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How to kill a brand ( Ps3 song )

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This is the Flash version of the song I hope you like it Ps: i didn't make it ... it's from newgrounds and thanks to Will Ryan for making the flash :D ---------------------------------- I'm The First One To Upload This Video To Youtube .. Any Other Videos You Will Find Are Stolen, Have Fun Watching ---------------------------------- Song : Doc Adams - How To Kill A Brand A Parody Of : The Fray - How To Save A Life ---------------------------------- w00t make it goes to 100k view ffs :D ! ---------------------------------- Sugardaddy XI
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Text Comments (3641)
Hakim Derraz (3 months ago)
JaXX (3 months ago)
Damn the nostalgia 😪
Knowa Wyte (4 months ago)
Adi (5 months ago)
This video was made 2 days before i was born
psychobyte00 (5 months ago)
back when people said things like "SHIT ZOMG"
meet the gamer dudes (6 months ago)
ps3 sucks 1. its fat 2. its slow 3. I has blue ray and blue ray SUCKS!!! so don't like the ps3 I have xbox 360 and it has better games so crazy cool you are a noob
vBradyZz (9 months ago)
Hailley Hendrickson (1 year ago)
I legit came back to this after so long
dude2992 (1 year ago)
2006 - Sony releases the technically more powerful console, but nobody buys it because it has no games and it's $600 2010 - Sony has gotten their shit together and is becoming the better console meanwhile Xbox struggles with exclusives 2013 - Xbox One is too expensive and has a trainwreck of bad PR at launch despite having more exclusive support, meanwhile PS4 is selling like crack and is the more powerful console. 2017 - Xbox is doing poorly in exclusives but releases a console as powerful as a gaming PC. Sony, despite selling better and having more games is becoming increasingly anti consumer by refusing to support backwards compatibility and cross play and trying to say that graphics don't matter when you have more games even though a few years ago they had better graphics and less exclusives than the competition. These console wars are pointless. They just keep going in circles with which one's better. Just play whatever the hell you want to play.
Robert Kelly (1 year ago)
599 for a Blu ray player in 2006 cheapest one.
DialgaMarine3 (1 year ago)
Wow, 6 years later and this song applies to Xbone to a tee. Shit games, overpriced hardware upgrade, and garbage network.
Crazy Productions (1 year ago)
Xbox Live: COST TO PLAY ONLINEPSN: Free online gaming
Karma Tsukashi (1 year ago)
Cough Ps4' Cough Xbox one
Crazy Productions (1 year ago)
I love ps3 I got it for 80$
blackstarGOaT (1 year ago)
Man the Xbox one pulled a early PS3....
AlexPlaysFTW (1 year ago)
blackstarGOaT nope...PS3 became a better console with awesome exclusives...xbox one is still shit
Alex Wells (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ this is nearly 10 years old, where did the time go?
Rogue Warrior (1 year ago)
Who listening in 2017
Sunforged (1 year ago)
‘Hen/-tai’ (1 year ago)
People are still upset at a video that was uploaded 10 years ago.
ODCOLE (1 year ago)
Pays more for ps3, doesn't have to pay for online membership constantly.
ODCOLE (1 year ago)
Don't even talk about the 360 lol the first decent xbox console
LazyBap (1 year ago)
I remember when this was what I watched everyday and not bad content begging for likes.
Man, this is old school. Funny how Xbox is the one that's shit now.
David Thomas (1 year ago)
I deeply love this. I was an xbox 360 guy. But the tables have turned and the ps4 is the winner of current the general consoles. I now pledge my allegiance to Sony.
Igon (2 years ago)
All these people commenting there experiences and opinions on this video, but DUDE ITS FROM 2007! Not relevant anymore
Jensi Oquendo (2 years ago)
I was 7. Oh, and we use Blu-ray everyday now.
ITzRocky (2 years ago)
I was 8 ??? NOW IM 17 ????? WHAT THE FFFFUCK
3DSonicBoy (2 years ago)
Where is the seizure warning?!
