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Quicksilver slow motion fight scene HD

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From X-Men: Days of Future Past
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Team Grizzly Productions (2 months ago)
That one cop also played inspector gadget
POINT/LESS (9 months ago)
And then he like " Didn't seen that coming, huh?"
sneeky winky (1 year ago)
omg,i cry while watching this.i really love slow motion cause its so beautiful and this scene is so beautiful,funny and have my fav actor as a quicksilver.again i cry with so much happiness
thomas houghton (1 year ago)
I need to watch this movie
Severno (1 year ago)
You realize he just shoved the cop at a speed faster than a bullet?
kodi (1 year ago)
his shirt say pink floyd
Beyond the Mind (2 years ago)
song name pls?
Akrudibum Rum (1 year ago)
Beyond the Mind time in a bottle by Jim croce.

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