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WILLOW PAPE IS SIMON'S NEW CLIENT!? | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 138

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Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Quests Completed In This Episode | "Classio Celebration", "Mr. Manager's Manager", "The Client", "The Pride Fight Shoot", "Lessons Promo Shoot", "Jean's Movie Shoot" Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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Text Comments (25)
Granny Human (10 months ago)
I feel like a noob bc I'm still with Steven Murphy xc
Queen_Dliemma (7 days ago)
I am to but he make me happy either way if he is a D
Pamela Rivas (3 months ago)
+It’s KenzieCheerleadinq i broke up with him, he will alwaus be stuck on d list and he will never help you be on #1 top couples list
LOL I’m still with dirk diamonds willows ex but I wish I was with Cassio but I want babies so breaking up is not an option
Luna Llena (6 months ago)
Granny Human if you want you can visit "alphagamers" they have games like kkh hacked
Pryncess_Z (10 months ago)
Princess D did you do a cheat because I’m trying to do one but they don’t work #helpplease
Luna Llena (6 months ago)
Pryncess_Z if you want you can visit "alphagamers" they have games like kkh hacked
2x challenge (11 months ago)
Hey,watch my videos please giving away whole closet
Alanis (11 months ago)
How did you record the video?
Text you, Next (6 months ago)
Google play games
Luna Llena (6 months ago)
Alanis if you want you can visit "alphagamers" they have games like kkh hacked
dvntsmileatme (1 year ago)
Can you make a video on how to do the hack/cheat that you have?
Anita Leahy (5 months ago)
you don’t have to jail break your phone
Maria Karapapa (11 months ago)
from samsung or xiaomi or lenovo tablet can i hack the game??? please answer me <3
Clxudy! No problem! Check out my vid how to hack games! (Android only)
Nyisha Slaughter (11 months ago)
Mialah and you can get maxed level that's what I got 😊 so watch chay b videos
Luke Berries (1 year ago)
what hack do you use? please tell me. p.s: love ur videos
Chirine LAMRI (9 months ago)
Hello, I can't write a comm's on the topic because is closed how I did pls?
Tahir Abbasi (1 year ago)
Princess Dory I love your videos keep it up
Luke Berries (1 year ago)
Princess Dory thank you s much💜
Princess Dory (1 year ago)
+Luca Beltrami https://iosgods.com/topic/38254-updated-latest-kim-kardashian-hollywood-v550-6-cheats-2016/
Sammy yyy (1 year ago)
I love your vids how do you get all that money and star

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