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Slipknot - All Out Life [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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Directed by M. Shawn Crahan Get "All Out Life" : https://slipknot1.lnk.to/alloutlife Site: http://slipknot1.com iTunes: http://itunes.com/slipknot Facebook: http://facebook.com/slipknot Twitter: http://twitter.com/slipknot Instagram: http://instagram.com/slipknot Tumblr: http://slipknot.tumblr.com Lyrics: What a world/the horizon’s coming like a hell bent killing machine Can’t afford to be the goddamn wreckage- burn it all again at a million degrees Calling all the adamant upper-level undefeated counterfeit cunts w/ a reason to fear Throw away all the meaningless shit that’s clinging/the Enemy is here I said stop… give it to 3- I’m going to show you how to do it if you know what I mean One By One Against- Give Me The Name All You Shiny Pretty Never-Wills Ruined The Game We Hold All The Keys So The Chains Shouldn’t Hold You I Know You Heard Me- I Fucking Told You OLD DOES NOT MEAN DEAD-NEW DOES NOT MEAN BEST NO HARD FEELINGS-I’M TIRED OF BEING RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING I’VE SAID YOURS DOES NOT MEAN MINE-KILL DOES NOT MEAN DIE WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND-NO EXCUSES I CHALLENGE YOU TO ALL-OUT-LIFE Drop that shit and put it on a pedestal-children are afraid of the Gods Raise your hands and show me what’s impossible That makes us even-never tell me the odds What a Bore/I’m getting stuck in a metaphor/I don’t want to go to sleep I need a breakdown quick in negotiations-get it all together and remember to seethe Stop… give it to 3- I’m going to show you how to do it if you know what I mean Drive By Violence-More Of The Same I Can See Where You’re Going And I’m Really Ashamed Do You Think When You Act Or Just Act Like You’re Thinking? I Got To Know Now- You Better Tell Me OLD DOES NOT MEAN DEAD-NEW DOES NOT MEAN BEST NO HARD FEELINGS-I’M TIRED OF BEING RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING I’VE SAID YOURS DOES NOT MEAN MINE-KILL DOES NOT MEAN DIE WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND-I CHALLENGE YOU TO ALL-OUT-LIFE We are gathered here today to get it right… repeat after me I WILL NOT CELEBRATE MEDIOCRITY- I WILL NOT WORSHIP EMPTY SHELLS I WILL NOT LISTEN TO WORTHLESS NOISES I WILL NOT SUBJECT MYSELF TO SELECTED PREDICTABLE CHOICES MY TIME-MY ATTENTION-MY QUALITY SHOULD NOT BE BOUGHT AND SOLD FOR CONVENIENCE’S SAKE… EVER WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND OLD DOES NOT MEAN DEAD-NEW DOES NOT MEAN BEST NO HARD FEELINGS-I’M TIRED OF BEING RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING I’VE SAID YOURS DOES NOT MEAN MINE-KILL DOES NOT MEAN DIE PAY ATTENTION-IT’S GOING TO BE AWHILE TIL I REALLY FEEL ALRIGHT OLD DOES NOT MEAN DEAD-NEW DOES NOT MEAN BEST NO HARD FEELINGS-I’M TIRED OF BEING RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING I’VE SAID YOURS DOES NOT MEAN MINE-KILL DOES NOT MEAN DIE WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND-NO EXCUSES I CHALLENGE YOU TO ALL OUT FUCKING LIFE
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Text Comments (64658)
Irish boy Gaming (58 minutes ago)
Can’t wait until they play this live
Быля ну-ка и порожняк
Jesse Valdez (1 hour ago)
anyone know the @ for :40
Amen Ra (2 hours ago)
Both the Devil and God speak both frontwords and backwords. Let me give you all you ignorant fucks an example: LIVE : EVIL LOVE : EVOL I challenge you all to all out life [email protected]
ləv 애정 (2 hours ago)
What the hell did I just watch
Egg Doggo (3 hours ago)
Just a big (Like, RIDICULOUSLY BIG) Halloween party
brayden Stith (3 hours ago)
This song gets better with time, like fine wine
Kyle Nievel (3 hours ago)
Awesome song and video but Slayer wins
Mateus Santos (3 hours ago)
Mas gostei, six six six
Mateus Santos (3 hours ago)
Eu não entendi nada
Jose Torres (4 hours ago)
better than Maluma..
