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Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight

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Watch in HQ for better Sound! Hollywood Tonight by Michael Jackson Ripped of: Michael Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Text Comments (157)
Loizri Rabah (15 days ago)
Paul Stanford (1 month ago)
Aw weinstein
Jordi Adsuar (1 month ago)
Is better the original demo, recorded in 2001 ( Era Invincible )
Lance Vance (2 months ago)
Michael jackson or not... 1) it's sounds pretty similar 2) this song is great So what's your problem
Ashley Pavia (3 months ago)
Michael Jackson King pop Michael
Murray Herts (3 months ago)
This actually does sound like Michael, the voice is much stronger than Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up and Monster
IM A KING (3 months ago)
Sound like bille jean
Ajith Jayasinghe (4 months ago)
this legend will never die
Sarita Brown (4 months ago)
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Kelly Vázquez (6 months ago)
Sigo pensando qué no la canta Michael:(
Taeyeon Valerie (9 months ago)
😎 mj 😎
Antonella Crosby (9 months ago)
Ciclalli Silva (10 months ago)
The best thing about mj like always he has given and that is jobs to his fans that are continuing his work by people acting to be him or sing at places.😊
Vasiliki Mnl (10 months ago)
Come onnnnn this is Michael shut upp😩
Lauren Carpenter (4 months ago)
Vasiliki Mnl right
Laughing Hard (1 year ago)
King of pop! (though I admit i I do not like the long bridge the spoke part)
Lena Brandt (1 year ago)
This is an unrealised Song from invincible you Can tipe in on you Tube Michael Jackson holywood tonight Original and then listen to it before Sony Mixed it and i personally think the original one is way better :)
Joel Max (1 year ago)
I love This song
Rejane Lima (1 year ago)
Música boa!!!
Lucy D (1 year ago)
I believe that it's Michael's and Jason's vocals mixed together, I mean some parts are MJ's and some are Jason's
Cícera Barbosa (1 year ago)
Michael, a Estrela mais brilhante que mundo já teve !
Karol Santos (1 year ago)
I don't know...I don't think that this is his real voice, btw it's a great song
Karinne Campos (1 year ago)
this álbum is so AMAZING,but is so sad that he is fake! it's Jason Malachi in all álbum "Michael" The sons of Michael also says it.
Mohammad Sufian (1 year ago)
Karinne Campos Nope, This song was sang by Michael Jackson. 'Keep your head up', 'Monster' and 'Breaking News' r Only Three song which were sung by A Fake Singer named Jason Malachi
Karinne Campos (1 year ago)
Paris Jackson says that it's not Michael singing,and that álbum is fake! I agree that this voice is different.
bob robin (1 year ago)
Breaking News, Hollywood Tonight, Hold my Hand, Much too soon, Best of Joy, (I like) the way you love me, Behind the Mask, and etc are all Michael Jackson. Now as for I'm Still The King...
beatrice schneider (1 year ago)
common all the people who really love Michael.. dont you hear that is not him??
beatrice schneider (1 year ago)
i am sure that it is not him !!
Soviet_Motherland (1 year ago)
music by Jason malachi
Ricardo Silveira (3 months ago)
Bem que eu desconfiava
Neelarka Roy (1 year ago)
اغاني جميله جدا
cristian Jackson (2 years ago)
al menos esta canción es de Michael Jackson no como breaking news
Daniel Oliveira (9 months ago)
cristian Jackson será????
D.N (2 years ago)
D.N (2 years ago)
this on hes channel michaeljacksonVEVO so this is 100% mj!
Jackery Heals (2 years ago)
i believe this song is michael. songs like monster and breaking news on the other hand i do jot
Jackery Heals (2 years ago)
Carl Mitchinson (2 years ago)
Whacko jacko glad he's dead the fucking freak
CARA_MEL DPN (2 years ago)
you'r 10 right ?
Røhan Mathęw (2 years ago)
Why tho?
Nicolas Sanchez (2 years ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂i love you Mikel
Tais Molina (2 years ago)
yes maybe you should not have to be the first
With What Did You Made This
Walid ChetOne (2 years ago)
I love you Michael Jackson you awesome
Jonathan Mizrachi (2 years ago)
That's not Michael Jackson.
