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How To Get Your Microsoft Office & Windows Product Key

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How to get or find your windows Product key or Microsoft Office Key in case you lose it or need it to activate Microsoft Office on another computer. Magical Keyfinder: http://download.cnet.com/Magical-Jelly-Bean-Keyfinder/3000-18487_4-10079600.html Or try WIN key Finder: http://www.winkeyfinder.com/ ----------------- ►FOLLOW Me on Twitter!: http://Twitter.com/YuTubeMedia How I Make Money online-⇓ ➡http://bit.ly/CashCrateGo My Website- http://yutubemedia.ucoz.com
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Text Comments (237)
Rose Brown (2 days ago)
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Robin (28 days ago)
Milo *Fantastic I used website: Software-Keys . net*
key produ (5 months ago)
If you are interested in the product key theme please visit our website for discussion. https://productkey1994.blogspot.com/
Joksan Velasco (5 months ago)
You saved me a lot of researching and money ! Thanks man, that GearBox Key worked like a charm!
Dana Beach (5 months ago)
You could try this link to get windows key #plus.google.com/103561213852771334534
Mark Nolan (7 months ago)
Warning Do not download any of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Siddhartha Kundu (9 months ago)
MassAnalytic (10 months ago)
Anything from download.com is virus crap.
Jacqueline Baird (1 year ago)
100% Genuine windows 10 product key here: #plus.google.com/100108886778800400105/posts/RmuvYo9r2Zq
Lilauyc White (1 year ago)
Guys who need widnows 10 OEM product key can go to #plus.google.com/u/0/collection/01qdIE. Permanent workable.
Sellie White (1 year ago)
You could have a try, works like a charm! #plus.google.com/103561213852771334534
Lucy Green (1 year ago)
I have activated my office 2016 from #plus.google.com/u/0/104028188633487744432, it helped me a lot and hope can help you with your windows too.
mario jerry (1 year ago)
*Guys can go to google "aakeys" to get 100% working office product key.*
Google search "Vanskeys" to get office key.
spark (1 year ago)
none of those worked for my office 2007!
David Carols (1 year ago)
Better Genuine than this , get genuine
Viktor Epshtein (1 year ago)
if you need working office you can download it from here https://yadi.sk/d/lI8Zezc13Cyoc5
Daniel Martins (1 year ago)
Hey , I can Recommend to Get a Genuine Official Key , I got mine from Software-Key . net , It is very very cheap and works lifetime
Carroll Edris (1 year ago)
Friend who need version of windows key download link: # https://plus.google.com/115369945488742245598/posts/E1Uj89x2pFK .
Alexandria667 (1 year ago)
Stupid question from a beginner. I am assuming you are doing this from the laptop that crashed. How? If it crashed, how did you open internet browser to be able to download information on an old laptop?
rajendra mallina (2 years ago)
Thanku very much
Alice Lewis (2 years ago)
AMAZING! Simplest and most accurate retrieval EVER. Thank you
92 PUCAS (2 years ago)
Thank you very much indeed. Excellent!!!
Spyverses YourMom (2 years ago)
this is so legit and this guy is amazing! thanks dude totally subscribing
nothing (2 years ago)
thank you.......
Brandon Whish (2 years ago)
You just saved me countless hours of searching. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!! :)
Cindy xi (2 years ago)
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Bernnie Gurger (2 years ago)
For a Office product key, check out this page: http://www.instructables.com/id/Windows-Office-Download.
Bancroft Wordsworth (2 years ago)
+Bernnie Gurger Guys you can also get the office product keys from https://plus.google.com/106035267807263404223/posts/eWcj25KCpxQ
Cxtuiebhqx Zpmpzipac (2 years ago)
Personally recommend you that site: https://plus.google.com/102401388387972441940/posts/CzxhYkHh8hb, it is reliable and offers the cheaper price, good choice for you.
