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Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight (Music video)

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God bless your families!
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Text Comments (46)
Azizi Yahaya Mallya (21 days ago)
Hollywood really does belong to king of pop 😥😥
I Love To TOUR (4 months ago)
0:29-0:39 Brad, a 50 year old Man could dance that well? Lord help me Jesus.
Shekhar deep Deep (5 months ago)
Live u Michael Jackson forever..... 😊😊😢😗😗😗
JUANPIS 121 (7 months ago)
Michael his good person
Daniela Tejada CNCOwner (9 months ago)
Мистер Кот (10 months ago)
В 2:44 он языр высунул забавно он любезный и смешной
DeAnna Juan (11 months ago)
i’d cry so hard if i was in the same room with michael but that will never happen:(
vanderlei guerrero (1 year ago)
Rage Nguyen (1 year ago)
How could Michael go to Hollywood it 8 miles
You know VEVO already have made one
Michael Jackson (1 year ago)
Cristian Pantoja (1 month ago)
Michael Jackson 💕
Cristian Pantoja (1 month ago)
Michael Jackson Y qué Y qué Y qué ♿💛👈✌
little cyrus (1 year ago)
he looks like my teacher ps my teacher is a girl
maham john (1 year ago)
i want my skin complexion like him!!!!
maham john (2 years ago)
maybe king of pop gone but legends are still alive in hearts
Tamashiro Anaid (2 years ago)
que hermoso como te extraño mi rey del pop eres mi vida entera
No Way (2 years ago)
I love this video set to a great track. MJ for ever.
john siami (2 years ago)
Michael jackson was my life my love I love him soooooo I made Hollywood tonight cover Please Watch and comment me ♡♡♡love you always MJ♡♡♡
Walid ChetOne (2 years ago)
Michael you're amazing walid chetOne
at 2:44 when he licked his lips, i licked at the sam time unknowingly.. but when i realized i did it with him, an automatic smile came on my face he was smiling or laughing the same time... thanks for te video, better than the actuall one... :)
+minebros teaex :) :D
minebros teaex (1 year ago)
Teena: i love mj mj is life me too
Vicent Flores (3 years ago)
htcevo12 (3 years ago)
Love u micheal god always bless you
Laura Jackson (3 years ago)
Michael Jackson in hollywood of the king of pop
Driver #01 (3 years ago)
Muy bien echo aunque es falso pero great work!!!!.
Sake Sake (4 years ago)
Человек попросту неплохи и хороший это уж видать!!!
sebaalarcon90 (4 years ago)
Thats hollywood tonight remix but with out the rap
ofelia morales (4 years ago)
That was me
marika kovács (4 years ago)
Tkanks!  God bless you!!!
İhsan Burak Atinc (6 years ago)
what version is this one ?
Lauren S (7 years ago)
@Zelanore me too :'(
Zelanore (7 years ago)
That is one lucky girl! Wish I could have hugged MJ
SGVMJ (7 years ago)
@000Zeke Thank u veryyy much! God bless you!!!
Piotr Kołodziejczyk (4 months ago)
onesti Agee (1 year ago)
SGVMJ good job
000Zeke (7 years ago)
OMG *_* Great videoooo ♥ MJ would have liked it.
I love it!
Paula11123 (7 years ago)
@SGVMJ - Don't mention it. ;D
SGVMJ (7 years ago)
@Paula11123 Thank you :D i thought .... i'm happy now :)
Paula11123 (7 years ago)
SGVMJ - i like it. : D
SGVMJ (7 years ago)
@Paula11123 have you disliked the video?
Paula11123 (7 years ago)
heh. :) :D
emre aylanc (7 years ago)
michael jackson always !!
Lally86s (7 years ago)
ti amo sempre Michael

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