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Prayer for healing for your pets

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LocQtus Of BORG (5 days ago)
Amen. Thanks
jr herrera (9 days ago)
Pray for female dog i think she has breast cancer
Bong Masolabe (1 month ago)
Please pray for my cat Angel. She is very sick and the vet says she wont make it by Thanksgiving.
Sarai L (1 month ago)
Amen and thank you for your prayers. Please say a special prayer for Carlos my very ill cat that the Lord gives him a miracle healing and let's him live longer. Thank you ❤
haleyooo (2 months ago)
Could you please pray for my dog Lucky, who may have a tumor? I love her very much and will be very upset if anything happens to her.
tami shapiro (2 months ago)
hi... still waiting for my cat Moishe..to be healed have done all i can do.... when does Mark 11.23-24 start??? i know you dont know.... but oy... this is playing on my nerves..... i luv him.. too much... vet not sure what the prob is.. but let God be true and every man a liar... God shine your luv and healing down on all... amen.. amen and amen...
tami shapiro (2 months ago)
i dont thnk so... believing with all my heart.... still waiting on Gods time....
Holyghost2able (2 months ago)
Having done all to stand.never give in the name of Jesus is above every name.you must be saved to be able to release the power of God,.if you've done all this ,pray and ask the Lord where you are missing it.go
Rosemary Carrell (2 months ago)
Praying for my little Bella, she have a collapse trachea..🙏🙏
tami shapiro (2 months ago)
please pray for Moishe.... needs healing inside and out..... thanks and God Bless...... amen..
tami shapiro (2 months ago)
Holyghost2able (2 months ago)
Prayer in Jesus name Moishe be healed
Iris Enamorado (3 months ago)
Please pray for my little dog that is very sick with ematomas and coliflowers tumors.
K K (3 months ago)
please pray for Pretty Girl. she is still do young and dying. I think because 9f a worming tablet is gave her. the vets don't give much hope. Tomorrow I take her back to the vets, they said her chances are very very slim. As of this moment she is suffering so much. thank you
Indu Amazon (3 months ago)
Sir right now my dog is really not well and except Jesus I know there is nothing.. Please do pray for him his name is Maxi
Kara-Ryan Fitzgerald (3 months ago)
Please pray for my dog. AEKO Is her name. She is 12 years old and she has dried blood in her left nostril and has a sneezing issue. I do not have money right now for the vet. Thank you
Michelle K. (4 months ago)
Amen! Thank you! I do have faith to believe that my dog Freedom will be healed of this illness and live for 30 yrs to become the world oldest living dog and be entered into the Genius book of worlds record. 😇
Pushkar Malsekar (4 months ago)
Please pray for my cat please 😔😔😔😔
Tone Corlee (5 months ago)
Please pray for my dog. Someone hit her with a bat in the mouth n I can't afford a vet
Please pray for my dog Carmella
Kimberly Fitzpatrick (7 months ago)
I have prayed with you a few times because my dog baby girl has been sick and praise to God she has pulled through, Thank-you For putting this on you tube and Thank you Lord Jesus for healing my beloved pet!!
Shelley McNamara (7 months ago)
Thank You!!!🌹
kelly keller (8 months ago)
Please please pray for my cat Daffy, she is only 2 years old..just took her to vet today and it was bad news...surgery won't even help but I know the great physician and his name is Jesus...she has huge tumors all under her belly and the vet said the tumors are in her body now...Thank you and God bless always...
Suzie B. (8 months ago)
Your a beautiful soul....thank you for this. My cat has been sick for two months now and although the vet says it looks grim, I pray daily for his healing. Please pray for my cat Foxy Boy.
Kara-Ryan Fitzgerald (8 months ago)
Thank you my brother
sootykins56 (8 months ago)
Please pray for my very sick cat cheeky who is in animal hospital. I love him dearly thank you
Tracy Lynne (9 months ago)
Thank you ❤️
BackontheBayou (10 months ago)
Thank you so, so much for this. I did just as you said (I have a 14 year old pittbull who I rescued when she was 3 from an environment beyond torturous, and for several weeks now she has had a horrible cyst on her back, which over the past two or three days has seemed to be causing her a lot of pain and the vet wanted to excise this under anaesthesia, which I cannot put her through at her age). So I was crying and seeking for prayers for pets and found you and this prayer, so I laid my hands on her just like you said and I prayed what you said and a great warmth came into my hands and some tingling. I put them straight back on my dog at that point and I told her to be healed in the name of Jesus, again (second time). I am fully believing the cyst will be gone extremely soon. She had been hiding in corners (really unusual) because of the pain and literally about five minutes after being prayed for she came running up to me with a toy, jumping up and down and we have just spent an exhausting ten minutes playing vigourously, with her rolling o her back apparently totally pain free!!!! I am so, so happy. This incredible joy has replaced my tears and my lovely dog is now calmly asleep at my feet. And what's more, I suffer from chronic pain... have done for years...and after praying for my dog, MY pain went down from very bad to very manageable (I mean I played with my dog really vigorously and that would have hurt me before... it didn't!) I KNOW this is God at work. I believe. Cannot thank you and Him enough and I am confident that when I wake up tomorrow my dog will be fully healed. God bless you. Oh, and I just subbed because this video was incredible. The impact it has had on me cannot adequately be expressed. Thank you so much again.
