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Message to WHlTE People: Paradise California - Strong Biblical Warning

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Ivory Coast (4 hours ago)
I have never heard such superiority and down right blatant racism in my life! Lady you are the most racist person I've ever heard! Got freaking news for you, in the past in Europe there were the Moors,( black Kings who had white slaves) your freaking black Kings beat us , hung us and fucking cut our heads off! So don't you fucking dare preach at whites about our repentance, and say these fires are punishment for racism, thats bullshit! Because you blacks fucking put us in slavery first.Now Google it and get off our backs!
Sara Collins (15 hours ago)
Judgement is coming to the whole world. It isn't about "white" people. Everyone needs to repent. God is so good, and so merciful, and so patient that He has allowed wickedness to go on for centuries. Our time is up. These are the last days. I don't know if Paradise has a history of racism or not. I lost my home there. I also know many people that aren't white that lost their homes there as well. Hatred of anyone is sin. Abortion is sin. Lying is sin. Arrogance is sin. We are to love our neighbors. We are to be humble and kind. We are to share God's love and tell people about Jesus. He died on a cross for our sins. He didn't come to this world to condemn the world. He gave his life for us so that anyone who believes in him can be saved. We are to forgive others just as our Heavenly Father forgave us.
kevin williams (18 hours ago)
I can see that this is a video where all the Israelites come out and bullshit........
Iam thatiam (1 day ago)
Idiots this was not God's doing. This was a microwave laser energy directed weapon that killed the township of Paradise. Fox mocked them on the weather segment, stating how they said 9 are dead and 66 missing. Just that the 9 was inverted. They are mocking you guys. Will you wake up. Do you see what I see now. You were being played at folks, especially the massive amounts of Gold underneath the grounds of Paradise. Did you know that the townplanners already have the permits for the developers to give the go ahead to redevelop in that township of Paradise, the papers were approved in 2017. Folks this is the Agenda 21. God had nothing to do with this nor their descendents this was done by the cabal, secret organisations, the orders were given down through the pyramidal society of the Draco Reptilian race. This order was sent via the Draconian Star system, through to the United Nations, through to the Illuminati, cabal who deliberately instigated this propaganda via the Agenda 21. The Georgia Guidestone, the elimination of humanity down to 500.000 people. Red Cross never helps, he operates just like the Pope, you are never intended to be helped, and you are not going to be helped. The Bible is deliberately orchestrated to bring Jesus here so that the cabal can kill Jesus once and for all, and uses humanity as bait, to get to Jesus. But the cabal is in for a very awkward surprise. Jesus is bringing to earth one billion lightships, and that's not even including the battleships, or the small aerial crafts inside the massive Motherships, plus the Archangels, plus the people's of Earth's prayers, warriors, from the future, past and present timelines, not to mention to including, the 144.000 chosen earth one's that means an equal proportion of 72.000 men and 72.000 women as the ascending Earth Masters, and King Plachacha, of the Plieadian star system and King Lyra of the Lyran star system and many many more of God's house of many mansion's, people who are star nation people's across the multiverse who live on other planets or ships, that is going to bring about the Plieadian Apocalypse onto evil doers for the protection and sovereignty of mankind. This was fore seen in the Plieadian Prophecy. I am talking straight up with you all, have not got time for pussy footing around with you all, just keeping it real folks. The rest of you have to fill in the blanks. All praise be to Jesus's coming, all hail King Plachacha, all hail King Lyra, all hail to the Earth's Plieadian Prophet, Linol Anderson, I salute you Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin. These two Presidents as I type behind closed doors, are in your back yards that are in secret killing skirmishing reptilians on the Earth's surfaces and some underground bases tunnels, caves, and countries like Syria, and Turkey, while you are at sleep and get to talk bible stuff to each other. Your prayers now to God are ever more needed upon these two Presidents, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. They are the only two who got brass balls to stand up and fight the secret fight so that people can decide if they want too look good, to taking the red pill or the blue pill. But I always bet on the Purple pill. Enki the reptilian warlord scumbag is our earth's enemy, his son Marduk is now making nephilims babies to bring on the Earth using a earth human and marrying her to do this and sending these giant heartless monsters to the earth. But if we can not raise the planets love Quota high enough for these ones to ever reach us. We will be in very big trouble. Enki is the reptilian smart ass reptilian that manipulated the human genome, having part of his reptilian genes inside our Genes in the hopes his offspring can have a soul and not just live in a body, emotionless, heartless. Without the God Gene, they can not. Sorry it's not how it works, so now you know why the sacrifice people and drink the Adrenochrome frightened to death blood from their victims, this is how they can feel like something of immortality, as they feed off their life force.
Juancarlos Halse (1 day ago)
God will destroy the United States of America . ( Daniel chapter : 2 ) . And now we can see the prophecy .The Nation of the feet will be destroy. The black people got destroy in Katrina and another tsunami like Houston.all the races are feeling the destruction . Read the holy Bible get educated , and also how many commandments that you follow. And the church of all races. Also for sale ation read. ( Revelation chapter : 18 )
Glen Kukish (1 day ago)
Actually... you’re all fucking delusional. Literally nuttier than squirrel shit.. I mean.. wow. 😳
Dj Drake (1 day ago)
Black people were slave owners as well. All of it was wrong. I'm from a Native American tribe that were considered people of color. I don't get reparations nor do I want them. I think we should leave the judgements to Yah.
Kenneth Ross (1 day ago)
Kenneth Ross (1 day ago)
Why does most of your black brothers want a white girl,cause we are all sinners,not one is like christ,not even one.
Kenneth Ross (1 day ago)
JESUS IS THE KING OF THE NWO, a big percentage of Americans ignore.all people are guilty of sin, your not teaching something we don't already know.we are not United in this world,we should all be working together to help and feed the poor,most of this b's is staged by the fool's that think their the elite,they cannot even help their niebor,let alone themselves,what's happening to this world is from mankind's ignorance twoardsvtheir brothers and sisters ,we are all guilty, even you sister.killing is a sin,try telling that to the elite sister.......
kevin williams (1 day ago)
This Black broad is really a Mammy....shit talker.
