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Maria Callas sings "Queen of the Night" aria from "The Magic Flute" by Mozart

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slowstop lee (5 hours ago)
not callas
John Sylliboy (1 day ago)
Here is another pic of Maria Callas to show reincarnation, similarities in looks.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhu_6dHrkDw
Ada Renedo Florido (2 days ago)
This singer is not Maria Callas
odalrich (5 days ago)
This is not Callas' voice, you stupid peasant!
Clark Kent (5 days ago)
This is not Callas. Calls voice is even worse than this extreme bleating goat.
Archiviste (6 days ago)
C'est vrai que j'aimerai entendre Maria Callas chanter cela, mais ce n'est pas elle, Hélas !
Julia 789 (7 days ago)
Óh Maria . Como eras maravilhosa.
La voce della Callas è assolutamente inconfondibile e questa è Lucia Popp che esegue questo brano in maniera eccelsa. Oltretutto la Callas non ha mai eseguito quest'aria.
kyck316 (8 days ago)
Gelilde Pacheco (9 days ago)
I like of Maria Callas
Polish Girl (9 days ago)
Umarła :(
Nymphea92 (9 days ago)
dana winsor (12 days ago)
Lucia Popp was my first QOTN (first recording of the opera I ever heard). I've always loved her singing. BTW, if you haven't yet heard her "Song to the Moon," (Dvorak), you're in for a treat. It's my favorites rendition.
stephanie biarrat (13 days ago)
Ce n'est pas Maria Callas, non et non ! vous publiez n'importe quoi !
Diana Fuentes (15 days ago)
Jamás Callas, ya que ella era dramática no ligera ni con coloraturas
Leo Delibes (16 days ago)
Teu cu... Isso não é Callas
Essa Nuri (20 days ago)
😲😲😲 Не Каллас!!!!
Lívia Nunes Reis (20 days ago)
Good Will Goodwill (22 days ago)
Callas' highest note was E, never F. This is definitely not Callas' voice/timbre....
glauco selva (25 days ago)
what an early joker
mind rule (26 days ago)
It's not Callas, it's Casillas ⚽
laurentco (30 days ago)
I can pick out Maria Callas a mile away and this ain't her!
Silvia Simula (1 month ago)
Non è Callas
This is actually the voice of Lucia Popp.
De Ká (1 month ago)
nott callas!!!!!!!
Brilliant!! But it's really not Callas
Wilfrid MBOUNDJI (1 month ago)
C'est pur !!!!c'est trop pur !!!! Bravoooo ma reine .
Michael Wilson (1 month ago)
To everyone who has insulted my intellectual abilities. I know this is not Callas. I simply did this to gage reactions. You all fell for click bait. So jokes on you.
Luis Alberto Ake (1 month ago)
Hahaha slow applause ... Que graciosos eres chaval ...
Hermosa 👍
Get out of here Mr. Wilson: don't you know the sound of the voice of the Goddess? what is wrong with you? I suggest you get back to your aural drawing board and understand music a bit better. This is not Callas. Twerp.
박진우 (1 month ago)
이게 사람목소리냐 천사 그 자체지 개씹조졌다
Nathaniel Tang (1 month ago)
First time hearing her sing:)
Daniel Cucura (1 month ago)
DannyYuchuan yang (1 month ago)
are you crazy?! this is Lucia Popp! not callas
Marisa Rossi (1 month ago)
non è la voce di Maria.
Flyover Pilgrim (1 month ago)
Seriously wrong.
Andrea Di Marzio (1 month ago)
Callas?? No no no no! Maybe Lucia Popp
Chant grégorien (1 month ago)
Fake ! Ce n'est pas Maria Callas !
andrew brookes (1 month ago)
Top note too pure for Callas.
Cathy Danielson (1 month ago)
Maria Callas absolutely did have the range to sing this aria. Listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erkhGo2kMJY By the time she sang it for a master class in 1971, not so much. But at her peak, her version would have been amazing, blowing away all others. She did perform Queen of the Night early in her career, but apparently it was never recorded. :(
Cornus Christi (1 month ago)
I listened to lucia popp thinking it was Callas. How dare you.
Seph Manatac (1 month ago)
Yup, when I heard this' this is not Maria... Maria's voice is much more broader range...
Marguerite Witter (2 months ago)
Fi you listen to any recording of Callas you know this is not her voice...This voice is very light : Callas had a very different timbre  ..frankly I can't imagine her voice matched this kind of requirement...Also I don't  know of a happy sounding Callas recording..her vocal timbre is always pained and dark in my view..
Nikola Novkovic (2 months ago)
Clickbait 🙄
Luis Fruto maduro (2 months ago)
Es disfrutable los sonidos que suenan en el aire, cuando uno decide escuchar el bel canto, después de escuchar esta bella aria operística, una bella melodía mexicana, ancestral. Por favor, refuten esto que acabo de escribir, el 16/11/2018.
Emma-Line Solander Aubry (2 months ago)
Woow this is sooo not Callas !!! Hahahah xD
Lorretta deLeslie (2 months ago)
Except for intellectual purposes, who cares who it is? Either way, it's stunningly BEAUTIFUL! It sends chills through me.
Irakli zr (2 months ago)
How deaf one must be to think the singer is Callas :)
thenightraveler (2 months ago)
Time to go back to PH.
