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Kim kardashian hollywood[Having a Baby With Your Partner]New Latest And Updated Version

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Hey guys!!!We have our first baby with our partner after crossing 12k points.So hope u enjoy.
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Temberland ______ (2 days ago)
Wait a moment you use mobizen... Because so do I
Unique Games (2 days ago)
Yes I do. Its the best.
Teal Girl (4 days ago)
I'm max level but people keep calling me it's so annoying
Teal Girl (2 days ago)
Unique Games I know but I can't even do one goal without them calling so then it dosent let me to go out of the place
Unique Games (2 days ago)
They will always keep calling no matter what lvl u r!!!
Name Unknown (6 days ago)
Man I wanted to have about 6 Kids. Not just 2 😭😭
Unique Games (2 days ago)
Lol!!! 6 is impossible.
Mermaidx1 1 (10 days ago)
This is why I’m just going to adopt
Jackie Munno (15 days ago)
Where does it say the level of your relationship? I can’t find it. Everyone is saying 12k to have a baby but how do you find how many points you have currently???
Unique Games (15 days ago)
Before u call ur date and when ur contacts list show then u notice a pink colored bar. That shows ur relationship points. See the video from the first or the parts when i call him for dates.
NoobMaker PJ (17 days ago)
What if my character is a man..and I want to have a baby (with partner) is it possible? If it is tell me how..
Kolie Dawn (14 days ago)
NoobMaker PJ You got adopt at the adoption place located in LAX .
Yoongi Love (18 days ago)
http://aminoapps.com/invite/IR9DDYUOAJ This is the KKH amino for anyone that wants to Express their love for the game
Edem Kodjo Amemavo (18 days ago)
me in got 16 million know stars
Minecraft is the best (19 days ago)
I HATE it when Simon and Miara keep calling you!
Hermione Jean Granger (11 days ago)
Serge Bikoumou (18 days ago)
Unique Games (19 days ago)
Ikr. Its super annoying
MLoves Loki (17 days ago)
I don't care what ya'll say, but Dirk my husband, my man, my life partner. I LOVE him...he's THE ONE. Jkjkjkjkjk... i'm just married to him😌😪
jennifer Arguelles (23 days ago)
Im barely at 1k
Koko KKH (24 days ago)
Did anybody notice that she brought a dress and sandals for her *baby boy*
Mariah Schriner (24 days ago)
Do you get to choose the gender?
Аnastasija CTC (24 days ago)
Well I have unlimited of everything I put in hack kim kardashian in panda helper and got it
Addy _Amazing (26 days ago)
Everyone is talking about how they are dating Dirk. I'm married to one of my girl Facebook friends on this game 😬😂
Rehinald (27 days ago)
you should try it here fre3link.icu/rfnP5pM4CR Success To Add FREE Unlimited K Stars Here
Melybrowne 19 (28 days ago)
What game is this ?
Unique Games (28 days ago)
Kim Kardashian Hollywood
Melissa Mcclure (1 month ago)
Take here weplay.icu/NRpMQvFfEx generate 999999 K Stars by using this link
Amanda Donovan (1 month ago)
new version
Brenda Abigaba (1 month ago)
anyone here
Suki Plays (1 month ago)
Question what level of fame are you supposed to be when your at level 11?
Suki Plays (1 month ago)
I have a quest that says popping the question?
Suki Plays (1 month ago)
What the heck is the popping the question one?
Suki Plays (1 month ago)
Suki Plays (1 month ago)
God sakes this baby is gonna tale forever
Suki Plays (1 month ago)
Oh.. I'm trying to get a baby first
Kendra Gray (1 month ago)
I got married and had a giant wedding just to get divorced with two children oof I got married to Benjamin Hughes and now im getting my next wedding ready I have two little girls 8 houses level 16 and top 100 A list I’m also decorating my babies play room in the bel air mansion rn I HAVE NO LIFE
Unique Games (1 month ago)
Come on its just a game. I also did the same thing. And u r in a gd state
Donna Maria (1 month ago)
How do you marry your partner on the game I'm dating Mitchell Murphy .
Unique Games (1 month ago)
When ur relationship reaches 500 points and above then they will propose to u. I have two videos regarding marraige. One about when u first get married and the other one when u get remarried. Watch them to be fully sure.
