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What's The Deal With White Men? | Strong Opinions Loosely Held | RIOT

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This week on Strong Opinions Loosely Held, our host Elisa Kreisinger discusses the current fragility of white men. How has a sudden shift in privilege affected them? Click on this episode of SOLH to find out! ABOUT SERIES Videos made by and for the internet's biggest threat: smart, opinionated women. Based on the award-winning Refinery29 podcast hosted by Elisa Kreisinger. ABOUT RIOT RIOT is Refinery29’s destination for delivering subject matter from social justice issues to celebrity news and pop culture updates! We cover taboo topics ranging from race to class, depression to anxiety, celebrity drama to politics. RELATED CONTENT Awkwafina Shows Us How To Summer In NYC https://youtube.com/watch?v=JcMhwk2nV-g&t=3s Have You Ever Been Asked What Are You? https://youtube.com/watch?v=luf-qE3h--g&t=65s Awkwafina Gets Wedding Ready On A Dime https://youtube.com/watch?v=_nKyEOneHCA&t=3s SUBSCRIBE to RIOT: http://bit.ly/1VabcsE TALENT Follow Elisa on Instagram: https://instagram.com/popculturepirate/ Follow Refinery29 on Instagram: https://instagram.com/refinery29/
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RIOT (5 months ago)
Have you had any experiences with white male fragility? Comment below!
A. A (1 month ago)
You are trash
Rite Kunt (1 month ago)
Yes, i have! It was at 0:05 in this video. The three physically fragile, white, low-testosterone beta-males leaning into the shower made me laugh really hard. It was a pleasing experience.
Brittney Lato (1 month ago)
Yea @Riot can you explain to me by wtf you mean by "white male fragility"? Are you confused when white men are upset because people like you are constantly holding them to double standards and making them ashamed to be (white) men. Let me ask you a serious question; Do you REALLY think in any way that your work has any good to contribute to the world? Im genuinely asking, and I want to know how.
McTrollenstein (1 month ago)
Indeed, I have had experiences with (((white male))) fragility. He once kvetched so hard that he started deleting comments on his page that involved the use of a certain word that started with a K and ended with an E. The poor little snowflake just couldn't handle it!
JohnWorden (1 month ago)
I think I did, there's was this White male crying on the street curb. He was dressed in firefighter gear and the house behind him was burning, there was a body cover with a blanket in the front yard. Not an adult .. it was a small blanket with what looked like trees or green cars all over it.
Mathias Voorhees (7 days ago)
Ah, white male, not black male or gay male just white male. Really shows how tolerant and likeable you are.
Ben Clark (15 days ago)
Rising inequality? What part of the planet are you living on? The USA is probably the freest most equal society in the world, in history. Don't believe it? Pick any other place to live at any other time and I guarantee you would have less freedom and equality. Try making a video like this in Saudia Arabia. Yes there is room for lots of improvement still, but don't say things are getting less equal. That is just lazy blinkered thinking.