Kara-Ryan Fitzgerald (11 months ago)
Here I am again ty I have no one around me to agree with me. I am sooo thankful for this video
Melita Jurca (11 months ago)
Please pray for our cat too. It has epileptic attacs. God bless you and thank you.
Jillian M (11 months ago)
My roommates has a little yorkie dog that suddenly hasn't been able to walk for a couple of days; and was diagnosed with severe disc deterioration. Surgeury would cost $13K and there is only a 50/50 chance. Then yesterday he took a couple of steps when he saw food which gave her hope, so she didn't have him put down. Now she is willing to wait 3 days and pay Another $2K to see if God will provide a miracle, by providing crumbs that fall from the Master's table. Matt 15:27
Holyghost2able (11 months ago)
Yorkie dog be healed in Jesus Name
Lori Harding (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for praying. My Sammy cat got hurt. I dont have money to take him to the vet😢
Lisa Ramos (11 months ago)
please pray for Bella who has pulmonary fibrosis and is suffering.
GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN (11 months ago)
Mizpah Joy Pagaduan (1 year ago)
Could you please pray for my precious dog Porki.. He's been sick for almost a month now because of his kidney problem.😢 Please..
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
Porki be healed and made whole in Jesus Name,lay your hand upon him and he will be healed
The Truth Is Here! (1 year ago)
Please Brother pray for my nan's Dog! her name is ''Missy'' She has an infected Ear which is growing Big lumps of Puss. She is in nearly constant itching. And please pray that Her hair grows back as The dogs Got patches of no hair? Please Brother. Command it and shout it in Jesus Name.
Michael Javite (1 year ago)
Thanks,great video.Please pray if you would for my cat Leo,he's been constipated,eating little and unable to jump due to discomfort.I'm having great trouble giving meds the vet had given me.I believe there's power in agreement.Thanks and blessings.
Kara-Ryan Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
I can’t tell you how many thousands of dollars you saved me! When you add it all up over the years!
Kara-Ryan Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
Much love to you Holy Ghost 2 able!!!!!Once again after all these years, once again I needed this video my cat was given a death sentence and now she’s up and running and doing fine with no problems! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! And thank you Holy Ghost 2 able thank you for sharing your time and your talent thank U thank U thank U thank U thank U my brother in Christ thank you
theChas H (1 year ago)
Please pray for my brothers Schitzu/Poodle mix. Walked down the stairs and fell a couple times on the last few steps. Her spine is supposedly hurt a little from what I understand. Something the vet or Humane Society never told them Schitzu's can deal with spine issues. Vet gave pain pills and hoping it isn't so bad where she must be, well you know...
Jewell Blue (1 year ago)
Urgent! Dear HolyGhist2able.. Please pray for my chihuahua doggie named Bailey right now...he has had 23 seizures grand maul in 3 weeks including two this night. I have prayed and prayed and prayed pleading with the Lord to heal him and even after I finish my prayer he has another seizure. I am beyond hope deferred and have always looked to Jesus as my healer and pray for my pets but no relief comes. These seizures started right after I took him to vets for illness 3 weeks ago and they traumatized him so much trying to do blood work and ever since its been non stop. Was prescribed seizure meds but have to wait until tomorrow to fill prescription and that doesn't always work. Attempted to travel to another city a few days ago to a vet hospital with neurologist where they would do a MRI scan and spinal tap but Bailey had another seizure that morning so I could not travel with him in car or take him there. The exams would cause further stress to Baikey though and bring on more seizures plus the $4,000 cost but I will if I have to because he is so worth it and means everything to me! Something bad happened to my dog at vets and no one gives me answers. Need a miracle now! Can you contact me please to pray over Bailey. I have already laid my hand on the screen while you pray and then on Bailey.. He is not doing well.
M C (1 year ago)
Jewell Blue How is Bailey doing now do you still need prayer?