LAVALORDZ UNIVERSE 2 (4 hours ago)
i make hard beats!!!!!!!
Sysanin (5 hours ago)
Fat ugly kids wit for new sound!
Doggo (5 hours ago)
renzo oyola (5 hours ago)
Slipknot, como en sus mejores tiempos. Excelente cancion
Hadiwijaya Adi (6 hours ago)
Agent Kondratov (6 hours ago)
You say 50Cent-I Say Led Zeppelin You say Miley Cyrus-I say AC/DC You say T-Pain-I say Ramones You say Flowers-I say Van Halen You say Pink-I say Pink Floyd You say Hip Hop-i say Jimi Hendrix You say R&B-I scream Classic Rock You say hanah montana-i hit you in the face 70% of teenagers have turned to Hip Hop and Rap. If you're part of the 30% that still listens to real music, copy and paste that comment to 5 different videos! KEEP THE SPIRIT OF CLASSIC ROCK ALIVE!!!!
R BESAR (6 hours ago)
pocong hatkor 🔥🔥🔥
Angela Colburn (7 hours ago)
Good song 👍🌹
Isaac Guadamuz (7 hours ago)
dale duro al regueeton xd
Sassymeh22 (7 hours ago)
Pochinki :0
Jonathan G. (8 hours ago)
They boyz are back and they brought an amazing track.
Renato Silva (8 hours ago)
Música insana
HELIOS SUN EATER (9 hours ago)
With this,the new generation will be destroyed, all hail SLIPKNOT!! 🤘😈
edwardruss81 (9 hours ago)
The day these guys retire its gonna really suck
SA'medi Gaston (9 hours ago)
How do I find mo'nigas that rock like this???
AYRTON KALE LEKE (10 hours ago)
satánicos de mierda que dios los bendiga
Calvin Hundeby (10 hours ago)
And here I thought slipknot was dead
jon brown (10 hours ago)
Like the song but video makes no sense they should jammed out in video
weemankyle (10 hours ago)
Heavier than new whitechapel
Lassi Hakkarainen (10 hours ago)
Too many teenage girls "listen" to this shit
Florian Redshark (10 hours ago)
This is true slipknot...
C Young (10 hours ago)
"Calling All The upper-level adamant Undefeated counterfeit cunts w/a reason to fear"- Just a small slice of the lyrics that read like a clear slitting of the throat of Leftist American ideology today! I love it. Corey never disappoints me in either band! Glad to hear the music sounds back to their roots and can not wait to get this when it comes out! Also reminds me, I have another one of Corey's books to read.
common sense (11 hours ago)
This isn't music let alone rock, this is what happy people listen to to make out they are depressed.
Danny Gambrel (11 hours ago)
mr high (11 hours ago)
They look like kkk members
mr high (11 hours ago)
All out 👽👽
My Demons work for me, these Are Fake Demons aka people wearing masks... I force my Demons to Kill these fake Bastards.
+i have to wait 90 days to change my name Hello fuck face, I could destroy you in reality with a palm slap to the face, Skid mark. Learn Wing chun then comment... until them move on pathetic piece of trash.
fake, gay, and cringey and dubstep belongs in 2014
Eric Adams (12 hours ago)
This reminds me of “Iowa” Slipknot. I like it.
Siera (The Chosen One) (12 hours ago)
Kristóf Kállai (12 hours ago)
Normal speed💪🏻😍 1,5x speed😍👍😎🤤🤤🤤🤟🤟🤟😍
Curtis Joesph (13 hours ago)
Wow no wonder Corey taylor hates on nickleback SO much. 😂
Ryan Reynaldi (13 hours ago)
Pocong njir
heretic sins (14 hours ago)
Nu e cine stie ce... dar e cat de cat.
Derek Hippensteel (16 hours ago)
Everyone out! Unless you’re hanging from one. EVERYONE!!!
Phil B (17 hours ago)
Motherfucken badass. Indeed it is.
Noah Malcomb (18 hours ago)
Riff is just .5 but percussion reminds me of all hope, the tone is just too clean to be Iowa-esque plus we need Corey to tear his vocal cords again and fuckin scream🤘 nah but I get it though, this is a fucking thrasher dude
Benjamin Belin (18 hours ago)
MCRmechanic (19 hours ago)
Awesome song. Duality crowd was better though. Damn millenials.
