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Kill The Noise - Kill It 4 The Kids (feat. AWOLNATION & R. City)

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Kill The Noise has announced his new album, OCCULT CLASSIC, a 10-track LP that showcases his versatility across different musical styles, pairing his signature brand of intricate electronic music with beautiful melodies and the intensity of a live rock show. For his first full-length, KTN has recruited electronic rock mainstays AWOLNATION, Bryn Christopher of I See Monstas, Dillon Francis, Feed Me, Tommy Trash, Madsonik, Stalking Gia and twoton for his most diverse body of work to date. http://OCCULTCLASSIC.TV Support the 'OCCULT CLASSIC' LP: ✚ iTunes: http://smarturl.it/occultclassic ✚ Beatport: http://smarturl.it/occultclassic_bp ✚ Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/occultclassic_am ✚ Google Play: http://smarturl.it/occultclassic_gp ✚ Stream: http://smarturl.it/occultclassic_stream Follow Kill The Noise: ✚ http://facebook.com/killthenoise ✚ http://twitter.com/killthenoise ✚ http://soundcloud.com/killthenoise ✚ http://instagram.com/killthenoise Follow AWOLNATION: ✚ http://facebook.com/AWOLNATION ✚ http://twitter.com/AWOLNATION ✚ http://soundcloud.com/AWOLNATION ✚ http://instagram.com/AWOLNATION Follow R. City: ✚ http://facebook.com/RCity ✚ http://twitter.com/RCity ✚ http://soundcloud.com/wearerockcity Out now on OWSLA
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Text Comments (261)
Ewan Colvin (7 months ago)
wtf first few seconds already kills it
X.I.D. est 2142 H.D. (8 months ago)
Rose X (11 months ago)
dear multinational f☆ck corporation (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎
Adrian Mhernandez (1 year ago)
Adrian Mhernandez (1 year ago)
Mira Jr. (1 year ago)
Here thanks to Hit The Stage
thisgirlovesmakeup (1 year ago)
PimPlayer69 (1 year ago)
i told you to KILL THE NOISE DO THAT SHIT!!!
We are stoked that AWOLNATION is heading out on tour! Check out their tour video and show dates here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omxSIypuG4M Have you seen AWOLNATION live before!?
Maribel Castillo (1 year ago)
Any1 else her cause of hit the stage
Sam Miller (2 years ago)
dirrrrrty. Fuckin love it
宥生蘇 (2 years ago)
Trump it ?
Prince Yuki (2 years ago)
am i the only one here from hit the stage?
MAAAtryoshka (7 months ago)
Im from there too!
Kaito Shion (8 months ago)
Daniel Burrell (9 months ago)
Prince Yuki poreotics
Cat Horn (1 year ago)
Prince Yuki ...No you are not
+OWSLA can Matt McGuire do a cover for this plz?
motaz sijaja (2 years ago)
freak as shit hit dat bong nigga
Vinyl Fanboy (2 years ago)
This must be KTN's first twerk song.
THE Pointy Doughnut (2 years ago)
why is this song so lit?
miguel marron (2 years ago)
Buena rola de desmadrol
Laura (2 years ago)
Kill it 4 the Kids (Original Mix) Kill it 4 the kids (VIP)
Vinyl Fanboy (2 years ago)
Mr. Collipark & Meaux Green - No Discrimination (feat. Cupid) (Kill The Noise Remix ft AWOLNATION & R. City)
kill the noise for me
MATSUSHIMA (2 years ago)
onumi (2 years ago)
sounds like the main riff of "8bit" by deadmau5
MARKRAM (3 years ago)
Similar style to Jack Ü's Beats Knockin
MrWinchester1995 (3 years ago)
anyone know the trap or dubstep song that sounds like they are saying kill kill kill over and over again? this is the only person i can find lease help!!
