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ヅHERESヅWHYヅIヅDONTヅPLAYヅASヅMANYヅGEAEMSヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅヅ [Ad:] Check out my current Giveaway w/ G2A: http://www.g2a.com/biggestsaleoftheyear
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Wyatt Matta (2 hours ago)
Wyatt Matta (2 hours ago)
Anyways. I'm a new fan too. Wayyy not cool or smart enough to be advising a film maker!?!?!? On making videos but music's good. I LIKE TURTLES! I'm pretty sure!
Wyatt Matta (3 hours ago)
Why I Don't Play Video Games Anymore. 4m21s THERE'S an interesting video. The Power of the Camera & Prospect of being exposed!)=? Betting on the cure it must get better than this need to feel secure yeah everyone's got to have the sickness cuz everyone seems to need the cure. The Crown will plainly show the prisoner who now stands before you Was caught red handed showing FEELINGS!!! Showing feelings of an almost.....!/=? HUMAN Nature!!! This will not do! THE EVIDENCE!!!! BEFORE THE COURT IT'S...., INCONTROVERTIBLE There's no need for the jury to retire! In all my years of JUDGING I HAVE NEVER HEARD BEFOAAA Of someone more deserving of the FULL PENALTY OF LAW!!! The way you made them suffer your excuisite wife & mother FILLS me with the urge to DEFICATE!!! SINCE!!! My friend you have revealed your deepest fears I sentence you to be EXPOSED BEFORE YOUR PEERS!!!! TEAR DOWN THE WALL!!!!
EpicGaming (14 hours ago)
Hope he play games again
Dalton White (1 day ago)
I love your new videos but I kinda do wish you still gave me a brofist.
Tristan Morris (1 day ago)
It's especially true with Mark. I love, Mark. But he does seem pretty rude in real life, or maybe he is just awkward. Idk. But he seems different in front of a his camera than when people meet him.
Sergiu Salcău (2 days ago)
hey fuckf ace play a game
Skydrawn (3 days ago)
How did Felix ever think this hairstyle looked good?? oh wait, he's from Sweden.
ccycomeoriginal (5 days ago)
where is the I love it! button!?
MengaPlay (5 days ago)
Oh and btw pewds, it's not about the reactions you have in ur games, its the fact that people get to experience the game with you. You don't have too fake ur reaction to be liked, and this far in ur career I don't think anyone would care if you played a game with a weird name. It like lady gaga, no matter what she wears she'll pull it off because its what she does.
MengaPlay (5 days ago)
Sooooo.... Does that mean he's throwing away all his gaming stuff?
Denis Roadmen (6 days ago)
Angel Wong (6 days ago)
Negans Voice?
JoeNoobie (7 days ago)
WHITE Power.... White pride worldwide.. white power.
Mao177 (7 days ago)
The turth is that I'm here for the new PooDiePie, I used to be a "hater" of him when all he did was playing videogames. I mean, I didn't dislike every video and posted a shitty comment full of swears about him, but I used to think he didn't deserve all this support he had.
Daikon Brief (7 days ago)
You said be patient, still waiting......
Marius Tabac (15 days ago)
You lost your passion for games, because you made a job out of it just to make money. So now you want to do anything else obviously.
Fyiae * (15 days ago)
i feel the same about games
TCG한국어 (16 days ago)
The beginning of the end
TheRetroGamest (16 days ago)
IMO I liked Pewds better when he played games. He made me laugh. I don’t watch him anymore because, well, he’s not funny anymore. But hey opinions are opinions.!
justfish (18 days ago)
Just play them shits and post the videos... you don't have to finish the game if you don't like it the vids will still be hilarious.
MystiqueBlue Neon (18 days ago)
I totally get what he is saying. He wants to stay true to him self. Alot of people pretend to be something they are not and not just on youtube but real life to. Keep staying true everyone no bullshit 😎😉🙏
Squwooshk (19 days ago)
I need to play in moderation.