Michael Mata (20 hours ago)
All of are saying welcome back slipknot they never left they will always be here
10% of comments are how good song is 90% are RIP Paul gray
Fearless Conqueror (17 hours ago)
Actually 90% of comments are Indonesians telling us about Pocong, over and over and over.
A Bowl of Miso Udon (21 hours ago)
These guys are timeless. Insane how their sound hasn't aged a bit
Bhisma Trivium (21 hours ago)
Indonesian's ghost = pocong
Sam Mahelona (22 hours ago)
8/10/19 History will be made, don't miss out
LogZ ZzzzZ (22 hours ago)
Straight back to 2001 I wasn’t born then. that’s saying something.
Tyler Branch (23 hours ago)
Ned Joe (23 hours ago)
They play this on my funeral... 🤟👿🤟
Troy Schmitt (1 day ago)
Guy makes 14 million can't even get his own mother out of trailer court.Sad sad deal
Opi00277 (1 day ago)
einfach geil
Slipknot Sucks.
Bruna Santos (1 day ago)
Chip Barkhouse (1 day ago)
I just called my therapist. Chip Barkhouse The Drummist
Holy Mung DiveR (1 day ago)
Absolutely amazing how they managed to capture their old sound again. I love the sound of the song in they sound awesome well done guys. I gotta say though the video sucks.
mc21 mc21 (1 day ago)
mc21 mc21 (1 day ago)
Ricardo Estrada (1 day ago)
me on the bus
Serpentaria (1 day ago)
So they all ran into that warehouse to get peed on? So metal
farid boutzakhte (1 day ago)
Lars Rau (1 day ago)
Isco Acosta (1 day ago)
heavy shit
thecoolrockerdude (1 day ago)
Video sucked!
Larry Andrews (1 day ago)
That's what she said.
nightmmare (1 day ago)
New masks?
Khir Grin (1 day ago)
Is this pocong from Malaysia/Indonesia??
Soumik Biswas (1 day ago)
Here we go motherfuckers!
They call Me RAIN (1 day ago)
Let's start a cult
Sarah Banks (1 day ago)
Slipknot News (1 day ago)
Если ваша вечеринка не похожа на эту, сможете даже не пробовать меня звать
pavel strike (1 day ago)
Русские кушать ?
Kimlik Siz (1 day ago)
Kimlik Siz (1 day ago)
kes oç
Kimlik Siz (1 day ago)
ayn aga
Brian Minear (1 day ago)
Is this heavy? Yes! WAY TOO MANY SAMPLES! Rather listen to Stone Sour!
Sahan Ulku (1 day ago)
Corey's voice <3
edgel0rd (1 day ago)
I smell new album
Nathanael John (1 day ago)
Rakdos for life
Ethan Slattery (1 day ago)
never knew old slipknot was coming back
Michael Beestick (1 day ago)
I’m wondering who the chick is behind the mask the camera pauses on at the end of the intro.. Bit like, who’s the chick in the white singlet in the Duality video.
Enrique Jiménez (1 day ago)
Metal Battle Bus :0
Molnár Beusツ (1 day ago)
Omg😱🤤Old Slipknot is back☺️ Greetings from Serbia🇷🇸 Paul we are miss you😢😭
R E (1 day ago)
If they where geniuses. They'ed move outa this shit country. To avoid half there money going to shit taxes in the shit USA. Ohh what 65 percent to usa military... Fuck this country.
ulfongs (1 day ago)
Schön ;)
Shaun Dunham (1 day ago)
22k simply had a happy accident
stoodle bop (1 day ago)
Return to fucking form. I'm excited to hear the full album
Dila carolina (1 day ago)
Abhishek Pawar (1 day ago)
Adam Umarov (1 day ago)
That's fucking cool
Radu N. (1 day ago)
pretty songs (1 day ago)
Такой охуенный клип моя мать сняла, когда бухая в говне обмоталась туалетной бумагой и ебанулась в снег. Бляять 😀😁 Банда которую я слушал...какой бесчестье. Слушать этот одинаковый пердёжь станет лишь школьник которому произнесли что слипы это круто😀😁😂 Как же вы все заебали попсеть, от Тестамента до Годсмека. Завязывайте, уже кушать всякая хуйня типа бринг ми пососайсан.
FSK Gaming & TI (1 day ago)
A new era is to come, Slipknot forever!
*stereotypical joke asking for likes about neighbors/cops/wives and bricks/arrests/slapping*
NoHillary (1 day ago)
A message to demonrats we are not your kind

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