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COMPLETE 2017 Olympus Deadlift Event | Tiger Fitness

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Text Comments (23)
Big482 (1 year ago)
Marc's daughter can out deadlift most men I see at the gym. I watched her at power station gym
Pecador Sinner (1 year ago)
Now I'm motivated, out of shape right now but I'll get there, I'm working out for the health benefits
Andreas Wibäck (1 year ago)
This video doesn't work for me. 😞 I live in Sweden.
leenie espi (1 year ago)
Those last 2 guys in the deadlift were beast!
leenie espi thank you 😊
Hutchy (1 year ago)
song at 26:22 playing in the background?
Drewg351 (1 year ago)
Great job. Hats off to all the great athletes who came out and gave it their all. Congrats to the last two guy's standing. That was a hell of a workout.
Drewg351 thank you 😊
Oliver Hall (1 year ago)
Was this video lagging for anyone else?
Brandon Dreher (1 year ago)
Oliver Hall only those sharing your wifi
iDEADLIFT (1 year ago)
This looks awesome man great work bringing this together.
Charlie McFitness (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video, much appreciated 👍
MW (1 year ago)
Take 2 dudes similar in dead lift strength, and the shorter one will most likely win out (less bar distance to travel).
Aaron C (1 year ago)
InternetMunchies (1 year ago)
I would have brought this many people with me
Josh Roth (1 year ago)
If you're gonna use lifting straps, use a double overhand grip...
Josh Roth (1 year ago)
Common knowledge...
Brandon Dreher (1 year ago)
If you always deadlift mixed grip, why would you go double overhand and completely change up your leverages and shoulder alignment, just to prevent some random stranger from being confused on YouTube? That's like saying someone always high bar squats but should low bar when they wrap their knees.
cbro412 (1 year ago)
Josh Roth ppl that deadlift with straps and a mixed grip are weird as hell to me lol. I first saw Terry Crewes do it in a video a couple years back, so I tried it one day and it felt like one of my arms was gonna pop off lol
Rico Sanchez (1 year ago)
Josh Roth Not everyone has the best grip strength, even with straps or gloves believe it or not
WoWDSM420a (1 year ago)
Man at 8:15 tryna blow a disk
WoWDSM420a (1 year ago)
John S (1 year ago)
Great event!!! Always support them 1000000000%

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