Sara Karen (2 years ago)
If you need product keys for windows 7 all editions, recommend you this site, you can click here to get one: https://plus.google.com/110203129764744621937/posts/gz4iztuZnB1. You're not gonna be disappointed. :)
Nathan Junor (3 years ago)
Keyfinder pro works fine. have to try all three codes that it brought up and it was the last one
E.O.A (3 years ago)
ur instructions were very clear, but my computer seems to not have microsoft's product key:((((
Maria Sharpe (3 years ago)
thank you for sharing this, i just install windows 8 from https://plus.google.com/101672007903590947767/posts/FXL1qSzFbLg , Helped SOOO much thanks.
Maria Sharpe (3 years ago)
+Maria Sharpe welcome
k Flaherty (3 years ago)
Thank you and it worked great!
Xlkkrgk Uzdmn (3 years ago)
hello, guys want to get good office can try this link  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Microsoft-Office-Product-Key/1592243020992805 my office got here and works well, sharing with you, wish it can help
Ruth Green (3 years ago)
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Ruthie Mclaughlin (3 years ago)
Hey,if you need windows product key,you can go https://www.facebook.com/pages/Windows-7-product-key/1558478384431000. The key is genuine and the price is low.
Krystl Apten (3 years ago)
+Ruthie Mclaughlin guys want to got office key can click link https://plus.google.com/116150833978324121354/posts/acefmRzBoW9. it provide 100% working.
Gale Flores (3 years ago)
Here is a link that you can got free windows 7 ultimate product key: https://plus.google.com/107424682554227737631/posts/PtkugVHaJ3s. I got help here. Hope can help you.
Sara Karen (2 years ago)
+Gale Flores If you need product keys for windows 7 all editions, recommend you this site, you can click here to get one: https://plus.google.com/110203129764744621937/posts/gz4iztuZnB1. You're not gonna be disappointed. :)
Angelia Rice (3 years ago)
+Gale Flores A few days ago, i got a win 7 key from link https://plus.google.com/115369945488742245598/posts/E1Uj89x2pFK. It's provide 100% working. And the price is low.
Bob Smith (3 years ago)
If you need more keys, I strongly suggest you visiting https://www.facebook.com/pages/How-to-activate-windows-7/520485894766138. It has helped me a lot.
Kristy Hart (1 year ago)
*Friends who want to get genuine office 2016 can go to google search "aakeys", works great!*
Noreen Clutts (1 year ago)
Amazing I have just Got Genuine Office 2016 Pro from website *Genuine-Key . com*
Iswaf Pdjynh (3 years ago)
If someone need windows product key,i suggest you to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Windows-7-product-key/1558478384431000 to got. The key is genuine and the price is low by my experience to share. Hope can help you.
Rosejhrsc Nortonujttn (3 years ago)
+Iswaf Pdjynh It's broken. i got free windows 7 key here: http://win10key.blogspot.com/2015/08/windows7-sp1-professional-enterprise.html. To share everyone.
Uxpxp Ddiu (3 years ago)
+Iswaf Pdjynh Thanks for sharing.