Russell Groenewoud (3 years ago)
I wonder if Toonami or Adult Swim would choose this track someday? This kicks ass! \m/
Russell Groenewoud (3 years ago)
+Andrew Soldenski Aw, HELL YEAH! that would easily kick ass on one program block. :D
Russell Groenewoud (3 years ago)
+BPoe07 Yeah. It would be sick on Adult Swim. :D
BPoe07 (3 years ago)
+Russell Groenewoud They might, but only for Adult Swim (language), and only for the lamest cartoon in that bunch. Because they have to be hipsters about it and "ironic" and all. And given CN's track record? They'll do it for the "girly" show of the bunch. :) Thinking they're trolling and all that. :D
Josiah Eckert (3 years ago)
JohnTheGoatSkrt (3 years ago)
Good Song. Your new album is beast keep it up!
nig nog (3 years ago)
Yea! Kill the noise! Woooooo
Erick Torres Enriquez (3 years ago)
Holi :v
Leah Moonsong (3 years ago)
Why is everyone comparing this masterpiece to Jack Ü??
Aiko Yumi (3 years ago)
Donald TRump turned into burger meat, OMFG...
Big Smoke (3 years ago)
every song on the album is following a style from another artist: Kill it 4 the kids - Jack ü Fuk ur mgmt - Habstrakt Mine - Flux Pavilion I Do Coke with feed me - Destructo (reminds me of destructo - techno) Without a trace - Flume Louder - [i can only hear tommy trash in It] Dolphin on wheels - Wiwek Lose ya love - Ookay All In my head - What so not
Zibsidian (1 year ago)
"Without A Trace" is Porter Robinson.
Jaime Brown (2 years ago)
You can mix the songs on the album with songs by the corresponding producer pretty well to be exact. I mixed together this with Beats Knockin and Febreze (both by Jack U) and it sounds badass
Laura (3 years ago)
+who put u on the planet don't forget Spitfire Riddim
Resurrected (3 years ago)
+who put u on the planet Without a trace reminded me of Porter
Logan Welty (3 years ago)
+who put u on the planet true
Henry Kiley (3 years ago)
KTN be sounding like Skrillex, Skrillex be sounding like idk...
LiL Stain (3 years ago)
sound mad but beast
Bennett R. (3 years ago)
Anyone else hear Beastie Boys in the start or is that just me?
Michael white (3 years ago)
0:38 Droping like a rock in the Grand Canyon. 8 Blocks away you can still feel the beat bangin. Best to hydrate or leave hear prone in a meat wagion, Front to back side to side, Love how the kick swangin. Grimmy ass growl flutter, Got me higher than a half pound of KONA Butter.
Slipthorn (3 years ago)
Ya suck
alessio carta (3 years ago)
best intro
Acua Tree (3 years ago)
Wath the Fucking !! This is great song Fuck ye!
Saltied (3 years ago)
I told you already! KILL THE NOISE!
gamer22887 (3 years ago)
so good
yahya zakariyya (3 years ago)
please make video for this song .. i like this song very much
yahya zakariyya (3 years ago)
please make video for this song .. i like this song very much
juan marino fioretti (3 years ago)
i was losing my faith with all this producers who had their own style back then in the 2011/12 and sold it for being more commertial now i see that kill the noise still have a little of that style im recovering that faith
exo (3 years ago)
When the beat drops I'm like: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
Nayla Slayz (3 years ago)
i really don't understand why you guys arn't more popular
OSxMinato (3 years ago)
Hernan ibañez (3 years ago)
Nose por q skrillex tiene tantos sub y owsla tan pocos 😕😕😕
Hernan ibañez (3 years ago)
El unico q habla español
DJ Run4kover (3 years ago)
I love me some kill the noise
Flowlee (3 years ago)
Why's everyone complaining? This track's good.
I Am Doge (3 years ago)
c: i like the song
U GOT 2 WAKE (3 years ago)
coolest track
Tails Prower (3 years ago)
That fucking Jack Ü snare needs to be erraticated ASAP.
Yikak4 (3 years ago)
That Jack U snare though
Hasan Ertürk (3 years ago)
El kol serbest??
Gabriel Castillo (3 years ago)
The only 1 cool song of the entire album. KTN is another complete sellout. What a shame :/
Theo Martel (3 years ago)
Kill the F#$#$%king Noise \m/
. (3 years ago)
Kill Ü
dank bonkripper78 (3 years ago)
The beginning must be Awol singing, "Hotdogs, then we kill the noise." Lol.
