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Cutting live Moray eel at Sai Kung seafood market - Hong Kong

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Cutting live Moray eel, Muraenidae at Sai Kung seafood market. Amazing!!! Cutting Live Starfish Seastar at Sai Kung seafood market - Hong Kong https://youtu.be/Hw8yJeJ1fwk Amazing Cutting Fish at Sai Kung seafood market - Hong Kong https://youtu.be/_6ttZF409ic Incredible Seafood Market in Hong Kong https://youtu.be/SXcupxZlrrg Goldfish Market, Pet Market in Tung Choi Street, Hong Kong https://youtu.be/3o7pMQMXbBs ...
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Text Comments (955)
Anime Flash (8 days ago)
What about cooking a live human baby? 😡😡😡😡
ratheesh ts (11 days ago)
This is cruel. Stupid
Jennifer Lopez (1 month ago)
The only thing that’s disturbing about this video, is the lack of sharpness the knife has! Please sharpen it! Also, I’m sorry if that’s the wrong name of the object being used to cut the eel, I’m not cultured & don’t know the correct name.
ian L (1 month ago)
So many dumb racist people if your racist then why watch?
JH Gaming (1 month ago)
Here come the feminists
Sandeep SingH (2 months ago)
God ne Animal Bnane hi nae thhe Isse Acha tou inka Ek Alag planet hota jo Earth ki tarah hota aue bho b apni Life ji Skte
isaac Bringas (2 months ago)
Well the head first thats a "human" way to kill an aninal i think
frosty75 (2 months ago)
Would love to see this bitch being dispatched the same way .quarterd alive FUCKING YELLOW SCUMBAGS
Faraz. B (2 months ago)
I lowkey JSUT wanna chip away at a eel until it’s in 2inch pieces
steve Russo (2 months ago)
I'm surprised she still has all her fingers.
luigi freda (2 months ago)
just an animal ... the one with the knife.
I am Everywhere (2 months ago)
I should be sleeping
Kanight - (3 months ago)
Dont hate but the cuttlefish tried to grab the scissors in the cuttlefish video... That was sad...
Zeke Tajudin (3 months ago)
Vegan can go die
Suresh singh (3 months ago)
They r isis
MultiChintoo (3 months ago)
God will punish you
Victor Leon (3 months ago)
Wao :-)
Are We Not Men (3 months ago)
Extremely cruel and unsustainable, stop this! Your culture is murderous and hideous. Fuck all of you garlic stinking fucks.
Andrew Lam (3 months ago)
I would say fudge you PETA... lol
Wyatt Richardson (3 months ago)
Guys don’t worry as soon as the knife goes into it’s neck it’s dead instantly just like a gunshot to the head
Hardcore Jubul (3 months ago)
Thats a lame plastic aquarium
The Hoop (3 months ago)
Hope they get bit, I mean cant they eat noodles?!?!?!?!?
Joseph Schneider (3 months ago)
Mother fuckers, putting ecosystem in such risk, killing species that may be in danger of disappearing.
Nerys Htd (3 months ago)
Cómo pueden ver que los matan y los siguen comprando para comer qué horror pobres animales
doll lover (3 months ago)
to those butthurts in the comments,this is frikin food and we need food to stay alive so stop saying it's cruel
sasan jamshidi (3 months ago)
ugly people
pushkar dandekar (3 months ago)
Yes ,please try to avoid nonveg.. ur stomach is not grave yard of animals.. :(
Lucivan Alves Pereira (3 months ago)
1:47 oléeee kkkk
BOB JOE (3 months ago)
1:05 right there. Instant death. Any movement after is all its nerves
Edie on FIRE (3 months ago)
This is painful to watch 😓
ProteinHammer (3 months ago)
Horrible job butchering it.
FlaVa FlaV (3 months ago)
Vegan T R I G G E R E D
d k (3 months ago)
i don't need you human, but you need me -nature
vinze junior (3 months ago)
As soon as the head was chopped, the animal felt NOTHING! So Chill. They felt a sting for a split second then felt nothing afterwards.
无名 (3 months ago)
1:46 nope
Adam 32 (3 months ago)
Those fish are infidels which have to be killed but lol look at the juke at 1:46
Rangga Angga (3 months ago)
Well this is forbidden to eat in my religion, for cutting meat u must pray first
Rahmawan (3 months ago)
ever osfp (3 months ago)
I feel very bad for these fishes. ...
Kayn The Cosmic shadow (3 months ago)
many soft hearted ppl here get your bitch ass out , go watch disney or something
Ice Bong (3 months ago)
chop chop chop
Dooms Day (3 months ago)
3rd eel should be thrown back into water fking Chinese buffey it even managed to hide in the sack
adam ili (4 months ago)
There’s something fishy about this video.
Koji Kuza (4 months ago)
the most feared creature that ever walk the earth.. if u can read this u one of them..
Jessica He (4 months ago)
Why am I watching this?
TheTemest (4 months ago)
I wouldn't pay for those. Stinking rusty, dull blade mutilated those things.
Elvin Lau (4 months ago)
chinese people are asshole
Just Someone (4 months ago)
I like how they wiggle. =) Yummy and fun to watch!
Hanafy Sullivan (4 months ago)
Next cutting live human
Albert Maurais (4 months ago)
siempre he querido saber la relaciòn entre tortura animal y tamaño del pene
ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΜΜΑ (4 months ago)
Mark Hall (4 months ago)
mmmmmmmmmmmmm... moray eel...