Soloix MSP (1 month ago)
*I love how everyone is married to or dating dirk-* *Like, same-* *I'm married to him-*
Unique Games (1 month ago)
I was!! He was my former partner for the last 3 years. Since the game started
yuval cohen (1 month ago)
What’s a d+ celeb??
Unique Games (1 month ago)
Its a comeback story. It happens when u reach number 1 list of stars.
Fashion Frida (1 month ago)
Unique Games (1 month ago)
I used to.
Jenee L'French (1 month ago)
How the heck did you finish the date with only 8 energy points
SamiraXox (1 month ago)
+Unique Games where is that?
Unique Games (1 month ago)
In oak or monstrobull vintage wine consists of a lot hearts which covers the whole date of 1 hr or 2 hrs. But now it has changed in both places as glu reduced the amount of hearts. Mirragio is now the best place for dating and it also saves money.
Fashion Frida (1 month ago)
Namjoon’s World (1 month ago)
The crying is annoying
Namjoon’s World (1 month ago)
Unique Games do the babies grow up or do they stay like babies?
Unique Games (1 month ago)
Awww but I just love Baby Crying so much!!!
Clifford Clarke (2 months ago)
*It is finally possible* !!! *You can also generate K Stars HERE* GO to t.co/rfnP5pM4CR?HuG6J7s6v 2:58
Kay Greer (2 months ago)
I get its guys
Ronnie Philips (2 months ago)
Very useful!
Juli Sol Garcia (2 months ago)
My man is Gavin Diaz ✨
Unique Games (2 months ago)
Thats great!!! At least not dirk diamonds
Funny Bone (2 months ago)
Where is the oak club?
Unique Games (2 months ago)
Its in soho in new york
Juli Sol Garcia (2 months ago)
New York!
PotatoTheWolf rawrXD (2 months ago)
I married a chick on there and I want a kid but I might need to adopt lol. Costs so much though.
Unique Games (2 months ago)
Sure. Its ur wish u know. :)
SuGA & J-hope is mine (2 months ago)
me got it today
Unique Games (2 months ago)
Scream Time (3 months ago)
Okay let’s get that straight! Iam almost an A list celeb,married,have more than 5 mil followers I think and at level 16 or 17 sth like that 😂 I have like in my task bar about like +16 or sth 😂 that’s all because I made a hack on the money and the K start! Little did I know it was still going to be hard 😂 btw dirk is not my husband just in case you was wondering 😂
Adrianna Wilson (3 months ago)
GUYS HELP ME Okay okay, I am now on level 26, A-celebrity and just became top 1. I can do a comeback story, but what happens if I do that???? Do I lose my houses, clothes and everything or? I have one more goal in the Kim K game and that is to get a baby with my partner (I already have adopted one, but that's only my baby), anyway, we have been Top 1 before and now we're "only" top 11, because I wanted to complete some requests (that time I played like all the time and went on dates to get us to top 1, because I was so stupid I thougt we stayed top 1, but no, so backt hen I had like 10 quests/requests?/goals?) - sorry my bad english, english isn't my first language BUT, now we have like over 12.000 points like we should, but he haven't asked me about being a parent, should I keep doing dates or what? I don't wanna date him, just wanna baby hahah. And why is he only C? He has been that forever and then he is only focusing on my clothes and how "gorg" I am because everyone else look like trash (ugh boyfriend, have u seen urself hahaha) and I'm like his sugarmammy, ugh..
bryanna (3 months ago)
Adrianna Wilson you’ll be fine! when you do comebacks you keep all the shops,relationships,houses,money,clothes,hair but you lose all your fans.
Abbovic 7 (3 months ago)
Wish u could be pregnant:(
African Princess (3 months ago)
I'm on level 10. Someone help me get k stars😣 plus I got 63,000 cash
Alesha Owen (3 months ago)
That's my man now x
chandra dev rana (4 months ago)
nice video
Unique Games (4 months ago)
3x.lozerz • (4 months ago)
i have 16.77m in money
Liona Brown (1 month ago)
+Hi Bye just search up a mod apk for the game version you have online
Hi Bye (4 months ago)
ling ling I need to know how you got that much!!!!!
Hi Bye (4 months ago)
ling ling how? Did you use a cheat? If you did what is it? And what level are you on?