WisdomFrom Above (1 day ago)
The Anti-Christ Revealed I was born and raised in the United states. I have studied the Bible the Quran , Confusion analects, Hindu Vegas , as well as different denominations . I found it very interesting the similarities between Judaism , Islam and Christianity ,yet how can the Nation of Islam have salvation because in the Quran ( surah 4:157 ),Yeshua was taken to Allah as another man was made to look like Yeshua and he was crucified instead of Yeshua.......so in Islam there is no blood sacrifice for sin. As well in Judaism they deny Yeshua as messiah , It's a shame. What Yeshua did for us was the most pure act of love . It is understanding and believing this act that changes the way we live our lives. What do you do when you believe something? ( Romans 10:9-10). What I understand involves the end times. I would like to share a bit with you . Did you ever see a connection with the election signs everywhere ,(TrumpPence) ? In revelation it speaks of many Trumpet Blast! (Revelation13:11) refers to a false prophet who will get people to worship the Beast by worshiping the system of the anti Christ (micro chip) One that I would like to share is who the anti Christ (Beast) is ,and it is never who people suspect or believe. William Henry Gates lll. He is responsible for the system that the microchip and Artificial Intelligence will control in our world (revelation ‪13:17‬) . The anti-Christ is calculated and revealed ,for it is the number of a man , and he will get all, great and small free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand ( if missing) or forehead . That no man may buy or sell with out it. 6 = day of man A-6. — A-6 B-12. — B-3 C-18. — C-9 D-24. — D-6 E-30. — E-3 F-36. — F-9 G-42. — G-6 H-48. — H-3 I - 54. — I -9 J -60. — J-6 K -66. — K-3 L-72. — L-9 M-78 — M-6 N-84. — N-3 O-90. — O-9 P-96. —- P-6 Q-102. —- Q-3 R-108. — R-9 S-114. — S-6 T-120. — T-3 U-126. — U-9 V-132. — V-6 W-138. — W-3 X-144. — X-9 Y-150. — Y-6 Z-156. — Z-3 W. I. L. L. I. A. M 1+3+8+5+4+7+2+7+2+ 5+4+ 6+7+8 = 6+9 = 1+5= SIX H. E. N. R. Y. 4+8+3+0+8+4+1+0+8+1+5+0= 4+2= SIX G. A. T. E. S. 4+2+6+1+2+0+3+0+1+1+4= 2+4= SIX (Revelation ‪13:17-18‬) Bill Gates the philanthropist........ Scary because he is so hidden in our society and his love of money is shared by the masses... Revelation 16:13,14 ....” three unclean spirits come out of the mouth of dragon the beast and the false prophet as it were frogs “ to understand this scripture look up Vril reptilians ... Mark in Greek is Charagma (khar'-ag-mah) Which means: A scratch or etching, a stamp . ( as a badge of servitude) six hundred sixty six= chi xi stigma στίγμα stígma, stig'- mah; from a primary στίζω stízō (to "stick", i.e. prick); a mark incised or punched (for recognition of ownership), i.e. (figuratively) scar of service:—mark. How about Barak Obama, direct translation is...lightening from heaven ( Luke 10:18) “and I saw satan fall as lightening from heaven” The harvest is before us ( HR 4919 - Kevin and Avonte's Law of 2016) . The microchip implantation will be this moment that people will have to make a decision,not go along with the system that our mighty country will put in place. Refusal to take the micro chip for some that will be escape to (Mathew 24:15) trees and mountains,etc and others that stand against the government for what they believe is religious freedom will be beheaded.... Obama care code: ICD9hE978 . FEMA camps are filled with millions of plastic coffin liners and guillotines (HB 1274 was written by state legislator Doug Teper in order to provide for the possibility of organ donation from the bodies of executed prisoners. Lethal injection and electrocution render organs unsuitable for transplantation, but decapitation leaves them intact. The bill never even was allowed to come up for a full vote by the state legislature ) . Our world is falling to pieces before our eyes and people are standing and fighting for all the wrong reasons .. Not working , breaking things that are not theirs, standing up for what they believe is a God givin right to make their own choices no matter what the harm is and to who. September 23 2017 was the great sign in heaven that revelation 12:1-4 tells us about. That marks the beginning of the 7 year tribulation. The Abomination that causes desolation standing in the holy place, will be when they make a law microchipping babies at birth around March of 2021. We are so close to this micro chip system. Bill Gates just praised President elect Donald Trump as like JFK because they will unite the country in innovation ,as did JFK on going to the moon ...That innovation will be the microchip . You will see it and hear of it more and more...If this is something that you already know you will not accept then you need to start making preparations now ....time goes by with no regard and suddenly we stand before something that preparation , knowledge and our mental and physical state will play major part in what decision we make. All that refuse the micro chip and flee for safety will eventually see China bring military here to fulfill Isaiah 13... with Russia guiding them to come get their 1.157 trillion owed to them and desecrate the land with full knowledge of American government . We are already betrayed but not like they are going to betray us.... On our Exodus from society we will need the ability to protect ourselves and to hunt for food . There will be women and children in our care. That means being prepared to survive off the grid and protect those that cannot protect themselves from plenty of militia groups that will also rebel from the government and not receive the gps trackable micro chip ...Not everyone that refuses the micro chip are the children of God. The day of the innocent being attacked is coming to an end. The rapture is when our savior returns after the great tribulation, as 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 tells us.... also refer to revelation 10:7 ( final trumpet) and Revelation 16:17 ( 7th bowl) Both scriptures refer to the end. Completed. Done. Revelation 7:3,4 tells us of the 144,000 sealed of God . Revelations 14:4,5 tells us that it is a remnant that has devoted their life to God ( 144,000,some sort of priesthood) And are virgins and have not defiled themselves with women and no lie was found in them .... ( that defiantly does not describe me or the majority of Christians I know). Then there is the remnant ( those that are prepared and flee this system) that will come through the great tribulation, having washed themselves clean by the blood of the Lamb and there is a third remnant ( revelation 20:4 ) the saints that will die for the testimony of our savior , Jesus. That is in part what the FEMA camps are for. Anyone who receives this mark will share in the wrath of God un-diluted in the cup of his indignation . For those of you that are looking for a zombie apocalypse then you should read and understand this scripture ( Revelation 9:6) . A chosen demographic will receive a microchip encapsulated with cyanide . https://youtu.be/P57TddAv780 By allowing this very specific micro chip for a very specific purpose inside your body that according to (1Corinthians ‪6:19-20‬) is where the Holy Spirit of God resides. That means Temple. You are then giving up your eternal spirit for destruction ( Revelation 14 : 9-12) . As it is written where your treasure is there also will your heart be. Have you looked at anything CERN in Switzerland is doing? Trying to open a doorway to other dimensions !