Mark Garrett (15 days ago)
00:00 - Did you get those tears in that glass from the 80% of men who make up suicides? Or was it the workplace deaths? 00:12 - "When men don't feel masculine they tend to act out in stereotypical gendered ways". Well, wouldn't you act out If someone or some situation was threatening your identity? And is it really a surprise that when someone feels like they DON'T have something, they work to get that thing? You might as well say "Studies show that when someone is hungry, they're much more likely to be found near food" 00:43 - This is an awful way of looking at the issue. Yes. I do want to make enough money on my own to support my family. But I'm totally ok if my wife ALSO makes enough money to support our family. It's not one or the other, and few of us see it that way. We absolutely want to make tons of money, but that doesn't mean that we're AGAINST you making money. It's illogical. Growing up my mom earned more than my dad. When I worked at one of the biggest financial companies in the world, most of the management was made up of women. Where I work now, my team is almost 90% women. They were good leaders who worked their asses off and didn't complain about it. And nobody felt threatened. I'm not threatened by powerful women. I was raised by one. 00:58 - shouldn't it worry you that men have less job security? 1:25 - why would you be happy and snarky about people losing security? Isn't that a bad thing? Don't you get that most of us, who weren't born when your grandma was being oppressed, don't want your "oppression" club to exist anymore? 1:28 - Yes, most of the united states has a rough time in some way. see the 00:00 stamp again. 1:29 - never had privileges? You opened this video drinking wine in a bathtub with three white guys floundering to support your narrative. You get magazine columns, safe spaces, marches, national holidays. What are you on? 1:41 - I'm going to skip over this guy because if he is actually going to say the exact same thing, I'll still disagree. Because, ya know, its the facts that matter. Not whether or not the person delivering them has a penis. 4:06 - I don't think the overall frustration is that it's changing. Its that it seems to be changing for the worse. Your perception seems to be "If they're mad, they're mad at ME." And that may be true, but likely more due to the fact that you call them fragile and apparently drink their tears in a bubble bath. I'd love to see women succeed like crazy, but not in a way that removes things from me or my future sons. You may think differently, but let's try a thought exercise. Why do you, a white person, get to host this video? You have a good amount of privilege compared to a black woman. Why not step aside and let her host the video in the name of equality? You probably don't want to. But that doesn't mean you're a racist. It just means that you want others to succeed along with you, not in place of you.
Mandy1543 (23 days ago)
The comments only support the video. It’s hilarious.
John Smith (1 month ago)
What's really funny is that I'm in a male dominated field. I'm a Biomedical Electronics Tech. My workplace is a hospital. It's mostly women, but those women are mostly nurses. My field- maintaining the medical equipment in the hospital- is mostly men. I'm the sole tech in my hospital because I can handle that job all on my own. That's not to say that women can't do the job I do- The technician I replaced was a woman. She quit though to be a mother. I will never do that. I am a man. I will continue to be single, happy, and financially stable because my field pays really really well! This video claims that benefits are being taken away by equality, but my benefits are fine. My job security is fine. There aren't many women out there that want to take the time to learn how to repair medical electronic equipment. Most of them just want to be nurses. So when their patient monitor or IV pump breaks, they call me. And being a father? A husband? Supporting a woman? Hell no. I love my job. I love being single. I love having a fat wallet. I love my fast car. I love doing what I want to do. My point is that my identity will never be threatened by women because I am single and women just aren't interested in doing my job for any length of time. I guess being a nurse, standing in front of a centrifuge in a lab all day, sitting in an office answering e-mails and filing paperwork, or of course being a mother is more what they would like to do. None of that hurts me because if it weren't for women breaking the medical equipment, I wouldn't have my job of repairing it so that they can continue to do whatever it is that they do. My identity is just fine.
Cal CM (1 month ago)
I’m not offended that you’re a lesbian, that you paint white males such as myself to be fragile, and I’m not offended that you welcomed me to the fucked over club. I’m offended that you want to paint a picture of a better world for everyone, That you think real men have a problem with equality, and that you pose as a figure of white male discontentment to try to put us down as if you have the ability to hurt our feelings with your words. But I do not see you making the equal (there’s the key word) effort to understand the other persons perspective. You didn’t put anything up on YouTube about how many men die in prisons and suicides and how many men die doing the jobs women won’t. How many men sacrifice the ability to take care of their sick kid(s) and try to nail down responsibility at a job to give the woman the ability to choose to stay home if she so chooses with the kid. Which often women do, statistically speaking. And the fact that you threw race out there, shame on you. That last point humiliates ME for wasting my time and your time talking to a bigot. At the same time, I still love you as my equal and forgive you because you’re human. I value the fact that your opinions on this video do not demonstrate at all how you may conduct yourself in public, at work, in your family, your artistic talent, your physical strength, or any of the relevant qualities that cannot be generalized by your race, gender, or any pronoun to really define who you are as a person. I have lesbo friends and friends of all walks of life. We are all people, we are all equal. We all bleed the same color and we all are constructed of cells and organs, muscles and bones. No news company or government can convince me of either of us having more or less value as a person.