川又Joshua (2 years ago)
one of the first youtube videos i saw
Rrb Gamer (8 months ago)
川又Joshua 😎
christheblinkfan (2 years ago)
the ps3 is the best console ever
Junk rat (1 year ago)
TaPe KeSaG. lies
N. Dure (2 years ago)
Holy Shrimp! Studios yea it is
Matheus Arruda (2 years ago)
oh.. im remember this
SPIDERMAN (2 years ago)
Ohhhh how much I miss my xbox 360 💔💔
VelVet (2 years ago)
Toasterable (2 years ago)
I miss the time when i was involved in the console war back in the. I flamed every ps3 video, cause i was such a xbox fanboy :D
I have a 360 but i personally like PC/Mac the best
AQWBlaZer91 (2 years ago)
Now this a song that yep it makes fun of the PS3 but hey the console got so much better years later.
Lighting Bolt (2 years ago)
PS3 is way better
Junk rat (1 year ago)
Chronas 9.9 truth
Chronas (2 years ago)
Lighting Bolt it just started off on a bad start. It's a great console
Mykee Lalw (2 years ago)
This song needs a remix.
Mykee Lalw (2 years ago)
My favorite PS3 song.
The U (3 years ago)
my xbox one hasn't givin me one problem at all unlike my ps4 thats suck more ass then a dog
Daniel (2 years ago)
+The U dogs suck ass?
BPR GM (3 years ago)
In my experience I had more trouble with the 360 than any other console that I own (NES, N64, Gamecube, PS2, GBA, DS, DSi, Wii, PC)
BPR GM (2 years ago)
All my younger siblings tossed theirs. Figured it'd be a waste so I kept them. Got the GBA slot and the screen is back lit so its not too bad a deal. Lol. I had 3 N64s and 3 Cubes too. Gave one of my cubes to my oldest sister now that she's getting nostalgic. Its kinda weird to think after ten years it was a good investment to keep the old stuff.
Daniel (2 years ago)
+UndeadMetal why DS and DSi
DAGames (3 years ago)
I remember when I made this!! Such an old Gem ;D
Mya Dalton (2 months ago)
I don’t really favors one over the other I just know. I like the song and it is catchy.
Crazy Productions (1 year ago)
Are you just trying to force people to buy a x360? Just Dumb. Unsubbing
ProtossX (1 year ago)
Transformers 4life 801 (2 years ago)
you like Xbox like ido
ghghghg (2 years ago)
+GLOBO BRASIL Hes going to molest me!!!
Christopher Sennie (3 years ago)
now its backwards sony is on top
Mike Wright (3 years ago)
microsoft you went wrong with your xbox one
Portee (3 years ago)
Im all about microsoft but they fucked up the xbox one
This was one of my first videos I saw on YouTube. My first one was My Balls :^U.
Chyna Perez (3 years ago)
I'm sticking with my ps3
Rage Quit (3 years ago)
"I don't need blu ray" Well then. Why does the XBOX one have it? haha I dunno. These console peasants that fight over the better console is just plain old stupid. There are the non-peasents that actually play games and don't give two shits. They're good people. But then there are assholes like this. Now i'm not taking sides with the PS3. Because the PS3 owners are just as bad as the XBOX owners. Even the PC owners are assholes sometimes.
Penny (3 years ago)
I will still play my 360.
Rrb Gamer (5 months ago)
Penny lol
Supreme Weeb278 (5 months ago)
Rawa the jerk replying to a three year old comment
Rrb Gamer (8 months ago)
Penny will
Absolute Troll (3 years ago)
Are all yous Sony players annoyed
Guilherme Castro (3 years ago)
I'm a Xbox fanboy and i admit, the XONE SUCKS, it's full of bugs and it's laggy as f*ck... PS: If anyone want to trade a Ps4 for a XONE contact me
ProtossX (1 year ago)
ps3 is shit just get a ps4
Sir Woolly Jumper (3 years ago)
PC Gaming ftw!!!
Kourageous Bagel (3 years ago)
Raziel (4 years ago)
I some how agree since the first console i got in last gen was a PS3  (2007) , but in 2010 i got a slim xbox , after trying both console i think xbox did great compared to the PS3  . especially online gameing , in PS3 if u were playing and got a massege in pressed the PS button u will wait for like 1 min to get the XMB to load then go to ur messages ..etc it will take u about 3 min to fhinish unlike the 360 which has flexibility   but it really lacks creative exlusive like LBP , INFAMOUS , UNCHARTED , HEAVY RAIN . All in all i think last generation was dull  only rock star games were memorable , i think PS2 gen was the best until Now !
