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IELTS Speaking Topic - News

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today we are going to talk about an IELTS speaking topic which is highly related to our everyday life,the news.it’s like a summary of what happens around us every day.so reading news on a regular basis can help us make sense of society 今天我們要談論一個跟我們每天生活息息相關的雅思口語話題,新聞。它就像是對於每天發生在我們身邊事情的一個總結。定期閱讀新聞能幫助我們了解社會。 Real IELTS - tips and techniques for your IELTS exams. 雅思高分王——雅思考試真題解密,全面提高聽說讀寫水平。 Follow us to learn more! 關注我們的頻道,學習更多內容! Website: http://www.vdoenglish.com Follow us on Facebook: @vdoeng Follow us on Instagram: @vdo_english Download our app! 可在App Store和Google Play上下載VDO English! Android: http://bit.ly/AndroidVDO iOS: http://bit.ly/AppleVDO VDO English is bringing news content to education – through videos – to help students learn about the world with ease. These videos cover a variety of topics listed in several categories, making it very clear for students to choose from and watch. VDO English通過有趣的視頻將最新內容帶入教育領域——足不出戶,讓你了解全世界。這些視頻包括幾個不同類別的主題,讓學生更加清楚明了,選擇自己感興趣的內容。 Be sure to subscribe and click on the bell to receive the latest notifications for our channel. Enjoy, and happy learning! 記得訂閱和點擊按鈕,接受我們頻道的最新消息。來吧,一起快樂學習!(*´▽`*) #IELTS #ExamPrep #VDOEnglish
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