(Revelation 9:2).. Abyss???( Revelation 9:3-5) speaks of bound spirits will be released and those spirits will inhabit the spiritless that have received the microchip . I believe that these great locust that torment those that do not have the seal of God will be these spirits released from the abyss in control of drones and will be in control also of the military personnel . https://youtu.be/-rA4OUHBbAI The Mandela effect is the door closing as in Noah's day. (Mathew 24:37) .... The door is closing ...... There is plenty to be revealed and understood more clearly . I have an open mind and I'm very interested in like minds with working together to be prepared ... To know the proper provisions and at the proper time .... The link is a 4 min video I made of some of the poverty I've seen in this world, every man , woman and child received food , medicine and water , clothing or all from me personally and I wanted people to get involved in feeding the poorest of the earth because in (Mathew 25 31-46) I don't think Christians today understand the reality of that scripture for them on this mighty day prophesied thousands of years ago. However without a way to get re-compensation ( ie , tax right off) they were not interested . https://youtu.be/YbCF7q93p64 Wisdom from above Contact for recommended supplies. [email protected]
Terry chenault (1 day ago)
I do not disagree at all. I would just like some research evidence that these areas that are getting scorched do indeed have a history of racial discrimination. But more than that you said that the true Israelites were black people. I do not disagree with that either. In fact I believe it could be true because we are living In a time of great reception but also awakening. So can you please provide some more troops on these two issues please? The truth will set us free.
Kevin Van Helfenstien (2 days ago)
Fuck You!
I ONLY SERVE 1 KING (2 days ago)
Birth rates declined.. death increasing and sever illnesses all related to Fukushima folks! IT'S STILL blowing OFF nuclear waste in the ocean DAILY! SOON there will be NO denying FACTS it WILL BE RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! The elites destroyed everyone and everything on "HIS" EARTH! It's ONLY a matter of time for all of US including the elites to die and ALL FACE HIS JUDGMENT! ALL WILL BE JUDGED! No one Exempt!
Brock Still (2 days ago)
There is some serious ignorance on display here. & for the black folk making these comments about white folk this and caucasians that-you are generalizing and categorizing an entire race based on the actions of a few-& that makes EXACTLY like those cracker KKK idiots. & although I cant speak for him,I believe God will judge you the same way he does them.
Jim Hampton (2 days ago)
This is just the beginning!!! If you believe we’re not under attack? You’re brain is as big as a pimple on a fleas ass!!! 911-01 Vegas Route 91-101=911 Paradise? 11/9= 911! We’re at a numeric war and have been for years!!! Paradise? It was erased!!! We are such all sitting ducks!!! Except if you live in South Central!!! They will not put up with anything!!!❤️👍🏾👍🏾
mbeezy1244 (2 days ago)
No matches.... D. E. W.
mbeezy1244 (2 days ago)
This act has been done before in many different ways. The true culprit(s) are the ones its always been when it comes to death and destruction across the history of this nation.
The Natives will take back their lands! Not anyone else Not white not black not Asian. YAHUAH was set to the right. I was called to do this in 2015 with the opening of the Eastern Gate or Door. When YAHUAH and those with him were set to the right, all forces were made correct. He the Chief Creator said, "I am the only God and there are no other gods before me. He said I am a jealous God. When he said these things he blasphemed against the Father. He didn't know in his ignorance, that a "god" is a "creation" he also taught his children JEALOUSY which is an awful and destructive emotion!! He is not the one judging but rather it is the Virgin light from the "beginning" which you commonly refer to as the Holy Spirit. All of the race of man was cursed in one way or another. Some more so than others. All from the beginning were born into sin never knowing the perfect human or what that meant. The world says, 'There is no perfection" and 'no one is perfect.'. All is a lie and you will find this out soon. You think you know what is going on but I will show you the sword of truth.
Andrew Hunt (2 days ago)
those fires we're started by massive chemtrailing with metals and drought and the fires we're started by evil men not god! we are all in this together no matter what color your skin it's depopulation have you read the UN agenda 21 have you saw the georgia guide stones ,do you know about the fema camps? they are coming for all of God's children and hence the spiritual battle has begun! the good news is Jesus is coming back amen!
Robert Bar (2 days ago)
This is not a judgement from God. Quit blaming Him. This is the highest form of propaganda ever contrived by man to get everyone to capitulate to their plans. Hence climate change agenda. While they are spraying the sky above the entire west coast of the US with ferrous metals and chemicals to ignite them. The purpose is to drive the people they don't kill into cities where the rest will be manipulated into taking the chip, and forced into capitulating to the National Sunday Law in order to save the planet. A direct and the last smack in the face of the Most High God Jehovah our Creator who will then release the plagues on all the wicked of this world.
Donnie Young (2 days ago)
There was people of all color in paradise so dont give me the rasict BS!
Alan Cook (2 days ago)
Total Bull sh** ,, D E fu****g W's did this not no prophecy or judgment but an obvious plain to see sick horrific genacidle mass murder of innocent peaple !!!
