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Best Place To Buy Cheap Cars

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Step by step guide to becoming a car dealer: http://californiausedcardealer.com/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/kenyonken___/ Twitter(Just made): https://twitter.com/_kenyonKen?lang=en A good vlogging camera (Same as mine): https://amzn.to/2sDFr1v Cool room lighting: https://amzn.to/2kU9PR9
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Text Comments (2773)
PRANAV kumar (21 hours ago)
tu kale kalute facewash kar ke video banaya kar shakal bari gandi hai yeri
Mavericc Mijares (2 days ago)
Subbed! Im 42 learning from you young Brother. Do ya thang!
Rythm (4 days ago)
My Dream car is a BMW i8
Luke Wilmoth (4 days ago)
I think ima spend 3500 for a dealers license and just save some money on my next big buy 😂
GiJokester 69 (5 days ago)
You’re better off wholesaling first
camaro ZL1 (5 days ago)
My dream car is a a Mercedes f 700
janeSPEAKS (5 days ago)
I truly enjoyed this commercial!😂😂😂
HOAGIE (6 days ago)
i sold my first car last week because of you bro thank you!
Evan R Boughner (6 days ago)
1979 Ford Bronco
Left (7 days ago)
We've got the same name!?
Henry Meyer (7 days ago)
Link your music
KenyonKen (3 days ago)
Which song do you want?
drtb69 (7 days ago)
Can you give some of the average prices on these various vehicles? That would be awesome.
IC3 THE GAM3R (8 days ago)
Dont let ur dream die down. Have hipe. Maybe we all can ineday help each other to achiever everyines dream.
Putit Aldownithro (8 days ago)
It still costs...$$$$$$$$
Javier Figueroa (9 days ago)
This niggas gay
KenyonKen (8 days ago)
Dray (9 days ago)
Porsche 918 spider or the widow maker a Porsche Carrera GT. I can't say. My dream is to die in one while driving one of them 😍
Sixtus (10 days ago)
I thought he said he was gonna look at the Japanese cars, but proceeds to go look at more cars he says he can't afford.
KenyonKen (10 days ago)
I mean, I doubt my audience wanted to see me look at honda civics and Toyota Camry's, when there are 911's and a rolls Royce sitting there. Of course I had to check out the expensive stuff... and one day I will be able to afford all it.
Aye Gee (10 days ago)
kountryestates (10 days ago)
Hey Keon can you find me a 2013 corvette 427 version
Bernadeth Cesista (10 days ago)
Nissan skiyline and a roals roits and a bugati diva
ams 15292 (11 days ago)
You are a great guy. Wish you all the success.
KenyonKen (11 days ago)
danyaal hamdani (11 days ago)
Bhaw Bata be
chris jones (12 days ago)
A black white boy..lol
classic287 (12 days ago)
I like it...
Ke'Shaun White (12 days ago)
broke bitch
KenyonKen (12 days ago)
Clutch City (12 days ago)
Mamma said crack crack
Xizan (13 days ago)
7:35 ;D
Red Gatorade (13 days ago)
You missed that Lime Rock Orange M3 competition package!
AYENI TOBA (13 days ago)
If you can get me 2006 or 07 Rav 4,I will appreciate that
Big dawg car Reviews (13 days ago)
8:19 dude u missed the srt8 bro come on !!!! Lol
O S (13 days ago)
Hennessy venom Gt
Tim Simpson (13 days ago)
My dream car is a g wagon and a ss camaro convertible
Jeng Ebu (14 days ago)
Good experience bro you are my mentor this what I wana do for life can please text me back I want to meet you if possible
Gabe Bates (14 days ago)
Tips for getting a Porsche: first of all get used Porsche second not new 2014 and below third the 2001 Boxster is really..like really cheap
Breannah Jackson (14 days ago)
How much does the high end cars usually go for
Kristauff Ramdatt (14 days ago)
Dream car... Evo 8
Samuel Kwabuta Newton (15 days ago)
Good job bro....you living my dream job in the USA....bless up bro....toyota camery is the dream car😎
Millionairesclubco (15 days ago)
How much was RR running for?
piyaji840 (15 days ago)
In Cali bro ,how can 1 get a hold of you
✅Interesting kenyond✔☉🗺
Tobit Tv (16 days ago)
How much is TOYOTA VENZA XLE 2012 model? Please reply..
Tobit Tv (16 days ago)
How much is TOYOTA VENZA XLE 2012 model? Please reply..
Liam Kirk (16 days ago)
Teach a man to fish is relevant in 2018 - I am proud of you, I know you will do great things young man.
Luis Money (16 days ago)
Hey my dream car is a Rolls-Royce phantom that's my dream car man I wish I had it bro
KenyonKen (15 days ago)
One day you will man, I believe in you!
