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How to Center Absolute Position Div in a Responsive Container

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http://SkeeterZ71.com How to Center a Responsive Absolute Positioned Container Within a Responsive Container When dealing with absolute positioned div containers, it can be a little tricky centering them within their parent container is you don't know what the width of the parent container is. This is the case with responsive design. You never know what size is being displayed. But one thing you do know is what you are telling the browser to display in the viewport based on percentages. This video will show you how to horizontally position a responsive absolute div container within a parent container, using a banner as the example with 3 content boxes absolutely positioned. Code Snippets: http://skeeterz71.com/absolute-positioning-responsive-design/
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Text Comments (9)
Daniel Pacheco (1 year ago)
this was helpful thanks
Bryant MW (1 year ago)
It is actually not necessary anymore to make math to locate your items center
Web Designing Trick (1 year ago)
good keep it up
Allos Kallos (1 year ago)
awsome, good job!
Rajeev Thomas (3 years ago)
Thank you very much for the tutorial! :)
You are welcome. I'm glad you found it helpful
Ramesh Papaganti (4 years ago)
Hi where can i get code?
You can get the code snippets here: http://skeeterz71.com/absolute-positioning-responsive-design/
PriestRipper (4 years ago)
Good job

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