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The Royal (drama) Wedding on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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Soundtrack: KRAYT - SANITY FEAT. MAE https://soundcloud.com/iamkrayt/krayt-sanity-feat-mae-1
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Text Comments (47)
Melek Altınbilek (26 days ago)
You are making me feel poor in this game 😂☹️ But I love your channel!
Hlatse Makola (29 days ago)
How did you get so much money😭😭😭
Niya Dennis (23 days ago)
Hlatse Makola just by constantly playing. I always get the most just by doing 8 hour gigs.
lee dotson (2 months ago)
In Kim Kardashian Hollywood i’m on max level and I’ve been at that level I was on your level also but in the end their wedding was in my house and they go married so tonight pretty much sad anymore!
Posie Ellen (3 months ago)
What is your insta ?
OnikaTheQueen (3 months ago)
Omg this video is good I'm playing that game and at level 12
Amelia KKH (3 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Valez Jesus (5 months ago)
Larry (5 months ago)
Amazing working tools guys
M Sos (5 months ago)
Look at my video and add your Game Center name so I can gift you things !! <3 also comment on the video if you want to see how to get unlimited K stars and money !
Kimberly Young (5 months ago)
Need help! What if I miss my wedding due to low on cash, will they let me have another?
Amelia KKH (5 months ago)
Uhhhh!! I think yes!! I'm not sure!! <3
Chronicles of Cornelyus (5 months ago)
Chronicles of Cornelyus (5 months ago)
I love weddings and I'd love the offet first I am 9 years old
Judy Lissa (5 months ago)
Did you use any hacks or cheats to get so much money/fame/stars... or did you get it 'naturally'?
Okeke Kingsley (2 months ago)
yes just search Kim Kardashian Hollywood game MOd apk and download the hacked version
Judy Lissa (5 months ago)
Oh yea right, sadly tho I came too late for that energy cheat thing 🤣
Amelia KKH (5 months ago)
Well, until march we had the energy cheat that made everything easier! So I can't say I didn't cheat left and right!
Chronicles of Cornelyus (5 months ago)
I love Amelias offets and her video's and I love royal weddings
Chronicles of Cornelyus (5 months ago)
Amelia KKH I love your videos
Amelia KKH (5 months ago)
Aww!! So happy you enjoy them!!!! <3
milky cereal (6 months ago)
You have such a wonderful accent!
Amelia KKH (6 months ago)
Thank you soooo much!! <3 I love it!
Inayameeka (7 months ago)
There’s no possible way to be with Bianca right? 😮
Cherish KKH (19 days ago)
Inayameeka I ain’t ur babe u lesbian hoe :,)
Inayameeka (20 days ago)
Cherish KKH you’re cute y’know? Try again if you wanna hurt my feelings babe
Cherish KKH (23 days ago)
+Inayameeka stfu u fat bitch
Inayameeka (23 days ago)
cherish x mcleod Dumbass. Oh sorry, I thought we were jumping to conclusions
Inayameeka (6 months ago)
Amelia KKH I flirted with her and she just laughed it off!
Carrie H (7 months ago)
I loved the video ❤️ I really do prefer your KKH vlogs because you have such an amazing personality I love hearing your stories 💕💕 But I guess some people prefer this type of videos 💞☺️
Amelia KKH (6 months ago)
Soooo glad you did! <3 Awwwww. Thank you soooo much, lovely! I love sharing it with you! Either way, I'll keep doing both! <3 It's just little bit more of work!
Øŕëos Miñäj (7 months ago)
The queen is so shady 😒
Amelia KKH (7 months ago)
OMG!So shady!!!
Exo_L Forever (7 months ago)
Hope you feel better doll❤️
Amelia KKH (7 months ago)
Thank you so much, lovely!!! Me tooooo!! <3
MRS Nickolé (7 months ago)
Hope You Feel Better xoxoxo 😘 loved it
Amelia KKH (7 months ago)
Thank you, sweetie!! Me too!! <3
KKH CLEO (7 months ago)
I was waiting for you to upload this😂 and as always great video! 💕💕 (and also I choose julian😂)
Amelia KKH (7 months ago)
Hahahaha yeeeyyy!! <3 I have had this for so long but couldn't finish the voice over! Hahahaha I even lost it once! Glad it's here! And YEYE!! I'm excited to play! <3
Ethan Coops (7 months ago)
I remember this event, it was so sad! I don't understand why the queen didn't like Bianca? Bianca is such a well designed doll!
SOVO (3 months ago)
Ethan Coops she does like her? she was setting up and preparing her son to fight for what he wants
Amelia KKH (7 months ago)
IKR?! Maye she was jealous?!
Velicela Sun (7 months ago)
Love The Video Amelia 💖
Amelia KKH (7 months ago)
Sooo glad you do, precious!!! <3
inactive sorry (7 months ago)
Yassssss literally been waiting all week 🤪
Amelia KKH (7 months ago)
Hahahahaha yeeeyyy!!! <3

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