Jamie Ingels (3 days ago)
So you're assuming that everyone who lived in Paradise, CA we're white supremacists.... Do you even know anyone from Paradise? Who are you to judge anyway? You damn sure aren't YA. Look, you have the right to believe whatever you want, but just know that YA gave us all the same right in hopes that we would use it to love and care for each other... Not to judge people or to be elated by their suffering. Think about what your are saying, and where it is really coming from.
Daphne Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Sal d17 (3 days ago)
Your cities of sin shall be destroyed as it was in the past it shall be again this is the word of God freedom of choice has let us down to the path of Darkness the term if it feels good then do it has been presented to you by the Fallen one only those have lived a clean and decent life will be spared he who does not follow the Commandments brought down for us to follow shall be thrown into a pit of Hell this is the Lord's word thanks be to God
Sal d17 (3 days ago)
From the Ashes shall come life from the darkness shall come light as it was in the beginning so shall it be again this is the word of God thanks be to God
Sal d17 (3 days ago)
Black people will be judged on all the black on black crime and the drugs sold to mothers of unborn children and destruction how the young children how did the room and teenagers dead by the hands of black adults who refused to go to prison for their crimes and let children do that crimes for them you will all be judged
Redirecting (3 days ago)
We've already been judged and the evil eye against each other is a result of the judgement. Don't try to deflect because judgement hits every nation and now it is hitting you all because you refuse to repent but continue to oppress and persecute on a worldwide scale. You lump every other group together but want your own to be counted as individuals. Well the bible says that the sins of your ancestors will be put on you and your family unless you truly repent, which most of you will not do.
Oscar Davis (3 days ago)
Are you speaking for GOD when you say "either repent or let the judgement continue"?
Zainah Green (3 days ago)
The fires are not the Creators wrath against any race of people but rather nature and some man made conditions like global warming carelessness ect. I am African American and my heart goes out to all that were affected by the California fires. My prayers are with you all.
diana jones (3 days ago)
rivermist80 (3 days ago)
Churches are condoning sinful behavior as in gay and trans and also ordaining women against biblical principles. This was seen in the local churches.
if people are being condemned for past generations evil. then what is the motivation to change. you are telling people that they might as well be as evil as possible because it does not matter. this is the stupidest education you could give. you are a lost soul and have already been judged and condemned to hell
Edward Clark (4 days ago)
Thousands of people was burned alive in three cars trying to get out.
Justin Kase (4 days ago)
We all as humans are going to be judged, no matter what, what I hate is a ignorant person use a topic like the brush fires an get on you tube trying to preach God's word, if GOD needed man to do his job he or she would be living in paradise, the brush fires in full are the elite rich rulers of this world showing their full potential of their power over the world, the situation with the brush fires go way deeper than a race of mankind, an obvious way deeper than a book called "the Bible" the white man wrote, If it gets any deeper than that " do the math, we live on a planet that GOD gave power to the devil to do these types of things to the godless, those who do not belong to her or Jesus Christ, so the rest of the world suffer, the brush fires is also an example of what will become of the world soon, because God gave the power to the devil to destroy the world, now y would god who is all good do such a thing? Because of ppl like you who get on you tube an lie for self rightious gain, ....you are not god, you are just a dumb human. You don't know what the hell is behind nothing, a book , forest fires, ever nothing. So you are on punishment, go to your room an sit in a corner an repeat after me, I am a dumb human, I do not know anything, I will respect others an let them keep their own opinions, an will not go on you tube an try to do God's job, forgive me Lord for i have sinned against you, I will keep my own opinions to myself ..now slap yourself three times reach back grab your anckle an stuff it up your ass.
Beryl Ackermann (4 days ago)
Its not just about the California fires. Suffering happens world wide. It shows just how vulnerable we are as humans. I see them as wake up calls. Humanity is heading on a downward spiral of "moral degradation". Whether they believe in the Almighty Creator or not, the Laws of Nature, of Moral Living, not " loving our neighbour as yourself" and honouring and respecting our Great Almighty Creator. Man is SELF-seeking. SELF-serving and is SELF-righteous. One does not have to say "man is a racist", man is a thief, or a murderer" etc. Yahweh (God - Hebrew) does not look at how big or small "SIN", is. "SIN" is "SIN". (Disobedience to Gods Commandments). YAHWEH (GOD), looks at the " DEFILEMENT", "SIN" causes. This "defilement" is what separates us from a "Holy, Righteous God". It like a person who has no disease coming into contact with another person who is diseased. One would not do that, but stay as far as possible from them. (SIN is like a disease that needs a cure and only Yahweh (God) can provide the "cure" for it through His SON Yeshua our Messiah who brought us the "Cure" (Salvation) Yeshua means in Hebrew "God Saves". God does not great the symptoms, but cures us. Helps us to " overcome the "disease". Man is his own worst "enemy". The " Law of Nature" is set (engraved) in the "heavenlies". We "reap what we sow". When one sows "wheat seeds (good seed), you get wheat (a good crop-harvest). When you sow "weed" seeds you will get "weeds" - a bad crop-harvest). Our "harvest", depends on the seeds we sow. If one sows "evil actions (even thoughts), evil actions, this will be your "return" (harvest). "Evil thoughts" (hidden sins) or "good thoughts are not seen by man, only our Creator God can see them. We " ACT" on our thoughts (ideas that come into our mind). The act of murder does "not" first start with an "action", but with the " thought/mind. This is what Yeshua (Eng. Jesus) taught. Even if you "think" hate, its as if you have commuted murder. If we dwell on "evil thoughts", we will act them out". Man cannot save himself. We are not even a speck, if one looks out of a window of an aeroplane to the ground. You cannot see man. Yes man thinks he is his "own God'. What he feels is "right in his own eyes", (even to do "evil"). This was not Gods plan for creating man. God have us the ability to make a " choice", not robots. God has said "choose life, not death". Yet man has chosen his own path, that leads to destruction not "life". God has not " rebelled" against man, man has "rebelled" against God our Creator. Man destroys, not build up. God instructed man to be caretakers of his creation. Yet because of greed, man has depleted "forests", wetlands", that are causing an "imbalance", on earth". The deplete the resources. Its this "imbalance" that is causing natural disasters. Carbon monoxide has increased as the "imbalance" that has been finely tuned by God has been interferred with by man, because if greed. (Mammon). Man needs to reassess himself. Stop blaming others and take responsibility for their actions, regardless of what color or race one is. Man has been doing this from the beginning of creation. God says ALL of mankind has "Sinned", either in " thought", "word" and "action".
