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Mika: Hypocritical If Monica Lewinsky Was Uninvited From Event | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Monica Lewinsky stated in a tweet she was uninvited from Town and Country Magazine’s annual Philanthropy Summit because former President Bill Clinton attended. The Morning Joe panel discusses. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc About: MSNBC is the premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful political commentary and informed perspectives. Reaching more than 95 million households worldwide, MSNBC offers a full schedule of live news coverage, political opinions and award-winning documentary programming -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit msnbc.com: http://on.msnbc.com/Readmsnbc Subscribe to MSNBC Newsletter: MSNBC.com/NewslettersYouTube Find MSNBC on Facebook: http://on.msnbc.com/Likemsnbc Follow MSNBC on Twitter: http://on.msnbc.com/Followmsnbc Follow MSNBC on Instagram: http://on.msnbc.com/Instamsnbc Mika: Hypocritical If Monica Lewinsky Uninvited From Event | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Cynthia Hawkins (4 months ago)
The Clintons threw her under the bus, back then...
Cynthia Hawkins (4 months ago)
A TED talk given by Monica Lewinsky. Her remarks about Internet shaming are priceless. Monica is a classy, brave, articulate lady. After years of being unjustifiably sneered at, vilified and shunned for her 'sins', her life turned around. Amazingly enough it was: following the suicide of Tyler Clementi (look it up, kids). She's right. It is 2018. Time to move on.
Danish Miller (5 months ago)
she's original meetoo and seth rich original patriot for the events following and Dominos still falling. justice please for young people. brave or caught in a mistake have mercy, compassion, don't bully, or cybershame. people, especially because the young, can't fathom facing one more day. iIf they make it they just get hit with more shaming the next minute, hour, half day, all day yhen bam ot begins relentlessly again, whether ot will involve you as a citizen ever or not. if not don't click, don't shame dont add to the pain. And then walk in their headlunes, in their facing tomorrow and you won't ask why it causes suicides. Be human, no don't be your normal human self. Be better than that for the sake of our younger folks, mistakes or heroes with flaws all of us. Even SR according to recent reports asked for a bunch of money for the rest of docs. some would criticize, some would see the survival tactic quite reasonably involved but others wouldn't look. into the future and be able to see reasond just continue but the ones with conscience and compassion wouldn't be shaming on their sacted high horse........stop because this is all NOT OKAY
Greg S. (5 months ago)
He's wrong about one thing. Bill Clinton wasn't worshiped by polite society. He was worshiped by liberal society.
Rifath Mannan (6 months ago)
Slick Willy
Jennyoy (7 months ago)
It's so obvious that Monica Lewinsky is a strong woman. Bill Clinton is a coward.
S K (7 months ago)
Dump is a pervert. Let's talk about his having affairs during each one of his three marriages and the many women who charge him with sexual misconduct. President Clinton served our country well for eight wonderful years.
Ultra vivio (7 months ago)
Yes it would not be a normal day if Trump didn’t get blamed for something, even if that something happened 20 years a go. They can’t go one day with out making a total full of them selfs . Thank god😎
Hard Rocker (8 months ago)
March for Monica women's march ☺
carriewatkins01 (8 months ago)
U go Monica ! Call them out
Donna Walther (8 months ago)
Monica you r a BEAUTIFUL women sorry about happen to from a mom at 55 yrs old you r forgiven you have carried yourself with class . You r class. Thank you for being a BEAUTIFUL SOUL u r wonderful..please go live your life with BEAUTIFUL way you r.
G Montezuma (8 months ago)
So Monica Lewinsky is a hero now???
M Umo (8 months ago)
Monica Lewinsky should have several, several seats. He’s the president. He’s the guest. Monica wanted to dine with the big wigs...that’s what you get. Please. What dignity. I would rather have Bill Clinton. What voice. Oh shut up. Monica is no social change for me. I’m done.
Jaywalk 2020 (8 months ago)
This is supremely ironic!
Marcy Clay (8 months ago)
I agree with Mika here too. She is spot on! Iyou are having the womanizing President on yet disinviting Monica. Especially when it is about social change. Hypocrisy knows no boundaries. SMH
b dog (8 months ago)
I hate I clicked here these people think they are so important and that their opinions are all that matter.
hellasow b (8 months ago)
Bill Clinton and Trump seem to be untouchable on sleazy activity. Bill Clinton is the more prestigious/famous/powerful person and Lewinski would be an embarrassment to him. Clinton took advantage of his position but Lewinski was not a victim. She got job offers that Clinton got her. If her relationship was not found out she would be still getting favorable treatment.