Ugzfno Expt (3 years ago)
guys want to get office can try this link, it provides many software products, you can find any windows and office here, my office get here and works well, sharing with you https://www.facebook.com/pages/Microsoft-Office-Professional-Plus-2010/386164051570475
Jim Garrison (3 years ago)
Do not load this program on your computer it will load a lot of junk programs on you computer and hijack your web browsers home page.  Kenneth Thomas has the right idea I found the answer at http://www.howtogeek.com/206329/how-to-find-your-lost-windows-or-office-product-keys/
SuperMen (3 years ago)
just got fully working office keys for free here mskey.tk hope this works for you too
Kenneth Thomas (3 years ago)
I do not recommend downloading anything. IF you are like me and lost your Office Product key (i use 2013) then you are in luck. Copy and paste the following code into Notepad. Save it as All files on the desktop as Productkey.vbs. (A window will pop up with your key) Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") MsgBox ConvertToKey(WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DigitalProductId")) Function ConvertToKey(Key) Const KeyOffset = 52 i = 28 Chars = "BCDFGHJKMPQRTVWXY2346789" Do Cur = 0 x = 14 Do Cur = Cur * 256 Cur = Key(x + KeyOffset) + Cur Key(x + KeyOffset) = (Cur \ 24) And 255 Cur = Cur Mod 24 x = x -1 Loop While x >= 0 i = i -1 KeyOutput = Mid(Chars, Cur + 1, 1) & KeyOutput If (((29 - i) Mod 6) = 0) And (i <> -1) Then i = i -1 KeyOutput = "-" & KeyOutput End If Loop While i >= 0 ConvertToKey = KeyOutput End Function
Shrekk Has Sawgg (1 year ago)
Which encoding do I use?
Augusta Allen (3 years ago)
+Kenneth Thomas If someone need windows product key can go link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Purchase-Windows-7-Product-Key/1461291484195874. The key is genuine and the price is low.
Kenneth Thomas (3 years ago)
+Uxpxp Ddiu I have office premium already but I posted the code in case anyone is like me and loses their key. Whenever you reset your PC or something happens and you run office it makes you reinstall office and asks for the key.
Audaces fortuna iuvat (3 years ago)
gearbox key finder pro didn't find anything.  In fact it doesn't work at all.  I better go ahead and scan my computer.  I declined all the junk they wanted to install thank god. 
alero (3 years ago)
just got working one here mskey.tk
t1993L06E (3 years ago)
It worked but it gave me my old version of Microsoft product key instead of the newer one. Any way that I can choose which one it gives me?
SuperMen (3 years ago)
Just got working office full key for free here piratekeys.tk
Christina Rojas (4 years ago)
gear box  downloaded malware and I had to do a system restore to my computer, to get off all the programs it downloaded to my computer.....  NOT VERY NICE!!   :(
Luxury Raga (4 years ago)
keyfinder is not giving me right key!
johnpro2 (4 years ago)
Gearbox{key finder pro} loads browser hijacks which change your search and home page...don't go to their site.The other product key program  works ok if downloaded from a trusted site like snapfiles. Much free software is booby trapped these days unfortunately
HurioBrine (4 years ago)
+AlexNurher thnx!!
AlexNurher (4 years ago)
Just got working office full key for free here - MicrosoftOfficeFree. tk go and check out
Arelly Martinez (4 years ago)
mine didnt appear :((((
Gloria Routh (4 years ago)
I used the Gear box key finder pro and I got the key, but I had to delete a lot of programs that were automatically installed when I installed the key finder, but that is what you get when you try to get a key for free!  No issues with computer, but you have to be tech savvy to use this program!
mybootstrapchronicles (4 years ago)
Question; how are you guys so confident when downloading? Aren't you afraid of getting viruses? What can I do to not get viruses while on Torrents and cnet websites?
Keryous Fakhry (2 years ago)
You just install a antivirus program to avoid all virus.
Saint Thao (4 years ago)
TROJANS Everywhere don't do it
Abiel Roberts (4 years ago)
very good thanks 
GamezPlayGames Yuki (5 years ago)
for those who can't find the product key download advanced token manager
Regine Salvador (5 years ago)
Is there a program like this you know about for MacBook Pro?
Mengty Tan (5 years ago)
arminder kundi (5 years ago)
Thanks it worded but I have installed Microsoft office 2007 and I backed up my computer and now I need the product key what should I do
That One Dude (5 years ago)
Matt Soul (5 years ago)
same here for my windows 7 but not for my office 2010
Wow! Awesome video dude, i like how u took the time to animate the arrows and make'n it really interesting unlike 'most' youtube screen capture tutorials that have annoying over voice and unnessary music? Tsssss. Anyway, this was really helpful.
yutubemedia (5 years ago)
EVERYONE: The programs showed in the tutorial are outdated, and have reports of adware, I have REPLACED the links in the description with different programs that will be safe to use. They are all from CNET. So use those product key software, it works just the same and works for windows 7 also.
