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Best Place To Buy Cheap Cars

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AHM LLC (6 hours ago)
Keep pushing
AZIZ HINNOUHO (1 day ago)
Bentley W12 black exterior and red interior mixed with carbon 😂😂😂😘😘😘🥊🥊🥊. Only money kicks
JayGamesAndStuff (1 day ago)
dream car 2012 and up zl1 camaro
Mohamed Muse (2 days ago)
My dream car is 1996 Chrysler Sebring with 400,000 miles on it
HoverBlade YT (2 days ago)
FUCK A 9-5 💰💸💯
JOHN SAMS (2 days ago)
How can i get my license
lawi tycoon (3 days ago)
This is awesome men! My dream car is a BMW i8 and BMW X6
Jeremy Larson (10 hours ago)
that's 2 cars not 1
Muthusamy Don (3 days ago)
1 thing i hate about all your vids is the sudden fucking loud music as your video background. please keep your music or sound system in good quality and pleased to hear. thanks!
ix relaxx (3 days ago)
Where is that at???
713SeanD. (4 days ago)
Lol so hopefully they don't see this video. 1.2million views later...... good work my man.
Part Of (5 days ago)
Thanks bro, I learned something
ivy Stanage (5 days ago)
In miami you could’ve sold that pathfinder to a Caribbean person & made a ton of cash!! We love Honda’s, nissans & Toyota’s bc we can send em back to our countries & profit even more. Bless you !!
ivy Stanage (5 days ago)
Instant sub!!!!
ERIC DOERGES (5 days ago)
Where are you locatied. Will you get me a car for a small fee? Please Advise. Eric
FreeStYLeMInd (6 days ago)
Yo what the f am i doing with my life?! Hes 21 and knows so much.. 21 i was ....ughhh nevermind
Ineetous Holder (7 days ago)
Hey I have a personal question is there a way to Email you or find you on i.g or facebook
Evan Black (9 days ago)
Good video man 👊👊
howtobebasic1 (9 days ago)
auctions are great but you never know if the car has any problems
Ty I (10 days ago)
I hate to break it to you, but, if you think a Rolls Royce doesn't have an engine made to be revved then you should probably stop buying, and especially selling, cars. If any engine should be revved I'd say a BMW twin-turbo V12(which is the engine used in the Rolls Royce) is definitely near the top of that list, if not at the top.
Cohiba& Cadillac (10 days ago)
Place is where?
Francisco Eira (11 days ago)
2500$ for a used ripped off foul smellying porshe? Where do I sign the papers man?
Francisco Eira (10 days ago)
+lil JJ back at it I ain't hating, I would buy for sure
lil JJ back at it (10 days ago)
Good morning... Hi hater..😪😁😁
Where are those auctions located .? Great vids by the way. 💯
Big Smoke (10 days ago)
Speedy's Affordable Painting Manheim auctions in california
dinisio travers (13 days ago)
I need a car
LOVE YOU MOM (13 days ago)
But you,dont share the price And the place?
Roger Blueearth (14 days ago)
Thanks much for that info wow.
Lethal Bas (14 days ago)
Frank Martinez (14 days ago)
I a new uber driver. Can you buy nice cheap luxury cars at auction?
DenisTV (15 days ago)
That orange M3 sexy as hell. Bro you’re doing great
Chukwu Barthlolmew (15 days ago)
Hello bro, I just came across your videos today, and I like what you do, but you buy a car for me, please let me know if you can
Batman (16 days ago)
Good on you young man all the best .
Kobbies Aqua (16 days ago)
Please man will need to contact u in person. We need to do business, man . Henry Wemslely Kobena Acquah is my Facebook ID .
Marcus Richardson (17 days ago)
I want that g wagon
Steven Marshall (17 days ago)
I like old muscle cars, but I also like the new cars comfort & technology, I was so happy to see car companies making cars that have more horsepower that the old muscle cars with todays comforts & technology. My dream cars,
Steven Marshall (17 days ago)
My dream car is the Dodge Demon. Fireball Camaro , or the Hennessy Exorcist Camaro.
