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Yummy Cooking Sea Snail Spicy Young Green Pepper Recipe - Yummy Eating Sea Snail - Cooking With Sros

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Welcome to my channel. Today I want to show you with yummy cooking sea snail chili sauce. There are some ingredients you may need in this recipe: - Sea snail - Green onion - Onion - Carrot - Young green onion - Hoisin sauce - Oyster sauce - Salt - Sugar - Soybean oil - Garlic I strongly believe all of you would enjoy with this recipe and stay tune for more recipe as well. Thank you. Also you would see more yummy recipe here : Yummy Fish Cooking Tomato Stir Fried Recipe - Yummy Eating Fish - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/DVP2OQg-XhE Yummy Rice Crab Feroniella Lucida Cooking Recipe - Yummy Eating Rice Crab - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/fhBJSJZoGuI Yummy Shrimp Pork Salad Vegetable - Shrimp Pork Salad - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/IKqdWRQnaZs Yummy Grilling Shrimp Cooking Spicy Sauce - Yummy Eating Grilling Shimp - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/bQ5mUrHBrio Yummy Giant Snakehead Fish Grilling With Mango Pickle - Eating Delicious - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/t-tyl2yryy4 Yummy Papaya Salad Cooking Cuttlefish - Yummy Eating Papaya Salad - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/ixFiH87Xtow Yummy Blood Cockle Stir Fried Tamarind Sauce Cooking - Blood Cockle Stir Fried - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/mhDY3NVRvp8 Yummy Snail Green Curry Noodle Powder Cooking - Snail Curry Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/ohHGjC0bvvQ Yummy Chicken Spicy Grilling With Tamarind Sauce - Chicken Grilling - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/TryZkPt9zV8 Yummy Chicken Stir Fried Ginger Recipe - Chicken Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/D4S8gsjX0KQ Yummy Squid Grilling Chili Sauce Homemade - Squid Grilling Recipe - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/cORUO3blfkg Yummy Drumstick Roasted With Sugar Cane Juice - Drumstick Roasted - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/RdgYd1ZWlaw Yummy Blue Crab Crispy Frying Recipe - Blue Crab Crispy Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/XF5G745zjww Yummy Rice Crab Pounding With Ferroniella Lucida Recipe - Rice Crab Pounding - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/btPjaOIlw1A Yummy Gizzard Spicy Stir Fried With Lemongrass Stalk - Gizzard Cooking - Cooking With Cooking https://youtu.be/YFG7d4y7EqU Yummy Noodle Stir Fried Beef Recipe - Noodle Cooking With Beef - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/HoKDVwOnRWI Yummy Lotus Root Stir Fried Shrimp And Pork - Lotus Root Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/qfiOLoU2WZg Yummy Quail Grilling With Young Green Tamarind Sauce - Quail Grilling Recipe - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/oTwRCNrsdxk Yummy Cow Legs Soup Cooking - Cow Legs Soup - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/R2Hgh6LQDxA Yummy Giant Squid Stir Fried Leek Recipe - Giant Squid Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/NmsaklattGM Yummy Shrimp Past Stir Fried Pork Recipe - Shrimp Past Cooking With Pork - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/4fyWleU80yY Yummy Pig Ears Sweet Sour Stir Fried Vegetable - Pig Ears Sweet Sour Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/4X1lnN7anko Yummy Chicken Green Curry Recipe - Chicken Green Curry Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/BhpkV4rCiBI Yummy Bitter Gourd Stir Fried Beef Recipe - Bitter Gourd Cooking With Beef - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/uJln8DSg_bk Yummy Sticky Rice With Palm Sugar Ball Cake - Sticky Rice Cooking Palm Sugar - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/YEkScffB8hc Yummy Razor Clam With Star Gooseberry Sour Soup Recipe - Razor Clam Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/5SZ_TaLMvbY Yummy Sea Fish Frying Soaked Tamarind Sauce Recipe - Sea Fish Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/CN0gaknlKNE Yummy Stingray Fish Curry Cooking With Egg Plant - Stingray Fish Curry Recipe - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/ea8HGPkBy40 Yummy Bamboo Shoot Stir Fry Shrimp With Egg Recipe - Bamboo Shoot Stir Fry - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/Kt_42RNW0dw Yummy Shrimp Frying With Rice Flour - Shrimp Frying Recipe - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/d4yTXJqt1W8 Yummy Fish Ball Fried Vegetable Recipe - Fish Ball Fried Cooking - Cooking with Sros https://youtu.be/mlbH4LQA_fU Yummy Rice Field Crab Stir Fry Recipe - Rice Field Crab Recipe - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/6H3kCHG7PEg Yummy Crispy Pork Frying Recipe - Crispy Pork Cooking - Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/Eylcb4rbLSo More contact : Twitter : https://twitter.com/Cooking_w_Sros?lang=en Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/cookingwithsros/?hl=en
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Text Comments (1088)
Babab Gigirl (8 hours ago)
keylop lop (20 hours ago)
I'm relly enjoy when your chikens are figthing hahahaha every video your chickens are the protagonist hahahhaa... I like your cook is rare but looks very tasty and clean
какие они большие!!!!!!!!!!!
