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The Second World War: The War in the Pacific

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A one hour documentary which outlines the Pacific Campaign, from the fleet versus fleet conflict and the carrier war in the Coral Sea, Midway and the Marianas, through General MacArthur’s Island hopping campaign culminating with the surrender of Japan.
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Text Comments (199)
Dimitri Andreou (8 days ago)
I served in MSCFS2 from 2000 to 2003
Azz Laird (9 days ago)
Thanks for ridding Asia from this evil America, Australia couldn’t have done it alone
Zarathustra MG42 (10 days ago)
I can't understand why they make so many of these black and white films about really great games like call of duty or battlefield.
Andrew Beringer (11 days ago)
i have listened to this more times than i can count
Tama Iruka (19 days ago)
Greater East Asia War.Not the Pacific War.
Duke Craig (20 days ago)
At 3:17 there's a Marine with an 03 Springfield equipped with a 10x Unertal scope doing some sniping.
J M (18 days ago)
Unertal. That’s still top notch glass.
Baruch Ben-David (20 days ago)
Sank to the bottom of the sea? Where else would it sink to?
woodensurfer (23 days ago)
The Japanese did not appreciate the anti-war pacifist sentiment in the US before the Pearl harbor attack. Chances for Japan would have been far better if the Japanese just expanded into much of Asia, perhaps leaving Hong Kong and Singapore alone, without attacking the US. There was a far better chance that the US will remain reluctant to go to war. It was a case of misunderstanding of the ethos of the Americans. There was no hope of the US seeking peace with Japan after the Pearl Harbor attack. Attacking a very large industrialized country was suicidal for Japan.
Azz Laird (9 days ago)
The whole of south east Asia were western colonies at the time though, and they were all capable of beating japan except for the Netherland or possibly the French. In any case I don’t think the Soviet Union would have put up with them in China and Korea for long either
Baruch Ben-David (20 days ago)
One Japanese sailor said he was afraid they had awaken a sleeping giant. Maybe it was an admiral.
Jie Song (29 days ago)
2018-11-13th: I like this documentary film here. Its title is pretty good also: "The Second World War: The War in the Pacific", instead of all others who follow the wrong saying of "World War II". World War Two? It is not the right form of the English language at all.
Michael Zimmerman (1 month ago)
This is great... specially the radio traffic between a ground commander and fighter bombing & straffing... the overview and detail are excellent, even if you have a habit of watching Pacific Theater docs, this is worth my time for sure, thanks for putting it up !!
Pointless Bunkum (1 month ago)
Good ole Admiral Nah-miiiittzzz!
Parvez Ahmad (1 month ago)
Gelrald Oldo (1 month ago)
Haven't started watching yet but i recognize this is just a documentary for entertainment purposes, i do not expect it to be perfect, unbiased and without error.
barone bianco (1 month ago)
Will Cline (2 months ago)
A lot of incorrect information in this video. The Tokyo Express ran to Guadalcanal during 1942 and the Slot was between the various islands of the Solomons headed to Guadalcanal. Anyone that thinks the US was decrypting 85% of the Japanese traffic is smoking something. And arguably the Battle for Guadalcanal was the most important battle in the Pacific, although I will not argue too much with someone arguing the point for the Battle of Midway. After Guadalcanal a lot of the top brass in Japan understood that they were going to lose the war, that was not true after the Battle of Midway. Guadalcanal chewed up the Japanese Naval Air power and a massive number of Japanese ground troops. The Japanese also learned that the US Marine Corp was a force they did not understand, a force that could fight them on their own terms and would kill them with greater efficiency than they could kill the Marines. After Guadalcanal, there were no Japanese prisoners taken because the Marines learned how ruthless the Japanese were. Once it was understood that Japanese soldiers thought it was OK to try and surrender and then to kill Marines with hidden hand grenades, the Japanese learned what fighting to the death meant. The US Marines were simply the best soldiers fighting during WW 2, if they had fought in Europe I think the German SS would have learned how to die a lot quicker and would have thought more about the Malmedy massacre when they were murdering US troops during the Battle of the Buldge.
Current Batches (16 days ago)
Agreed; the documentary is packed with 'stuff'. Along with Frank's "Guadalcanal" I'd suggest Parshall's and Tully's "Shattered Sword" for the definitive look at Midway.
