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FREE TEMPLATE - Cartoon Banner

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[=] Hey guys nice to see you on my channel [=] [=]download:www.mediafire.com/download/zq90lmiv6xj8g66/Cartoon_Banner_by_Ddaneer.psd- [=] [=]Font:http://www.dafont.com/quartzo.font [=] [=] I'm a designer form Holland and I'm 14 years old [=] [+] Programs: Cinema 4D R14 & PhotoshopCS6 [=] If you're wondering, All chanel art is free just contact me [=] [=] Skype:DDaneer [=] [=] mail:[email protected] [=]
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Text Comments (10)
Oyuna Doğru (7 months ago)
WOW <3
Uğur Yıldız (1 year ago)
like <3
Bora aka Borsuk (2 years ago)
homie you do me a png same avatar that is in the background just smiling please?
ImmortalGFX (2 years ago)
Can u make me a Banner Please with a Cartoon of a zombie coming out the the ground
JsQuad Family (2 years ago)
can you make me a banner with cartoon style of me?
John Desayuno (2 years ago)
wow amazing if you do not mind I'll use :)
Adel Yasin (2 years ago)
Can you send me the avatar?
1 (3 years ago)
Are you available to make me something like this but with my minecraft character and some extra stuff? :)
1 (3 years ago)
wow man your talented
1 (3 years ago)
hey man your talented THIS IS AMAZING!

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