Zephroxeon x (6 days ago)
Sign me up
Zain X (8 days ago)
I like your way of peeling vegetables
Chanda Chanda (8 days ago)
why u eat so scary things 😡
Chanda Chanda (8 days ago)
why u waste so much water
You should do a Q&A video
Isela Haley (13 days ago)
I like the way the shells sounds when they click together
Shivam Parmar (14 days ago)
Ohhhh..the thumbnail is real.
Avakin XxËmïłÿxX (15 days ago)
At 2:07 chickens do fly 🤔😱😂
Teishauna Golden (15 days ago)
Why am I scared of slimy, squishy things like slugs and snails? It ain’t like they could catch me and eat me.
Princess Bitsy (15 days ago)
Shells are amazing 😉
Tonya Brooks (15 days ago)
Omg🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽😑😑😑😑that damn rooster gotta go...
megaraitei (16 days ago)
Please someone, describe the taste of this sea snail..
playboy m.d (16 days ago)
Como quisiera tener una mujer como tu,asta se me iso agua la boca,puedo decir que esa si es comida,no las porquerias que tragamos aki,guau..(que mujer)
Фон Гадке (17 days ago)
Хотелось бы испытать.... И улитку тоже....
Gayle Coicou (18 days ago)
Shells are beautiful.
Puteri Amalina (18 days ago)
She has a sweet smile
Cristiane Araújo (18 days ago)
Que coisa mais nogentaaaaa
Michell Kennedy (20 days ago)
I love your videos, Everything looks so fresh and clean...
Anita Farias (20 days ago)
q son esas bolitas verdes
CHUCKIE'S BRIDE (21 days ago)
What bugs me is those nasty flies probably dropping eggs,if it those bot flies that's what they do
CHUCKIE'S BRIDE (21 days ago)
I'm sorry to beautiful to take out of the ocean to eat those are apart of the eco system and filter the oceans water
mohamad nasr lden (23 days ago)
Fuck you
mohamad nasr lden (23 days ago)
Why you eat them you can eat thing another them
نسيم البحر (26 days ago)
الذباب موجود علي كل شيء هذا مقذذ
Учите российский стиль, с нашими ценами на продовольствие, мы тоже быстро станем кушать все, что вырастает на деревьях, в деревьях и тд...в общем то, что можно добыть безвозмездно😝
spider guard (29 days ago)
I love your accent
Is this also known as conch?
Yay!!! Another video where I get see something I don't see every day!
Luciano Guerra (30 days ago)
No she return the shells to the sea an other shellfish will use them, then we go looking for them and eat them. The nature cycle of the shell. But is it soft or rubbery. An yes she's very cute and pretty and a good cook.
حياه جابر (1 month ago)
Beautiful and skills T hankeyou so much we are arab from b aghadad iraq
Gail Levine (1 month ago)
where can i buy a cleaning and peeling tool like Sros uses? She uses it to cut, peel vegetables, many uses in that knife/peeler!
That 🐓 has emphysema.
józsef sárközi (1 month ago)
God save me 🙏🏻
ds ind (1 month ago)
ghonta yummy...tui pgl akta
yazmin Romero (1 month ago)
I saw coconuts me and my mom would go pick them all the time I love coconut
Vairamani V (1 month ago)
monkey in t shirt look ..one of the dish in thumbnail
I am so addicted to watching your videos!!! Thank you for sharing all of your delicious looking dishes!!
Rissa Baby (1 month ago)
I have never eaten a sea snail, but after looking at this i definitely would
Gilsomar Tavares (1 month ago)
Silver Yoko Star (1 month ago)
Poor snails Wait POOR GARY
Adeva Dos Santos (1 month ago)
pelo jeito ficou otimo.
Lalitha Baggu (1 month ago)
hai I am Indian,,, I like your cooking ,you're looking so beautiful sister,,, more your cookie recipes ,,plzzz thank u.....☺☺☺☺
swapna y (1 month ago)
And I like your cleaning and chopping style sros love you from India 🇮🇳
swapna y (1 month ago)
All the vegetables are so fresh and clean 🤔👍🏻
Cooking With Sros (1 month ago)
Thank you.
deusab made in u.s.a (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but I would never eat snails!!!!!
PBR VID (1 month ago)
She is cute and a good cook too...
Ela é tão limpa e organizada na sua "Cozinha" que dá até vontade de de experimentar, higiene e tudo, não importa o prato que vc faz....
Creo que es rico ya probé grillo frito ahora babosa nunca.
