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Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around

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Best of Wet Wet Wet: https://goo.gl/3enAj7 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/F2vUw7 Music video by Wet Wet Wet performing Love Is All Around. (C) 1994 Mercury Records Limited
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Text Comments (3913)
bidhan thapa (2 hours ago)
Who is here from love actually...???
muso tan (5 hours ago)
Mudahan ga berubah lagi yaa.. 😓 capek soalnya ladeni hacking yank.. enakan ngopi bareng sambil ngobrol
Excelente canción
Brittany Vasquez (23 hours ago)
I forgot about this song until I saw Derry Girls! Lol
Mike Adekunle (1 day ago)
Classic song, brilliant actors and a 'meh' movie
Helen Otico (1 day ago)
i love this song wtf
Bob Bennett (1 day ago)
such a GREAT tune!! hard to compete with the original
slashthe2nd (2 days ago)
Who's listening to this in 1994?
CampSecXXI (2 days ago)
John Hao (3 days ago)
Derry girls :)
JENNY JOY DADOLE (3 days ago)
He has an amazing voice and a good-looking man...
Doc Brrown (3 days ago)
He looked like Orlando Bloom and Hugh Jackman at the same time.
Beauty Simply (4 days ago)
Who love me hahahaha love u too!!!"......
Vlad3000 (4 days ago)
Will always remind me of Emma Fitzpatrick.
Oscar Jacob (5 days ago)
I love this song from India
Goddess of Trauma (5 days ago)
It's January 11th! 1-11 portal.... This song popped up into my mind and I had to find it!!! I'm so happy to find it and listen to it again. It is so beautiful I want to listen to it over and over and over again....
Steve Phillips (5 days ago)
Cool cover
Rachel DeCiantis (5 days ago)
I like this better than the original.
Miriam Maina (5 days ago)
Derry Girls
Berzan 1611 (6 days ago)
Wir müssen das mit Instrumenten Vorspielen amk
Richard/Donna Kammer (6 days ago)
Troggs are better.
Johnny Taylor (6 days ago)
Made them millionaires
Elena Zoey (6 days ago)
Rowe Espinosa (6 days ago)
if you experienced 94 , or 95. you feel the song that came out in 4 weddings and its end ..
lowriderfxr (7 days ago)
Love this
Carla Lopez (7 days ago)
Que hermosuraaaaaaa por Diosssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fh4z Foszen (7 days ago)
January 2019 ? anyone ?
marianorodrigocc (7 days ago)
today 09 de enero 2019
Hitmonkey (7 days ago)
Is this the original or is it a cover?
Jon Esry (7 days ago)
Andres Plaza (7 days ago)
Que gran Tema.... Y gran película... Es retroceder en el tiempo... Cuantas veces la cante y aun la sigo cantando..... Genial...
Dixie Dickson (8 days ago)
Fuk the English our land stands toll 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 you know that you love it 😱
Samsul Bahri (8 days ago)
Do u remember..??
Sophie Emily (9 days ago)
is anyone here from love actually??
Sean Byrne (9 days ago)
Was my wedding song.
Nelson Rivera (10 days ago)
remenicing my chidhood years... the times when music was awesome.
KoolCat ! (10 days ago)
Before I knew who these guys were, back in '94, I was almost certain they were some new country rock band from Nashville & they were gonna be HUGE. Little did I know that these guys were actually a soft rock band from Scotland & had been around since '82. Amazing that it took them so long to get noticed here in the states. Anyway, terrific song & one of my absolute favs from the 90's.
Ida146 (10 days ago)
Anyone here because of Skam? 💞
Sonny Sell (10 days ago)
Dude!! A Masterpiece!! I love reading the true and meaningful statements of my brothers and sisters in the world..
Katie Cross (10 days ago)
did I not ban this one?
Katie Cross (9 days ago)
+Marcelo Ciarro it's a reference to the show Derry Girls. There's a scene when a group of girls are performing this song at their catholic school and the head nun turns to one of the teachers and asks "did I not ban this one?" I'm obsessed with the show and you should go check it out it's amazing. But I guess it's not big enough yet for anyone to get my reference :(
Marcelo Ciarro (10 days ago)
What do you mean?
Katie Cross (10 days ago)
who is here from Derry Girls?
Cristine Pirolla (11 days ago)
Stacey Easterbrook (11 days ago)
Who loved this song and watched 4 Weddings and a funeral
Marcelo Ciarro (10 days ago)
I love this song but I didn't watch 4 weddings and a funeral and I will never watch it it is a crap. SORRY MY ENGLISH IS NOT GOOD. GREETINGS FROM THE SOUTH OF SOUTH AMERICA.
JD Bowman (11 days ago)
I don't why but I'm here
Mae Tagarda (12 days ago)
I'm so in love with this song.😍😘😗😚😙
Sandra Bravin Bueno (12 days ago)
+++Sempre vou amar , sou aqui do Brazil, amo, amoooooo
QBM72 (12 days ago)
Фантастика. Русская народная песня.
Talgat (10 days ago)
А на роисси какая не застольная?