Jordi Adsuar (1 month ago)
+Shining Darkness is recorded in 2001, in the invincible era
Neishka Román (2 years ago)
It is the voice of Michael, but Sony Music edited it to sound thick.
Shining Darkness (2 years ago)
You dont even know his voice if you say that If youre a real fan you'll regognize his voice And it sounds different cause he recorded in 2007 so he had an old voice
MultiWerewolf11 (2 years ago)
For those saying its Michael are wrong. This is a lesser known singer known as Jason Malachi. He's a indie/pop rock singer who sounds similar to Michael. If you listen you can hear the punk style in his voice.
p4r4d0x ओ
Skyler Schwartz (2 years ago)
This is Michael. This is why some of these tracks don't sound like him. These tracks are basically demos. When he died, they had only one take of his vocals on some of these songs and some of these needed worked on to fix Michael's keys and pitches so it sounds perfect. They took his vocals and put them in Melodyne to fix his mistakes. As they kept trying to fix his keys and pitches, his voice started change and they could do anything about it because he wasn't there to do more versions of the songs. That is why they released Xscape because those we basically left over tracks from his album sessions. That is why Michael sounds different in this album.
Max Shabazz (3 months ago)
This is Michael. This song has been worked on since 99 all the way up to 2008 and has been corroborated by his collaborators (Michael Prince, brad buxer). There is also several demo versions of this song floating around on the net. Breaking News, Monster and Keep Your Head up on the other hand is definitely not MJ
מאיר רונן (3 months ago)
This is not Michael on this song. The voice is simply not him. And it is not je cause of the sound was not mixed or performed or anything like that. In a concert he did not sound like this either. It is not him in that song I am sure about that.
Master Emerald (8 months ago)
I like those two but they're definitely that Malachi guy with some MJ samples used on some verses.
Pubtomfoolery (1 year ago)
Monster and Breaking News aren't him, the vibrato of the singer isn't MJ's.
Anthony Conetta (1 year ago)
Skyler Schwartz i78%0&', k
Cian McGovern (2 years ago)
this one is Michael
Bright Shadow (2 years ago)
Its not mj voice~
David Sleeuwaert (2 years ago)
This is not M.J singing!!!
Tsukino Usagi (2 years ago)
I hate what they've done with Michael's demos. I would like to hear it pure, as Michael left it.
BecsaRe Reyez Vargaz (2 years ago)
no entiendo ni madres
N-tox (1 year ago)
This song is so epic!
es la canción mas padre de michael jackson q e escuchado en verdad es el rey del pop:-)
Brenda Lee Singer (3 years ago)
makes me dance too I love you so much Michael Joseph Jackson forever and ever I really miss you
moviee5 (1 year ago)
Everyone like Brenda lee singer if you agree.
c m (3 years ago)
this michael but if it anit its a good tribute but i think it is michael mixed with billie jean
c m (3 years ago)
this is michael jackson singing its a mix of billi jean but its amazing
AudioCrillz (3 years ago)
just sounds like MJ is using some auto-tune on his vocals... still sounds like him to me tho...
Lauren Carpenter (4 months ago)
AudioCrillz same
Terrence Malbrough (3 years ago)
MJs voice, I know. Nope this aint it. Good but not Mike. Smh
Mezzy (3 years ago)
Aiden Aguilar (3 years ago)
Toya Dezire (3 years ago)
Makes Me dance.
Rafael Barreto (1 year ago)
Me to
Toya Dezire (3 years ago)
Captain Palsy (3 years ago)
That IS Michael Keep Your Head up, Monster, Breaking News, some of that is Michael in snippets the fills are not 
J.A Fra (3 years ago)
NO way MJ isnt in that 3 songs... is a lomg story and if ears arent telling you he isnt there you can research for evidences as there are a lot...
H (4 years ago)
Is it me or did half of this NOT sound like him...
Dolhins smj (4 years ago)
Maybe they mixed Michael and Jason but it's obviusly this song isn't mj voice of all.
