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Spidey & Ms. Marvel Get Zapped! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures - Electric Youth | SHORT

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Marvel's Super Hero Adventures Season 1, Ep 5 | Electric Youth WATCH More Marvel Super Hero Adventures Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-LwOnvjXX0&list=PLNw_hEO5pK1pzbx5q5mcdpSKzHzgDSPjR --- When Spidey and Ms. Marvel both show up to stop a bank robbery, they have to put aside their differences and work together to take down the evil Electro! Cast: Spider-Man - Cole Howard Electro - Ian James Corlett Ms. Marvel - Aliza Villain Directed by Svend Gregori Written by Eugene Son --- Spider-Man, our favorite crime-fighting teenager, reveals some of the most important things he’s ever learned while on action-packed adventures with other Marvel super heroes. --- Our kinda-punny coordinator Sofia says, "I was SHOCKED by the ending of this episode!" #SpiderMan #MsMarvel #SuperHeroAdventures #MSHA #Electro #Teamwork #Spidey #Marvel #Avengers #MarvelHQ
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Text Comments (166)
Daniel Arroyo (7 days ago)
Is Electro a girl in the show
Andrew Knowles (8 days ago)
1:23 That’s causing evil trouble. 👿
Jason Tachin (2 months ago)
RW:at 1:35 Aladdin's Lamp Easter egg.☺
Koma • (3 months ago)
my Custom Heroes (3 months ago)
Love these animations
TheGreatBallGamer (4 months ago)
When was ms.marvel an avenger
my Custom Heroes (6 months ago)
need more like this!!!!!!!!!!
Shubham Aggarwal (6 months ago)
Aladin's lantern, classic
Vincent Ly (7 months ago)
Dipper Pines = Spider-Man Mabel Pines = Ms. Marvel
0:05 Spider-Man turned his frown upside down.
Prakash Roy (16 days ago)
Rodel Rivers (7 months ago)
Hot potato nice one
Spiderman (8 months ago)
Hi guys
The Moon Man Himself (8 months ago)
Rocket39gaming (8 months ago)
Aw, that was cute. =)
Mohammed Yasir (8 months ago)
Where is mr marvel 😂
Shanaj Aktar (8 months ago)
Naruto vlogs and gaming (9 months ago)
Spidey dabbed
Sachin Raghavan (9 months ago)
I had to leave and I paused it at 2:06
BaconHairBoi Rbblx (10 months ago)
She looks like Dora XD
BaconHairBoi Rbblx (9 months ago)
The Prime Reason Some Animals Eat Their Young! Maybe your right
The Prime Reason (9 months ago)
Von Kay no she doesn't
Issy (10 months ago)
Spidey knows everybody bruh
Issy (8 months ago)
Sonic Gaming Central u right lmao
GameGuy Benn (8 months ago)
Issy Who in the Marvel Universe doesn't know Spider-Man
DarthAlphaTheGreat (10 months ago)
Not how generators work...
Lucas Martins Pinto (11 months ago)
Electro use a Fantasy???
eunice viado (11 months ago)
ok electro looks like in the 2005 villain
Daniel Boateng (11 months ago)
0:28 sorry
Daniel Boateng (11 months ago)
0:27 No I got this
BestBow0 (1 year ago)
I really wish I had mrs marvel had her powers
Mythicactor 1547 (5 months ago)
BestBow0 do you mean I wish I had her powers??
Cc Cc (1 year ago)
We want the Guardians of Galaxy to be in this short
Petar Djurisic (1 year ago)
Wait are these the same animators of Marvel's Spiderman?
Charlotte A. Cavatica (1 year ago)
Who was also every marvel hero's biggest fan.
Dan and Friends (1 year ago)
Team Work & Action: I always work with my friends and kind of help them if they need help. I always Team Work with my friend or partner because there helping you out & there helping you out! I love Team Work & Action!!
Marvel is the greatest
Fonut (1 year ago)
Spiderman defies the laws of gravity and motion 1:12
Future TV (1 year ago)
I ship it but I know there is like a 15 year age gap between them help
ULTIMATE GOKU (1 month ago)
What age gap?? Spidey and Ms Marvel are both 15/16
Jungkook's euphoria (7 months ago)
Mrs marvel and capitian marvel are 2 different people
Alex Meza (1 year ago)
I saw a Disney Easter egg it seems Electro stole the Magic Lamp from the cave of wonders sure hope genie doesn't Grant Electro 3 wishes and Spiderman gets the lamp back to Aladdin
Ms marvel and spider man should fight together more often
a star (1 year ago)
Ocelotl Chimalpahin (1 year ago)
Chibi Ms Marvel! <3
Man any exposure of miss marvel is good exposure
Stitch The Alien (1 year ago)
can marvel make more of this I love it
Juan Lego2000 (1 year ago)
I like this episode for its team out with Spider-Man and ms marvel and the first appearance of electro ever since after ultimate Spider-Man .