Marlyce W (1 year ago)
Will you please pray for my cat Louie? He's very sick from anemia. I can't pay $2000 for a blood transfusion to save him.Once before he was this sick and God healed him but now he's older. He's crying from agony.
feeltheforce10 (1 month ago)
The post is a year old ! The person didnt even reply to me as i asked if the cat is ok now.
debbie flores (1 month ago)
hi louie you can go to petsmart and ask them what the best cat food or medicine for him and praying for louie in Jesus name!!
feeltheforce10 (3 months ago)
Hi Did your cat get healed ? be good to know what happened.
Lucienne Canet (11 months ago)
hello louie! one of the best things to give an anemic cat is shrimp! i am anemic and i try to eat a lot of shellfish when im sick. it may be expensive but not as expensive as the vet!
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
Louie the cat be healed and made whole in Jesus Name.When you do leave this earth Louie it will be peaceably in your sleep.
chumdog90 (1 year ago)
Please pray for my calico cat, Chloe. She is so unique and talks all the time. But lately she has not been talking and has been very sick. She may have liver disease and infections or other illnesses going on inside her. She is not breathing good, she can't rest and can't sleep well. She's not eating or drinking well. She's not herself, not playful or happy. She's miserable and uncomfortable and I wish she could tell me what is hurting her or making her sick. I'm doing all I can to help her. I love her so much and don't want to lose her. Please pray that God will guide all who are helping her to give her the right medications and treatments which will heal her ... and that he will lay his healing hands upon her and make her whole and well again. And that little by little her body and organs will get stronger and feel better and healthy and normal again. Thank you to all who will pray for her.
Mary Miner (1 year ago)
Thank you for the video. My cat, Kitty Kat, has kidney disease, could you please pray with me that he will be completely cured.
The Truth Is Here! (1 year ago)
What happened Mary?
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
i pray for this cat and say receive the life of God and be healed in Jesus name
Veronica Herrera (1 year ago)
Amen. My dog is sick m needs help. Blessings
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
In Jesus Name dog be healed and made whole,God bless you as well.
Daniel Monson (1 year ago)
surely Christ preach to all creation; where there is sickness let there be prayer. God desires all things to be renewed..What God would not desire healing in such a world in which we live?
Leonard Los (1 year ago)
Please pray for our dog Bailey. He has chronic bronchitis and suffers from a bad cough. May he find comfort and be healed.
Leonard Los (1 year ago)
Thank you. May God Bless!!!
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
Spirit of infirmity leave Bailey now in Jesus Name.I say to Bailey,be healed and made whole in Jesus Name.all the glory be to God.
K W (1 year ago)
Thanks for posting, please pray for my dog Beau, he has gone blind and been very sick. I love him very much. He is such a good boy.
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
praise God,that is good news.
K W (1 year ago)
Beau is doing much better! He is eating again and has gained weight. He had lost a lot of weight. Thanks again.
K W (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
Wonderful Father God,I command the life of God to flow into this dog called Beau in Jesus Name,and I speak to Beau's eyes and say be healed and see in Jesus name.God bless you.
linda silver (1 year ago)
thank you. my little puppy got her leg caught when i was walking her with my over excited 2 yr old dog. shes liking and i feel it's my fault. i know God created animals. they make us so happy.
Sarah Barelaja, (1 year ago)
Amen...please pray for my dog that has a serve urin infection, might be kidney stones. her name is spice... thank you and God Bless...
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
I command infirmity leave Spice's body now in Jesus Name.Spice be healed and made whole in Jesus Name.God bless you.
CharlesCarabott (1 year ago)
My old cat is dying. I tried to pray in the name of Jesus but my cat isn't getting any better. In fact he's getting worse. Why can't a miracle happen for me and my cat? Can you please pray for my cat maybe God will hear your prayer
kinwai27271 (1 year ago)
appreciated sir!!
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
Symptoms of infirmity get off this cat now in Jesus' Name.Cat you will not die but live and be a testimony of the glory of God in Jesus'Name.
kinwai27271 (1 year ago)
please pray for my sick cat too, my lovely cat is suffering probably because of cancer. PLEASE pray for her, thank you so much sir. CC, I just pray for your cat, pls pls pray for mine as well, appreciated.
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
I command your cat be healed today in Jesus Name.God bless you.
Rayla Daniels (1 year ago)
thank you
Andrew Stokes (1 year ago)
please pray for my Chihuahua pip squeak he was attacked by a demonic dog and is in the hospital fighting for his life. I will kill myself if he doesn't make it. he's the only thing I've ever truly loved from the bottom of my heart
feeltheforce10 (3 months ago)
Hi.How did things turn out with your dog ?
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
Be healed in Jesus Name chihuaua dog.