Chris Carroll-Proctor (8 months ago)
She was 20 yrs old, niave, and in love. She is not blameless, but at his age, he should have known better. He stayed in office after he was impeached. She lost her job. He is still married and lives the good life. She is still being ridiculed and alienated for something that happened yrs ago. Everyone involved was humiliated, but she continues to be punished.
Dave Schultz (8 months ago)
Why is anyone surprised. Democrats are hypocrites.
bigbullbk (8 months ago)
She's right. Just don't invite her then take it back.
krazy bzs (8 months ago)
Mika is a moron . Hypocrite and oozes stupidity. Lol..
wally crail (8 months ago)
She should have been told Clinton was attending, and given the choice, as to whether she still wants to attend.
bernice glover (8 months ago)
Everybody sleeping around
John Henderson (8 months ago)
Bill did nothing this time, he was just there. Don’t blame him for that.
Lewis Beshers (8 months ago)
People knew Clinton was a dog before he was voted in. Bill and Hillary should either apologize to her publicly in a meaningful and truthful manner, or stop pretending they support women's rights. Just because it's inconvenient, or makes them flinch, doesn't give them the right to continue to demonize this poor girl that was enamored by her boss, who took total advantage of the situation.
tim murray (8 months ago)
Social change 2018..Anybody with vision....should have had Monica introduce Emma
Bruce Duncan (8 months ago)
Joe, don't hug yourself. It gives me the creeps. It looks presidential.
tonia garcia (8 months ago)
Bill clinton is a dirt bag.
Butterflies Honeybees (8 months ago)
Meh....we have real problems !!! It's not the 90s....it's Town and Country's business......
James Stewart (8 months ago)
Americans are so delicate.
William Howard (8 months ago)
It's funny 1996 Clinton denied the affair then got impeached. Monica I don't recall back then you being the victim, your no hero, you were young but an adult. We all make mistakes move on.
Sharon Sanchez (8 months ago)
I thought the B.C. /Monica Biz Got an uptick because Trump trotted out B.C. s past women And we know what he was up to. Trump stirred that pot. Even if Monica wasn't on the stage, she was there in mind. AS far as them both being invited, to an event that's just weird and somebody has some explaining to do.
sir robert (8 months ago)
she can wear the blue dress
Chattisimo123 (8 months ago)
Sorry! But Monica Lewinsky gave an interview with Barbara Walters and said that it was she, that would hike her skirt up and show the president her thong underwear in the West Wing. Go ahead and say that she was a kid, but she did not get "hit on," she admitted she pursued the president. It is all pretty dull to listen to. . .
kwood68 (8 months ago)
Lewinsky is no victim! ! She went after Clinton just as she went after her professor. Read her book (in her own words) and you will never spew out that sympathy fluff again. Clinton is bad but he cannot be blamed for this one.
Javier Bonilla (8 months ago)
Stupid the idiots that invited Lewinsky. Lewinsky is nobody, she has no talent to be invited anywhere, she has no major papers written, research results, social projects lead... anything. She is circumstantially famous. Had there been another "easy" intern at that date and time near Bill Clinton, nobody would know her.
RedondoBeach2 (8 months ago)
3:36 "wow, Joe." Mika, you always have such profound commentary.
Ignez Maciel (8 months ago)
Greg M (8 months ago)
People act like Monica was some innocent child. She was a full grown woman who was born in San Francisco and grew up in Los Angeles. She was not innocent, and she pursued a married man. The panelists on this "Fox" wannabe news show are talking about Monica like she's some sort of Virgin Mary. Not only did she pursue a married man, but she had a reputation in DC for pursuing other married men. Stop treating Monica like she was some sort of victim.
Love Light (8 months ago)
It is sad. Thank you Mika and Joe. Thank you Monika for speaking.
Atticus (8 months ago)
They should have uninvited the Slick Willie.
Spone Mr (8 months ago)
Shame , i like a good moist cigar.
Victoria Stuart (8 months ago)
She was uninvited from an event so her abuser could attend.
Geoff Dearth (8 months ago)
I said then and I still say that there are things that Bill Clinton could have been impeached for but the Lewinsky thing wasn't among them. Like Charlie Trie for example.
nick l (8 months ago)
Is mika related to jeff sessions they resemble one an other?And both have a crap attitude.
Robert Trail (8 months ago)
Please, the photo of Monica adoring Clinton while she was in the rope line? The girl was enamored with him. It was at least 50/50 at best as nobody forced her onto her knees.
