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Being A Good Looking Guy In the Dating Game

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Text Comments (38)
reckless (1 month ago)
Lol being good looking is harder than people actually think
Alien Slayer (1 month ago)
So where could you find some sexy and S.M.A.R.T. bitch at !? Across the border !!??? 😂 Not in fuckin America !!
Rah Purvez (2 months ago)
Auto rejection!! Well put 👏 👏 👏 I experience that so much it doesn't even get my attention anymore. I'm very cautious about women wanting to give it so easily or quickly. I don't care how good I'm looking but I like women that hold on to their principles and morals because that's what keeps me interested.. And yeah I've been called gay many a times and all I do is laugh at it because it's not true and I know the real reason why they're saying it, it's because like he said in the video auto rejection!! And men there are so women that say that because they want other to hate you or stay away from you. Try to degrade your character and then there's some women that say that to you hoping you get upset and be like (oh you think I'm gay so why don't you come over to my house and I'll show you I'm not gay). Men never feel like you need a woman to justify your manhood. You are who you are period!!
jholliday3 (2 months ago)
Locario showed ole boy how to finesse that thang.
Marcos Escobar (5 months ago)
As a good looking dude you basically become a woman, as in you become a chooser instead of a chaser. Some women hate that role reversal, and they realize that they will never get a good looking guy to actually feel turned on by them. So they hate. The best thing to do imo is to act like a chaser. You still are a chooser don't get me wrong, but act like a chaser.
Vincent Valdez (5 months ago)
Its hard sometimes...
Eric Bonaparte (6 months ago)
Mr Locario Is A Genius I Been Saying This For Years...
Jacob Judy (8 months ago)
Yep explains why the women I find attractive seem interested at first then it changes because I don't physically flirt :(
M. K. (9 months ago)
Loud Pack Muzik Channel (9 months ago)
Being a good looking guy means jack and shit!! Only women that are 6's n under really give a fuck. Hot women don't care as much as guys assume they do or not for the reasons niggaz would think. When ur good looking, there are a lot of assumptions made by women and men. Women gonna think ur stuck up or fuck bitches all day. Niggaz hate thinking u getting the bitches they ain't, or trying to take their bitch, whether it's true or not. All being a good looking dude means in this day and age is ur chances having to pay child support is higher.
J born sinner (10 months ago)
When you are a good looking man bitch ass dudes stare harder and more often than women who are trying to fuck you (weird AF btw).
mike wilson (11 months ago)
Im a fitness model , bodybuilder and business man , yes I'm suffering from their fucking insecurity , but I fuck a different beautiful girl every week , the only way is to be clear with them , let them know that sex is all you want, be fucking clear, never be nice , they will open their legs and quick .
Porsche 911 (1 year ago)
Great video
Locario Fan (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching
miguel111093 (1 year ago)
bro this is exactly how it is lol
Anthony Okeiyi (1 year ago)
The bane of my existence... it's a gift & a curse.
CYB ZER0 (1 year ago)
im here tooo
wkiller100 (1 year ago)
i not say this is always the case but what just because girls wouldn't leave and constantly want to focus on them and you are right effort is key i have a lot females come up to me because of my look but like this isn't always the case for other men.
Joe Joelson (1 year ago)
dam, thaqt explains alot, thanks, and now makes sence
Jan Janszoon (1 year ago)
Man, I think my female professor likes. she checks me out constantly and tries to talk to me, even my class mates noticed. I fantasise about her, what should I do?
Devilman Crybaby (2 years ago)
All true! Taking notes... Sometimes I'm a bit too concerned with my looks and it makes me paranoid, anxious and self conscious...not good, messes up my game. Tip: stop looking at yourself in the mirror or taking selfies if You're cute, good looking, handsome, beautiful, pretty or whatever...helps you become a bit centered and less insecure
Ivan K (2 years ago)
Hey Mr L.. i m a good looking guy and recently i let my beard grow....its strange cause people treat me diferently.. they take me more seriously... woman get more intimidated ( some of them really dont like my beard).. without a beard i look boyish and some men dont take me seriously or with no respect ( and i dont know them) just for my face and thats not cool.Being good looking is not always a plus.