Maria Rickman (11 days ago)
QBM72 😂😂😂😂😂
Mary jacob (12 days ago)
Perfect song for the perfect movie.. Love Andie McDowell' she is a sweet heart.
intan sari (13 days ago)
I miss Hugh grant and the movie 🤣🤣
Nisha Amarasinghe (13 days ago)
Always love this song.
Augusto Simeone (13 days ago)
agenor miguel (13 days ago)
The Troggs
Lailia Silva (13 days ago)
Sou Apaixonada nessa música
Narin Rackiv (13 days ago)
Im a time traveler and this is a great song!i love it a lot!
María José Velazco (13 days ago)
Alguien sabe hablar en castellano?
Mee Lookhnu (14 days ago)
Come on.. My last love.. I'm waiting..
Luz D Muskus (14 days ago)
Like, if it's 2019 and you still listen and enjoy this song as the first time you heard it! 😍
Riccardo Iaccarino (14 days ago)
I feel it on my fingers / I feel it on my tongue... Agreed.
Mauricio Fernandez (14 days ago)
Hermosa balada
Giritharan Arulampalam (14 days ago)
This song was in the pop charts(in 1995) for many weeks!
gamerpro 2018 (15 days ago)
I am in 2019 great song
Honey Rose Encanto (15 days ago)
1-2-2019 old but gold😀😀😀😍😍😍
Primero de enero de 2019 escuchando esta hermosa canción
Great song. Original of troggs
Blow Films (16 days ago)
Starting 2019 with this. Happy New Year everyone!
Omar Alm (16 days ago)
who is actualy watching in 2019 !!
WhizleKicks (16 days ago)
Margot Briset (16 days ago)
Wisnu Utomo (16 days ago)
Whos listening in day one at 2019
Terbish Ganerdene (16 days ago)
2019 1-1?
sabbiha begum (16 days ago)
It's New year eve ,I'm listening to it
Michał Sosnowski (16 days ago)
hey, guys I'am still listening this song ;-) one of my favorite.
Emperor Romeo (17 days ago)
Wow, I didn't know The Undertaker used to sing in 1999! He does look shorter and thinner though.
양현명 (17 days ago)
daryl sapine (17 days ago)
Misconduxt (17 days ago)
Tomorrow is 2019. Im still listening to this.
Clinton Teach Saddler (17 days ago)
Last day of 2018 and still enjoying this positive fun track--best wishes to all listeners for the New Year!!
Nylah NJR (18 days ago)
love the voice
Wat Somporn (18 days ago)
really love this song.
Rute Fonseca (18 days ago)
Essa música me trás uma lembrança gostosa do passado.😍
Sulaiya Sulai (19 days ago)
Timeless melody
Fernando Andrade (20 days ago)
Who's here after watch Derry Girls?
Solmusexxx Bo (20 days ago)
It's Dec. 28, 2018. This is timeless... ❤
David Bowie fan rock (21 days ago)
This original by troggs
마이큰잭슨 (21 days ago)
어느순간최근에 들어서 아필마. 첫구절이생각나 이곡을 찾아보려햇으나 리차드막스노래인줄알앗더만 그렇게 찾아도 못찾았었는데 12월26일날 여친 가게에서 ㅇㅕ친이 유튜브로 유희열의스케치북을보고잇길래 누군가가 이노래를 부르길래 알게 됐었지 노래제목을 진짜 이노래 너무알고싶었었는데 우연찬케 알게되서 여친가게에서 꾸준히듣게되엇지
Jarukan Saenmart (21 days ago)
🐇🐯🐔ค่ะit,s. Really. aPPreciatedค่ะเมื่อฟังคุณค่ะSaWMatherลูกพราวPfค่ะจารุกัญญ์ แสนมาตรค่ะTHค่ะค่ะ
TheNajain (2 days ago)
Sarah Kägi (2 days ago)
Hr Pedersen (6 days ago)
Antonio Jorge Casella (13 days ago)
I'm its beautifull.
Tania Janssens (16 days ago)
It's new year 2019
Audrey T (21 days ago)
Derry Girls ...
Ay Moht (22 days ago)
What's the title of the movie playing in this video?
evil queen (22 days ago)
love is all around belated merry Christmas and happy new year❤❤
Eduardo Mer (14 days ago)
Nayr Aparece , thank you and your family too
Julio Tovar (22 days ago)
te lo resumo especial de navidad, besitos besitos y chau chau
Tammy W (23 days ago)
Love is written in the wind.. . Look.. Open your eyes!! Love another World!! Less hate, more Love. ☮️
Sangjin Lim (23 days ago)
Who is listening at Christmas 2018? Love Actually is on TV every Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!🎄🎁
wahyudi saputra (23 days ago)
Gump n hell
Bernadetta Welik (23 days ago)
Aleksander Hell (23 days ago)
Merry Christmas you Goofs
MustyMusic (23 days ago)
Sarodia Spencer (24 days ago)
If you really love me come on let it show
Ellie Brown (24 days ago)
Fabulous sooo romantic !
Justin Mullins (24 days ago)
I bloody love this song.

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