Will Cline (1 month ago)
+HARAMBE Jr All good points. Another interesting fact is that the Navy casualties were higher than the Marines at Guadalcanal with all the Naval battles for a huge 5,000 Navy killed vs 1,600 Marines. There were a lot of Naval battles associated with Guadalcanal. You sink a Navy Cruiser and that may kill 800 to 1500 men at one time and there were lots of ships sunk in Iron Bottom Sound.
HARAMBE Jr (2 months ago)
Will Cline Thank you I will be going to the Library to find it next week 😁👍
Will Cline (2 months ago)
Thanks for the tip about the series but I may have seen it. My suggestion is a book, Richard Frank's: Guadalcanal: The Definitive Account of the Landmark Battle. By far the best book on Guadalcanal.
HARAMBE Jr (2 months ago)
Will Cline True the Marines were a very good fighting force During WW2, They were so Good The Japanese actually thought that the USMC (US MARINE CORP) Recruited men from insane asylums and Prison inmates. And also on Guadalcanal US Marines were very Undersupplied of food and water and were Actually using WORLD WAR ONE WEAPONS and they still caused heavy casualties to the Japanese Soldiers then the US Army came So Marines would often steal food from the Army. They were one of the best fighting forces in WW2 and WW1. Edit:Also The Japanese Tactics we’re out of date they were sent by there generals wave after wave a good example is the Battle of Tenaru on Guadalcanal Japanese Generals sent men after men to get slaughtered by the Marines on the other side of The river Tenaru . I’m not sure about this fact but a Veteran said that 20,000 Japanese died and only 26 Marines Died. A good series that covers Guadalcanal,Cape Gloucester,Peleliu and Okinawa is called The Pacific you should watch it it is excellent Semper Fi.
jack johnson (2 months ago)
sadly america has fallen far since then
Azz Laird (9 days ago)
So has the percentage of its white population
Old Texan (2 months ago)
Much of this footage was new to me. The famous photograph of the flag raising on Iwo Jima, was in fact staged for the photo. When I see this photo, I feel patriotic and proud and I hear The Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Star Spangled Banner, and the Marseillaise, God Save the King, all patriotic battle songs, and see a parade of those who sacrificed their all in the name of freedom. An earlier photo had been made. It shows some tired Marines, one holding a rifle at the ready, raising the US Flag, tied to a piece of pipe. They don't show this one much, and I'm grateful. It makes me cry.
NOTH Prokernov (2 months ago)
At 1815 they show a plane about to launch with at least 30 kills ?
Duke Craig (20 days ago)
Every bit of footage isn't necessarily from the same battle that the narrator is talking about, that's an F6F Hellcat, that aircraft wasn't operational until the next year, that bit of film is probably from much later in the war like from the Battle of Okinawa which would explain that high of a count of downed planes.
DeeZee (2 months ago)
The pilot was THAT confident.
Marcos 989 (2 months ago)
It's interesting to contemplate how the war would have progressed had the Brit's not broken the Nazi's code with Enigma and the US with the Japanese.
Azz Laird (9 days ago)
JM lol your dreaming
Azz Laird (9 days ago)
They still would have lost ofcourse the code breakers hardly mattered in the island wars which were the majority of the battles in the pacific.
J M (18 days ago)
Without the code breakers, Japan would’ve won Midway-and won the war and annihilated everyone in Asia.. or the war would’ve lasted another ten years-with another 20 million innocent dead Asians.
jay see (3 months ago)
You did not want to be captured by the Japanese. Inhumane bastards.
Joshua Dipatama (3 days ago)
you dont want to get caught by the soviets either
Azz Laird (9 days ago)
True that, utter sadists
Mark Kent (1 month ago)
@jay see: The Japanese treated their own troops dreadfully, as badly, indeed worse in some respects, than Hitler with his own. They were not properly fed, many resorted to cannibalism, they were not provided with medical supplies or equipment they needed. They were also told, in excruciating detail, how appallingingly the westerners would treat any prisoners, or indeed captured civilians, from torture to eating babies. These were ordinary people, not well educated, so they believe it, rather like Daily Mail readers believing the crap about Brexit being a good idea. It really wasn't their fault, they were appallingly led, woefully let down by their own side, and truly terrified of the enemy and what would happen if captured. Their own behaviour was built on that. Obviously, though, all American troops and engineering are globally superior in every way, in case any of the usual trolls are about.
