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Where are the STRONG BLACK & BROWN MEN with WHITE WOMEN ( BECKERY ) ~ Nuri Muhammad who is a Student National Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Follow Bro Nuri on Twitter https://twitter.com/BrotherNuri Follow Bro Nuri on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nuri.muhammad.33 You can purchase Bro Nuri Book " After You Say I Do ' @ this link https://www.amazon.com/After-You-Say-I-Do/dp/1985004879 you can purchase Bro Nuri Videos , Mp3 ,etc at the link below http://shop.nurimuhammad.com/ Subscribe to my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKG5MnSp_VadJCAaWPJyYFw Support Independent Media ! Support Make Monthly Donations to Bro . Monroe Jr https://www.patreon.com/monroejr You can make donations to our channel @ the links below CashApp / Square Cash https://cash.me/$MonroeJr Bitcoin Donations Wallet Address 13rocBeLMhV4BWtKcbafRzkBkqC1p4grMK Etherium Donations Wallet Address 0xfe60ae710fafe8a2894ad081a492b59ee154f610 Litecoin Donations Wallet Address LX9vFngrJyYbkAZrYiCfwCtfY7U8ycKRyn Subscribe to my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKG5MnSp_VadJCAaWPJyYFw Follow Me on Instagram ( I will start posting soon ) https://www.instagram.com/brommjr/ Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/noifoi48 Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/BroMonroeJr/
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Vegas MGTOW (2 months ago)
Here is a list for you off the top of my head. About 30 brothas married or dated white women... Michael Jordan -White woman Scottie Pippen- White woman Kobe Bryant- White Latina Michael Jackson- Married 2 white women Quincy Jones -White woman Sidney Poitier- White woman Harry Belafonte- White woman Jaime Foxx -White woman Robert F Smith (Billionare) White woman Russel Simmons- built his wealth with a White Asian Tiger Woods-only dated and married a White woman Sean Puffy Combs- dated J-Lo. White Latina Drake -Baby Mama is a White French woman Patrick Willis (Former 49er) White Woman Todd Bridges- multiple white women Omari Hardwick- White woman Rapper Ice T- Thick White Woman Kanye West- Armenian descent Kim K John Legend- Asian mix white woman Randy Jackson (American Idol) White woman James Earl Jones- White woman Reggie Bush- White woman Steve Smith Sr (Former NFL) White woman Ralph Sampson- White woman Tiki Barber- White woman Don Cornelius (Soooooul Train) White woman Prince- Dated multiple white Latinas Cuba Gooding Jr -White woman Dennis Rodman- dated and married white women Rick Fox (Lakers) White woman Luke Cage (Mike Coulter) White woman Carlton (from the Fresh Prince of Bel air) Yep Tim Duncan Ex-wife white woman Taye Digs Ex white woman

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