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Longest Magic Tracks Police Chase With Over 1500 Feet Of Tracks

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Watch the longest police chase on the Magic Tracks with over 1500 feet of tracks through the house inside and out. Get Your Own Magic Tracks https://goo.gl/oVNC91 This post contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something.
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Text Comments (945)
Michelle Dawson (18 hours ago)
Hghgh (:(
Bloom De Fleur (1 day ago)
Меня этот ролик заморил. Думала что-то увлекательное, а дудки.
Samantha L Saraceni (1 day ago)
Wow!! Nice car and cute child!!
Damon's Toy World (1 day ago)
thanks 😀
Carol Navas Hurga (1 day ago)
Ch Bb
vijay kumar verma (1 day ago)
Eirin Hovdenak (1 day ago)
Festival First (3 days ago)
Wow, miss my childhood
Kabeer Ahmed (1 day ago)
Gloookjkjjjjkkjjkiioooooijjjjjjk?! ?mkjnhuijjiiojjnhbhuibuyibtutfggbhhuubhu yggthgyyuyyugvygutyggbiyyttugfhugttfttygvhghhthygvghgvggyubhbhuihb bugbhytttjjkkkvg m !😶😑😙😘😐😘😘😘😄:-\:-\:-\=_=:-!tyyghjnytugumojiipoytoookoolpokkmj o!koollkk!mmmmmkkkotyutiy
ABDULA ALL MARUF (3 days ago)
The boy loved his track cars that he started the whole run right from the end. Love that also
Damon's Toy World (3 days ago)
thanks 😀
Erix Babiera (3 days ago)
Dats how mafia works
GeopioneerGSXR (3 days ago)
Lombard Street in San Francisco..😆
Ashley De’Anna (4 days ago)
Tooo cute
Damon's Toy World (3 days ago)
thanks 😀
Codename: Xelda (4 days ago)
That must have cost a fortune.
grip it and rip it (5 days ago)
W.W.V.D.D What Would Vin Diesel Do
Swetalina Behera (5 days ago)
Madelynn Ayen (5 days ago)
Kuuyuu)hioooI The
s14duma (5 days ago)
At 0:30 play deja vu(initial d).
dave90678 (6 days ago)
What a waste of plastic, buy an Rc car instead way more fun and versatile...
Prince Saru (6 days ago)
Damon's Toy World (5 days ago)
thanks 😀
Pequeno matteus 3 (6 days ago)
Kenneth (6 days ago)
Damon's Toy World (5 days ago)
thanks 😀
MaximilliusMus (8 days ago)
I subbed
Damon's Toy World (5 days ago)
thanks 😀
amsterdamRulez (8 days ago)
Ah i see im not the only dad enjoying my kids toys hahaha. Awesome track. I see this as inspiration haha. Showing this to my boys. Nice one :)
Damon's Toy World (8 days ago)
Thanks. Gald you enjoyed it 🙂
xKalphax (9 days ago)
He dippin on the police ass
Damon's Toy World (9 days ago)
Stephanie Smith (9 days ago)
This track is SO much fun. And the cop car is faster than the other so it ALWAYS catches up, just a matter of time. Lol!
Damon's Toy World (9 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed it 😀
William Beck (10 days ago)
I didn’t think the battery’s were gonna last 😂😂 must of took ages 👌🏻
Szin Napalm (10 days ago)
that was super cool what you did for your son props my friend
Damon's Toy World (9 days ago)
thanks. he got more toys =)
Max6492ful (11 days ago)
I see tik tok i dont watch
Wow, that's really something!
+Damon's Toy World You're welcome. :)
Damon's Toy World (9 days ago)
thanks =)
Vironica Lachman (12 days ago)
cristiane gomes (14 days ago)
billy manilli (14 days ago)
Why so many haters? That was awesome!
Damon's Toy World (14 days ago)
thanks =)
GusTheSheltie (15 days ago)
Awesome 👍
Damon's Toy World (14 days ago)
thanks =)
Viejolesbiano 2.0 (19 days ago)
Te cayo la ley prro >:v wiu wiu wiu :v
Candy Simon (19 days ago)
How to make the cars stay on the track
David Goans (19 days ago)
I wonder how much money all those magic tracks cost
LDX Tourne Tourne rond (20 days ago)
Great job ! 👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Damon's Toy World (19 days ago)
thanks =)
Suleyma Suli (21 days ago)
И аз имам такая меджик тракс
C. G. B. (22 days ago)
very good, decadence in pure form, how many children starving would be fed up with what the shit costs ..! ️🙏
damien BADEL (22 days ago)
https://youtu.be/yZQWt-CMR5o World first gp magic cars. Amaizing
King Pin (22 days ago)
Deku 4224 (23 days ago)
Merry Christmas
Deku 4224 (21 days ago)
You too
Damon's Toy World (21 days ago)
Merry Christmas
kaydstorm 2004 (23 days ago)
Dude this is a kid playing with his toys if you are going to hate on something don't even watch youtube
Deku 4224 (23 days ago)
That kid has the best parents
Deku 4224 (23 days ago)
Your welcome
Damon's Toy World (23 days ago)
thanks =)
Someone probably already did this but *dEjA vU*
Jayce Dieguez (29 days ago)
Cutie Critty (29 days ago)
I can't believe I watched this whole video. That is a lot of track. And to think I only had one box for my son's magic tracks. Lol 😂😂😂 Great Video!!
