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Darren Brand’s BEST Rap Battles, Top Freestyles & Most Vicious Insults (Vol. 1) | Wild 'N Out | MTV

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Big Baby Darren Brand always uses his charm to take down the opposing squad one by one. We’re taking a look back at all of Darren Brand’s best moments on Wild ‘N Out. #DarrenBrand #MTV #WildNOut Subscribe to stay updated on the newest content! http://goo.gl/YuLQAo More from Wild 'N Out! Official Wild 'N Out Website: http://www.mtv.com/shows/nick-cannon-presents-wild-n-out Wild 'N Out Twitter: https://twitter.com/wildnout Wild 'N Out Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mtvwildnout/ Wild 'N Out Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nickcannonwildnout/ Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.
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Wild 'N Out (6 months ago)
Darren Brand and Timothy Delaghetto's newest series with MTV, Basic to Bougie... watch now! https://goo.gl/2NeP6d
Peace Gbeworo (5 months ago)
Pres sy (5 months ago)
1.Darren Brand is the best @ wild sauce 2.Chico beans @ thoughts (can remember the name of that game, the one where they put water in their mouth and cannot laugh) 3.DC @ Pick up & kill it and the one 4.Emmanuel @ Plead the 5th 5.Justina @ Bullspitting (love that red head girl..#cute_ass_girl) Conceited just mad at his flows
Ja'Maya Jones (5 months ago)
Wild 'N Out can y’all do the best of nick cannon
Lil_Buddha 916 (9 minutes ago)
11:05 Tims face🤣
david steward (1 day ago)
7:58 "dat ain't gonna make him spit tho"
Elite_shadowZ (1 day ago)
Wild sauce that's a lie I'm a nigha ze ...
Dion McNair (2 days ago)
Aggie Pride!!
Kermit The Frogg (2 days ago)
Whos that Girl in the beginning he's Dancing with
When they did the running man Emmanuel had me dead 😂😂
Darrell Bell (2 days ago)
Fuck me if I’m wrong 😂😂💀💀💀
Darrell Bell (2 days ago)
Darrell Bell (2 days ago)
I’m mad af I just found out about Darren when he first got on wild n out ! This dude funny as hell! And these edits be dope !!
Jahseh Onfroy (3 days ago)
1:37 the girl to the left kinda look like sza
RealTakerslady (4 days ago)
XxangelxX alejandre (4 days ago)
Bruh im mexican and nick look like a cholo(mexican thug) 3:56
Brayden Young (6 days ago)
TURN UP 😭🙏🏽🖤🖤🖤
Serenity Jennae (6 days ago)
Turn Up!
Elizabeth Volpicelli (6 days ago)
the kindest WNO contestant
nishanth jegajothi (6 days ago)
Whos the model at 10:14 whats her name again???
Vanna Belle (7 days ago)
Spit it out nick😂😂
Cyber Pt (7 days ago)
What is the name from the girl from 8:15?
Khairul Azlan (7 days ago)
Ever wonder why Timothy always has a drink with him?
Turan Blow (7 days ago)
Darren Brand underrated like a mf
___Qxeen. Shaq__ (8 days ago)
Why does tim always have a drink tho????????
PineappleSplash (10 days ago)
He whack. How Timothy get kicked off
Lawren Dunn (10 days ago)
“Ahhhhh *bits sandwhich* I beat a rapper*
Jade Kennedy (10 days ago)
Is he gay, straight, or bi
Icynishia (11 days ago)
He had more flops than funnies
madina india (12 days ago)
Yes bitch
emiliopzcr (12 days ago)
0:47 he wasn't even mad but I'm honestly unsure if she was an actual girl, what a voice, God damn
Emily V (12 days ago)
pls do a best of I plead the fifth 😂
danasss (14 days ago)
Girls name at 2:54
L'Accent (14 days ago)
👊🔥 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS !!! REGGAE DU SUD DE LA FRANCE 👊🔥🦁 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLQkkT8hHhw 👑 BIG UP KING 👑
Zelly Zell (16 days ago)
Eve & HairBear C (17 days ago)
Makele Jr Kibrom (21 days ago)
what is the name of the song at 04:29? ??????
Kenny Rapata (21 days ago)
that first chicks beautiful man
Emerald Bowles (22 days ago)
I think he is very handsome
Animaniac (25 days ago)
Damn... wild sauce with Flyyy Sky was 🔥
Awkwardlife 18 (25 days ago)
1:55 oh my god
Michael Crews (25 days ago)
0:40 Nick Cannons thoughts: dang I'm happy my man got a girl so I can edit this and show Mariah
Kevin Garcia (28 days ago)
I like. Wild'N out. 😁😁
Super Shadow (30 days ago)
Andiswa Ndwandwe (30 days ago)
Darren is so cute 😍😍
Killer kill (30 days ago)
Actress at 10:35
Alunita Inghinala (22 days ago)
Sara Sampaio
Luly Maldonado (1 month ago)
Sky be looking aight but for some reason she was extra sexy in this video
Kay Djdjcjcjfjf (1 month ago)
He got the “baybe” from biggie perfect
Jj Porras (1 month ago)
Damn that was Russel 😂
Deep singh Vlogs (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/AL1MSR2KU2Q Please sescribe my channel
Dubby (1 month ago)
what de meanin of "slide into my dm" ???
