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NAKED GIRL Walks Around Mall | Does She Get Kicked Out?!

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We walked around a mall to see if we could fool any of the people working in clothing stores. Some unexpected things happened Thanks for watching! Send us a Like and Subscribe if you enjoy our content COMMENT NEW PAINT IDEAS YOU WANT TO SEE :) Also, if you like our work, please consider supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JenTheBodyPainter Business Inquiries: [email protected] FOLLOW US (please): Instagram: @JenTheBodyPainter FOLLOW OUR MODEL: @bodybyluciotti - Maria Luciotti Jen Seidel - @jenseidelartist Brandon - @brandonwalsh Cory - @corywolberg Nick - @SWOLVIETUNION Kennedy - @kennedyclairewalsh
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Text Comments (1024)
Jen The Body Painter (1 year ago)
The "creepy" guy in red (@1:31) is actually on our team. He was filming an instagram story for us. Please no pitchforks 😅😘
Ataya Chinthammit (3 months ago)
I want more naked
Daviscraft gms (4 months ago)
Jen The Body Painter ccc
general_ choche (6 months ago)
No 🚫 creepy dude 😐😑😑
general_ choche (6 months ago)
Jen The Body Painter uhhh gross 🤢🤢🤢
unknown (6 months ago)
Jen The body painter you are the pretty women in the world
marc f (11 hours ago)
Honestly she didn't even need to have the panties on she would've gotten the exact same reaction
marc f (11 hours ago)
No amazing how she can do that and everybody thinks it's cute or funny or beautiful.....but if any man,...like me did that people would all be scared and call the police lol
Jayden Mcginn (3 days ago)
She is not going to get kicked out
Sweet Corn (10 days ago)
1:40 k.. it seems that everyone puts their phone in their pockets... however... if a person can be electrocuted by dropping a phone in the bath.. then phone in pocket is damaging as well... no doubt it's a lesser amount... Still un-necessary! Electrocution is understudied! * I care about you.* I wish you wouldn't have it so close to your body... you could put it in your purse youknow!?
12 34 (12 days ago)
beautiful body to observe but not an a perverted mean..... you have a beatiful body ☺ looks natural 😊
Burn Profit (15 days ago)
easy to see the difference on camera but it won't be as noticeable in real life. light and the scarf helps hide it too. in preview was pickup something was off about the cloths
Justin Richards (17 days ago)
Fast forward
Uncle Bob (21 days ago)
If this was India sh would've been raped the second she stepped outside
joseph owens (29 days ago)
Least she's naked
DannyMoorhouse97 (1 month ago)
no "kicked out" for them, hotties instead got rolled the red carpet must admit!
Claudiu Popescu (1 month ago)
what is the song?
Angelica Munin (1 month ago)
She is not naked... FAKE ;]
Maya Hughes (1 month ago)
Omg 😲 1:31
Sm0ke (1 month ago)
Are they in fashion show mall in vegas?
Ms J (1 month ago)
Omg thats so cool
ThaReP (1 month ago)
Not naked, she have underwear
Not Ash (2 months ago)
Wait so shes actually naked?
M G (2 months ago)
I am male Can I get body painted please
M G (2 months ago)
Can a male be a feminist?
thatMimosaGrove (2 months ago)
It just goes to show how skin tight lots of women wear their clothes normally.
Prathik Kumar (2 months ago)
podi punda....
Abdullah Ali (2 months ago)
Now i know one thing after this video... Her Bra size is 32C and not 32B.
Kyleigh Green (2 months ago)
She walks weird and it kinda ruins it
crazyaboutnature (2 months ago)
If only Jen could paint herself and then she could do it.
izzyedits (2 months ago)
Sylvanas0411 (3 months ago)
Pedo phile Muhammad (3 months ago)
Why do girls like to walk naked in public? I guess women have exhibitionism in their blood.
LazarusStirs (3 months ago)
She's not naked. If you're wearing underwear that is not naked. Might wanna think about not making shit up to get people to watch.
Games TV (3 months ago)
mark jeffels (3 months ago)
She is FAR FROM NAKED!! She is wearing underwear and pasties!! BS!!! But still very hot and FUNNY!!
Basti Guillermo (3 months ago)
Mohamed Faizal (3 months ago)
Is she crazy
Brian Isaac (3 months ago)
Yooooo, that butt!!!!
rafi suvo (3 months ago)
Cracfty bitc 😂
nije bitno kako se zovem (3 months ago)
Hahaha some nigga look her ass.
Joseph Akkary (4 months ago)
This is awsome thank u for the video
The Xix (4 months ago)
You gals did a great job on that! She has a beautiful rear end. Absolutely gorgeous! I love this! :D
Crazy Me (4 months ago)
she walks funny no? Wi'....she doe's theees funny walk about. Eh?
John Quinn (4 months ago)
Nobody knows she's naked...