TheCamm Cam (4 months ago)
Wait I’m married to my parter.. but how do you get them to live with you??
THE art (4 months ago)
my man is cletus simpson
Angel Donoghue (4 months ago)
I’m married to Mitchel Murphy and got a child with him it took a lot of effort coz I can’t be bothered to go on dates much but I wanted to keep him happy and his last name and I wanted a baby
DD PLAYZZ (4 months ago)
Damn u really don't finish your projects your on lvl 27 and only have 26.9k? what the hell am lvl 10 and I have 39.7k no joke
DD PLAYZZ (4 months ago)
Unique Games oh lol I see
Unique Games (4 months ago)
Well its a comeback story that am using. There is a plus beside d.
Megan Jarica (4 months ago)
I married to William Murphy hahaha
Krin rin (4 months ago)
Does the baby grow up?
Jai M (4 months ago)
I have 2 babies in the game! A baby boy and a baby girl!
Unique Games (4 months ago)
Thats amazing!!
Taylor Carr (5 months ago)
I just got married to Steven murphy😂😂
Hermione Jean Granger (11 days ago)
Yeah my sistet has married Michelle Murphy and i married Dirk Dimonds
Mariah Schriner (24 days ago)
Lil Quinn (1 month ago)
I'm married to his brother Michell😂
Hinata SavageTM (1 month ago)
CryMeARiver - (1 month ago)
SavannahPlaysRoblox101 Lmao i’m married to dirk diamonds
cymaia zapata (5 months ago)
Dirk diamonds broke up with me😂
Phoebe Gumm (5 months ago)
I think Dirk is cheating on all of us...
niamh x (3 days ago)
I've never dated him ew
Maya Nauvel (7 days ago)
+Tatiana Brown Me too
Hermione Jean Granger (11 days ago)
I know lol
きみはAutumn Clair (14 days ago)
Eh I'm with steven
Serge Bikoumou (18 days ago)
Pepper Mint (5 months ago)
I might just adopt a baby because I'm at level 11 and I'm engaged, but do you get to customize an adopted baby?
Unique Games (5 months ago)
Yes of course u get to customize. Everything's the same u know!!!
Sageite (5 months ago)
Love this game. Its my favorite
Amarié Amour. (5 months ago)
You said he mexcain too yeah
I Dont Really Care (5 months ago)
Who else has the bel air mansion 🙋
Mahinder Kaur (9 hours ago)
Me and mine is maxed
Dacutiepie11 (4 days ago)
I Dont Really Care i do
shazwana shazwana (11 days ago)
Hermione Jean Granger (11 days ago)
All of us do..
MLoves Loki (20 days ago)
I Dont Really Care (5 months ago)
I'm level 12 and a C celebrity how are you only a D?
Maker Bayfield (25 days ago)
Gacha girl Nikky what is that
Gacha girl Nikky (2 months ago)
She is on a comeback story duh!
Molon Gangsta (2 months ago)
I was level 14 when I was in level a I still have millions if missions to do
Lola Rose (3 months ago)
It’s a plus, when you restart but keep your levels and relationships
Khaya Nestor-Elane (4 months ago)
Yea idk either I’m a b and level 15
superwoman liv (5 months ago)
She js racils
Gacha Donut (6 months ago)
Dirk is my man lol
ALISSIA (6 months ago)
how are you level 27 and barely D-list celebrity?? you should already be on the B list!😩
Edem Kodjo Amemavo (18 days ago)
she ass I'm a A list and I got all the houses and cars in the game and I'm on level 18
Nevaeh Robinson (19 days ago)
Gacha girl Nikky Sorry girl, Ian even know what a comeback was until now💀 Thanks for letting me know!
Gacha girl Nikky (19 days ago)
She is obviously on comeback. Look at the plus ppl!
Nevaeh Robinson (19 days ago)
I’m on level 17 , and I’m an A Lister😭😩
Issa.Princess Gang (28 days ago)
+Gacha girl Nikky right I'm on level 21 and I've been an A lister since level 20 just waiting to be asked to have a baby is all😭
after vids Johnson (7 months ago)
I have 2 babies
Unique Games (7 months ago)
Me too!!