Aaron Norris (3 years ago)
Kill the Noise will always be my favorite artist
Rory E (3 years ago)
fail lol
apvk (3 years ago)
+DudmasterUltra Scratcher rip your youtube channel
Rory E (3 years ago)
rip ktn
Gaige Roberts (3 years ago)
kill the noise does not sounds good mixed with this type of music, hes got totally different style. That new day trap ruins his grime
MochaLatte (3 years ago)
This is fuckin dope. I luv this. !! I listen to this by myself and Im feelin all the vibes. Luv you OWSLA 😌
YAHUH the way (3 years ago)
just take AWOLNATION out and it would be ok
Ghost King Gamer (3 years ago)
+Milo Cordova Fuck AWOLNATION is the best part of the song
Sasik (3 years ago)
The drop when you turn up the speed to 1.25!
zythion (3 years ago)
Noticed first drop sounds like the one off of Jack U's song Beats Knockin
Go KTN! #KTNforpresident
White Washed (3 years ago)
Why ain't this slapper longer?
DJ Run4kover (3 years ago)
loadescape (3 years ago)
um excuse me, but this isn't the Kill The Noise we all know and love.
Chris Didomenico (3 years ago)
gimme da gimme da gimme da beat!!!!
Kyle Mock (3 years ago)
When I first heard this song I thought they were saying Camden yards not kill the noise :p
Carlos Poveda (3 years ago)
TheeGayFrog (3 years ago)
Sell out game strong
Oliver Kelly (3 years ago)
Aleix Torras (3 years ago)
Kill the noise, Awolnation and Rock City?????!!!! This is amazing!!!.
Stevonniel (3 years ago)
First, Aaron said to kill my heroes, now, he says to kill the noise? Are you even gonna pay me? Jk XDD this song sounds amazing *^*
izayuh. (3 years ago)
Kill your heroes
OMDBband (3 years ago)
MrJiilo (3 years ago)
my neighbour hates me !
Zach Hersko (3 years ago)
Good, but it sounds familiar
Kira Jaek (3 years ago)
KillTheNoise Regresa :3 Jaja <3 Joder.
MiljeDays (3 years ago)
Dammad Beatz (3 years ago)
♪┏(°.°)┛┗(°.°)┛┏(°.°)┓ ♪
Pillow Guy (3 years ago)
I was waiting for KTN Part 3.. :(
Vene (3 years ago)
Bruh same 😩 I really want those hardcore growls
cris casallas (3 years ago)
+Ghaith115 it was all in my head ft alwanation (remix or VIP mix)?? i guess
matt S (3 years ago)
+Ghaith115 All good things must come to an end.
Paul Andrew (3 years ago)
Awesome track!!!
OCULARFILMS (3 years ago)
Bestial!!! like Beats Knockin', but still great!!
Bilbo Swaggins (3 years ago)
Short but a great listen!
Der Levent (3 years ago)
Please tell me is it now the 10th september or the 9th october?
Uncopyrighted Vibes (3 years ago)
Nice one!
Luis Márquez (3 years ago)
Maxime Georgin (3 years ago)
My Bootleg [KILL THE NOISE VS AXWELL ^ INGROSSO VS VALENTINO KHAN (XAM BOOTLEG)] > https://soundcloud.com/maxime-georgin/kill-the-noise-vs-axwell-ingrosso-vs-valentino-khan-xam-bootleg
DnB Soldier (3 years ago)
I like it, the track goes great with my hyperactivity disorder.
Scapy (3 years ago)
micheeeeeeel c:
Haven Harrison (3 years ago)
jair leiva (3 years ago)
Kill the noise is fucking master ♥♥♥
Isak Dahlin (3 years ago)
The vocals is really unneccesary
erik c. (3 years ago)
+Spooky Skeleton its AWOL. best get used to it 'Spooky Skeleton'..
Jaden Dunn (3 years ago)
super cool song. So excited for the Lp.
Angel Helme Lujan (3 years ago)
Jack Ü ar yu jir ? :v
Sebastian Carvajal (3 years ago)
I think Jack Ü help Kill The Noise in this track... so much Beats Knockin.
alean von mcxanax (3 years ago)
love the mac miller sample

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