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[TPRMX] Mozart - Magic Flute 'Queen Of The Night Aria' REMIX

672 ratings | 97174 views
Original Classical Music : https://youtu.be/OP9SX7V14Z4 More Remix : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSxtL9D38sdYN1vCZ8-Lf-JJJoatnbRa3 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSxtL9D38sdZh82tHL9oezPUOFK_ATfiu Mozart - Magic Flute 'Queen Of The Night Aria' Mozart - Die Zauberflöte 'Königin der Nacht Arie' Mozart - La Reina de La Noche 'La flauta Mágica Aria' 모차르트 - 밤의 여왕 아리아 モーツァルト - 夜の女王のアリア 莫扎特 - 夜之女王詠嘆調
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Text Comments (47)
Any the fuck is this so dang good omlllll I need a playlist full of classical remixes
Janusz Lorent (1 month ago)
thumb up if you're tasteless loser :)
weDare (4 months ago)
Sarfnic Productions (8 months ago)
Adventure Time did a good job with those chirps.
Geancarlo Bruni (8 months ago)
Y love you
Sarfnic Productions (9 months ago)
Short but straight with the epicness.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (9 months ago)
esto si es musica carajo no como ahora la caca de musica que sacan yo desde aqui me burlo para aquellos de mente simple que les gusta la musica simple y comun esto es especial
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (2 months ago)
+V- Thunder siiiiiiii
V- Thunder (6 months ago)
Como el asqueroso regueton ?
Razer (11 months ago)
1:01 at 1.25 speed :0 u welcome pal
ACE KEV (11 months ago)
Midnight Commentaries (1 year ago)
This is some boss theme
ThymsonPL (1 year ago)
How dare u
Victor (1 year ago)
luați la pulă de contrabandiști!
MineKerzz - Gaming (1 year ago)
Good at outro
It'sTheRedGM (1 year ago)
Remixing a classic... Nice!
Dak1ne (1 year ago)
wtf is that shit? ....
Gustavo Figueroa (2 years ago)
bring death to blasphemous.
Yogurt of the Multiverse (4 months ago)
What even the fuck-
muchospendechos (2 years ago)
sounds like shit against the original,.... like Schlager....
Trung Hoàng (2 years ago)
gonna love this :)) thanks so much!!!
Trishyla Means (2 years ago)
this remix is awesome
Trishyla Means (2 years ago)
adventure time
Sarfnic Productions (8 months ago)
Yeah they made their nostalgic tune
Tipo verde (2 years ago)
sounds like a final boss
Freezing Freakout (1 year ago)
Yeah, like some energetic final boss of a kid-friendly game or some kid-friendly looking M rated game
Lord Dukati BR (1 year ago)
Super Nintendo Era
Lord Dukati BR (1 year ago)
FinalFantasy 1-5 Bosses
Ez Egerszeg (2 years ago)
tipo verde dark souls final boss?
lam hoang (2 years ago)
thumb up if Adventure time brought you here
Blaise (16 days ago)
Bolt the Super-Pony never be sad about Adventure time!
Bolt the Super-Pony (3 months ago)
Sadly yes
Jefferson McCloud (7 months ago)
lam hoang Haha dead on dude
Sarfnic Productions (9 months ago)
that's the only reason I like this
james johnson (1 year ago)
Totes dude
VOX3L (2 years ago)
*gets sued for copyright infringement by Mozart*
Wholesome Nuggets (1 month ago)
VOX3L hah
menevetsny (3 months ago)
For too many notes.
VOX3L (2 years ago)
+The Slow Bro Technically, the guy's been dead for like several centuries.
Fjorm Emblem (2 years ago)
VOX3L technically, he can't get copyright infringement for this, as its been over 50 years since the original piece of music was made, but he still has to refer to the original
Tiger James (2 years ago)
M (2 years ago)
Great! 👏
Verisky1 (2 years ago)
Check "Pump it Up - Chimera", its also a remix of the same song..
Nyfer Draws (2 years ago)
So beautiful😍
Sanjidub (2 years ago)

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