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The Dating Game Isn't Going to Work for These Guys

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Text Comments (14)
Breeze Mackin (1 year ago)
Real talk, be humble and keep learning
FrankJDM (1 year ago)
thats true Mr.Locario I used to suck so bad at getting girls I thought I would never have a GF THEN I started learning Game from others that teach game and bunch of shit they said I would try and Godamn I was shocked to see how women would react then I got a GF for 3yrs and I stopped learning game and settled and I lost my confidence overtime now im trying to get back into the Game and having success so far again. Been watching your videos and all of it makes sense
sregi22 (1 year ago)
Hey Mr Loc, what's your starsign? Idk if you believe in that shit, but your logic and way of thinking seems to really resonate with me. Like I feel everything you're saying. Other "PUA's" don't really appeal to me, but you make it sound a lot more simple and logical, down to basic psychology. Maybe you're just a lot more specific than these other YouTube channels. I learn new shit from every one of your videos.
Locario Fan (1 year ago)
Thanks for checking out the videos
dudewat212 (1 year ago)
I think I know who this video is about. *Hint: 'H and S'
Míchele Cobré (1 year ago)
the free book comment is hilarious (lol)
All Mighty Doma (1 year ago)
"Gave that nigga a free book" Made my day
Derrian Flemings (1 year ago)
Felipe Francisco (1 year ago)
All Mighty Doma Lmfao
Damon Smith (1 year ago)
Dudes need to put their ego aside....you can never have enough game
Frank TruthTV (1 year ago)
MOST of these dudes who criticize the game like that are SIMPS And side note the dude who said "Pray and believe in God to get chicks" was LIKELY raised by a bunch of bitches and had NO real strong man in his life. Sad you STILL got people who think that single motherhood doesn't have a damning effect on society
Re Fi (1 year ago)
Frank TruthTV were are these men that helped make you sad mutherfuckers!!
KingArt70 (1 year ago)
Good stuff brother
RW47 (1 year ago)
Honestly with money you can damn near fuck any woman but besides that I agree with you. The key thing though with money is to show it but not give it to them.

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