Jade Plange (7 months ago)
He so cute why he cry so much aweee
Unique Games (7 months ago)
Packa Wolves (7 months ago)
I have 59.7k fans and I'm level 12 on the C list Edit: level 20 on the A list above the top ten with 2 billion fans married
he is my man tooo.. 😂😂
Kpop Trash (5 months ago)
dirk is a player lol
Unique Games (8 months ago)
He is everybody's man
Alexis (8 months ago)
My question is why can't you date willow? I mean I know she's a bitch, but what a turn! Sadly you can only date her if you're playing as a guy.
Unique Games (8 months ago)
Yes thats true but i am not into girls so not intrested in dating any girls in the game
Avril Lavigne Fan (8 months ago)
qxeen_1991 (9 months ago)
How do you change the skin tone oof your partner
Zero Boii (3 months ago)
Ya cant
African Princess (3 months ago)
U can't
Khaya Nestor-Elane (4 months ago)
qxeen_1991 you have to gift them I think
Jianna S. (5 months ago)
qxeen_1991 i don't think you can
Cooki Oreo (9 months ago)
How do you date dirk....
Unique Games (9 months ago)
When u first meet him then need to flirt with him
Ana Toplak (9 months ago)
Dirk Diamond is also my boyfriend. 😆😆
Unique Games (9 months ago)
Sure he is!!
CardibOKURRR (10 months ago)
I’m dating cole wright😂❤️
CardibOKURRR (10 months ago)
Unique kkh ya😂💞
Unique Games (10 months ago)
Thats great and amazing!!
Fwxnai Warner (10 months ago)
The lady at the adoption center just says the highest point of your relationship. UGH THIS IS GONNA TAKE FOREVER! I JUST WANT A BABY BOY!
Cupcake Island (3 months ago)
Fwxnai Warner IKR
Fwxnai Warner (10 months ago)
Unique kkh this is gonna take forever
Unique Games (10 months ago)
Yes 12k
Mirela Racaru (11 months ago)
What number you should have at relationship in order to have a baby?
bryanna (3 months ago)
Kpop Trash if you want to adopt one yeah. if you get one with your partner it’s free but the only things that you could (it’s optional) pay for is the nursery,hair,clothes etc etc
Kpop Trash (5 months ago)
hey i know this is late but do you need any money to have a baby?
Unique Games (11 months ago)
12000 for first baby and 15000 for second baby
melissa kambou (11 months ago)
how do you get to have a pet dog in the game? I only can fond the cat
Khaya Nestor-Elane (4 months ago)
In the most recent version it is in the clothing option
Unique Games (11 months ago)
Diffrent houses have diffrent pets.This one is from the house of london
Aesthetic Ash (11 months ago)
You never reply to my comments;( btw liked subbed, with post notifications on:)
Deonne Moore (11 months ago)
Your baby looks like a girl
Unique Games (11 months ago)
Deonne Moore don't worry my new account baby is a girl
Q Û Ě Ê Ň (11 months ago)
Q Û Ě Ê Ň (11 months ago)
Unique kkh ok im gonna add u on fb
Unique Games (11 months ago)
Q Û Ě Ê Ň (11 months ago)
Unique kkh nvm i added u but u instantly decline me :(
Q Û Ě Ê Ň (11 months ago)
Unique kkh the video
Q Û Ě Ê Ň (11 months ago)
Unique kkh I didn't find u
Demirion (1 year ago)
Hey dirk is mine
ImaginaryTuber (1 month ago)
+Fashion Frida nope, mine!!!
Fashion Frida (1 month ago)
No hes mine!
ImaginaryTuber (4 months ago)
Demirion same I'm married to himmm
Maurice _elfrieda (4 months ago)
Demirion mine was maried
Anna Parks (4 months ago)
And mine were engaged
KittyLilolil Lilo (1 year ago)
How did you get all that money?
CryMeARiver - (1 month ago)
FlashBack Mary Omg it works! Tysm
FlashBack Mary (4 months ago)
Anna Parks https://appvalley.vip Or try https://pc.tutuapp.com
FlashBack Mary (4 months ago)
Anna Parks sure one sec
Anna Parks (4 months ago)
Adrianna k but can you send me the file link I downloaded the apk installer app and now I have no idea what to do please and thank you
FlashBack Mary (4 months ago)
Anna Parks No because there’s the real app, and the cheat app. Two different apps but same game. So you can keep your original game and get a hacked game
Melody Gamer (1 year ago)
I love your channel can u sub to me I do kkh videos too!