Regina Phalange (1 month ago)
this makes no sense. logically this should only apply to old white men, the men who were actually alive and adulting during the "locker room" era in time. unless this locker room era in time was what.. 5 years ago? 10? 50? there is no time and date of this apparent ideology that all white men hold that this "expert" micheal kimmel has expressed. but i've also never heard an "expert" use "once upon a time" as a reference of time before.. interesting. does this locker room era ideology apply to the white men who grew up during world war 2, who were shipped off to war at 18 to only be fucked over when they came back, if they came back? did they still hold power? does it apply to modern white men who work 9-5 blue collar jobs in positions they will never be able to advance far in, working at corporations that could potentially lay them off whenever, however. do they still hold power? does it apply to the white men in poverty, the homeless, the gay and trans white men? this is the laziest attempt at identity politics i've ever seen, it wasn't funny or informative, not even persuasive. white men may be the 1% in power, but that does not mean the rest of the white men in america (im guessing this video was targeting america but it never chose a central location either) are in power and control, or that they are now fragile because they are losing their power and control. i don't know where they are looking, who these newly turned fragile men in power are. but when i look around, i see that most men, and women, work the average minimum wage job or 9-5 low middle class job, with debts to pay. maybe they're looking in the mirror? i doubt we'll ever know.
Roy Hay (1 month ago)
I totally agree with you, however, older generations aren't to blame, as times where very different back then.
Daytona Says What?! (1 month ago)
Complains about a dominating oppressive class. Precedes to sip wine in a bubble bath and reading at leisure.
McTrollenstein (1 month ago)
1:43 We see (((you)))
The NPC (2 months ago)
Ummm.... Is no one gonna ask? Is no one freaked out by this? Why is the dishwasher talking?
Men are awesome (3 months ago)
If she realizes that "white male tears" is a slang for cum?! ^^ https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=male%20tears
Owen Slaughter (3 months ago)
Why is it that this group of people that say they are fighting for equality, are almost always the same people that say the most sexist and racist shit?
Bent Wookie (3 months ago)
Hey, let's ridicule "Toxic Masculinity" and blame the higher male suicide rate on males not being able to show their feelings, all while drinking from our "Male Tears" coffee mugs. - Modern Feminism
I know. I love their logic as well. "All feelings and emotions should be equal. So being feminine shouldn't be considered a bad thing. But yes masculinity is very bad."
Mhm Mhm (4 months ago)
This is the exact definition of racism. More division isn't good.
Schmuddel (5 months ago)
1) You took this video down and reuploaded it due to the negative reception from months ago 2) Michael Kimmel is Jewish, not white and 3) Michael Kimmel is part of an ongoing Title IX investigation for sexually harassing one of his former graduate students.
Garza 759ify (19 days ago)
Feminists, all who support welfare state and endless economic mass migration, subjugation, humiliation, enslavement and torture of men should be referred to as criminals. Woman in this video(one with long hair) and Michael Kimmel are definitely criminals.
Roy Hay (1 month ago)
European Jews are still white, but I totally agree with you. We can't afford to make anymore enemies hahaha.
Des Nebula (1 month ago)
Oh wow he harassed someone?
Big Hatter (5 months ago)
Messofanego (5 months ago)
Welcome to the Fucked Over Club!
White people raise my blood pressure https://youtu.be/BoojNlk9xU4
davey Crockett (5 months ago)
Elisa Kreisinger has tweeted insulting things about white men since 2009.........and I mean really creepy stuff from them being supposedly shit at raising families to being mediocre at everything to not accepting the world is changing (whatever that means, the world is always changing) to having criticising certain hairstyles as being white supremacist.............the woman needs help cos she is wasting her life with this race baiting nonsense no-one really takes seriously unless you're a loon.
She needs a good white dick
Des Nebula (1 month ago)
+En Ers Im a white man I never did any of the things she accused me of. But why do you hate me?
+En Ers You sound a little feminist! Aka, FAT 😝
Jordy Joe (3 months ago)
_some cunt makes a retarded video_ _gets called out_ retard on the internet: yOu SoUnD a LiTtLe fRaGiLe hurr durr _surely this'll defeat their well constructed argument_
En Ers (5 months ago)
davey Crockett you sound a little fragile!

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