BPR GM (3 years ago)
+Raz-mxd Because PS2 was the best. I still have my Gamecube and a PS2 slim. Games on those consoles have unparalleled play value.
DaMonstah (4 years ago)
and the roles have switched
T5 (4 years ago)
Xbox 360 for the win! 
InnerConflict (4 years ago)
and now blu ray is the market standard for everything in HD and file sizes over double layered max 8 or 9 gb dvd´s? cant quite remember. the ps3 at start was a failure just like steam but evolved into something great, the xbox was the same shit but had better service at least the multi plats were better and not crappy ports due to hard developing architecture. both sucked ass and pc was king. pc still is king and always will be but as a hybrid gamer iam thankful btoh companies learned from their mistakes and with their x86 architecture will hopefully help the masterrace as well as the console gamers. no more fucking overheat, but hey worse chinese workers conditions and higher demands.. and now we have hdmi port issues and drive issues on xbox and ps4... great... oh man.
CRParadox (4 years ago)
Benji Harman (4 years ago)
yor supid
Reece Gilbride (4 years ago)
Xbox 360 sucks ps3 rules
Robert Kelly (3 months ago)
Sanosai PS2 outsold Xbox Gamecube Dreamcast PS3 outsold Xbox 360 Wii PS4 out sold Xbox One Wii U Nintendo Switch.
Kaizoman33 :P (1 year ago)
Reece Gilbride shut up
TheGamingLion Pro (1 year ago)
Reece Gilbride Ps3 is best
Matty ander (3 years ago)
+Reece Gilbride your oppinion
Luke LeVan (3 years ago)
PS3 rocks
ryan mcdnough (4 years ago)
how to save a console
Ry Guy (4 years ago)
I thought Xbox 360 was better than ps3 but now I like PS4 more than Xbox One. Xbox One is gay.
Ivo Constantino (4 years ago)
its not sony that went wrong its microsoft i mean come on xbox live $50 in a year psn tottaly free
Matty ander (3 years ago)
+ivo constantino so?
Radar Hawk (4 years ago)
Not anymore. Plus MS didn't go wrong. There are more users on xbox live than on psn. Plus with the release of the ps4, sony said to themselves "Well if MS can charge for online play, we can too." But the problem is that psn isn't better than xbl. I will admit that the ps4 is better than the xbox one in terms of performance, no one can argue that. But XBL is just and overall better experience than psn.
Ivo Constantino (4 years ago)
Ps3 is great its awesome its not sony that went wrong its microsoft so i'll just play my ps3
Sir Woolly Jumper (3 years ago)
+Thomas Bukrhart Hm? Me? Ps3 Fanboy? Pfft, all bow down to the PC Gaming Master Community.
Thomas Bukrhart (3 years ago)
+Woolly Jumper >replies to every post anti ps3 >claims other people are butthurt
Sir Woolly Jumper (3 years ago)
+Marianna Muromskaja Butt Hurt much?~
Marianna Muromskaja (4 years ago)
sony went wrong and nintendo
feelsoezy (4 years ago)
i love this song but i wonder if sony learnt from mistakes
Savior20061 (4 years ago)
Last of Us called. It wanted you to shut the hell up.
Blue (1 year ago)
The description called, this was 10 years ago.
Speed King (4 years ago)
I'm still getting the ps4.
DAMNDENNY (4 years ago)
John Capsey (4 years ago)
Used to love this, memories
TEAMpellicano (5 years ago)
Which song is this?
CRParadox (4 years ago)
How to save a life
Walrus Wraith (5 years ago)
It's been like 7 years. I'm not even mad on the subject. It's a catchy parody.
antwan vaughn (5 years ago)
Marianna Muromskaja (4 years ago)
yes it is
antwan vaughn (5 years ago)
all ps3 suck dado200288
Jansuix (5 years ago)
Xbox suck
hissingm0nkyG4 (5 years ago)
Yea I remember the Ps3 vs Xbox 360 songs. It was during a time I spent 24 hrs a day for 30 days wondering what game system I should get for Christmas. I remember It was so hard for me to choose, my parents returned my console constantly for a different one. They finally got fed up with it and choose the ps3 for me that Christmas. I still enjoy it. Though I got a 360 for my birthday around a year and a half later, It broke 3 of my most loved games and I went through 3 different consoles just to find one that wont hopefully fuck up. And even if it fucks up, who cares. All I have is Halo 3, Gears of War, GTA4 and Blitz the League. And all of those games collect dust. But my ps3 collection is very strong and growing more once in awhile. Why? Because I'm not paying for on;line service, the same games I already had, getting my games terminated or blowing my money on more Xbox 360s The Ps3 is the best choice. But that's only my opinion. If you have a different opinion, don't rant or defend your product like its the only thing that really needs defending, cause video games are only based on opinion. 
