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To all the ROXY girls who Let The Sea Set You Free! Join us on January 24th....We Dare You.

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We set out on a journey to let the sea set us free by learning what makes each of you a Roxy girl. Looking back on the countless videos, photos, quotes, faces, languages, and experiences, we've come out more inspired, more free, and more daring than we could have ever dreamed of. Thank you! How Do You Dare Yourself? http://on.fb.me/T2N34y 5 Girls Could Win An Epic Adventure With Roxy Athletes And Up To USD 5,000! Want To Know How? Join Us on January 24th, 2013... WE DARE YOU....http://on.fb.me/T2N34y MUSIC: Artist: 1985 Song: A Beautiful Life http://www.roxy.com/ http://www.facebook.com/roxy
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Text Comments (16)
Sarah Thomas (5 years ago)
what song is this,,.I love it so much
MinzyAlly93 (5 years ago)
I wanna learn how to surf.... <3
Lory Hagopian (6 years ago)
i love you roxy! all the way from lebanon
michk96 (6 years ago)
here because of 1985!!!!! The band who sang this song.;)
maiwen van dijk (6 years ago)
I'm motocross rider I can participate ???
Savana Roach (6 years ago)
This just made me love Roxy even more
Ellen O'Connor (6 years ago)
Where are the roxy bodyboarders?? :)
Jodie Burke (6 years ago)
i am 13, my brothers are all sponsered and i want to be a modle and a roxy surfer just like kelia moniz :)
Julie Brondeel (6 years ago)
yea me too.. What's this about exactly?
Haley Hendrix (6 years ago)
I love this so much! I love Roxy so much!
Tania Colon (6 years ago)
im 14 and it would be my dream to enter too :)
Everyday Favourites (6 years ago)
What age should be in order to participate? by that I have 13 and it would be my dream to enter! *.*
tiwidesk (6 years ago)
I wanna be a Roxy girl!!
Nick (6 years ago)
Wait do i have to be 18 again??
Sanne (6 years ago)
love it!!!
TheBaruliii (6 years ago)
Oh my god !! My dream is be in ROXY TEAM !! And somebody learn me how to surf.

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