Estebandido HH (17 days ago)
How many cars can I flip without a license without getting noticed lol I want to try this out but I don’t want to get the license just yet
Mr TC LOL (18 days ago)
My dream car is a Audi R8
Demetrius Smith (18 days ago)
how did you start your car business what did you half to do, how many car's do you have and where are you located
Papa Torr (20 days ago)
Little known secret: don't high rev a cold engine! And it's more like Por-sha, not like Porch. Newby! Have fun, best wishes.
Stormy Monday2k19 (20 days ago)
Just came across this vid. This young brotha really inspired an old head like me to look into this opportunity. Flipped a couple houses and curious to try this out. Thanks for the info.
Ari Nunez (20 days ago)
It’s funny cuz that’s not easy at all kid you gotta risk buying a car that doesn’t work and if it’s over 10k it’s not easy at all unless the person financing it has their bank or if you have finance companies (only dealerships) do you’re research before you hype people up
Ari Nunez (20 days ago)
I wonder who put you under their dealership name or who you paid to get in but they should slap the fuck out of you for exposing so much, last time I recall Manheim doesn’t allow you to record inside you could get banned and possibly get who ever got you in banned too
to G (20 days ago)
You are lucky to get such cheap cars.in South Africa everything gets sold to make profit.you will never find a used car for what its truly worth.even old scrap cars are being sold as classics at a high premium.
Jessica Hendricks (20 days ago)
You'll get more than a Porsche one day bruh keep pushing 💯💯💯💯
A ly (20 days ago)
My dad has a gtr and STI
mrdrich4prez (20 days ago)
Damn Cali has a lot of manual cars. I wonder is that a trend or just to save gas??
mrdrich4prez (20 days ago)
Only AMG Im getting is a CLS63.
mrdrich4prez (20 days ago)
I love learning from the youngsters it always keeps me mind sharp. SALUTE!
Ofc. Roll-out FDC (20 days ago)
Click bait. Never said where non-dealers could score "cheap cars".
Lucy Monroe (17 days ago)
Ofc. Roll-out FDC he said google police repo auction
David Drewery (21 days ago)
My car is dodge hellcat
WhereisChristina (19 days ago)
Check public auctions. I found 3 with salvage titles minor body damage for $9k
Nkechi Alison (21 days ago)
from Nigeria, how much can I get a used Toyota Highlander 2008 model. limited edition
Eddy Jin (21 days ago)
Awesome video young man. Keep doing you. You're a role model for young men to come. It humbles me too see how humble you are my friend. Stay blessed.
AjBoY 123 (22 days ago)
My dream car is a porch 911 gt3 rs
What was the auction called?
Monica Hunt (21 days ago)
In love cars in general. I like sleeper cars that are fast yet granny like in appearance. Buick park Ave ultra.. Stuff like that.
"Do you have to own your own car lot or storage facility to get your dealer's license and I stay in Michigan plus curious what is the criteria to get a valid dealer's license soon"? "This young man has much ambition and is a hustler by right of selling vehicles which I definitely admire plus want to become a legit dealer soon"!!!! It's a damn shame for people to hate this young man out of spite because he desires success to become successfully self owned employed by being a local dealer. *(STOP THE HATE & GET YOUR$)*
My dream car is a 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance 5.7 Liter V8 Goldwing Edition with low miles Black/Black or Gray/Gray or Burgundy/Burgundy or Pearl Blue/Pearl Blue and looking to find soon in superb condition with factory sunroof, cd player, etc.
Insomniac 2AM (22 days ago)
Favorite car is mazda3 . good work bro subbed
gohar rehman (22 days ago)
where are you in which state please give address
coach awe (22 days ago)
Outrage International (22 days ago)
#Kenyon Ken Where Is The Location Of This Car Lot??
What? No late model porches for $900 at an auction? What's the world coming to? 🙄
Tikila Nichols (23 days ago)
My dream car is a 1987 Pinto
Baron Olleh (23 days ago)
Bro this is my WhatsApp am interested in doing business +1 469 772 0415
SuperTlilly (23 days ago)
I'm new to your channel. Where are you located? What are your deals on trucks?
