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Kim kardashian Hollywood (s1) part 2 dating willow pape and tired.

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Hey guys its me joshua3oh3 and welcome to my kardashian lp it's been a long time.
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Hybrid X (2 years ago)
I get married to Willow Pape after reaching 200 relationship level. Willow is my wife, and everywhere with me like inside the jet. She's nice in guy version of the game, Dirk Diamonds is the bitch version, he did what Willow did in girl's version.
gifty Danso-Mensah (3 years ago)
Why are people disliking this vid it's a sick video
solinette etienne (3 years ago)
oh I play the game also im on level 10 my person is named paris hilton I changed it my first name was Katrina kardashian
Joshua3OH3 (3 years ago)
Thank you everyone for the 1k
solinette etienne (3 years ago)
your person is dating willow pape when I saw that I jumped out of my chair and scream
Jaida (3 years ago)
How can you date willow pape!!! Everyone hates her
solinette etienne (3 years ago)
thats true oh I went to sydney with kim for this dj beat down willow wanted me to ask the dj guy kim introued me to willow and willow will pay
I know but sometimes she is nice

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