600 Herb (4 months ago)
If you have a problem then don’t watch the video fvck man 🤦🏽‍♂️💯
TheMoniMoe (4 months ago)
Is he still fighting..... wow
Roy Roy (4 months ago)
Adreean Tan (4 months ago)
I like to eat fried eel with spicy flavor that is very tasty plus oyster sauce😋... so YUMMY👌
Eric Adryanto (4 months ago)
i wish that knife will cut your finger someday. Amen 😇
Shi N (4 months ago)
Cut half it's neck, cut off it's face, and barely cut open it's skull but leave the brain intact. If we wanted to materialize the concept of pain in it's simplest/purest form that has to be it lol That 3rd eel had it the worst
Yumenga (3 months ago)
The hacking looked so random. It was awful.
Donald Mc Gree (4 months ago)
Very gross cutting something up while it's alive no way
nik co (4 months ago)
They cut the spine so the pain signal wont reach the brain -> no actual feeling of brain And what you saw where just muscle spasms
Nick Krug (4 months ago)
Am going to starve :/
Edwin Quiñones (4 months ago)
I want to be a vegetarian
Edwin Quiñones (4 months ago)
So hard to wacth i thought i heard a squeamish
Ευαγγελια TV (4 months ago)
Atacan Turgut (4 months ago)
First time i watched this kind of videos Im disgusted and I was really against it. But now strangely somehow I started to like it and now I can't stop watching
Hithame Alaghbary (4 months ago)
يلعب لعب
fat mama (4 months ago)
I usually don't comment , but I have to make a statement. To those who find this funny and entertaining need to knock it off , people who think their country is terrible just to find out places do this. Not only this people butcher dogs and cats, it's my opinion to say this shit pisses me off. The people who think this is 'yummy' it's your opinion, I am not trying to give a bad ego to other countries. But to think people do this for fun, those people disgust me and many others, people think cutting up a already dead animal is bad, then they stumble upon this 'side' of YouTube just to find out there is worse things out there. My statement has been made.
DwayneHicks426 (4 months ago)
Went to India to try a sea cucumber fresh from the Ganges River. Turned out to be a turd, extra nutty
Jefferson Pizza (4 months ago)
One thing we don’t need a sharp clever cuz we don’t chop em we make holes in them for the seasoning second culture third idk in Asian and I don’t really like some fish
Jefferson Pizza (4 months ago)
It’s hard to do it on a boat ;:
DI ZAZZO (4 months ago)
That's one tricky fish to clean...
druidboy76 (4 months ago)
Bunch of pussy ass tweens and teens millennials in this comment section.
Catarina Andersson (4 months ago)
Typical chinese people, they kill and eat everything....
SnipeYouFromMars (4 months ago)
All these comments complaining about people saying this is cruel.. I scroll down and i see none...
Southmead Lad (4 months ago)
1st eel looks like my flaccid dobber
Dietpepsivanilla (4 months ago)
So that's where the term "chop, chop" comes from!
Ronald Parsons (4 months ago)
Fucking ruining the meat. I want my chopped up in little pieces. Fucks up the filet's
Budak Swag (4 months ago)
Maybe they can kill it 1st then chop it
D (4 months ago)
Poor fish
Desi Traveler (4 months ago)
Lia Lia (4 months ago)
Why is it majority of the triggered comments are from Americans? "Oh no animal abuse!" Shut tf up people need a living and also food. I swear common sense has left the building with some of you. Calling these people disgusting, cruel ad evil because they don't meet your lala land standards is bs. Also NEWSFLASH ! NO ONE GIVES A FUCK IF YOU'RE VEGAN!!
Fadzlee Nisab (4 months ago)
Fadzlee Nisab (4 months ago)
WHAT THE HACK!!1!! i felt sorry for the moray can you stop eat moray
Allways Animated (4 months ago)
Starting to wonder why this was in my recommended list
saul vargas (4 months ago)
i hate them niggas that are like stop its cruelty like stfu its food there animals we eat... thats it
Booper 343 (4 months ago)
I hate you sick ass people
CinnaminBun55 (4 months ago)
Stupid ching chang Chong bitch. I know they have trouble seeing with their squinting eyes but you can feel that it is not dead
Rima Salman (5 months ago)
this is so satisfying to watch
LetsGet100Subs NoVids (5 months ago)
I love vids like these! :3
Kudish Forces (5 months ago)
Fucking Fish Murderer !!!!!!!!
MrCantstandliberals (5 months ago)
Fuckin butcher! Get a real knife jeesh
brandon faris (5 months ago)
we are so over populated
Lexzhn (6 months ago)
Have a look at what normal people eat this would be not to bad to eat right?
jan dayrit (6 months ago)
I just love the triggered people
Evocati (6 months ago)
Pulled from polluted water and chopped up with a rusty knife... awesome
Susma Singh (6 months ago)
U r very much evil
steve radford (7 months ago)
that chopper is blunter than a bellend!!!.
Chung Cme (7 months ago)
The people in Hong Kong eat anything that moves. This include cats, dogs, rats, worms, maggots and cockroaches?
陳大雍 (7 months ago)
fking chinese, how dare this guy start cutting things without killing his knife
Andrés López (7 months ago)
Que asco dan los Asiaticos
Jaime Arturo (7 months ago)
1:46 jajajajaja stupid

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