Shanice Phillips (6 months ago)
Dolhins smj this is mj
Michael J. Jackson (4 years ago)
+Dolhins smj It definitely wasn't because Jason's talking voice differs a lot from Michael's and Michael talks in the demo. Plus, the demo beatboxing is undeniably Michael's.
Dolhins smj (4 years ago)
What if the demo was Jason too?
Michael J. Jackson (4 years ago)
Actually, it is 100% Michael. You would know that if you've heard the demo.
Giancarlo Centoundici (4 years ago)
I hear MJ 30 years ago. And this is not MJ. Maybe, Malachi.
Nina Benjamin (3 years ago)
It is DEF MJ, you must not have heard the demo...plus don't you recognize *his* beatboxing?  There are only 3 songs that have been in dispute and this is definitely not one of them nor is it a Cascio song. The speaking part is his nephew...otherwise it's all him.  They did remove an important line from the demo...don't know why.  
RagingDaniel (4 years ago)
Michael Sings in his Real Voice sometimes not fucking High pitched all the damn time
Andrew Hawley (4 years ago)
Instead of wasting your time bitching about if it's him or not, how about you just enjoy the music, and if you don't enjoy it, get the hell out.
Kara Aasr (4 years ago)
emmanuel mckoy (4 years ago)
To me Breaking News,Monster and Keep Your Head Up(which to some are said to be Jason Malachi and not MJ) sounds more like MJ then this.I dunno why but they do.
Michael jacksonVIDEO (3 years ago)
+Michael Jackson Fan I have the demos 2 monster breaking news and keep your head up on my channel if you are interested
Michael Jackson Fan (4 years ago)
hmmm tbh i think that breaking news, monster and keep your head up are mixes of jason malachi and michael, because he didn't finish those; pity that they have mixed too much jason in it. but hollywood tonight is also mixed, (without malachi) if u listen to the hollywood tonight demo, it's 100% michael. but i do think that this also sounds like mike
DrShemp (4 years ago)
This song was sang by Jason Malachi, who did a great job and brought MJ's message he wanted about Hollywood. Great song.
Jim Swag (4 years ago)
 This isn't Jason Malachi; it's Michael Jackson. Listen to Invincible and you should see it's Michael. The songs Malachi likely sang on are "Breaking News", "Keep Your Head Up" and "Monster".
Loyal Productions (5 years ago)
dude.. dont look at the way we spell.. look at WHAT is the meaning.. what is the intention... and btw.. mike never finished a skool ya know??? ;-) so yes.. he probably isnt the best at gramar himself ;) think about that goldencity negativeman ;) peace
melissa lopez (5 years ago)
all of u need to relax...were all mj fan...we are all ONE....so start acting like it...i dont care if u believe he's alive or not...stop acting like lil kids smh
Ben Ambrazaitis (5 years ago)
this song is saying that you leave everything for hollywood and it stabs you in the back, now thats not a positive thing is it?
fly123223 (5 years ago)
Why is there somebody with the annoying low voice in the backround? Does it add something to the song?
Jon Startop (5 years ago)
Listen to the lyrics, dumbass. They're about how cruel Hollywood is. And clearly, this is an African-American accent.
Jon Startop (5 years ago)
Clearly, you're not a smart person.
Jon Startop (5 years ago)
I'm a fan too. Why are you calling me a "freaking jerk"? I never even said anything to you. Mind your own dumbass business and don't mindlessly get mad at strangers.
Jon Startop (5 years ago)
And the reason that I am being so rude to you, even though I have never met you, is because you called me a "freaking jerk" when I never even said anything to you, ever.
Jon Startop (5 years ago)
[Point 2: Let's say your dumbass idea that MJ's alive is true. If that were true, don't you think that it is your duty as a fan to not spread that info? If he were hiding, why would any loyal fan tell that to people. He wouldn't want people to know that he was alive. You are so dumb! Alive or not, you should shut up. It's spammers like you that screw up social media.