C G (1 year ago)
Bro, that's my life!!! I am 37 and if I shave I look 23, no fucking shit, it's not as good as it sounds, I have to constantly let the alpha out the cage to put especially other males in their place and remind them not to fuck with me(youngest of 3 brothers, scars to prove it eg 10x2cm scar of my skull, probably frontal lob damage as well lol), they get the picture real quick. However, with women, if I shave, I get noticed and they think I am a kid, has always happened, and when I was in my late twenties, same thing, they thought I was 20!! so fucking hard man, even know, last week I had to show my fukcing ID because the girls thought I was BS them!! and they still didn't believe me! On top of this, I have been told I am reasonably good looking, 6 pack blah blah, which like Locario has said can be a trap, however, I am well traveled, 29 countries, own my own business and can hold a conversation on most subjects, I have just left my fiance and am now working on leveling up in all areas of my life(especially cognitive development), so fucking excited, let the journey begin!!!
Majoras (2 years ago)
its all about the members only jackets
TheHipHopRecords (2 years ago)
Good video. I know some guys who are so needy, that they'd rather women say they're good looking, rather than get the pussy. Some men are almost like women nowadays were they need that constant validation over there looks. One of the things that Locario said that's so true is that "Women can think your good looking all day but not f**k you" I'm 34 and back in the day I used to think looks is everything. Nowadays I see a man being good looking is like having knock-out punch in boxing or a big serve in tennis. Sure you will get some you get some quick wins of that alone, but if that's all your bring to the party, you'll be exposed by others who have a more all round game.
Joënsley Garcia (2 years ago)
one of the best vids!
jimmy kelley (2 years ago)
Do a topic on why women hate ugly men
J born sinner (11 months ago)
jimmy kelley They don’t, maybe ugly women do but most grown women who are decent looking and above are very open to ugly men given they have other qualities.
hichcoc (2 years ago)
I tend to get the "intimidated" thing a lot out of the mouths of women... However family, once they took the chance to get to know me they were glad they took the time to approach and see who I truly am... A lot of women get frustrated and go against the grain to mug you, act unpleasant towards you in order to get you to respond...With women, any type of response from you is a gain for them if you're not giving them what they anticipate or desire. I do finally agree with you for a change because to reject prior to being rejected is a common tactic utilized. However, sometimes issues can occur due in fact they feel you are too good looking to manipulate or control also. H~
Jason Bernardino (2 years ago)
g shit
Selector Jah (2 years ago)
I have had some of the same things happen to me. Locario, if you could expand on this topic that would be great.
LOGICWINS (2 years ago)
Same here. He went deep in this one.
blaze1 (2 years ago)
i can relate bruh.
Thutmose III (2 years ago)
This video is what I needed to hear. I actually had several women tell me "you are killing us" or "you make a woman feel intimidated". I ask why? Because even if they get with you they are going to be so insecure because you look handsome. I had a feeling, you just confirmed it with this video. Much respect.
CYB ZER0 (1 year ago)
Jason Bernardino yes you are right....
Jason Bernardino (2 years ago)
+Brian Bellamy its not even a knockout punch.. its the same as average looking people.. if the girl likes you ,, then the girl likes you.... good looking dudes, still have to do alll of the work
LOGICWINS (2 years ago)
Yup, now that I recall, Mr. L had a video called "High Quality vs. Low Quality Women". He said that low quality women will self-sabotage an interaction on purpose because they feel that they have no shot in keeping you interested. This is why the more attractive women are easier. Sasha Daygame and Yad have confirmed this in their videos, but Mr. Locario explained the logic behind it. Brilliant!
Locario Fan (2 years ago)
Cool bro. Thanks for watching

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