Jeff Miller (8 months ago)
Hillary rapes and kills
Jeff Miller (8 months ago)
Bill Clinton rapes. Sorry but true
Lisa Velasquez (8 months ago)
Town & Country's polite soiree is more important than BOMBS FALLING FOR THE LAST 24 HOURS!?!? This is the same media irresponsibility that created the ridiculous evil lie labeled "The Iraq War!" People pretty much agree that two ancient stories that once had a fling can hang out in the same room for a shared cause, but really the event itself is pretty lame compared to # CrookedCohen and his #RMAGADON boss, and the Treasonous attempts toward destruction of our nation and the WAR they are going out of their way to create!👸
Alex Oelkers (8 months ago)
It ruined Bill Clinton's presidency... don't say he got away with it...
Pam E (8 months ago)
Monica was hit on? No. No. She invited the attention. Had long late night phone calls with Bill and then couldnt keep her mouth shut about it. Why does she deserve respect?
The Silver Eagle (8 months ago)
Where are they going to put a seat for her ? Under the table next to Bill? lol
mike lane (8 months ago)
....finally I can stomach these two      thanx for 1% mika (n) joe
next bill (8 months ago)
How come stormy daniels isnt being treated like Lewinsky
next bill (8 months ago)
Stormy would not have been disinvited
CastAway_Dave (8 months ago)
Bill Clinton and social change? Oil and water!
Dess D (8 months ago)
Im all for womens rights and all that jazz. However what did you expect them to uninvite The freakn President? Gimma a break. It is what it is
zeek (8 months ago)
Monica you have something on your chin.
TheTomozzo (8 months ago)
xXelrapido777Xx (8 months ago)
The real joke is y’all, I can stand behind much of your point if views but this one is just petty, stupid, and irrelevant. Disappointing.
Mods R Monsters (8 months ago)
Now the left likes Monica? Wow!
Carolyn Smith (8 months ago)
Why is Monica the uninvited? Not cool Town and Country.
Bumblebug73 (8 months ago)
That sucks
M N (8 months ago)
If she was willing to attend then why disinvite her?
Karen Post (8 months ago)
Would she be still attending with Bill there?
The vaping Polisher (8 months ago)
Who care about that has been
Michael Pede (8 months ago)
Are you SURE they uninvited her because Bill Clinton got invited, or because HILLARY CLINTON got invited. If you had to pick between those two women, you wouldn't choose the most relevant?
bronzenrule (8 months ago)
Not surprising. The Clintons enjoy the same unconditional, blind support that Trump does. They are like gods who can do no wrong by corporate Dems and others who feed at the teet of neoliberalism. So the decision by Town and Country Magazine was easy.
Dreamingrightnow (8 months ago)
Thank you, Mika. I'm dumbstruck that you got, even a vague criticism of a Clinton past the MSNBC gate keepers. It's time we look honestly at every example of male privilege, whether it's "our team" that's employing these dastardly tactics to silence women survivors or not. Time Is Up for treating Monica Lewinsky like she's the problem! ..Now could somebody please tell Rachel and Joy?
Rosa Lainez (8 months ago)
By the way ex President Clinton is not important made better guess .not her cuz she slept with him and bring him down and humiliated Mrs .Clinton .that is for what is famous .Clinton is our ex President .who did a lot for minorities and was a good president .no matter what despised his mistakes involved with Mss L..ok
Lorraine Wheatley (8 months ago)
It would have been very uncomfortable for both, it is better she didn’t attend. I guess all the woman that accused Trump.
Lol the broad knew what she was doing on her knees lol. She's not a victim. Her pant suit was the victim when it was "shot" at...... Lol
Trashar Liberali (8 months ago)
Msnbc:we need to protect whores feelings.why don't you care about whores feelings
afk bot (8 months ago)
She should've swallowed keep it moving... shiid Trump want out with Candace Bergen when she was 18 ... Adult choices at 22
Big B (8 months ago)
Morning Joe is living in a bubble like the rest of the media. We respect Bill Clinton because his presidency as the last time our economy and foreign policy really worked well for all Americans. We are not crazy about Monica Lewinsky because of what she is known for. And we have Donald Trump because the Republican Party was so corrupt and incompetent the last time they were in power under Bush (Iraq War, Great Recession) that even Republican voters won’t vote for their own Establishment candidates anymore.
Ray Yuske (8 months ago)
Wow democrats
Salomon Jeancharles (8 months ago)
Why does she continue to pay for what happened between two consenting adults? The man keeps being everywhere he wants, but she cannot because of the ill-educated members in society who always blame the woman. It is a shame.
Tom Tapp (8 months ago)
A jew
Uncle Nuts (8 months ago)
That hoe bag shouldn't be invited to anything. She should be shunned
Artoo Defive (8 months ago)
Can we please not refer to a 23-year-old as a “girl”? I’m not suggesting Bill Clinton is innocent. Far from it. I think they both share the blame for this one. But a 23-year-old is a woman. Yes, a young woman but a woman nonetheless. Referring to her as a girl negates her agency.