Ivan Will (2 months ago)
Deffo not Callas
Edna Suarez (2 months ago)
Lucia Popp not Callas
Miguel Yamantak (2 months ago)
That's Cristina Deutekom not Maria Callas!!!
Dario Ivaldi (2 months ago)
Infatti. Non è la signora callas. Ci avrei scommesso mille euro. Il mio orecchio non mente mai.....
John Sylliboy (17 days ago)
Yeah People are correct this is not Maria Callas, the name is Morgan also known as Lucia Popp, as there was only 1 pic found of Lucia Popp...there are hints in Maria Callas's songs of having being Morgan...a reincarnation before Maria Callas...here is pic of Maria Callas but same voice of Lucia Popp.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE1WoMocTlw
John Sylliboy (17 days ago)
Another Morgan aka Lucia Popp singing Ave Maria.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uzZu9HZBWA&list=PL1JuOXlXJo6_EQ3rgiI_BqTjqtTTff8U1&t=0s&index=500
Анаит Гдлян (2 months ago)
не Каллас это. Голос весьма узкий, хрустальный, легковесный, будто колокольчики, cеребряный. Это колоратурное сопрано, поет Лючия Попп. Мария имела черное грудное драм. сопрано - тяжкий, плотный, плотный глас, она не обладала колоратурой, не пела этак высоко, не глядя на достояние голоса, она все равно не взяла бы верха такие
Carolina Peña M (2 months ago)
Yo tambien digo que no es Maria Callas jajajaja
Carla Reyes Vercelli (2 months ago)
Deberían cambiarle el nombre al video, es otra cantante :)
Angela Lanni (2 months ago)
Definitivamente no es Maria Callas
Joey Winchester (2 months ago)
Too clean sound for Callas, also, her highest note was an Eb6, she wouldn't have achieved the climax of this aria, which is a G6.
Simone Talvela (2 months ago)
Ma cosa c'entra la foto della Callas...la sostituisca con la Popp
William Kamenel (2 months ago)
Whoever she is, she is spectacular!
Gabrielle (2 months ago)
This is not Callas
Jesus Rodriguez (2 months ago)
This is not callas. How could you possibly mistake her with Dolly Parton!!! Shame on you!
Patrick Weyland-Smith (3 months ago)
not Callas you moron
Silver Cloud (3 months ago)
cafemartini (3 months ago)
Whoever this is, those high notes are spine tingling.
Alegria para meus dias tristes: Maria
alus nova (3 months ago)
uh oh. mistake mr. this isn't madame Callas.
Theo Sah (3 months ago)
noooot callas!!! lucia pooooop
alai1219 (3 months ago)
Es Luciana Serra
Iris mac (3 months ago)
Definitely NOT Callas... Or nothing like her..
Little Kiwi (3 months ago)
Now that was classic click bait! And 350000 of us fell for it - naughty Mr. Wilson!!
Lars Stoerloes (3 months ago)
It's been said to death probably, but this is not Maria Callas. While it is beautiful, incredibly so, it is not her.
1aikane (3 months ago)
Doesn't sound like Callas
Francesca Sassu (3 months ago)
Non è Maria Callas.
Kerrena Frost (3 months ago)
0:42 -1:19
Pierluigi Minutello (3 months ago)
Shane Yaw (3 months ago)
The start of the #metoo movement.
Gary Allen (3 months ago)
Now that he has been told several hundred times in 7 languages that this is not Callas, but Lucia Popp, what is it going to take to get it correctly attributed? Anybody got a good bitchslap saved up?
Alfredo Montane (3 months ago)
HpCrew (3 months ago)
This is Diana Damrau https://youtu.be/YuBeBjqKSGQ
stekka 23 (3 months ago)
this is not MC
iGGy eo (3 months ago)
half a second into the singing and it's quite obvious this is in no way even close to Maria Callas.....
Desom81 (3 months ago)
Callas was a great singer but this piece is completely out of her register. She could never sing that. And even if she could... this voice clearly does not sound like hers at all.
Robert Juskevich (3 months ago)
Agree Lucia Popp not Callas
Harald Gegenfurtner (3 months ago)
@Michael Wilson: Could you please *correct* this?
Stephie Pahlavi Zan (3 months ago)
A prodigious error.......This is not Calllas1
Stef Franck (3 months ago)
Non seulement, ce n'est pas la Callas, mais elle ne l'a jamais chanté.
valeriaboneca (3 months ago)
This is not maria callas.
Aniello Pepe (3 months ago)
Angel Grandon (3 months ago)
Maria callas jamas canto la reina de la noche falso
Françoise Bédard (3 months ago)
Désolée mais ce n'est pas Maria Callas…..erreur sur la personne….
Gordon Cooke (3 months ago)
not Callas at all, Lucia Popp
Mikhail Likova (3 months ago)
Not Callas!
bach984 (3 months ago)
You son of a [email protected]! She's not Maria Callas!! Go [email protected] yourself...
j1 (3 months ago)
Creutzfeldt Jakob (3 months ago)
Lol obviously not callas.... callas has one of the most distinctive sounds its very easy to tel
Kay Young (3 months ago)
wow. what a fantastic coloratura soprano she was. l think this is better than her dramatic soprano roles. though she is young here. l think she should have stayed with these roles. better than her Verdi and heavier roles. they are good but this is great.
Art Danks (3 months ago)
This isn't Callas. It's Lucia Popp.
scaliotou 1 (4 months ago)
THIS IS NOT CALLAS. She never sang this. Pls remove the name!

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