That was the past you idiot. The past isn’t the same as present!
(3 months ago)
jee whiz the comment section in this video is so shit that i would think it fell out of my pants leg and i left it at the corner of an isle in my local Walmart, knowing that eventually someone will inevitably find it and have to dispose of it. while im hoping the person who does find it is kind hearted enough to be able to dispose of it in a sensible and normal matter. however i make the grave mistake of not considering the existence of surveillance cameras that watch our every move in the in the store to catch shop lifters but also manage to pay witness to me slipping a bomb greater than the one which landed on Hiroshima onto the floor of the store. then the employees who are watching the camera footage video my incredibly embarrassing moment with their smartphones with their contagious laughter in the background of the video to make millions of views on YouTube. once more leaving the victim of this mess, I, the man who only needed to turd but could not wait for the public toilet, having to leave my home town where i was born raised out of the harassment i gets from people i come by on the street. the moral of this is to be aware that who you are harassing is also human too, they laugh, they cry, and they leave shits on the ground, but isn't that what makes a human a human?
Michael Zimmerman (23 days ago)
enjoyed your commment, made me wonder if youve had brain surgery rececently, ( I have, record breaking meningioma, size of a baseball (not a glioma, not from my iphone)), as my comments seem to be a bit broad minded, as yours seems to be... heh heh heh, just jokin (about your surgery, not about mine)
C W (4 months ago)
Horrible documentary that takes 6 Minute introduction before it even gets started
David Mcallister (4 months ago)
Reading these comments makes me feel for my grandad! You motherfuckers talking shi t about USA this UK that are fuck ing idiots! You can throw insults back and forth but remember the facts! They stood and died side by side without a comp!ain't it wasn't a competition so stop making it one now ! You are dick measuring on hero's actions and none of those hero's would dare label the others action as lesser than their own! Man power and unaffected factory output was invaluable but stopping Europe fall gave that man power and factory output a place to launch fr om. You are all an embarrassment to our relations who died next to each other British and American because they care d about surviving and winning not about who fired more bullets or who has more men ........Fucki n g idiots
David Mcallister (4 months ago)
Why does a comment about narrating have to end up in insults being thrown back and forth between British and americans? Thank God they could work together back then! A British person narrating is done in this case because if a yank did it people would be thinking typical USA praising themselves! It's gives impartiality , from the americans and the Japanese who took part in the bsttle . Many can't speak German or French or Chinese or Japanese so because most Americans only speak English it makes sense for the documentary to be narrated in English by a Bri t!
Gary Gubersob (1 month ago)
eh don't read into it so much.. yea people insult eachother on YouTube and such but you can %100 guarantee if either of are great nations are threatened the other will be there to aid them to victory once again
boom boo (4 months ago)
weanwhile they blow up an english bus and say it was a terrorist attack
boom boo (4 months ago)
so wich english ships were victim of divined wind>>>?????????? 45:31
Jack Sparrow (4 months ago)
British Ships hit by Kamikazes Carrier HMS Formidable (R67) May 4,1945 & May 9,1945 Carrier HMS Illustrious (R87) April 6,1945 Carrier HMS Indefatigable (R10) May 4,1945 Carrier HMS Victorious (R38) April 1,1945 & May 9,1945 Carrier HMS Indomitable (R92) May 4,1945 Cruiser HMS Sussex (96) July 26,1945 Minesweeper HMS Vestal (J215) July 26, 1945 Australian Ships hit by Kamikazes Cruiser HMAS Australia (D84) Jan 6,1945 & Jan 8,1945, & Jan 9,1945 Destroyer HMAS Arunta Jan 5,1945
boom boo (4 months ago)
and this is really not the only movie they use to brainwash the entire world its just that the british narrators are too dumb to underestimate the audience
boom boo (4 months ago)
and at 45.29 he says that: numerous ships, both english and american would fall victim to these divine wind attacks.........well i dont know of any single english ship being hit by any kamikaze they were all amercan ships ....he is a deliberate lier
Kairo Palmer (1 month ago)
You are right it was mainly American ships. British and Australian ships were hit closer to Australia. You don't normaly here about the British one because they were never sunk from it.