Unique Games (1 year ago)
Aww thanks u!!!Sure i will sub to ur channel!!!
Reaction Sisters (1 year ago)
Where is the oak
Unique Games (1 year ago)
In soho in new york
Viktorija Cukarska (1 year ago)
How much points do you need to make a baby? And how do you have that much cash and k stars? -Pls reply!
Unique Games (1 year ago)
U need 12k points having ur first baby and 15k points for having a second baby.I earned those
Dr. Pepper (1 year ago)
She said “I want to babies so I can hear them cry at the same time”😂😂
I like Bread (10 months ago)
Unique kkh uhh...that's kinda messed up
Unique Games (1 year ago)
Yesss!!!I love baby crying!!!😍😍😍😍
JustAverage #1 (1 year ago)
tony is mine
Tatyania Johnson (5 months ago)
Same and the guy kim sets you ip with
Unique Games (1 year ago)
I am sry but who is tony???
Maia- Lily (1 year ago)
Have 2 babies in kkh!
Unique Games (1 year ago)
Thats great!!!Mee too had two babies!!
da plug (1 year ago)
I have no life.... I'm on level 15 on the A list, married, renewed my vows, have 8.4 million fans 😂 all in two days
Yellow (3 days ago)
i feel worse then you i’m on level 15 , C list in a couple of hours
Rachel Hernandez (7 days ago)
Fo1z Imvu Teach me how lol
Koala Queen (12 days ago)
+Charity Mckitchen i think they hacked the game
Edem Kodjo Amemavo (18 days ago)
I'm on 18 with 26.1 million followers
Wig SnAtChEd (1 month ago)
Yay i made it to 8 in 5 days .-.
Jezner Cortez (1 year ago)
Me if someone says I love you to me: Umm okay... 😂 (( Randomly laughing on the outside but DREADED on the inside )) 😫
Unique Games (1 year ago)
Aww thats ok
Viktoria Sari (1 year ago)
Dirk deimond is my Mann
Unique Games (1 year ago)
Sure he is everyone's man!!
Nikol Dhefto (1 year ago)
Wow I didn't know that you could have a baby at Kim lardashia hollyvood I'm at level6
Unique Games (1 year ago)
Yes u can have dear!!!
Cerys 2310 (1 year ago)
Most people on this game go with dirk I do too
Bella Gianni (1 month ago)
I don’t
Iris (2 months ago)
I chose Steven
Weird Girl (5 months ago)
why_the_fuck_r_u_looking_at_meh_profile? lol 😂
I choose Jermiah if that's his name lol , I can't even spell my husband's name T-T
Tatyania Johnson (8 months ago)
I didn't
Anne's World (1 year ago)
Hey Dirk Dimonds is my man!😂
Hermione Jean Granger (11 days ago)
Mine to...
Itz Karla (2 months ago)
Karla kalls Too (2 months ago)
ImaginaryTuber (3 months ago)
+Itz Karla no mine!
Itz Karla (3 months ago)
NO he is mine
official Maateaa (1 year ago)
Hey girl! Thank you for this vid, I love it and it helped me💖
Unique Games (1 year ago)
np dear!!!Anything for my lovers!!xoxoxoxox!!!❤❤❤❤
Montii c: (1 year ago)
Hey girl loving your videos . Ima new sub and I just wanna ask about how did you get that much money?! Please and thank you!
Sanaa Aaron (10 days ago)
I have twice hers
Carmen Mondragon (1 year ago)
Unique kkh z
Unique Games (1 year ago)
i earned those and even had 4 million dollars!!!!But i lost my this account!!!I have a video in tutorials playlist of how to get money watch it!!!5 star rate every gigs.And thank u so much!!!
tink_yh (1 year ago)
if you say no, does he ask again?
Hermione Jean Granger (11 days ago)
lil potato (3 months ago)
tink_yh yepp
Unique Games (1 year ago)
Shahidul Islam (1 year ago)
I love the oak club
Avril Lavigne Fan (8 months ago)
I date there all the time
Unique Games (1 year ago)
mee too

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