Ajagbe Qudus (24 days ago)
i wanna buy a car...how can i get in-touch with u
Ajagbe Qudus (24 days ago)
nice guy
Quame Smart (25 days ago)
Let's make car business. Okay.. Chat me via my email [email protected] / what's app -233506957857
I'll take that Bentley.
try ezautoauction.com take a look
Jadennx22 Loves videos (27 days ago)
My dream car is a Chevy impala 2019 ss LTZ
Azteca 82 (27 days ago)
7:37 😂🤣
Conscious TD Virgo (27 days ago)
Dream Car: WK1 JEEP SRT8
Azteca 82 (18 days ago)
Conscious TD Virgo go back to hell 😂🤣
Conscious TD Virgo (18 days ago)
Azteca 82. Go Back To Mexico
Azteca 82 (27 days ago)
Conscious TD Virgo no one cares 😂🤣
mariah greene (27 days ago)
I’m looking to buy a cheap car for right now for like 3000 or under I don’t have a license but I still want to buy one later on I want to get a Honda 😊
HTK64 (27 days ago)
67 Mustang
ramonini mazariegos (27 days ago)
What’s the page for this auction where is located ?
Billy Bob (27 days ago)
Yeah he knows about getting nice cars he probably steals them
cheryl Scurry (28 days ago)
What state is this auction located in?
Olanrewaju Azeez (28 days ago)
Can you get car for someone in Nigeria
Charlie Mayne (28 days ago)
My dream car is a 2009 Dodge Nitro
Azteca 82 (27 days ago)
Charlie Mayne just go buy a nitro its easy 👍
Charlie Mayne (27 days ago)
Now you're making me feel like u care a lot more than u want to lead on 😉
Azteca 82 (27 days ago)
Charlie Mayne no one cares though 😂
Charlie Mayne (27 days ago)
He asked 😂
The Hungo (29 days ago)
Literally looking for a new car and was recommended this by Youtube. Gotta love random things that happen in life lol
N9olan (1 month ago)
Next time disguise yourself...
chigozie johnson (1 month ago)
Hey Bro. can you ship cars overseas
Nestor de la Zerda (1 month ago)
Lancia Stratos
tabrez ali (1 month ago)
My dream car is a CAMAROO!!
ripper maggo (1 month ago)
Do more car dealer videos
Nichola Lewis (1 month ago)
I am so thankful for this video. Your knowledge is refreshing to see. I'm even more grateful to see our young men do something positive with their lives.Currently, I'm looking for a very nice used car and this video has pointed me in the right direction. I wish you much success.
Mary Owino (1 month ago)
Hi. Thanks for the great video. What kind of dealer are u? How long did it take you to get lienced?
God Child (1 month ago)
You should have showed us the price tho
Natanael Castro (1 month ago)
kaspatova (1 month ago)
Nice video I just wish you would have showed or told us starting bid prices for that Porsche’s & other exotics
Tanvir Singh (1 month ago)
Starts up a Porsche 911 with right hand 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Tombiri Samuel doyen (1 month ago)
Do they offer their service to other countries.. Like if am a Nigerian can I buy and can they ship it down to Nigeria?
Anthanee Deck (1 month ago)
Ford mustang 08 blue black interior
tiger khan (1 month ago)
good luck dude
ONE REASON (1 month ago)
He said “ I’m not going to start this one because I don’t like the color of it” but he filmed it and even went as far as to sit in it? Makes a lot of sense 🤔
Ken are you in ca?
Ez Prime (1 month ago)
Just subscribed respect. Young hustler
Jeff Morgan (1 month ago)
at noon gets booted, at 5 PM get placed on the auction block LOL !
Vanilla (1 month ago)
So I live in California too and I’m trying to buy a used car like no more than $1k but idk how to be able to tell if the car doesn’t need work on it because I know people use tricks to turn the check engine light off
Collectors Edition (1 month ago)
If you are not a dealer, but you know someone who is, can you come their with them
Saifo Wahsh (1 month ago)
My dream is to get a Nissan 370Z and keep it with me until I could see my grandchildren :) and I want my child to inherit my beast and rebuild it in the future and make it a trophy xD
the messenga cross (1 month ago)
Alot Porsches on the Lot... cars getting taken

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