John Emerson (3 months ago)
Sorry Boom Bo, but in 1945 the British Asian Fleet included British aircraft carriers. These ships operated with US forces around Okinawa and they were hit by Kamakazi several times, but the British built their carriers with armored flight decks while we still did NOT. Their flight decks did not suffer the damage our Essex class carriers did.
boom boo (4 months ago)
from now on i hate the english
PAPASHA BURST (3 months ago)
I would like to introduce you to some English beauties I know. Such adorable girls would convince you at once not to hate The English so much. Greetings!
boom boo (4 months ago)
someone please shut this post down and shoot the narrator and the creator of htis movieserie
boom boo (4 months ago)
this narrator really talks like an imbecil pronouncing tarawa and lots of other islands deliberately wrong its not taraawa but tarawwa this way he talks he delibetely frustrates the american efforts they did her geuss he was sorry he couldnt be proud that the english navy had done the job guess he was sorry about england running for help to the americans because they coulnd handle their problems themselfses meanwhile being ignorant of the fact that the english moneychangers and american moneychangers created this war sucker
PAPASHA BURST (3 months ago)
Dear Mr boom boo, I don't know if your negative attitude is due to incontrolable teen-hormones, or simply lack of a minimum in education. Anyway, what it seems to me really is that you are taking the road that will lead you to appear as a person with quite an ugly character. Please consider a bit of a change in your routines. Best wishes.
Terry Fleming (5 months ago)
A world dedicated to bullshit !
Matthew Archer (5 months ago)
Fucking hell... 3 minute long intro. Waay too long. Decent doc though.
中国球 (5 months ago)
As a Chinese, I must give a nod to the USF who fought in Pacific and dropped the 2 nukes. Appreciated it
Peter Harwood (2 days ago)
+Azz Laird unless he was old, dying and nothing to lose. Unless you are in that position you can't judge.
Kung Fu Chimp (2 days ago)
+Peter Harwood Lol. Good one Zhang... oops! I mean Ivan... dammit! I mean Peter.😂😂😂
Azz Laird (5 days ago)
Peter Harwood I doubt that’s your real name no sane white person could ever write such bullshit
Pe Pe (8 days ago)
Peter Harwood not even close, gwailou.
Azz Laird (9 days ago)
og jenny (5 months ago)
Thanks for this documentary. Ive seen hundreds of ww2 docs and all of em are just biased propaganda that totally leaves out lapan and all the attention is on hitler. This was a global war and history is written by the victors and its hard to believe so many idiots in the comments sections believe the status quo. Good job
J M (18 days ago)
Your sentiment is good hearted, but inaccurate as to Asia. Mainstream WWII history is way way too kind to Japan. The massacre of half my family and tens of millions of other innocent Asians has been deleted. And I’m outraged by it.
J M (18 days ago)
In Asia, the losers wrote the history. Japanese omit the 30 million innocent people that they butchered. And the Americans support the fake narrative that the Japanese were victims of the war. The world boo hoos Hiroshima and Nagasaki.. but no one knows about Manila, the Rape of Nanking and the countless atrocities that japan committed.
Gay Little Boy666 (5 months ago)
Why bother saving those slant eyed fucks they should have ran them over with tanks
DrHairPeaZ (5 months ago)
Anyone please feel free to check out my new first video, a Japanese kill compilation in Warthunder, thank you!
P Pumpkin (6 months ago)
Sounds like Pearl Harbor was really bungled by the Japanese. Missed the carriers, saved most of the crews and shore facilities. Only fully destroyed two obsolete battleships. Surprised they didn't have better planning and intelligence about the carriers.
lassisvulgaris (17 days ago)
At that time, battleships were the core of the navies. All other ships were to support the BBs. Only the British had launched a carrier- attack, involving only planes. That was the attack on Taranto on the night between 11th and 12th of November 1940, and that is where the Japanese got their idea. It has also been claimed that USA knew of the attack, but wanted Japan to strike first.
Mark Kent (6 months ago)
Isn't it the most amazing coincidence indeed that the carriers were out.
TheDustysix (6 months ago)
Nice smile weaponless azz at 00:30.
TheDustysix (6 months ago)
War is the greatest invention of mankind. War most assuredly brings peace.
Md Mirajul Hoque (6 months ago)
War can never establish peace.
