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Hot Russian girls

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witcheywoman1 (1 year ago)
Even if I'm speaking to a Russian girl i remain solid and hard. ..Im addicted
Sia Brilliant (2 years ago)
.... ♥
Zenoxs 0 (3 years ago)
Diana melison the best
Olga Russian (3 years ago)
well , I also Slavyanka ) I Can say that I was also pretty , but not model ) short Legs :D
Guy Fawkes (3 years ago)
Russian women and Eastern European women I find are the hottest in the world!! 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🔥🔥🔥🔥👍
Patron (4 years ago)
Damn Russian girls
Tatyana Hoke (5 years ago)
norr4636 (5 years ago)
SlavicWorld (5 years ago)
Arianna Biletskaya
norr4636 (5 years ago)
0:25 is absolutely beautiful, who is she? That's why I am seeking a mate from Russia or Ukraine..hope their open to love with a educated black man.
32167BD (5 years ago)
typical russian girls, nothing special
Thomas Ray Sanchez (5 years ago)
I wait on The Lord.
waytoosquirrelly (5 years ago)
Your videos are awesome!
Hawk B/M (5 years ago)
I never knew Russia had such beautiful girls....wow! I want to live in Russia now
SlavicWorld (6 years ago)
T-killah ft. Лоя - Вернись
Haya Garavani (6 years ago)
whats her name 0:24 ?
SlavicWorld (6 years ago)
Diana Melison
SidityBxsh (6 years ago)
2:16 what is her name?

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