zamcoff (4 days ago)
Fire does not discriminate.. Color has nothing to do with people... Geeee. Come on..
beaudaxx bear (4 days ago)
Wow...so much hate in comment section. Gives me chills.
ZEEKS MIGNON (4 days ago)
ZEEKS MIGNON (4 days ago)
Debra Campbell (4 days ago)
Sister... I was reading all the negatives....u promote racism.
Carolyn K (4 days ago)
Question: "Are children punished for the sins of their parents?" Answer: Children are not punished for the sins committed by their parents; neither are parents punished for the sins of their children. Each of us is responsible for our own sins. Ezekiel 18:20 tells us, “The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son.” This verse clearly shows that punishment for one’s sins is borne by that person. There are verses that lead some to believe in intergenerational punishment for sin, or a generational curse. One of these verses is Exodus 20:5, “You shall not bow down to [idols] or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.” Keeping Exodus 20:5 IN CONTEXT, we notice right away that God is referring to the sin of idolatry. God considered idolatry to be an extremely treacherous betrayal of a sacred trust. Idolaters were traitors to God’s theocracy. Besides the abhorrent practices which accompanied idol worship in the Old Testament (see Deuteronomy 12:31), idolatry had a way of ingraining itself in a culture. Children raised in such an environment would keep the tradition going and practice similar idolatry, thus falling into the established pattern of disobedience. The effect of one disobedient generation was that wickedness would take root so deeply that it took several generations to reverse. The implication of Exodus 20:5 is that children are akin to their parents. A new generation will tend to repeat the sins of their forebears. Therefore, God “punishing the children” is simply another way of saying that the children are repeating the fathers’ sins. The tendency to repeat the mistakes of history is especially strong in an idolatrous culture. Another consideration is that the warning of Exodus 20:5 was part of the Mosaic Law governing Israel in the Old Testament. The generational curse should be seen as a collective punishment on the nation, not as a personal curse on individual families. So, if a man robs a bank, will God punish that man’s son, even though the son had nothing to do with the robbery? Absolutely not. However, it is quite possible that the father who robbed the bank is making life more difficult for his son, through the natural consequences of his crime. Also, if the man is training his son in the techniques of bank robbing, then there is a good chance the son will follow the same path of dishonesty. In that case, the sin is copied by the son, and the punishment for the sin follows. As Ezekiel 18:20 shows, each of us is responsible for our own sins, and we must bear the punishment for them. We cannot share our guilt with another, nor can another be held responsible for our transgressions. There is, however, one exception to this rule, and it applies to all mankind. One man bore the sins of others and paid the penalty for them so sinners could become completely righteous and pure in the sight of God. That man is Jesus Christ, who came into the world to exchange His perfection for our sin. “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians 5:21). Jesus was punished for us. You Madam, are a false teacher with hatred in your heart. Repent, ask God’s forgiveness for the hatred that you harbor for your brother. Pray that God will allow you to develop discernment, because you are SURELY lacking.
claytonish (4 days ago)
Uhhh.......okay, if you say so 🇺🇸
Justin Kiker (4 days ago)
"The wages of sin is death" skin color doesn't matter
Archos Coplin (4 days ago)
White people luck has ran out.
Doris Goodyear (4 days ago)
You are right I believe you
Alvin Matthews (5 days ago)
Looks like the opposite of Paradise
Sandy Parrish (5 days ago)
In my bible it says we are all brothers and sisters. We are all family. So I will pray for u my sister that u will be blessed n all u do.
AmiJurgl (5 days ago)
What a bullshit channel. Goodbye!
Joanna Miller (5 days ago)
Lannie Harper (5 days ago)
Lady your judging, who gives two shits about birth rates JESUS is on his way . You think you found a new way to be special , we are all equil in Gods eyes . I know what he will say to you " GET YE BEHIND ME I KNEW YOU NOT " LADY YOUR A FOOL PLAYING A GAME .
Yawasap Shawmar (6 days ago)
Lori Benedetto (6 days ago)
First of all, Christ does not discriminate skin color. Yes, we are all sinners and all need to repent. The fires in Cali were caused by Directed Energy Weapons. Many innocent people died. This has nothing to do with generational curses. This is all about greed and the Elites wanting the land to put in a high speed rail way.
Sylvia Avila (6 days ago)
Wrong! The Fire we're all plan by the NWO Brotherhood gang! To destroy that community Paradise for reasons that have nothing to do with the Bible! Reasons cannot be reveled because no one will believe it. But Agenda 21 is at play! Wake up! NWO wants to destroy everything that we cherish as America!
L. Salley (6 days ago)
Shalom, I was in mission in Colorado, Montana, and Idaho. I was surprised to see three areas that had been burned. In the spiritual world there is no accidents. One area that was burned, was an area where the land is frozen and thaws out gradually. I assessed that the fires are being set. The enemy did not want the children in the kingdom to have any place to flee the corruption in the city. When I first visited Colorado the land was intact. On several occasions in the following months the land was intact. Then when I saw the mts and pines that I normally enjoyed viewing, burned, I was amazed. How and why I asked? Then when I saw the cedars burned wherewith the Indians make bread. Again
L. Salley (6 days ago)
Part 2. Again I said they set the. Fires. The LORD spoke of those that destroy that seek the destruction of disbursed Israel?
