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Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

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My somewhat unfavorable review of The Little Paris Bookshop. Eeks! LINKS BELOW! The Little Paris Bookshop on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23278537-the-little-paris-bookshop TWITTER http://twitter.com/effusionsofwit TUMBLR http://effusionsofwit.tumblr.com INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/effusionsofwit GOODREADS http://goodreads.com/effusionsofwit
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Fran G (10 months ago)
As someone in my mid 60s, I found this book charming and hopeful. I didn’t think it was fluffy, instead it captured the atmosphere of love and connection. Really more about connection than love. For what it is worth...
In order to be fair to the author and properly inform the potential readers of the book: It is anything but a fluffy romance. Yes, it does include romance but the description of the scenes, the information about geography and the way the writer immerses the reader in the story is unique and proves that the writer has done some good research apart from developing a great story and a plot twist. The story is packed with happy and unhappy moments and has a lot to teach us. For those who don't like the book (as this is a matter of personal taste), I say that no book is a waste of time.
Katadactyl (2 years ago)
THANK YOU. JOHN LOST. Really? Haha, thank you for mentioning that. I also felt it was cliche. Too much flowery, unrealistic wording for me. I believe in my review (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swr6rCjyHzM), I said "it is quite heavy on emotions and... crying..." He cried a lot! Geez... I didn't think it was my cup of tea, but I have already given it away to a friend who loves Paris (and books). I was also confused about the title. Literary Apothecary is the coolest name. Ever. Why wasn't it used? Maybe lost in translation? Thoughts? Thanks for the honest review! Happy reading!
Stephanie Richardson (3 years ago)
I've just finished it and think I won't be as nice as you have been. Its been a long time since I wanted to throw a book across the room and this book has taken up the mantel! The plot had such potential. How beautiful a story it could have been. Parisian man sales book barge down the river meeting weird and wonderful characters along the way. It was just so cliche, way too fluffy and predictable as anything.
mynameismarines (3 years ago)
I giggled at John Lost. I've heard some positive reviews of this book and hearing your take on it really fits in with what I know about those other readers! Just in terms of reading preference, is what I mean. I have to be in a specific mood to want fluffy and romantic. That mood doesn't come around too often.
Bren Daja (3 years ago)
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Effusions of Wit (3 years ago)
+mynameismarines This is such a relief to hear, because I really didn't want to trash on the book. I thought it was fine as far as books go, just not my taste. Jean is a pretty cliché character, but who isn't these days?? :)
Jakob Tanner (3 years ago)
Fun review! I was drawn to The Little Paris Bookshop -- but i'll probably steer clear of it after hearing you talk about it. Do you have a favourite book set in Paris?
Pat Kerins (1 year ago)
Jakob Tanner
Effusions of Wit (3 years ago)
+Jakob Tanner That's a good question.... I actually don't think I do have a favorite! I read and enjoyed Julia Child's memoir, My Life in France. Aside from that, the only other book I can remember reading set in Paris that I've read is The Vampire Lestat... eeks! I might make it a point to look for more books set in Paris, so I can figure this out :)
radiantchristina (3 years ago)
i'm glad i watched this video. i don't like cliche fluffy romances... it is now off my tbr. thanks for saving me some aggrivation :)
Effusions of Wit (3 years ago)
+radiantchristina Glad to help!! :)
Knowledge Lost (3 years ago)
I found this book to be overly sweet and cliché, I was hoping it was going to be more focused on books than it was; something like The Storied Life of A.J Fikry. I was interested in the bibliophile angle which needed more attention and the main reason I picked this one up was because it is translated fiction.
Effusions of Wit (3 years ago)
+Knowledge Lost Agreed 100%. So frustrating. I was definitely hoping for something else as well.
Atiya Abbas (3 years ago)
you need to check out The Storied Life of A.J Fikry. super similar but a better dedication to the literary life.
Effusions of Wit (3 years ago)
+Atiya Abbas Thank you for the recommendation! I will be sure to grab this as soon as I can :D
The Book Wanderer (3 years ago)
I had checked this out from my e-library but I ended up deleting it after hearing you talk a little bit about it in another video. It doesn't sound bad to me, but it also doesn't sound GOOD. So I will spend my reading time on something more worthwhile :)
Effusions of Wit (3 years ago)
+TheBookWanderer Agreed! It's so sad but I think it's important to read things you might love rather than just sorta like.

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