غنا العبيدي (1 month ago)
هذا شنو حيوان نبات ياربي جلطتني
wareena khan (1 month ago)
Hello m rafika nd from india i like to watching your videos but i never eating like this tyep foods but i like to watching your videos
Er Ias (1 month ago)
Why your face so so ugly
Marilu Bianchi (1 month ago)
Não limpa o bicho tirando o intestino , come com tudo, que nojo. Comidas muito estranhas, tiram o meu apetite . Más. Assisto porque quero né? Muito mistério não dizem o pais de origem. NÃO. Falam o nome da menina! Enfim! Vou deixar de assistir. Muito obrigado.
Sit Meng Chue (1 month ago)
All the creatures u cook are HUGE! Where do u get them? Amazing n fascinating to watch u cook!
Yourebasicbye (2 months ago)
What kind of camera do you use ?
Marina Viana (2 months ago)
Queria essas conchas pra min
Marcele Jesus (1 month ago)
Надежда (2 months ago)
Молодец,девченка!Всё относительно чисто и любопытно.Но к сожелению не знаю англ. Хотелось бы и чтоб титры и на российском были!
sukrutha p (2 months ago)
first take that hen and cook chiken is always sounding
The Unknown Fish (2 months ago)
I watch your videos, just to see how beautiful you are 😍😍😍
Del (2 months ago)
In your next video you should cook that noisy rooster.
Jnia Hischild (2 days ago)
LOL I didn't hear the duck this time round. I guess he'll be in the next recipe.
Yacine Ndiaye (5 days ago)
The masochist IDV (10 days ago)
That's either her or someone else's farm rooster, also I think she lives in Brazil that's why it's lots of nature around i believe... But regardless😂😂😂
Sun TV (14 days ago)
+LeLe Smith funny
David Thorn (15 days ago)
Hahaha this legit made me laugh! Thanks for the laugh man
Del (2 months ago)
Sros has nice hands.
Julie Gracie (2 months ago)
I love all your videos. They make me happy. Thank you and Bless you.
Gianto putra (2 months ago)
Good I like 👍
Rei Cartola oficial (2 months ago)
Vai uma lesma refogada ai?
Mell Gabhithyg (12 days ago)
É fruto do mar rsrs
Deve ser bom.... Com uma cerveja Fica melhor ainda...
Marta Monge (2 months ago)
Yummy Carrucho!!
Sharana R. Ebron (2 months ago)
Even though she's freakin me out with these type of dishes, but i must say, she's clean and the best this far....
Lakeva Lowe (8 days ago)
Say that about her fish dishes. They're not so clean but i love her videos tho
Itachi Kyofu (14 days ago)
no one would watch it if they were plain ingredients haha... her cooking is good and her ingredients are wild
Lupe and Marla (19 days ago)
Sharana R. Ebron ñ
Sanga Patrisher (2 months ago)
This lady seems like snail than anything
Flor vega (2 months ago)
Povere lumache!!!
Edward Thomas (2 months ago)
Why do you wash the vegetable so many times
Vadi Chan (2 months ago)
I want eat
loading :v (2 months ago)
Robin Moore (2 months ago)
dont they ever get thirsty
cassie nozzo (2 months ago)
I'm in agony watching her chop with that dull blade
featherstone gigs (2 months ago)
Where's the noodles?
Cecelia (2 months ago)
Dude I am frantic about that damn rooster! He’s a shit starting son of a bitch! Every video no shame 😂 some one needs to taz his ass!
Thabita cabral (2 months ago)
Phany Silva (2 months ago)
mais que menina sebosa kkkk credo nem sendo paga comeria algo assim. Eca eca
J E (2 months ago)
Love the shells
Midhun Athira (2 months ago)
kykushin kai karate (2 months ago)
ilove you kookig good
Mas não e por que ela e pobre não e por que e tradições deles aqui no Brasil e tradições de comer boi vaca e galinhas porco e tudo mais
Uma menina TN linda comer essas coisas não tenho nada contra mas eu não como sou vegona Não como nada de animal
Timaima Kunamomo (2 months ago)
like videos♡♡♡♡
Lakadumalikaiyai (3 months ago)
thats alot of meat from only two snails
swathi swathi (3 months ago)
you looks so cute 💓💓
Cecilia Cassis (3 months ago)
=( I am so interested in the snail recipes, but I can't find snails that aren't in a can.
kitty Kat (3 months ago)
I love everything about you but they way you use that knife makes me anxious 😭
martha sonthiraj (3 months ago)
Is looking like south east Asia?
martha sonthiraj (3 months ago)
What country are you in?
Yanin Setwichai (3 months ago)
I'm from Thailand and I wanna visit u to try Ur delicious food So bad.
Sarah khair (3 months ago)
Alison P (3 months ago)
I feel like they always use an excess of water..
Dharmendara Sain (3 months ago)
I love you You Very beautiful 7567855226watsaap nmbr Coll me
Srini Dada (3 months ago)
Your husband is very lucky.
Promosindo Promolengkap (3 months ago)
My heart bit fast
Zulcin Gerek (3 months ago)
Harikasin cok guzel yapiyorsun.. o

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