NANCY2712 (4 months ago)
They good
fl0wne (4 months ago)
alright boys every male can't resist them cheecks
Ashwin Kumar (4 months ago)
fuck right off you bastards... the panties are still there...
Tv Spiderman (5 months ago)
It's naked but the color makes it look like if she has clothes
Ravindra Singh (5 months ago)
after looking feel like having a sex with her
Ravindra Singh (5 months ago)
after looking Feel liaving seen
Marco Polo (5 months ago)
she's not naked, reported for bullshit title.
Phack Em (5 months ago)
I'm so triggered!
RockMonster1000 (5 months ago)
OMG I love how it was like a gurl partee at the end. Ah haaah thats greaeyyyyeat
I love taking naps (5 months ago)
That ass is enough clothing tho
Emmett Balogun (5 months ago)
The true purpose of clothing is twofold- 1. Protection from climatic adversity. 2. Clothing should cover the body so that in society attention can be placed on mental and spiritual matters for the good of mankind.
Emmett Balogun (5 months ago)
It's simply immoral. Two questions 1. There should be quality between sexes . Can a man walk around naked with his body painted? 2. Instinct preserves the species. Is it probable that the nakedness of women in the streets will increase crime, specificly rape ?
Samantha Kaluuya (5 months ago)
But she didn't take everything off tho..so maybe I thought that
The Real SavageCardinal (5 months ago)
Is she a teacher named miss wagner
fvckuuu (6 months ago)
Her ass tho
Wonkazombie (6 months ago)
Clickbait title
Elizabeth Balbacal (6 months ago)
I am bold in the mall right now
Walter Rashid (6 months ago)
What brand of body paint do you use? need a good one for a Cosplay im doing
Chloe And Ryeley Morical (6 months ago)
I would feel to exposed
Martin Belton (6 months ago)
stupd sure shes fuckin naked
Lolo Pacio (7 months ago)
I wish to si the vagina and have sex with her
Addreno (7 months ago)
Maki akh
Nadiv555 (7 months ago)
Nice skills
Bella&jojo LIFE (7 months ago)
You should do one where u are FULLY NAKED but the ground part should have a little part covering the FRONT PRIVIET
Axel -M (7 months ago)
A boy can't go with a painted dick
Axel -M (7 months ago)
They are painting her Pussy 😂😂😂
Vijay Singh (7 months ago)
😂😂thats make me funny 👍👍
Joziah Gonzalez (7 months ago)
go stripping naked
Joziah Gonzalez (7 months ago)
fucking hot
isabelle stubbs (7 months ago)
JaycoProlab (7 months ago)
stace eee (7 months ago)
Nice painting skills though you guys should be artist's!
Lucas Wallwork (7 months ago)
Looks real
Maria Espinosa (7 months ago)
Fuck you
Andrew Johnston (8 months ago)
Wobble your face between her arse cheeks.
Sandra Harl (8 months ago)
Someone looked at Jen's butt grab a pitch forck and stab him in the nuts!!!!!!
Sandra Harl (8 months ago)
I saw someone looking at her butt :O
Airfan Fighter pilot (8 months ago)
Damn she's camouflaged very well. People fink that she's wearing clothes but NOOOO she's kinda naked but with high quality camouflage paint. HOLY SHIT!!!
Louie Louie (8 months ago)
Should have practised with heel first. Looks like she never walked in heels before. Cute bottom !
Bruno Rocha (8 months ago)
tall ass hot chocolate in this video, I need to travel with this crew
Dire Entertainment (8 months ago)
But still what is the point of this?
George C (8 months ago)
13M views and growing!!! you go Jen!!!!
Robert Drexler (8 months ago)
Wearing a bikini is not nude. But i'm sure you no that already.
Fire_Blast 02 (8 months ago)
You should do painted cloths at the pool
Mainul Ninja (8 months ago)
Fuck Me
But do this with a guy, you sit. Get past the front door. These guys are thirsty af
Grace Bourget (8 months ago)
butt is fake
Carolyn E (5 months ago)
Grace Bourget Nah, she squats like 200lbs. Her Instagram is listed in the description.
lizzymabo24 (8 months ago)
The girl with the orange sweater gave off a negative vibe
Susie Pham (8 months ago)
WTH dude that’s awesome 👏
Scarlet-Gal 2000 (8 months ago)
The girls look jealous of her look and her butt Bubble but xD
TangInaMo JepoyDizon (8 months ago)
Get low hands on the waist lets go !
Lily ᵔᴥᵔ (8 months ago)
"She is body... bangin" 😂😂😂
Jessie Ewald (9 months ago)
I love your ass
Jessie Ewald (9 months ago)
Nice ass !
drealgrin (9 months ago)
1:56 did they grab her by the pussy?
James Bouffard (9 months ago)
Gohar Fariad (9 months ago)
Pretty much so her boobi
yt (9 months ago)
She need to put out her underwear and than paint
justkhail (9 months ago)
Tell the sister at 4:45 I said, "Hello."
DerekPlayz YT (9 months ago)
Painting skills are great

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