Tristin Snodgrass (5 years ago)
it works for my windows 8 but not my microsoft office which i need. please help!
kier ngo (5 years ago)
it is working !! for windows 7!! thanks a lot!
Christian Carrillo (5 years ago)
GingerSnaps473 (5 years ago)
thank you it worked for me
Galaxy (5 years ago)
It worked
elmuyserio213 (5 years ago)
did you find another way to recover microsoft office?
Killian Coakley (5 years ago)
CONTROL PANEL/SYSTEM.. bottom of page
Phantom453 (5 years ago)
Thanks. Worked fine for me. Much appreciated.
asghar asghari (6 years ago)
tnx mate
1715sky (6 years ago)
I'm using windows 7 too but it can run on my laptop~
1715sky (6 years ago)
excuse me ,I can get my laptop product key,but I cannot obtain my microsoft office 2010 product key,got any body body can help me?pleaseT^T
Jetzabell Sevilla (6 years ago)
hye it wat happends if it doesnt work i mean my micrsoft office doesnt get it x.x help it says it invalid help help help please
ipastorm (6 years ago)
God bless, my friend. TY
gazi JC (6 years ago)
dawn tran (6 years ago)
JM Fery (6 years ago)
show me the key tard
NameQeeXx (6 years ago)
Hello Folks .... If you need ms2010 key go in Prokey.tk and Download ! Thumbs up .
YouteBoy (6 years ago)
Just copy fresh key from - Gigakeys.com Simple as that!
John Smith (6 years ago)
Wait,their is a product key on my computer tower,so can't i type that key into my computer?????
betteras lifegood (6 years ago)
Shad0wsnhd (6 years ago)
delete it from search engines then goto extensions and delete them ALL then no more blekko hell yea!
mcgamer52 (6 years ago)
BruiseIgnio (6 years ago)
Thx for the video, made it quick and simple xD
Jonathan Estrada (6 years ago)
i bought a new laptop and i used the product key that came at the bottom and it said it was an invalid key can this help me
grinderstilnovo (6 years ago)
Hi all i find one web site where can get working keys - Prokey.tk if keys worked for you then Thumbs Up Please !!!!!
BoyWonderBoy (6 years ago)
I got this bullshit thing called blekko that happends everytime i open a window please tell me how to get rid of it!
imOrod (6 years ago)
it doesnt find product key for microsoft office on both programs
Watchfinder & Co. (6 years ago)
Key Finder Pro finds office 2010 license
Alex Steiger (6 years ago)
yebeltal muluken (6 years ago)
Kevin Bennett (6 years ago)
Daniel (6 years ago)
What is that song at the end?
Ray Kocher (6 years ago)
You're missing something... Actually 2 somethings.
Jordan Sweeney (6 years ago)
I just got a trojan virus from gearbox keyfinder pro??! wtf
Kathy J (6 years ago)
Are these soft wares even safe??? I really need to know.
Kathy J (6 years ago)
Are these softwares even safe??? I really need to know.
Addax NEUPANE (6 years ago)
thanks mate......
Lee Sin (6 years ago)
@maikyyyyyyysss Fake surveys i did them and paid .. and nothing happened
David (6 years ago)
i can't get it!! Some stu[id survey pops up. What can i do?
Minas Theodorou (6 years ago)
/watch?v=NPElhpDMu6w&feature=youtu.be how to download and activate microsoft office 2010 no fake!
rocky lewis (6 years ago)
worked for me, very easy, thanks a million
BanZaiiChan (6 years ago)
does the keyfinder pro works for microsoft coz the only key it gave me was for the windows. . .and the one for the microsoft don't work

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