Luis Money (16 days ago)
I like you man you are Hustler that's the way I roll I don't know I might get into selling cars just by watching your video hey man I appreciate you I never thought of it though but you make it seem easy but I am going to try it out thanks a lot buddy
La La (16 days ago)
I love what you are doing? I just subscribed. I am planning to immigrate and start up a business. Let's export these... Your whatsapp contact pls
Britt The Slay Doll (16 days ago)
My dream car is a 2006 Bentley gt
Gamersworld /overseas (17 days ago)
The title says, Places to buy cheap cars And in the thumbnail you show a Rolls Royce..
Shannon Figures (4 days ago)
Gamersworld /overseas so what let him be great geesh
honest person (17 days ago)
which country ?
UrFavoriteBedwench (17 days ago)
A McLaren
DarkShadows 3104 (17 days ago)
My dream car is a Mazda Miata MK1 with a widebody and pop up headlights
Chaunice Pegues (17 days ago)
That Camaro is sick aww man
patriotnationalist (17 days ago)
God shit kid. I’m going to look more into this thank you and keep up the good work.
Martins OCheje (17 days ago)
Good info bro. You are going places
SEPS is not n00b (17 days ago)
My dream car is Nissan Skyline R34
Estherons Samuel (19 days ago)
Nice video. Pls I'd like to buy a good car. My budget is $2,000. What car can I get from 2005 and up?
Mr. Knockout (19 days ago)
Dude talk normal and relax ur upper lip goddamn
Gureline Loiseau (19 days ago)
carlos mora (19 days ago)
Mannheim worth every dollar very reliable public auctions= shit
Noah Loyd (19 days ago)
1973 stingray corvette
Noah Loyd (19 days ago)
dream car
Marshall T. Barnes (19 days ago)
Hey Bro! I found a similar car.Thinking about buying. https://incacar.com/used/cars/bmw/m3/2006-BMW-M3-467124/ What is your opinion?
Chan Meng Thao (20 days ago)
Al Johnson (21 days ago)
How much did you pay for your dealer's license?
Jennefer Scoop (21 days ago)
Nissan Gtr
Mark A (21 days ago)
My dream car is girls black booty!
Dirk Todd (21 days ago)
Which auction can regular ppl by cars
Robert Noll (21 days ago)
Why is this guy's mouth so gnarly
ruha hameed (22 days ago)
Farrah Bledsoe (22 days ago)
Helen Blem (22 days ago)
bugatti veyron
Honorable Jeff (22 days ago)
My dream car is a 1999 Toyota supra
Mathew Oliver (22 days ago)
that one that you're in right now
Jayden Gresser (22 days ago)
my future car is a mercedes amg gt
Usman Ahmed khan (23 days ago)
Keep it up
TECH X (23 days ago)
My dream car is Lamborghini Aventador
well done bro
Riley Pearson (23 days ago)
well fok me sideways
siao roger (24 days ago)
I like sport car that is high from the ground. and lower dash board.coz most sport car has high dash board which you cannot see clearly the front
Richard Zhang (24 days ago)
I wonder how these cars end up in auction 🤔
Lil Cupcake (24 days ago)
My nigga I live in Canada 😞
Andrew Jhon (24 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this nice video. If you are looking at buying cheap cars, then you need to consider looking for car auctions. Buying a new car can be a difficult task for many. I am looking for a car from https://hiveel.com/
Sleepy_Killer_ツ (25 days ago)
funny rip gopro
Pros Khok (25 days ago)
Hello Bor, I'am Pros, Cambodia, I want to buy used cars for selling in Cambodia. Please kindly contact me by my email: [email protected]
Lynn Buchanan (25 days ago)
McLaren P1
DipYourVehicle (26 days ago)
Nice cars. Check us out as well
richie rich (26 days ago)
he would be nothing without youtube
Terry Reid (26 days ago)
1979 Lincoln Continental
Gurpreet Singh (26 days ago)
Nissan gtr
Tim Gimongala (27 days ago)
Amg g65
stargirl S (27 days ago)
My dream cars are a bently, jeep wrangler, bmw and mercedes
Gnius (3 days ago)
can easily buy a jeep, and a bmw/benz. You can get a decent one for under 25k that'll last 5 years with almost no problems. Your dream is attainable, you can do it!
ThePlaystationCriminal (21 days ago)
stargirl S even if i had the money i wouldn’t buy a supercar
Tracy Saggers (27 days ago)
Comy Jhon (27 days ago)
I dont know what its the Bmw 4 Its 420 or 430
lil jasae the king (27 days ago)
A Bentley
Deviriana Gstrein (28 days ago)
2001 Mustang Saleen
Rolls Royce
Arnell Harris (28 days ago)
My dream car is a Lamborghini Diablo
Man City (28 days ago)
My dream car is a Ferrari 360 Modena one day I will buy it
Mikee Calunod (28 days ago)
Jake Fallow (29 days ago)
My dream car is a R32 GTR!
Lucas Playz (29 days ago)
the camaro zl1 had the 1le pakage

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