cornelia heitmann (5 years ago)
ps3 is cool and a xbox360 is our cool (cool song)
Luis Castillo (5 years ago)
give it a month, there will be a XBOT DONE song lol  watch!!! haha
Luis Castillo (4 years ago)
+PARADOX981 stfu bitch, fuck outta here. 
CRParadox (4 years ago)
this video is 7 years old you freaking moron
Luis Castillo (5 years ago)
how the tables turned,   
BobMcEggy (5 years ago)
No one has considered the fact that this video was released 6 years ago
phantom page (1 month ago)
+Rage Quit 1 month
Rage Quit (2 months ago)
3 weeks.
The Gaming Crew (3 months ago)
+Weedster6799 No one has considered the fact that this comment was posted 8 hours ago.
Weedster6799 (3 months ago)
No one has considered the fact that this comment waa released 13 hours ago ↑
The Gaming Crew (3 months ago)
No one has considered the fact that this comment was posted 2 month ago
Danny Banana (5 years ago)
Huh, wonder what next gen console he is getting
Kawaii Desu (5 years ago)
Make one for PS4 you fucking sugar. If you're still alive.
Death (5 years ago)
What's this song called original onE
Matthew-997 (5 years ago)
Nicky smith those games youxmentioned wernt exclusive
Andrew Critchley (5 years ago)
Look at all these haters, look at them, so many Sony Fanboys and the occasional Xbox One haters.
Ye Olde Smythington (5 years ago)
wii isn't bad XBox sucks PS3 is best its NOWHERE NEAR EXPENSIVE Best games: COD Rachet and clank battlefield PS3 has no bugs free online play on PS3 unlike XBox its The most reliable Console I have ever seen Xbox RROD thing Dumbass PS2 is best selling console I think Microsoft Killed there brand (apart from Windows Witch is the Most badass Operating system ever)
Sjono (5 years ago)
PS3 is $200 now, has most exclusives, PS+ beats XBL, Blu-ray is standard now, top selling console worldwide, Phil left for MS, and brand is as strong as it ever was
Really Bitch (5 years ago)
Now Xbox is getting ass kicked by the PS4
GeminiNES (5 years ago)
How to kill a brand (xbone song) lyrics-Tv tvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvvttvttvtvtvtvvtttvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvttv ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
NV Gh0sTeX (5 years ago)
what the f***? ps3 rules 360 i have always followed sony's playstations and always will u 360 guys dont know what ur missing... anyway sony have more experiance with the tv consoles bcuse they have made more consoles AND WHATS WITH THE PRICY?! XBOXONE'S PRICE IS GONNA BE £100 MORE THAN PS4...
IndyB25 (5 years ago)
I think the PS3 wasn't for the short-run but instead for the long run like right now. Blu-Ray is becoming a household thing and the DVD is on it's way out.
jp_sabar (5 years ago)
sony NEVER goes wrong
KillerGames (5 years ago)
I'm sry but how is 300$ a lot
KillerGames (5 years ago)
I wonder is thier one for xboxone
For never
ps3 4ever and Xbox
Potentia (5 years ago)
same here but if my pc gets a virus im going back to xbox
Potentia (5 years ago)
well i have to admit (this is saying alot due to the fact i like xbox better and still do) ps3 got huge improvements
Potentia (5 years ago)
*npc villager noise*
Anthony13USA (5 years ago)
Why would he when the song was made back when everything said was true? Now if this was a recent song...
ByBane (5 years ago)
Nevermind iam an pcgamer an iam proud of it
ByBane (5 years ago)
Sorry ps3/ps4 Fans but we have the money to buy xbox live
ByBane (5 years ago)
Real gamers know it Xbox360 or xboxone Microsoft made for console`s Sony is for the tv`s
o0o Voided o0o (5 years ago)
They fixed some of tht stuff

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