Damon's Toy World (24 days ago)
thanks =)
Nathan Ballesteros (30 days ago)
The track should have through the pool
Ma Petite Adresse (30 days ago)
killerbee_ca (30 days ago)
Where can I find accessories like bridges, or the pieces at the beginning that look like a parking garage or ramps??? I have trouble finding these.
eligah wilson (1 month ago)
Oddly satisfying knowing what it's like to be chased by the police
Kiet Khang (1 month ago)
Mình u Dạo này có gì mới không?
J Polar (1 month ago)
That little boy must have rich parents and grandparents to afford all that track.
six eyes (1 month ago)
Why does this have so many views
joe llanes (1 month ago)
Longest chase..reminds me of the movie bullet with steve McQueen.
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ユッケ羽乃 (1 month ago)
Destroy The Web (1 month ago)
3 intense 5 me
Esteban Rodriquez (1 month ago)
I thought it was a huge gummy worm...
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
haha you aren't the first
Harry Johnston-Smith (1 month ago)
Top 10 anime chase scenes
Beth Ann Lindhe (1 month ago)
Probably paid $200 on this
Beth Ann Lindhe (1 month ago)
gsaaaz (1 month ago)
Aj Mccoy (1 month ago)
サカタク/sakataku (1 month ago)
PeskyObeseCat (1 month ago)
What's with the dislikes
Transylvania Ball (1 month ago)
AXLMasterYT (1 month ago)
De 100000 que bonito 😁👍💋💗
ExtremeThunderGaming (1 month ago)
My fat ass thought it was a gummy worm from the thumbnail
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
haha.. that's funny.
J. R. (1 month ago)
Best parents ever!!
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
thanks =)
boy vs boy (1 month ago)
When you search up nasty anime stuff, but then the police comes and you try to escape.
Erika Medina (1 month ago)
yura kota (1 month ago)
yura kota (1 month ago)
BMW R1200GS Adventure (1 month ago)
Do you get the impression Dad had more fun with this than the kids...
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
Mokuu! (1 month ago)
When u hit 5 stars in GTA V
Yina Taborda Hernandez (1 month ago)
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
BL4CK KINGZ (1 month ago)
NFS In Nutshell
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
c =)
HeyItzBloom 3 (1 month ago)
tmr6597 (1 month ago)
Tony The Talking Clock (1 month ago)
Satisfying :)
Leticia Suarez Perez (11 days ago)
Vídeos de Risa
Santi Attas (1 month ago)
SuperAnnoyingEmail 64 (1 month ago)
Deja vu
LDX Tourne Tourne rond (20 days ago)
SuperAnnoyingEmail 64 sois positif au lieu de critiquer. C est incroyable, tous les commentaires sont positifs et le seul français dit: déjà vu. Français = gens qui sont plus forts que tout le monde. On voit ce que ça donne en 2018... > pays à la ramasse à l image de ton commentaire
gayane mkrtchyan (30 days ago)
Shiva Shyam (1 month ago)
Very nice
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
evangeleen cantero (1 month ago)
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Play rolblox plz
Jeta Alili (1 month ago)
RaichuMixels 2015 (1 month ago)
mr baye (1 month ago)
i miss being a kid 😩😩😩😩😩😫😫
Mickey Rhodes (27 days ago)
Only toy I remember really good, was my big yellow tonka dumptruck, didn't have all these toys ,
GazRwood (1 month ago)
I bought my niece two sets last Christmas and shes getting another two boxers this time whether she likes it or not lol :)
mr baye (1 month ago)
your right 😌😁
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
you don't need to be a kid to do this or have fun =)
Ronja Henriksson (1 month ago)
ototo (1 month ago)
Really cool this track needs more cars something how a race good video
bestamerica (1 month ago)
' wow that is alot of enjoy and fun... try put pathway on the pool from land to pool to land same as bridge
bestamerica (1 month ago)
+Damon's Toy World ' hi D T W... yeaa see that video... thank link me
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
Did you see my other video that has the tracks going over the pool? Here is a link, https://youtu.be/Sbxx4gn_O0E
Richard (2 months ago)
Duracell 🤣🤣
Damon's Toy World (1 month ago)
i guess i needed some Duracell batteries. lolz
bwcpublishing (2 months ago)
Nice video. I didn't have a swimming pool or as much track as you, but I made a video also.
Ramm KY (20 days ago)
Damon's Toy World Kokomo koi
Damon's Toy World (2 months ago)
thanks =)
killian malglaive (2 months ago)
Rob Thorpe (2 months ago)
One car always faster i find
Damon's Toy World (2 months ago)
i think it was a battery issue.
NBINOOB (2 months ago)
Some day, you might see those two cars in a road near you...
Damon's Toy World (2 months ago)
Juliusz Cezar (2 months ago)
Wow this kid is better of me xD
Siti Lestari (1 month ago)
Juliusz Cezar rq
Any sizedcreeper (2 months ago)
Any sizedcreeper (2 months ago)
+Damon's Toy World that was a cool police chase do more please!
Damon's Toy World (2 months ago)
thanks =)
The Andeventers of jorge (2 months ago)
Please kill me because of awesome 👏
Kris (2 months ago)
Cop will never get hin
brentbuenconsejo (2 months ago)
The police is so fast i like it😰😰😰

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