Jack Booted Hug (8 months ago)
Mika would know about hypocrisy
Kathy Oleksy (8 months ago)
Monica had an affair with a married professor before she met Bill Clinton. She knew what she was doing.
Carleton Scully (8 months ago)
Town and country # sexist. How sad.
David Rivera (8 months ago)
The reason Trump is President is because we the people of the United States of America voted for him
B Em (8 months ago)
Girl you decided to tell Linda about your affair big mistake now you blaming everyone it was something you choose to do so no one put a choke to your head. I know discretion should have been implied.
Ultra Magnus (8 months ago)
I luv you Mika but I'm going to have to disagree. Racists and idiots are the reason why we have Trump!
Luke McGregor (8 months ago)
Unlike a lot of you, I clearly remember the 90's. Looking back at those years , it seems almost like a golden age for america. Your country was regarded as the beacon of hope and human rights in the world. Other countries respected your president, and he was the defacto leader of the free world. Yeah, Bill was a horn dog. However , as I recall from all those investigations, Bill did proposition several women, but if they said no to him there were no negative consequences for the women. None of these women's careers ended for saying no to him. And as for Monica, she loved him. There's alot of people acting all high and mighty , but I wonder how they would handle the same situation. Now you're trying to put Bill Clinton and Monica in some kind of #metoo spin? Monica has done a few interviews about this, why don;t you watch one of them. I just find it funny that you try to put the blame on Bill and Monica for trump. You ignore the right wing conspiracy, the whitewater investigation, Ken Starr, Grover Norquist. You ignore the fact that Clinton should not have been under investigation in the first place. You ignore the republican bills that needed to pass to create NAFTA and undo Glass Steagle. You ignore all that, or maybe you just don't know? Blaming trump on Bill and Monica is just stupid.
Brandon Bravo (8 months ago)
shes just a woman who likes to give oral shes no victim i think she wants some attention
Billy (8 months ago)
These 2 clowns still have a show? Pathetic
GN GD (8 months ago)
Monica Lewinsky makes Clin Tong Tong Cry and his heart has a 2 big boxes. 1 box for his wife and the other box for his Monica.
janie evans (8 months ago)
Monica got on her knees and performed at her own will. I am glad she was disinvited. If she had been assaulted I would think different. She chose her own path
Ray Segura (8 months ago)
They said Bill Clinton is the reason we have trump? What? Is bill Clinton the reason for earthquakes? Cause he jizzed on her face ?
Has Mexico paid for melania's STD check up yet?
tic toc (8 months ago)
Make no mistake about it :: Monica Lewinsky, daily, lies in wait for that moment when she and Bill Clinton will be breathing the same airspace -- be it @Town & Country, Vanity Lair, the Met, the Benjamin Bar & Lounge, etc. She may no longer have feelings for the skud, but she is on a personal mission to prove something to herself. Btw, a gravitas social blunder to disinvite her.
hownow (8 months ago)
Oh please ... Monica knows it was consensual ... still hung on a 20+ yr old BJ ... /-:
lynnsaoirse (8 months ago)
Who cares about Monica? Please, no one wants to see her. Bill Clinton lobbied for and then signed the Brady Law, which increased background checks, and also lobbied for and signed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. The law banned certain semi-automatic firearms with two or more specific design features, and also prohibited the manufacture of ammunition magazines that held over ten rounds. So it was only fitting that he introduce Emma Gonzales who is fighting to re-instate that law. I was disgusted by his behavior with Monica, but hers was reprehensible as well. Saving a dress in plastic and also instigating the affair by showing him her thong? She was no baby. She was a woman at 22, not a 'young girl'. How old are you all on this show? Did you teach your own kids not to go near a married person looking for a 'relationship'? I usually like your show, but in this case you all jumped on the wrong bandwagon.
Michael Atherton (8 months ago)
Sorry again but..."Hypocritical If Monica Lewinsky Uninvited From Event?" I maybe just a hick from L.A., but it seems a little hypocritical for two "purported" adulterers to be moralizing about anyone else's extramarital affair.
Ruadh MacBradaigh (8 months ago)
Monica Lewinsky gets invited to political things? She has made a career out of her dalliance with Clinton. She is certainly NOT a victim!
moloney55 (8 months ago)
Wow the hypocrisy here of people damning Lewinsky and hailing Stormy Daniels as the angel of justice...
Grace Grit and Glory (8 months ago)
Why was she invited in the first place? The same reason Paula Jones was invited to the debates? The problem was the invite, if they knew Bill Clinton was going to be there. "Me too" is getting out of hand. Someone wanted a controversy to report on. What's next, a Stormie Daniels invite to the State of the Union speech?

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