Jon Startop (5 years ago)
"think he is not dead you peoples!!" Don't be a dumbass! [Point 1: There is always at least 1 traitor in MJ's circle of people. Someone to leak an unreleased song or spread a rumor. Don't you think that if he were alive, someone in his circles would have leaked some sort of evidence of it by now? Also, evidence of his death was used in court. You really think every single person in the court is lying about him being dead?] Point 2 is on the next comment.
MELANIE DEDRICK (5 years ago)
3 days after my birthday :(
Alexis Yvonne (5 years ago)
he did die in 2009. June 25th 2009 to be exact.
Ancient Outlaw (5 years ago)
And thats a bad thing? LMFAO
Marcia Telusma (5 years ago)
right and this person posted that comment 3 weeks ago and Micheal died in 2009
alex valdes (5 years ago)
your fake dude know one beleives your michael
Jon Startop (5 years ago)
He made it in 2007, died in 2009. His people edited it for 2010.
Jon Startop (5 years ago)
No way in hell are you a real MJ fan, then.
Jon Startop (5 years ago)
Yes it is.
Bussakorn Woo (5 years ago)
HNY 4 MJ Fans
Mimi shawi (6 years ago)
He's been around for nearly 5 decades, don't you think his fans KNOW his voice? We KNOW his style, his originality,his rhythm & the kind of moral ethic lyrics he chooses. Michael would never choose 'she's doing hollywood tonight' the video & the song is a disgrace & a lie. Michael coined Hollywood negatively, don't believe me? Read Too Bad/ 2 Bad lyrics, I quote "Hell all up in Hollywood Seeing that she's got it good Creepin' from another hole Tellin' what somebody told" SONY, shame on you
MegaSoniczone (1 year ago)
Mimi shawi This is Michael. First of all, this is not from the Cascio tracks (Monster, Breaking News, etc.) this was recorded around the time Invincible was being made, and if you've actually listened to what is on that album, you will hear how he's got a wide range when it comes to his voice, for example, 2000 Watts. Also, this song isn't about how Hollywood is great, it's about how, while it may look great from afar, it's a different story when you're the one in the limelight. "And then when she got her dream she became a star, it all looked so good, but only good from afar." The song itself is about a girl who wants to be big in Hollywood, but when she does, it turns out that it's only good from afar, having paparazzi following you everywhere, getting media attention for every little thing you do, etc. So yes, this is Michael, and this message is something he would send.
Glynn Jones (6 years ago)
this plays fine with no buffering - you have a net problem
lavert1970 (6 years ago)
Love this song & the album cover. The spoken part (1:59-2:30) is Taryll Jackon lead singer of 3T,his nephew. P.S. this is pure MJ
Krista P (6 years ago)
Amazing song but this ain't Michael :)
Kristin (6 years ago)
this isnt mj i know his voice and this aint it!! its jason malachi
Kristin (6 years ago)
hollidayevery (6 years ago)
Common fact: MJ was born in Gary, Indiana. Fact: Motown had moved out of Detroit and was in Hollywood primarily when the J5 were first introduced to the world in a big way (they had a record deal with Steeltown Records, but after they signed with Motown, that contract had to be dealt with somehow). Motown was technically operating out of Hollywood during the time that the J5 were sprung on us. One of their producers, Hal Davis, worked in California. Look it up!
Iris Plant (6 years ago)
I love this song *-* Thank you soo much, KingXOfXPop!
Ancient Outlaw (6 years ago)
No way in hell this is MJ
GalaxySmellson〈3 (6 years ago)
Nicole Tymcio (6 years ago)
zgadzam się <3
Nicole Tymcio (6 years ago)
in the video dancing the best dancer in the world "Sofia Boutella", and sing this song the best singer in the world, of course..MICHAEL <3 !!! LOVE THIS SONG!
PokemonPicsNStuff (6 years ago)
PokemonPicsNStuff (6 years ago)
and besides this was made in 2010
PokemonPicsNStuff (6 years ago)
im a michael jackson fan #1 of his fans
PokemonPicsNStuff (6 years ago)
if he didnt go to hollywood he wouldnt be famous MOTOWN duh
PokemonPicsNStuff (6 years ago)
hollywood is where he got famous if he didnt go there he wouldnt be so famous

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