Skull dweller (6 days ago)
Paradise burned because all the sin, pedophiles, fags, crossdressing, satanists. Your blaming white people. I know alot of black people sucking dick to. Been to prison ladies better watch what dick you suck because it's probably been in a mans asshole. Hahahahahahaha. And white people are the world's problems. How's Africa doing. If I remember correctly they're alot of black people in satan's paradise/ Hollyweird. So wake the fuck up.
Skull dweller (6 days ago)
God is not a racist, psalms. 83:18. Look it up. It's not about being black or white. We are all Gods children. Whit people were slaves to. Your getting your welfare cut off and now you're pushing reparation. Does your bible say that you have to forgive your trespassers to be forgiven for your transgressions. Jet a JOB. It's not white people at our southern border or the middle east. You fucking retards need to get off the plantation.
YahNappyKing (6 days ago)
This is bible Prophecy being forfilled just like slavery was bible Prophecy being forfilled Deuteronomy 28. We had to deal with it for the sins of Our for fathers. So there is no need Crying for them they got to Pay as well. They have a lot of Sins to pay for. If you have a problem with that take it up with God.
YahNappyKing (6 days ago)
How can you have faith in your car. When you're in bumper to bumper traffic, and there's a big raging fire upon you. It sounds like the deers and turkeys had more sense than a lot of people sitting in their car.
Bryan Tint (6 days ago)
Butte County, California sucks as they did not vote for Ron Paul at 5% or greater! I tend to discriminate counties and states who do not vote for Ron Paul at 5% or greater! In fact, King County, Washington is better than San Bernardino County, California, USA, because the Ron Paul vote rate is like 24% in King County, Washington whereas, San Bernardino County, California, USA is only 4%! California sucks! Even Nevada is way better than California! Mexico is also better than California! Washington State and Idaho are better than Oregon and California. Oregon and California are corrupt and California is even worse, I suspect. However, you are absolutely right on Paradise, California, USA and Butte County, California, USA!
Yombeh M (6 days ago)
I am Glad that someone like u is telling what people need to really focus on be it White, Black or anyother race.
Care Breez (6 days ago)
Black or white we will all reap what we sow, and yes judgment does come back upon the 4th and fifth generations due to the sins of our forefathers. This is a time to focus on the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, rubbing salt into the wounds of the sins of many Nations does not help anyone. "Fear" God has not given us a Spirit fear but OF Power, Love and of a Sound Mind 2Timothy 1:7 We as the son's of God need to Pray for each other as one, not to bring in the deeds of past actions caused by others but rather be looking forward to our Saviour and His coming. Once you are in the church you are as one, not to bring upon another the guilt of their forefathers Sin's the Bible is our guide and if we take the word to our Spirit then we will receive from God in Christ forgiveness and LOVE of our brethren in Christ. Waiting for redemption day as we who are in Christ will be caught up to Him ( Christ ) in the sky, so let us put aside all malice and judgment from our heart, for there is only one Judge and that is our Father in Heaven where we all Greek or Jew, black and white will stand,.
Micheala Isreal (6 days ago)
People need to stop going on their feelings and what they think the bible says what it says and that’s that my Heavenly Father is doing what he is doing judgement to all you heathens. And yes I’m a Israelite from the tribe of Benjamin following the laws statues and commandments of the most high all 613 or more all praises
Carlos Santos (7 days ago)
https://duckduckgo.com/?q=california+fires+dew+weapons&atb=v15&iar=videos&iax=videos&ia=videos https://duckduckgo.com/?q=california+fires+dew+weapons&atb=v15&iar=videos&iax=videos&ia=videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8yaiN6ew_g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQKfJeikTic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l93DdrOogI http://www.hist-chron.com/judentum-aktenlage/zionismus/op/Kalergi/ENGL-Kalergi-plan.html
Carlos Santos (7 days ago)
Frejack Jackson (7 days ago)
ya huh? ya ain't n the Bible. somebody told you that. stop puking up what somebody else told u. your language is English. although here is truth in what you've said. never divide the word of God...this is stupid, God didn't do this. this is man's hand at work. there is nothing natural about this fire.
Snopp cena (8 days ago)
This is agenda 21 wake up people this was direct energy weapons when the lord comes in this will be nothing compared to armageddon what does color have to do with any of this we are all the same we all bleed red
maria610421 (8 days ago)
The Curse of the Kenedy curse JFK and his family example.
maria610421 (8 days ago)
What happend before the fall of Rome, the criminal elite burnt down the CITY. Hitler Burnt down a building.
Selajh Soulh (8 days ago)
My Heart does not fail TMH's Wrath on these Nations. praying TMH's entry in the financial markets does not WAIN!! Isaiah 51 is being fulfilled. We are not no more of a people compared to sidewalks.
Manuela Williams (8 days ago)
Have you ever thought about if you are a racist? How can you seriously say you love God and be such a racist? God is not a racist. We still bleed all the same color....which is red! Black people don’t want to be judged by their color of their skin ....but yet they are more racist than any group of people I have ever known. I am European and have experienced mor racism from “some” black women than any other group of people. They have such a hatred for other women that are another race..... So how can you say you serve and love God but hate other sisters in the Lord that are not your race? God is not a racist......but the devil is! Read 1. John it talks about that if you say you love God but hate your brother or sister/neighbor ....the love of God is not in you and you don’t know God. Stop your self righteousness and repent from your racism. I hope this helps you to see it from God’s point of view. Have forgiveness like God forgives and forgets your sin and mine which Jesus Christ died for. Come to Jesus Christ and repent from your racism. God bless you!
Bagher Habibi (8 days ago)
So you're saying the one who were burnt and lost properties were all racist white people and you knew who they were and what sin they committed and this was a God's punishment on them. Also you're claiming the few who were saved were all good white folks. You're so full of @$!#t. I can't believe the crap that you believe . 👎
Irene Tafoya (9 days ago)
we are all descendants of Adam and Eve the human race. Cain and Abel one the Killer and the other one the worship. a hater and a lover. racism promotes hate love promotes worship.
