to much of a commbatmant if she did this in the comics she would be shot. It would even be difficult for captain america to defeat atmed trained professionals with intent to kill
Gabriel Schulz (4 years ago)
Misticaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0
John Acido (4 years ago)
Why didn't they shoot her?!
Stephan Salvatore (4 years ago)
did she she always had to turn to a human to poop???
Stephan Salvatore (4 years ago)
I'm just kidding
alt. b. (4 years ago)
OMG! Are you serious!?
Cheezy McPardin (4 years ago)
Lannister vs Katniss
Jay (4 years ago)
I swear, there are days when I wonder if that woman even has any bones in her.
Lok Wing Ho (4 years ago)
woah! :O
29reload (4 years ago)
Rebecca played mystique the best. She embodied the character.
Fenris30 (4 years ago)
How? By never saying shit cause she's a model not an actress? Mystique in the comics is awesome. She's never been affiliated with Magneto's Brotherhood (Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad and Mastermind) and had her own team featuring Pyro, the Blob, Avalanche, Destiny and Rogue that plagued the all new X-Men team. It was her team that cause DoFP by assassinating senator Robert Kelly the main force behind the Mutant Registration Act.
Esteusuarioteparece (4 years ago)
Mystique is great!! But I love Rebecca Romijn in that role, Jennifer Lawrence is not bad, but she is not a bad-ass!!
Ann Boylen (3 years ago)
+Esteusuarioteparece I think they both played her to the T. She's a hard character to get unlike Storm in which H. Berry, a talented actress, was poorly directed in.
Saulo santos (3 years ago)
R_Panda (4 years ago)
+Kiane Everson Oh k :) 
Kiane Everson (4 years ago)
+Mistr Gamer  No they revamped the script. It's Magneto and Mystique relationship/romance developing. Google it. :)
R_Panda (4 years ago)
+Kiane Everson But didn't magneto leave at the end of DOFP and I thought mystique was begin to realise her feelings for beast or something.
nishant arora (4 years ago)
Is it only me?? or the older mystique was way faster in fight scenes....
nishant arora (4 years ago)
Is it only me?? or the older mystique was way faster in fight scenes....
reg thrumper (4 years ago)
Go Mystique! Any chick that do nude kung-fu definitely is the bees knees!
Jonathan Chen (4 years ago)
Why would they give her normal eyes?  It looks so out of place.
Raven Munroe (4 years ago)
Careful Mystique. The Lannisters send their regards.
math beau (4 years ago)
now we know why viet-nam won again the usa they ad sentinel robot in there army
GlanceofGlory (4 years ago)
Now bust a cap in Trask's crown and make yourself a brain slushie, Mystique! BOOYAH!
Malachi J (4 years ago)
mystic is a hottie
flyinglionking (4 years ago)
Trask might think that woman was some poisonous creature from Australia.
Vauxhall Arc (4 years ago)
I thought Trask was Black...
Gizmo Gremlin (4 years ago)
This looks good. And yay tyrion lannister. :)
mahendra kumar (4 years ago)
She did a flare lol
Chris S (4 years ago)
A Trask always pays his debts.
Lulita Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Fruitarian (4 years ago)
Awesome! Jennifer is so talented
Paul Rogers (4 years ago)
Looks soooooooo good!!!
Venom King (4 years ago)
tmcfootball96 (4 years ago)
Tyrion Lannister
gevlince (4 years ago)
Thought the same xD
blackheart456 (4 years ago)
Anyone notice the face jennifer makes in her movies she can't control her expressions, seems like a actress of her calibur would...guess not.
blackheart456 (4 years ago)
Thank you.
PJ Cole (4 years ago)
+blackheart456 u kow what, if u go to like :37-:47 all the shots  that they show her face she does a weird thing with her lips where she kinda stretches them thin and she does in her interviews and other movies as well. i do notice that lol if u google jen lawrence weird facial expression they even show that face lol so ur not alone in ur opinion lol
blackheart456 (4 years ago)
Its not the O face its every weird facial expression she makes in her movies, I don't know maybe its me but it seems like she can't control her expressions.
PJ Cole (4 years ago)
I can see the O shape she is making, Now tell me what parts to look at in any of Her other movies Then I can agree with u lol but until the. I cant...
blackheart456 (4 years ago)
I don't want to start another fight so, I ask in all seriousness did you see her making those o faces.

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