Change ing (1 year ago)
Glory to God! I prayed earnestly for my puppy, NB, and he was healed!
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
Praise God.Jesus is sooo awesome.
apdictor (1 year ago)
God  bless you.
Slinglling (1 year ago)
Please pray for my sick cat
j montalbano (9 months ago)
Pray for kitty car pumpkin he needs a new eye, kidneys, free from feline lukiemia and stomatitis of the mouth. I am believing for him to be completely made whole for the Glory of God his creator
BluesLicks101 (1 year ago)
Was you cat healed? Hope so!
Chad Rasmussen (1 year ago)
Slinglling I pray for your sick pet :)
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
Be healed cat and made whole in Jesus name
missykerry (1 year ago)
Prayed in agreement with you for my dog who was severely drooling due to a fractured tooth. The next day he was no longer drooling and the gum tissue around his fractured tooth looked much better. Praise God!! I believe he's been healed. I'm also believing for his full healing from cataracts and shaking foot. Thank you for encouraging my faith!! There's limited info on the internet on this.
Holyghost2able (1 year ago)
praise God
sweetytwome2 (2 years ago)
I have to tell you I have had so much heartache when it comes to animals. so much suffering and just plain cruelty.i have a lot of feral cats because someone dumped a cat with kittens on me. thru no fault of my own they of course multiply like rabbits. but, the man who lives next door to me hates cats and really hates my cats. he kills all the cats he can whenever he can. on labor day he killed almost all my beautiful cats and kittens with poison. they died agonizing deaths. my heart was broken. of course he got by with it. he has been a monster to my poor cats for years. why does God allow such behavior? to me he is a demon. killing at will and never has to pay for his terrible actions. my cats never go into his yard because they are terrified of him. he kills them in my yard. why can someone do things like this time after ,time and never get punished?
Kenneth casaquite (2 years ago)
i am also pet lover thanks God Bless you..
kara fitz (2 years ago)
no-one in my family believes.
Holyghost2able (2 years ago)
I had this experience initially as well.Since I was saved at least 2 and possibly 4 since have been saved.Declare Acts 16-31 over them,pray for the Lord of the harvest to send the laborers out to them,praise God for their salvation,prophesy[speak] over them salvation and display the power of God when possible and be tenacious never ,give up.
kara fitz (2 years ago)
Thank you Man of God for your time and talent. I would b sooooo different and lost without people like you who answer the call. I have no church here, this is my church, I look forward to your videos because I grow from them, it is s timely message which is why I know you are led of the Holy Spirit. God bless you and your loved ones now and always. I pray for you and your family daily.
Denny Law (2 years ago)
Finally a person with some compassion and love.
debbie flores (1 month ago)
+Denny Law have you tried tumeric for your cat?
Denny Law (2 years ago)
I will and I do....... as church and doing good things and spreading the word is something I try to do all the time.
yesiwork (2 years ago)
don't give up man, help us out here.
yesiwork (2 years ago)
this is our only world ahahahahahahahaahah guess you better find some friends. 
Denny Law (2 years ago)
Me too and yet in this world all that gets us is frustrations and conflict so....I look forward to the next world. I guess this one is all about learning and not much about happiness or peace.
Mercy Foryou (2 years ago)
Thank you
Midnight Star (2 years ago)
Thank you 💖💖💖
kara fitz (2 years ago)
I did the prayer and now my dog is healed in the name of Christ Jesus. you will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. you will that's A promise. my dog is healed in the name of Christ Jesus thank you for agreeing and faith with me if any two shall agree upon anything it shall be done this is done. I have no one that I know of an all my family and all my friends that could agree in faith with me to see my dog healed isn't that a shame?
Holyghost2able (2 years ago)
I thank God that the Lord Jesus saved me and He has taught me not to be religious but Holy Ghost led both scriptural and practical.Some people who have been only raised in church which is great, develop 'religious blinkers' which limits the Lord.Can a christian limit the almighty God.The Israelite's limited the Holy One of Israel and I'm sure at times we do and it is a good prayer to pray for the Lord to show you where you are limiting Him.One area He showed me was that I had small man's thinking.I have prayed for the Lord God for His grace[His empowerment]to think and act differently.Have a blessed life in Jesus.
kara fitz (2 years ago)
thank you for also sharing a testimony that you seen your dog actually heal twice my dog is too young to die and she sick and we have no money to take care of her but God will provide Jesus Christ Jehovah Jireh god is my provider thank you so much for uploading your videos they're awesome
kara fitz (2 years ago)
ty so much. your voice is very pleasant to listen to both in tone and pronunciation. I really appreciate you uploading this video. thank you again God bless you and yours. sincerely, Kara

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