12345sc1 (6 months ago)
Love how he states piror to 1942 the war in the pacific wasn't goining to well for the Americans. Piror to 1942 is 1941, and the U.S. was only at war 3 weerks
Baruch Ben-David (20 days ago)
+japekto Well, I think that the loss of the carriers was a severe blow they never quite recovered from...
Baruch Ben-David (20 days ago)
Right. And it wasn't going well...
japekto (3 months ago)
When the Midway battle was fought, no one knew it was a turning point yet because the Japanese navy was still quite strong even after losing the 4 carriers. They still outnumbered the US Pacific Fleet in carriers and other capital ships. It wasn't until spring of 1943 when newer US carriers went into action.
Mark Kent (6 months ago)
7th December, 1941, Pearl Harbour attack might be significant. A naval disaster for the US. Royal Navy was sent to help, HMS Victorious to support Pacific war, defending US west coast, whilst other vessels were defending the US Eastern coast. So it's more than fair to say that 1941 didn't go well for the US in the pacific theatre in WW2.
David Kirkpatrick (6 months ago)
Amen and by June of 1942 we had the Midway battle which turned the tide of the war....so 6 months 3 weeks of "it ain't going so well".
Old Cremona (7 months ago)
21:31 "The decks of the Japanese carriers were crammed with more than 100 aircraft" Wrong, new research has debunked this. The Japanese attack planes were still in the hanger decks. Actually, this amplified the lethality of the dive bombing attack, since the armor-piercing bombs exploded in the confined hangers crammed with aircraft, av gas and ammo. Read "Shattered Sword" for the fascinating true story of the Battle of Midway.
Will Cline (1 month ago)
I agree, the "Shattered Sword" is an excellent book! It also points out that all of those "ineffective" attacks by the planes from the island of Midway as well as the torpedo bombers caused massive problems with the rearming efforts of the Japanese planes. When the carriers were doing 30 knots and maneuvering wildly to avoid the attacks it made rearming planes close to impossible due to the massive lists created by high speed and sharp maneuvering. Imagine trying to manhandle 2 tons of torpedos while the ship has a huge list as well as fighting the centrifugal forces related to the sharp turns. Those attacks significantly delayed all of the Japanese efforts to convert the armament of planes from contact high explosive bombs for bombing Midway to armor-piercing bombs and torpedos to attack the US carriers. And of course, the US torpedo bombers drew the Japanese CAP fighters down from altitude to attack the torpedo planes putting them out of position to defend against the US dive bombers. Those US pilots involved in the earliest attacks were, in fact, true heroes that contributed significantly to the ultimate US victory. It always pains me to read them described as ineffective when in fact they made a huge contribution to the overall success of the US at the Battle of Midway!
Charlotte Odette (3 months ago)
Get grip
Hey Joe (3 months ago)
Working on a Carrier is no excuse for being right. You heard the expert David. Read some books.
David Kirkpatrick (6 months ago)
Oh, forgot to explain Airdale…. it is what you call a sailor who works on aircraft aboard a carrier
David Kirkpatrick (6 months ago)
I'm quite informed about the battle of Midway, as an "airdale" in the '80s aboard a CV it is part of what they taught as our heritage. There was and is literally no way to get an entire loadout of aircraft below decks at the same time, won't fit.
Harry Kuheim (7 months ago)
We will never fight and Win a War like this ever again thanks to Democrat and Obama types...can you imagine a Draft today , Women working in Munition Factories,or Factories being ORDERED to produce War Materials ? Liberal Senators, CNN, and NPR would be "Offended" by our Cracking of both the German and Japanese Codes early on and publish that Intel in all their Media.
chris nielsen (7 months ago)
8:32 Ben Affleck doing research for a sequel to pearl harbour.
Godfather (5 months ago)
yer nice spotting haha
American guy (7 months ago)
What would happen if the nuclear weapon was never invented? Would japan win and spread their anime influence around the world or America and their large air power and navy would conquer japan with lots of casualties?
woodensurfer (23 days ago)
Carpet bombing Japan for a few months would have killed more. Japan should be thankful for the invention of the A-bomb for its dramatic effect; otherwise, a few tens of thousands of deaths a day would have had less visual and emotional impact.