amungus (22 days ago)
yo bro where is the games
George Poot (24 days ago)
ok i don’t care if you’re not gaming but stop with these “mEmE rEvIew👏💯🅱️” videos
FaizaLKuntz (24 days ago)
I'm here just to remember the history before T-SeriesPocalype
Yeye Chan (26 days ago)
im miss the old pewdiepie :((
TssXD (26 days ago)
Aaaaaabhhhhhhhhhhhhh happy wheels
Leo Stern (27 days ago)
Just play games you like
Ritchie Nichol (28 days ago)
Charles Phillios (28 days ago)
Dude honesty is such a breath of fresh air so many people these days are fake and do it to manipulate or for greedy reasons one of the reasons I don’t do you tubers no more but yes honesty and showing us ur real side is an amazing thing
Mahmmoud Jaradat (1 month ago)
PewDiePie you deserve all the money you earned and views you got of faking stupid people and you still funny as usual not because of your funny personality it's just because you like to be honest
Info Global FreeStyle (1 month ago)
Maalikiii (1 month ago)
Still waiting for a Witcher 3 playthrough
Hashan Shen (1 month ago)
"miss mitcmass" just went to dictionary
SAD Tayla (1 month ago)
Love love love.......
Dayi Abdullah (1 month ago)
Please play granny horror game
Leo Watkins (1 month ago)
I want the gaming pewdepie back
fragrantlife (1 month ago)
moha glade (1 month ago)
Yeoh London (1 month ago)
Just play roblox is fun download it
Karlyle Lopez (1 month ago)
Pewds... I thought you were 72...
dottie Harris (1 month ago)
What happened to your channel? You use to not swear. And now they are low quality
RandomnessArLizu (1 month ago)
1 year later.... UNDERTALE 2
I miss when I would stay up in my basement all night playing amnesia
Dwi Rahman Soleman (1 month ago)
Im an addict too but Game these day it's not really match with me... Even though i have some game that i wan't to play. dont get me wrong but games nowaday it's great , fun i have a great time playing them but when i finish it.... I don't feel like im "finish it". it's just like "so that's it?....". i have one Game (FFIX) that when im finish it im feeling like i lost something.... Something important. Im sad but happy at the same time. And when the game ends i don't know what to do with my life i feel like im from another world... A world full of fantasy , journey, happiness and sadness... and after the journey ended i returned to earth. this kind of feeling that i can't find in most games today. Sorry for my bad english
Rainbow boy (1 month ago)
Andrew Kiggans (1 month ago)
You could start reviewing shampoo and i would still watch you pewds
Banana Love (1 month ago)
Experience drugs and bananas bro
monstersince (1 month ago)
i'm 99% happy why do i always have to constantly speak to one thick tosser
I prefer Bearded Memelord Pewdiepie over Babyface Gamer Pewdiepie. & Minecraft isn't a game; it's LEGO Therapy.
Han Lockhart (1 month ago)
Problem with games is they`re such a huge time waster. A man can be doing amazing work and earn money or study and learn much in the time he plays a game. I play games very rarely now, especially online. I can`t stand the work lost for the time wasted.
LifeOnTheEdge (1 month ago)
As you said "video games," I got a Minecraft ad. What?!
En främmande person (1 month ago)
Känns som att det var igår
Francis Lee (1 month ago)
When a channel keeps having same content: Oh same old content this is boring I'm out When a channel tries something new: Oh new shit this is bullshit I'm out Honestly let the people upload what they want you dicks
Mathew Santoro (1 month ago)
If you stayed exactly the same as you were back in 2013, then you would just another dead gaming channel. And i’m glad you didn’t let that happen.
Raluyen Skylance (1 month ago)
Disliking a game is content too
Ultimate Nova Creep (1 month ago)
Lol. He started playing Amnesia again
MidniteBlues (1 month ago)
The way he feels is exactly how I feel about games. I think the last game I enjoyed playing 100% was skyrim, after that games kinda died out for me. It felt like every other new game was a rehash of what I’ve played in the past. I’m hoping maybe red dead redemption 2 brings me back
Rld82 (1 month ago)
i love the new content!
cadet 50118 (2 months ago)
This is so sad 😢 😢 😢
Masalya Conway (2 months ago)
So relatable in my life right now. Cool guy.
Matthew Lopez (2 months ago)
You're still a thing? Smh
May Thio (2 months ago)
You should play different genre games. More mature genres like strategy and simulation. And try to be actually good rather than entertain people
Jessica Kamal (2 months ago)
I love uncharted
Jordy Burt (2 months ago)
So glad you said this
nrp961 (2 months ago)
Thank you for being so honest and genuine, Felix! I stopped watching you a few years ago but I started watching you again recently and you've changed so much! I can really feel that you love what you're doing and you love your audience! It's great that you're so interactive with us!
