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Casting out Strongmen - Bill Shnoebelen

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This is the best teaching I have heard on casting out strongmen. This comes from http://www.withoneaccord.org/ ministry The book that is referenced is Blood on the Doorpost that can be purchased right here: http://www.withoneaccord.org/Blood-on... I have listened to many of Bill's teachings and you cannot go wrong with these teachings. Although, I don't 100% agree with any teacher, Bill comes very close!He has an awesome testimony directing you straight to Christ. Another thing I would like to recommend is :The Expositor's Study Bible KJV by Jimmy Swaggart I have owned this bible for 7 years and although the commentary isn't perfectly on target with the leviathan creature (checkout my evolution playlist), Jimmy knows the Hebrew language extremely well, and is able to interpret into understandable literal translation but doesn't fail to point out types and shadows and similarities, types of Christ. What I love about this bible commentary is everything points to Christ and the Cross.
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