Mark Kent (1 month ago)
+Daniella Stuart Basic grammar, 'Even if it had been', not 'was'. Now go and look up what 'if' means, re-read what I said, and try again. And even Speer indicated that Germany could have had the bomb by 1947, Heisenberg (of uncertainty principle fame) said they understood the physics in 1942. They were not 'nowhere near'. I'm beginning to think your're either not very bright, or just trolling me. Ohhh - are you a soaring tractor sock? That would make sense.
Daniella Stuart (1 month ago)
+Mark Kent Germany was no were near developing the bomb by 1943 not even by 1945 even if the Telemark action was unsuccessful, they could not develop the bomb there could try this in 1941 both Germany &Japan know they could never win the war. there industrial power was to small and it could not compete with the allies try dealing with what happen and not what might of happen The Japanese program to develop nuclear weapons was conducted during World War II. Like the German nuclear weapons program, it suffered from an array of problems, and was ultimately unable to progress beyond the laboratory stage before the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Japanese surrender in August 1945.
Mark Kent (1 month ago)
+Daniella Stuart Err, completely. Even when prodded. Okay, try this: let's say that the Telemark action was unsuccessful, Germany had the atomic bomb by 1943, conquered all of Europe and the USSR with 3 or 4 devices, and then passed some to Japan. If is impossible to prove. Really good fiction changes, maybe one thing, but leaves all else the same and explores the consequences. Try it, you might develop an imagination! - just for the record, as you seem deeply uninformed on this subject, Speer said that Germany could have had a bomb by 1947. And he was not a scientist. So this is perfectly reasonable to consider. Anyone who thinks that German or Japanese engineering was in any way inferior is wrong, it was not.
Joseph Nardone (8 months ago)
The most amazing war documentary I've ever seen. Great and amazing combat footage. Truly moved me.
ElectroSalvo (8 months ago)
what are the songs
Mike Btrfld (9 months ago)
When Pearl Harbor was attacked Franklin Wells Butterfield joined the marines He was 14 years old. He served with Carlson's Raiders in the Solomon Islands.
Old Texan (2 months ago)
I have known a good many old vets, seems like more Navy and Marine vets, who joined as teens and by the time they were old enough to buy beer, they were seasoned combat troops. I'm assuming he was your Father, and he has my respect and admiration.
Craig Lumpy Lemke (10 months ago)
Call me old fashioned, I can't deal with a Brit narrating about US Naval battles
Azz Laird (5 days ago)
I couldn’t care less who’s narrating it infact I’m glad they’re even showing an interest
Ian Buchan (8 days ago)
Craig Lumpy Lemke well now How we feel when a yank narrates the battle of Britain when they were not even in the war
woodensurfer (23 days ago)
I can't stand the British accent, specially such a heavy one. Can't stand the treatment of the r rounds, especially. For the European theater a British accent would have been more acceptable.
Peter Harwood (1 month ago)
Roy my sentiments exactly.
NYCamper62 (1 month ago)
You should check out the documentaries by Peter & Dan Snow.
GEZZA1 (10 months ago)
quite good commentary takes this above acerage war doco.
Where does this guy get his data? Good lord he is historically WRONG time and again here and in other docs in this series.....there were no 3500 KIA on Tarawa....I’m stopping here.....this series lacks credibility
Hey Joe (3 months ago)
Always some know it all millennial twat waste of air, on these videos. This is almost 25 years old genius. get back to your video games. we've found out alot in the last 25 years that we didn't know before.
diamonddog257 (5 months ago)
hey...show some respect : this guy was a Vet from this theatre ...... - a head wound made him adopt a fake brit accent .. - and dress like the Queen....
Geoff Blankenmeyer (6 months ago)
That and the Allies did not decide to use the device. It was an unilateral decision by the US.
MR.Chickennuget 360 (8 months ago)
18tangles you are an idiot. Nothing here is propaganda. Its called lazy documentaries and most are poorly written and badly researched.
AquaticBoardwalkEngineer so you don’t reply to anything stated...just ridicule faith? You’re an idiot. Fuck off
White Wrath (10 months ago)
Attacking the USA isn't a very bright idea, you'd think the muslims would have figured that out. Glad the US is Australia's fine & loyal ally. Saved us from the muslims to our immediate north in 1986. I know because I was there & saw it happen. For me the US is very welcome.
