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Triangular Christmas Tree Treat Box - Handmade using Peaceful Pines by Stampin' Up

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Full dimensions and more info on my blog as always: http://www.craftycarolinecreates.com/2016/08/triangular-christmas-tree-treat-box.html Email me with any questions, or if you would like to buy any Stampin' Up products to make your own creations, [email protected] Or you can shop for Stampin' Up products on-line 24/7 at http://goo.gl/TcSvCv
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Text Comments (38)
nimra butt (2 years ago)
What is the name of powder???
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
It is called heat embossing powder.
Irene Herrera-Shan (2 years ago)
Such a beautiful little Christmas tree. Thanks for sharing.
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Irene x x
Bel Be (2 years ago)
Love love love it. I will be making these for chrissy thanks!
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Hope they go down well x x
Divanshi M (2 years ago)
Nice Gift box
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Ananya Vaish (2 years ago)
very good video
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks x x
Wandy's Sweets (2 years ago)
would love to order this set... tree and dies... please provide the item numbers please... tia
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Sorry for my late reply - The stamps are 139728 and the dies are 139665
Den Barnett (2 years ago)
Thank you for this tutorial. It is a cute little box that is ideal for Christmas, and your tutorial is very clear. x
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Jen - I'm glad you like it x x
Cindy Smith (2 years ago)
Lovely as ever!! Thank you!!
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Cindy x
Janet Brown (2 years ago)
Lovely box Caroline. J x
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Janet x x
Elizabeth Macchi (2 years ago)
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Elizabeth x x
geegeebean (2 years ago)
You are to funny!!! How old are you? I am much older than you; and, I am another year older tomorrow; because, my birthday is tomorrow! Yuck! :(
geegeebean (2 years ago)
It's way to early!!! :(
noeleen byrne (2 years ago)
it's never too early, I'm printing my card components as I'm watching this, x plus my name means Christmas, x happy weekend x
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Noeleen - I'm well underway with my Christmas crafting now - although it did lead to a very excited 4 year old child who thought Santa was coming soon.
Kellie Scott (2 years ago)
Christmas is never too early for crafters :) xx
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Hi Kellie - you're right of course although Christmas crafting when the sun is shining still feels a little wrong.
Joanne Limoges (2 years ago)
Lovely as always.
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Joanne x x
Donna Hickok (2 years ago)
Love it! Will a gift card fit inside? Thank you, Donna
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Hi Donna - I don't think it will because of the slope of the box :`(
Valerie Bartrum (2 years ago)
You are so Crafty Caroline!!! Love the box!!!
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thank you!
val peahen (2 years ago)
Thank you Caroline, love this box. Hope the rest of your evening was restful for you.
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Val - I think it was x x
Ruth Duke (2 years ago)
I'm amazed you film after a day with two small children around, but so glad you do! Many thanks for his cute box.
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Ruth - SU is my me time away from the children, I hope I manage to continue to have time as they get older x x
Audrey Shaw (2 years ago)
Very nice wee box. A huge WELL DONE for managing a newborn, a toddler AND making a video. Thank you :o)
Crafty Caroline (2 years ago)
Thanks Audrey - it isn't always easy!

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