Vanessa Riley (9 days ago)
Like Revelations.
BoDagitt 79 (10 days ago)
I believe the whole truth. Salvation saves. Noah wasn’t the only one on the ark to be a part of Yah’s people. So Yah’s people are not all black. If the angels were white, maybe Yah was too. So skin color isn’t everything or from whom you came from, it’s to whom we and our hearts belong to. Yah has my heart. I’m brown and proud and I love all ethnic groups.
BoDagitt 79 (10 days ago)
I’ve heard you speak many times. One of the things I’ve noticed is, you always sound angry.
BoDagitt 79 (2 days ago)
YahNappyKing I’m not white. I believe truth. If what I think doesn’t matter, why the videos? You also seem angry or racist. Something. Sad. You need to be changed from the inside out. Get right with Heavenly Father. Prophecy is also misunderstood by some.
YahNappyKing (7 days ago)
BoDagitt 79 You white people never want to hear the truth. The woman that's speaking in this video do not sound angry you're hearing what you want to hear, You can say what you want to say. You can believe what you want to believe, but you can't stop Prophecy.
harold vonhelms (10 days ago)
the punishment is at armageddon fool read 2cor 11verse 14 and 15 it you man in a dress full of hate
James Antonio (11 days ago)
MOST HIGH don't play he's going to do what he says he's going to do, BELIVE me my ancestors knows best, but it works both ways gentiles and heathens, he said he's going to judge you on how you treat his CHOSEN ones (ex-slaves)
Vinnette Pope (11 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this video
walkingaxyl (11 days ago)
It is possible that more than 20,000 people were murdered. It has nothing to do with color. May GOD have mercy on your soul. Who are you to sit in judgement. When you make things about color you show your racism. Research DEW Directed Energy Weapons. Sure hope they don't come to your neighborhood. Guess what it was black Africans who sold Africans. YOU ARE THE RACIST. If America is so horrible please, return to wherever it is you think you are from. If you were born here you have ever opportunity everyone else has. This was not about judgement it is because there is GOLD ON THAT LAND. Preach about greed. You promote hate and separation. You will be judged on the division you create. Love thy neighbor regardless of color.
live oak (11 days ago)
I see now why the Church burned and killed 11 million people during the Inquisition -- some Christians are just real mean. You are not right in the your heart, lady.
Test Pilot (11 days ago)
Your using the Bible to spew your hate and bitterness .I'll pray for you
Angela Chapman (12 days ago)
I felt the fear and anger of this town upon arrival, up to the day we evacuated. I still do. Since supporting Mr. Kapernicks choice to take a knee in support of his nonviolent protest against the authorities, and their selective brutality towards those of color, my life has been a trial of tests and tribulations since this proclamation. From 2/2018 to 11/8/2018 I had these feelings of discomfort and thought it was just me, adjusting to this new place. There was an undercurrent of true evil there. I knew it was cursed as the days and weeks went by, that it was independent of my perceptions.. I did not know the history of the area and the treatment of the Native Americans back during the gold rush. I have never before seen anything like the shadow figures I would see at night near the edge of the forest if we were stargazing or barbecuing. It was never frightening or evil to me, Just very sad. I told some friends it was a haunted and cursed place. I found it to be a very exclusionary, very white hypocritical Christian community that seemed fearful and angry. I found this hate directed towards me as my time there continued. I joined a local FB group for the town to thank the hospital for helping my husband. I saw a post from a woman asking the group if she had done the right thing by calling the fire department when she saw her neighbor mowing a field of tall grass, mid day, during a fire safety restriction. There were so many members ganging up on her, they were hateful above and beyond the subject and it just was not right. I said the fire dept gets paid to do these safety checks and appreciates the community looking out for possible issues.I defended her for erring on the side of caution, and posted that she might have saved the town from burning down and that she did the right thing. Then they started in on me, insulting me personally. It was always a struggle in my interactions with this group. I would post that I always tried to be humane towards others, that it was important to try and do the right thing by God. They would be angry at the homeless instead of trying to help them. Not very Christian I would post, and that Jesus would have approached things differently. I noticed in the community I would be stared at with sourpusses and rudeness. I remained calm and polite. I did nothing wrong, felt no ill will. It was just wrong, and they knew I was right. I was up the night before the fire. It was so windy I could not sleep, and I was on youtube. I kept asking why me, why the hate. If this was Paradise, they could have it. It was Perdition I would tell my husband. We have a black german sheperd named Khali. We named her after the Hindu Goddess Kali, the bringer of balance. I was listening to George Harrison and thought a traditional Hindu song would be nice. I searched Kali. I saw a mantra sung in the traditional way. It was to Kali. It said it was for removing evil and injustice. It said it was very powerful. Not knowing what tomorrow would bring, I looked at my dog and said Why Not? Then I posted a song about the kindness of Krishna on my facebook that said "
Angela Chapman (12 days ago)
Good Morning
mihret mehari (12 days ago)
Gud love every body white and black
mihret mehari (12 days ago)
No This is not from Gud how bad thing Happen from Gud this is nature happen
Hedonist Euphony (12 days ago)
⚠️ Directed Energy Weapons🔥 D.E.W Agenda 21⚠️
Gee Speller (12 days ago)
Karma this what they did to Native Americans Suffer
eelfood (12 days ago)
Direct Energy Weapons
Jack Jackson (13 days ago)
The whites outnumber you, the hispanics outnumber you, the asians outnumber you, and none of us like you, so go back to Africa where you belong because you got a hell of a lot more than white supremacy to worry about here. PS. Native Americans don't like you either.