305dyme (1 month ago)
He probably harassed them for this compilation. Lol he be pressed
Tha Kidd (1 month ago)
This could've been way better than this slappd togetha azz bullshit u herre me Mane!?!?
David March II (1 month ago)
Why y’all always throwing shade at Trump jw?
Turtle Head (1 month ago)
Fuck me if I’m wrong 😂😂
Destini Dixon (1 month ago)
Darren Brand is sooo dam funny to me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😁
Harjxlico (1 month ago)
at 0:00 that slide was corny as fuq
MuggleBornBadBoys 0123 (1 month ago)
Nick Cannon be doing too much
Lill Gladson (1 month ago)
Dallas Cowboys (1 month ago)
Who that women at 0:24 Dam
Nathan Allen (1 month ago)
Darren Brand is imo the worst one on the show lol
Axel S (1 month ago)
Chai Lee (1 month ago)
Hit that subcribe button right of her Niccceeeee
somalian__ papi__ (1 month ago)
@nick cannon i never chinese drinking than Deladhettos
Nerhy Freeman (1 month ago)
Omg Darren he is soo handsome he can slide in my dm frfr
Sajkeena Cleveland (1 month ago)
he lost most of them lol
Ann!ta noob (1 month ago)
Tim and Justina faces at 11:04 😂😂
YosoyRaapiid (1 month ago)
0:29 whats her name ?
Ameir Afiq (1 month ago)
Can you do the besr turn up segment? Thanks
Elon (1 month ago)
what's the name of this girl 0:02
nishanth jegajothi (6 days ago)
Lauren wood
Mody Cisse (1 month ago)
Gggggaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy bitch
Kayla Bell (1 month ago)
Is he gay ?🤔
Vexzimo (1 month ago)
0:07 Darren doing Dance Moves😭
Ariana Pegues (1 month ago)
They should get Cardi B on here
Simbahh! :3 (1 month ago)
4:53 Yoooo on point
ONYX vz (1 month ago)
This is my cousin Derrick and you can tell hes kinda rich you can tell his favorite saying is yes Bitch😂😂
Sxpreme Sxuske (1 month ago)
Why Tim always drinking sum 😂😂
Raysean Buchanan (1 month ago)
Dj d_wreck look like a decapitated chicken breast
Raysean Buchanan (1 month ago)
U look like a loaded potatoe with dreds
Raysean Buchanan (1 month ago)
He broke the flo cause he a big potatoe
StoryWriter1209 (1 month ago)
I love him!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Gregory Agee (1 month ago)
Gregory Agee (1 month ago)
Who was that first girl with him she bad
Anand Ramesh (1 month ago)
who is the very first girl?
Caribbean Princess (1 month ago)
Turn up !😂
Moises Torres (1 month ago)
He sounds like the fat kid from the Cleveland show, am I right.
LA QUEEN CAPO (1 month ago)
Y wasn't this video🎥longer than this on Darren?🤔He' funny as 💩&pretty damn light on his feet 👣when he dance🕺🏾👍🏽👏🏾...✌🏽👋🏽
luciano lopez (1 month ago)
look at 7:06 and the guy in the crowd
Genli Castillo (2 months ago)
Sommer Ray always gotta cameltoe bruh.
Moblox Gaming (2 months ago)
My dream is to reach 150 subs before 2019. Can you help me reach it please?
Kyle Faulconer (2 months ago)
Yes I agree Trump is a good president.
Candace Pearson (2 months ago)
vivian kasper (2 months ago)
This dude actually funny asf tho😂😂😂😂
Beauvoir Ernst (2 months ago)
Turn up!!!!!!!!!!!
life of: brooklyn ASMR's (2 months ago)
Cardi b needs to be on here I'm a dm her yo
life of: brooklyn ASMR's (2 months ago)
He said stop being a step dad get your own son
Suck me Sideways (2 months ago)
2:04 Darren: SPIT IT OUT NICK! Nick: Gladly nigga
T'keyah Scott (2 months ago)
do u guys realise that timothy delaghetto always has something to drink in his hand give me a like if yes
sailorcaramel (2 months ago)
lol Darren is hilarious.
AllBlack Duke (2 months ago)
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SChViTZ (2 months ago)
Sommer ray on wild n out
Best- Champ615 (2 months ago)
How they put a clip from a video 5 days ago and made this vid 4 months ago?

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