Justique K (2 months ago)
Believe me I have played Amnesia and I love playing games too but when I saw him play them I was like how does this guy even do that. It's hard to react like that, when you are too into playing a game especially while playing games like Amnesia you really can't do anything else but actually concentrate on the game. People that love gaming can easily see through fake reactions of YouTubers. It must feel annoying to have to speak continuesly, it ruins the fun of playing a good game. . . . . And yes FNAF sucks!
Justique K (2 months ago)
My favorite video of pewds
Miroslav goriounova (2 months ago)
mo vlogs (2 months ago)
Change your category
Kurt Bansag (2 months ago)
You're Getting Matured that's all
Kinky Fried (2 months ago)
Introverts already know :)
Чё, как дела? (2 months ago)
Syka blyaa you luchyi gamer of world gamers in the international infinity
Чё, как дела? (2 months ago)
Syka blyaa you luchyi gamer of world gamers in the international infinity
Ragnurhelgon (2 months ago)
Man, I have not been involved with pewds in so long He stopped playing games? That's crazy The world is changing
abandon hope (2 months ago)
I liked pewds when he played game but i think he is still a very good channel
Totally Anonymous (2 months ago)
I love video games always have...but as I get older I realise what a waste of time they are...now I'm coding...no time for games...
Marsh Melly (2 months ago)
BoOt I WATched ALl tEH GAMing VIdeOS
Madam Creepers (2 months ago)
I’ve been here on this channel as a subscriber since he started with Mark and Jack with prop hunt. I don’t care as long as he is happy let him do what he loves. I will support him as a YouTuber!
Grand Hatred (2 months ago)
2012 pewdiepie suck or basicly the time he just play game and scream, idk the timeline of his channel, i just sub this year.
I Am Bob (2 months ago)
2018 have a girlfriend need to focus the future of wife☆
Yousuf Mubarak (2 months ago)
because u got that youtube money
Ik super late but Pewdiepie FUCK the guys who are complaining (it's ok to SUGGEST but COMPLAIN?Well let me just say I'm one of the Many fans who love your non-gaming videos too.Actually i prefer more videos like "lwai"',"pewnews" etc.but also,if you ever decide to play more games again that's fine.you make awesome videos anyway and you sould do w/e you like.
yoogaby (2 months ago)
He is so hot
Carloseso (2 months ago)
xD Same age. Enjoy yourself
sasha owens (2 months ago)
You could always just pick 2/3 big games per year and do a few vid's.I subbed as a gaming channel because you had played a game I'd just bought/played. think it was Cry of Fear.
NuckChorris12345 (2 months ago)
11:03 and the truth comes out. Everyone unsubscribes because pewdiepie got bored of Alice in wonderland.
Check It Out (2 months ago)
That outro music is the 399 chair music lol
Guadalupe Andrade (2 months ago)
I think it’s pretty awesome that you talked about bullshitting happiness. I struggle to feel content, since I moved abroad....still dealing with the culture shock. But it’s awesome to hear someone say that it’s okay to not be happy all the time, that other people struggle with life too. So, thanks. Nice message......or should I say “core message.” 😂
Guadalupe Andrade (2 months ago)
I hope my boyfriend has the realization to stop playing video games soon 😩 I think it’s awesome that you changed your channel content, and i didn’t like you before. But i decided to give you a chance and now im watching your videos on the daily. I’m personally not into video games, like yeah it’s cool.....but I’m also a university student, so I can’t afford to waste my leisure time on games that give you nothing in return. So, I understand your point of view.
Da Gerdo (2 months ago)
bro, when you play horror games, they great.. 👌
neatjoker (2 months ago)
petition for him to play danganronpa PLEASE
Fusions3789 (3 months ago)
I lost interest in games now also games aren't like before
Fire Pitch (2 months ago)
Yeah....they are much better
AMAZER (3 months ago)
The reason why pewdiepie is the best youtube is because of videogames and when he stopped The Indians Rised
Ziom SADX (3 months ago)
Flashback from past, this was his turning point.
Gabriel Cauthern (3 months ago)
I think people are not used to the change, I've watched you since your old horror games like "Amnesia and Ao oni" and that version of you is differnet than the current up to date version. Sure there were pros and cons to that but there are also pro and cons to your new content. Don't let the negativity get you down because as long as you are happy, your true fans will be happy too. And it's ok to miss the old days but you've grown up now and people should realize that your newer videos are just as good
Keef Actual (3 months ago)
Video games are for poor people, pewds is far from poor, its as simple as that.
Just A viewer (3 months ago)
Play Spider-Man
Just A viewer (3 months ago)
Pewdiepie I think you run YouTube and always should long live pewds

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