Jack Jackson (9 days ago)
+Arianyah Good, we need it to increase, it's part of the plan. And no, we still greatly outnumber blacks, and no lol, as the most civilized and kindest people on the planet, God's judgement will not be coming on us, if there even is one. This hate you experience is because you're in a land you do not belong in (And because you're not very kind people, very underdeveloped), you would experience the same hatred wherever you went to if you do not belong there, in asian lands, in jewish lands, in hispanic lands, in arab lands, even in your own lands which is odd. Blacks kill their own race more than anyone else ever has. Even Farrakhan had Malcom X killed.
Arianyah (9 days ago)
We know this already. Well whites don't outnumber anyone anymore as they are dying more than they are having babies for decades now worldwide. So, your statement is not quite on point. However, the scripture clearly states we would be hated of ALL nations. You are preaching to the choir. We have lived this truth since before our ancestors where brought here to North America and to the four corners of the earth as slaves. We, their descendants, still experience this hate you speak of. It is even evident in your comment. Your ancestors and you have been spoken about in scripture for thousands of years. You are successfully playing your part and will be dealt with according to scripture. You have so much more to worry about now that judgement is coming to your doorstep supernaturally. It won't be a black face that delivers judgement. It will be God and your brethren via mass shootings, opioid and drug deaths, suicide, alcoholism and of course the natural disasters like tornadoes, earth quakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, sink holes, fires and the like. Keep watching because it is only going to increase.
Joel Dean (13 days ago)
Your a nut!
Don’t respond (13 days ago)
What reparations did the Jews get. They have to buy their own property back and Germany Swiss and Austrian officials and citizens still hold holocaust victims property. And I’m part Jewish. We aren’t all black. Some are. Some aren’t. We are ALL under judgement. God looks at your life and what you did not what color you are. And Yah is not a proper name for God. It’s Adonai or Elohim or yud heh vav heh
Linda Spencer (14 days ago)
Black people are just as racist stop spreading hate people like you are why the world is shit
Linda Spencer (14 days ago)
Fuck you you racist black bitch has nothing to do with white people black people lost there homes to you uneducated libtard white people aren't running cartels or beheading people or the Bible was wrote by man not good and man lies wake up
Priscilla Brown (14 days ago)
They only love money they will sell the mother for MONEY so they DON'T care about homeless people like at them now SOME died in THERE home trying to keep it
Emily Foisey (14 days ago)
Please get your life right with the Lord and repent before it's too late !!!! I call my God, God because that is who he is !!! Please forgive people of their sins before the Father want forgive you !!! Please Because l love you and l don't care about your skin color for give before it eats you up and it truly sounds like it is !!! Let your self love people even if they have wrongly done you !!!!cwe all are sinners and we all fall short of his glory !!! Be that's why God sent his son into the world so we can be set free of others that have wrong us !!!! It truly sounds like you want money and you are seeing others that got it now you want yours !! Remember what you said money can't buy you salvation and you need to practice what you preach !!! Let it go let it go let it go !!!!!!!!!!!! God the Father has a better plan than you do !!!! Let him have his way with you ,you will find peace in him for sure!!! You want be so much in trying to pay people back for something you really don't know that it happened to you !! Just because it happened to someone else doesn't mean you get money to maybe that's why you aren't getting any money is because God has a better plan than you can imagine for your life!!! Money is a world thing and Jesus tells us to come out of the world !!!! So come out now !!!!!!! Repent now says theLord or or else l will come quickly !!
Emily Foisey (14 days ago)
So can you tell me what is going to happen to those that are black that sell drugs and kill your on kind and have the same sins as every other race on the face of Earth !!! Why would you be races to this matter because it's the world that s dieing because of sin !!! I am am just not getting why you chose to beat down the white man for what has happened to every race in the world all people are evil until they find the Lord but even when we have given our life's to the Lord Jesus and l am a Christian we still sin but we try not to that is the reason why we will all still sin even tho we have given our life's to the Lord Jesus it's because of the sin nature in us all !!! Because this is a fallen world !! When Jesus died on that cross for mankind to be redeemed back to God because God so loved the world he gave his only began son that who so ever believe in him should have ever lasting life !!!! There's no way you can leave that out because this is the only why we can have ever lasting life it's because of what God did to have man redeemed back to him !!! I am not so sure that you are teaching this the right way because you are making it look like the white man is still into slavery and my sister that just not so !!! It seems to be that the black man can't forgive what happened 100s of years ago and God say if you do not forgive people of their sins you will not be forgiven !!!!!! And if you are going to sit up here and just tell the story the way you see it then you are miss leading others because of your unforgiveness and remember God will not for give those who can't forgive others !!! Now if you want to be honest about this by all means please tell the whole truth and not pick over what you what people to hear !!! By you doing this you are causing strife in the brother hood of Jesus and that my sister is so wrong !!! We as Christian's are not to cause strife among the brother hood of our Lord Jesus we are to stand out from amongst the world and be the light of the world this world has enough darkness we do not need to add to it !!!! If you find this to be a problem then please go back and get on your knees and ask our Lord and savior to give you understanding and truth to his word !!! I am in no way mad but l really wish you would seek the Lords way and not yours because it's just not good for this to be happening!!! If you knowest that the people that are reading this is cheering you on about how you are talking about the white man and you are not giving the whole truth about the how the brothers are supposed to be towards each other you're causing strife in the family of God!!! This is not what you and l are supposed to be doing !!! God wants us to teach the whole truth and that's his truth not what we thing is the truth by no means is this God's truth !!!! It's ashame that people can't forgive each other when none of us are better then the other God loves us all the same and if it's your mission to bring strife into the family of God then l have to tell you as a Christian to Christian we should know better than to do that to other's !!!! I will be in prayer about this and l hope that you can forgive people for their sins against you because when you do that your heart will be at peace ! Trust me l know let it go for your own sake please !!!!!
Bernice Cottrell (14 days ago)
Shane Jones (15 days ago)
if this is true then why are all the inter cities around the u.s not burnt to the ground shit they are 80%black people drug infested shit holes so hears to hope they are next
Jay Schumannuhjw (15 days ago)
Racism at its best

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