Alberto ALVAREZ (1 year ago)
I love it
Dhaerya S (1 year ago)
Pls make some new videos
Tayyab Iftikhar (1 year ago)
1:35 the statue of spidey and Mrs marvel
ANTHONYR. LEGO (1 year ago)
Polo (1 year ago)
Omg Kamala is cute
The boy wonder (4 months ago)
@The Prime Reason Some Animals Eat Their Young! If you don't know, Ms. Marvel is a muslim
The Prime Reason (9 months ago)
Roberto Mondello nah I prefer Gwenpool x Ms. Marvel
Roberto Mondello (1 year ago)
james gallagher What?😐😐😐
james gallagher (1 year ago)
Roberto Mondello you a difficult choice it’s so hard to choose
Roberto Mondello (1 year ago)
james gallagher mmhh, a difficult choise.🤔🤔🤔🤔
twistedyogert (1 year ago)
0:29 "really"
The Huali (1 year ago)
Looks like superhero squad
Vaughn Baskin (1 year ago)
More like the sequel to The Super Hero Squad Show.
Shahir Hameed (1 year ago)
Why are they so adorable!?
Asiel MILIAN (3 months ago)
twistedyogert True and I love Ms. Marvel.
twistedyogert (6 months ago)
Because they're both nerdy teenagers.
Nathan Drake (1 year ago)
I thought Spider-Man was an Avenger too
A- Z (1 year ago)
He was for a time I have like 3 character encyclopedia
Vaughn Baskin (1 year ago)
Both Spidey and Ms. Marvel are still Avengers in the legendary MAU, that's short for the Marvel Animated Universe! ;)
twistedyogert (1 year ago)
Yes, but he's a kid because time travel or something. I don't know, the Marvel universe sometimes makes little sense.
Nathan Drake (1 year ago)
twistedyogert Cyclops? Like from the X-Men?
twistedyogert (1 year ago)
He is, and so was Kamala, but she quit after Civil War II and leads her own team of Cyclops, Hulk(Amadaus Cho), Spider-Man (Miles Morals), Viv (Vision's daughter), and Nova.
Tay J ‼️ (1 year ago)
this reminds me of Super Hero Squad
Are. They toddlers. Of. Maybe. Something eles
Iago Luíz (1 year ago)
Amber Monique Chibis.
wolfguy23 (1 year ago)
Cute :)
Zilla Universe (1 year ago)
Okay!?!? But I do have to Amit kamala khan and Spider Man look so adorable together 😆
Izuki 101 (6 months ago)
I agree
james gallagher (10 months ago)
zilla universe I like Spider-Man and kamala khan ms. Marvel I loved her
Mark Montreuil (10 months ago)
zilla universe q
The only thing is that you have a lot of fun with me
Nightwing Monkey (1 year ago)
Ms. Marvel's real name is Kamala Khan
Blade Wilson (1 year ago)
Is this going to be the new superhero squad show from years ago?
Vaughn Baskin (1 year ago)
Actually Marvel's Super Hero Adventures is really the sequel to The Super Hero Squad Show, but Spider-Man is the storyteller and the star of this series.
Zilla Universe (1 year ago)
Blade Wilson yah probably but more kid friendly
SpiderTiger 14 (1 year ago)
They need one with silk
Vaughn Baskin (1 year ago)
Or Agent Venom!
inky bandanna (1 year ago)
agreed x2
Tomás Molina (1 year ago)
SpiderTiger 14 Agreed.
Harrison Littrell (1 year ago)
To those who think that Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel should team up in Avengers: Secret Wars &/or Spider-Man (2017), say aye.
Deion Garza (4 months ago)
Catsu Surname u (4 months ago)
Sean Lugo (5 months ago)
Solarflare 606 (7 months ago)
cedbluechase (7 months ago)
Vaughn Baskin (1 year ago)
Hey, you should tell Disney Junior to create a power hour of PJ Masks, The Lion Guard, Captain Jake and The Never Land Pirates, Mission Force One, Elena of Avalor, and Marvel's Super Hero Adventures with Spider-Man and The Super Hero Squad, under the name "Disney Junior's Spectacular! Adventures".
Kingbowserkoopa (7 months ago)
Neptus Taggen lel
Kingbowserkoopa (7 months ago)
If that happened superhero squad would have came on DISNEY XD and not Disney Junior
Yajaira Martinez (9 months ago)
F ing geanis
molly brewer (9 months ago)
and they should do that to cartoon network too
FNBR Neptus (11 months ago)
That sounds like something you'd see on a cancerous GoAnimae vid
I don't get it, it was supposed that Ms Marvel is invunerable of electricity because she can strech and her body is made of rubber.
twistedyogert (6 months ago)
Yes, but like any person, her body is probably 75% water which probably increases her electrical conductivity. Then there's the fact of breakdown voltage, if the electric potential is high enough it would be able to pass through her rubber body.
Luis Alonso 95 (7 months ago)
Super Mario Martínez Salinas kamala has rubber properties but is not reed richards.
Jeremy Riley (7 months ago)
twistedyogert Because this series is meant to teach kids life lessons.
Jay Smith (7 months ago)
Because "Diversity".
shidae quashie (1 year ago)
twistedyogert maybe the writers just wanted Adventure between the two characters.
BestFunnyVideosTM (1 year ago)

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