Dimitri Andreou (8 days ago)
Of course smart nations order cia to stage a coup to kill all adversaries in a nation and then install a dummy government
Azz Laird (9 days ago)
are you referring to the Indonesian invasion of East Timor?
anonymous243124 (23 days ago)
Trump acts like a pretty big pussy to putin for treason not to be true.
woodensurfer (23 days ago)
The Muslims are not a country and hence not a concrete target. The Muslims are in a far better shape than the Japanese were during WWII.
Mark Kent (1 month ago)
Yeah, Americans never lose.
White Wrath (10 months ago)
Hard to squeeze all into 1 hr, but this is the best assembled & narrated I've seen. Great job, thanks.
Big Bill O'Reilly (5 months ago)
John Emerson (6 months ago)
Sorry Mr. Wrath, but this video had so many errors in time frame and other facts that it was hard to even watch. Example, The Tokyo Express existed during the Guadalcanal campaign, August 1942-April 1943, NOT the New Georgia campaign in late 1943. Nuf said.
ScottyFox (11 months ago)
Enola Gay drops the love & the old bloody war is finished.
Baruch Ben-David (20 days ago)
+Doctor Detroit See, the atom bombs didn't kill as many people as the fire bombings of Tokyo and other cities. So why would the atomic bombs be the cause of the surrender?
Baruch Ben-David (20 days ago)
Stalin invades Manchuria, and the bloody war is finished.
Russian BOT (4 months ago)
+Free Speech, nice education you got there /s
Nice Guy Eddie (6 months ago)
Franz1987 uncle Joe and the Soviet Union relied heavily on Lend Lease and supplies from the United States to stay in the fight. Stalin initially signed a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany and partitioned Poland with Germany. Millions of Russians died because of Stalin's incompetence and megalomania. The DOW BY THE Soviet Union was icing on the cake. It wasn't the reason the Japanese surrendered. The USA had been kicking the shop it out of the Japanese for 3 years and destroyed the Japanese navy. The two atomic bombs were the combination knock out punches after a three year thrashing.
Relic Hunter (6 months ago)
Free Speech. Well, I agree on the content but not the language, Russia and in particular Joseph Stalin played NO part in ending the war with Japan. As I have stated in many of my previous comments, HAVE THE JAPANESE REALLY CHANGED SINCE THEN? I WONDER!!! THEY USED INHUMANE PRACTICES ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE! Had them stand out in the bitter freezing winter with limbs extended until frozen, then they simply SNAPPED THEM OFF! WHY? WHY? WHY! Bamboo splinters forced under prisoners finger nails. Oh they were a real bunch of charmers!!! HAVE THEY CHANGED SINCE THE WAR? we will undoubtedly see one day!
Steven Watson (11 months ago)
There will always be war, that's what men are made for, it's why we as men invented sports, it gives us something to do between wars.
John do (1 month ago)
so big arsed bill you are an libtard who destroys the USA from the inside.
Big Bill O'Reilly (5 months ago)
How do you know the future? Read much or just a TRUMPTARD?
Big Bill O'Reilly (5 months ago)
David Kirkpatrick (6 months ago)
War, war never changes
J J (8 months ago)
Your logic is amazing
Steven Watson (11 months ago)
As Studds Turkell correctly stated this was a war about my boys can beat your boys.
Harry Kuheim (7 months ago)
Not really....US Manufacturing Won this War...Both the Germans and the Japanese had high Quality Armaments and Trained, Dedicated, and highly Motivated Man Power....Our destroyed Planes ,Tanks, Ships, Trucks, Ammo , Food etc were replaced easily while theirs was not because of the near constant Allied Bombing of their Cities /Infrastructure....Plus many of our Soldiers were Draftees who wanted no part of the War.
Steven Watson (11 months ago)
Although this is heavily edited and far short of detail of the sacrifice Americans the horrible losses of life on our young people who average age was just 19. Not bad though to teach our young boys and girls about what my dear old uncle's went through.
Gary Gubersob (1 month ago)
+Mark Kent maybe yall should learn to duck
Mark Kent (6 months ago)
'the sacrifice Americans' Look it up. Whilst every death is deeply sad, the impact on the US was relatively small, at 0.32% of the population. For the UK (and colonies), 0.94%, or three times great. Compare with Poland, at 17%, or 51 times more people killed than the US suffered, or Russia at 13%. It's very sad indeed, but the Eastern Europeans had it far the worst.

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