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Naked Girls Work Out At Planet Fitness

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Our original plan was just to see if we'd get in, but the people at the gym had a great surprise for us! ENJOY YOUR BODY #bodypositivity Thanks for watching! Send us a Like and Subscribe if you enjoy our content COMMENT NEW PAINT IDEAS YOU WANT TO SEE :) If you like what we do and want to support us, please consider subscribing to our Patreon: www.patreon.com/JenTheBodyPainter Business Inquiries: [email protected] FOLLOW US (please): Instagram: @JenTheBodyPainter FOLLOW OUR MODELS: @bodybyluciotti - Maria (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-gQ7QTSV64MaUWNVREefA) @surrahelizabeth - Sarah Jen Seidel - @jenseidelartist Brandon - @brandonwalsh Cory - @corywolberg Nick - @SWOLVIETUNION Kennedy - @kennedyclairewalsh Thanks So Much to all our Patrons: -David Dyar -Michael Seidel -Jourdan -Jorge Cruz -CHRISTOPHER I BLACK -Ross candlish -James E Hamrick -Benjamin Palmer -Jason Bolton -Robert Crompton -Tom The Artful Dragon -Chris Bogdan -Alan Herzog -John Burns
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Text Comments (282)
Harleys Joker (1 day ago)
There arnt naked
Oly1y (1 day ago)
It's not no judgement though.
Liz Graham (2 days ago)
I wouldn't get away with this my breasts are massive they would droop. Lol
Joe Framer (3 days ago)
Pasties and thongs isn't naked ... Clickbait
Peter Durrant (4 days ago)
naked means no pants
Zarah Amena (10 days ago)
Aww Kennedy looks so cute when she’s concentrating 😂❤️
willbo Hawke (10 days ago)
Filthy thots
Educated Blackman (12 days ago)
The girl giving the tour is fya😍
Citizen 143 (12 days ago)
The music is obnoxious
Randy Schwartz (13 days ago)
No judgement? Lol its the only gym that judges
Michael Tucker (14 days ago)
Another fine body painting job Jen!
Brandon Murphy (20 days ago)
They say no one can’ tell but that’s a lie .. it clearly doesn’t . You must be completely stupid to not tell . And if that’s the case you should go home and rethink things in your life and intelligence
Not naked, topless with nipple covers!
Michael Moretti (27 days ago)
An alarm that goes off when someone is caught ... working-out? Meanwhile, no problem with the two dozen bimbos who use the mirrors to check their make-up and never break a sweat...
Frank Strange (1 month ago)
I bet when camera is off everyone of those girls is a fkn bitch
Frank Strange (1 month ago)
This is fk stupid when men try to talk to them when camera is gone they scream harassment where is bill Cosby when u need him # meeeee tooo.
James cooper (1 month ago)
Their not good looking chics. Both over weight that's why they aren't noticed
Jaggi Bhullar (1 month ago)
Naked girl
Da Demon Got Meh! (1 month ago)
Not naked. Topless. Big difference!
Adam Warlock (2 months ago)
The girl who was giving the tour was gorgeous.
Thomas Grimes (2 months ago)
That's not nude
Juan Gavina (2 months ago)
That girl in purple wow
Bosco78 (2 months ago)
It was better without the generic sound track. Turn off sound.
Trisha Tatum (3 months ago)
Do a caftera lady
Loth Philavong (3 months ago)
жека зыбин (3 months ago)
Hien Hoang (3 months ago)
Now if the girls were DD?
Michael Hibbert (3 months ago)
They have underwear on tho
Mark Mcdaid (3 months ago)
If you are a boy thumbs up
Gerard Gearity (3 months ago)
Just showing yourself naked
Big Member (3 months ago)
this shows two things, the female fantasy of men staring at them the entire time they are in the gym is nonsense as far as the large scale goes, and women wear outfits way too tight to the gym if actual skin tight paint looks like normal workout gear
Logic central (4 months ago)
But they are wearing clothes
Moh Vlogs (4 months ago)
if a man did it he would be arrested.
Adhesito (5 months ago)
they are not naked, u liars
maome kat (5 months ago)
cute but they look like skinny boys. still dont mind, but still look like boys no matter what you say.no bust, or hips. still good, but stilllook like boys
jj arana (5 months ago)
Umm did not see that coming xd
Big Member (5 months ago)
this just highlights how inappropriate most women dress at a gym. you see an ass covered by nothing but paint and you just assume it's a pair of yoga pants.....
Big Member (5 months ago)
not rally naked but still a nice view
Hardik Dikshit (5 months ago)
they're wearing panties :(
Maria Ozawa (6 months ago)
What her name
Angela Soares (6 months ago)
I love you guys make more videos please and by the way it's Mariah
Ninja as Suriken (6 months ago)
What happens if they sweat
Tommy Tjrjrj (6 months ago)
Do it again
al den (6 months ago)
#click bait
Dan Corpsman (6 months ago)
Good paint job, however if they actually worked out the sweat would reveal all
Ana Viveros (6 months ago)
Your my Losve
Luca Chiappetta (6 months ago)
Hey will you go to prom with me today
Nathan V (6 months ago)
Its girls in lingerie.
Victoria Ashworth (6 months ago)
what! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠
Bryan Max (6 months ago)
girls call guys creeps and then they do something like this. this is y no one take the metoo movement seriously
Kailee Holland (6 months ago)
Looks so real
babe brown (6 months ago)
I’m so happy my breasts would look like this is painted. I have some clients that their breasts would be painted on to their belly button lol
Jai Insy (7 months ago)
I like when they when they are naked
don't worry about it (7 months ago)
I want to get a job at that Planet Fitness. That girl that was giving them the tour was just....damn!!
Edwina Howard (7 months ago)
Exactly they not even naked.
Edwina Howard (7 months ago)
Exactly they not even naked.
Edwina Howard (7 months ago)
Exactly they not even naked
Harrison Toler (7 months ago)
Your wearing underwear though cheater
LillyTheStray 2.0 (7 months ago)
They look sooo real amazing
AltoAnimal109 Ball (7 months ago)
Click bait
Spud Coo (7 months ago)
Not really naked
lebrunn raymonne james (8 months ago)
The one in the pink and grey is Thick
Denis Egbuonu (8 months ago)
I am 9
Denis Egbuonu (8 months ago)
Girls will you mary me
Tony Forno (8 months ago)
what if thay notice
die hard (8 months ago)
Dey aint naked doe
Being Thirteen (8 months ago)
Underwear kind of gives it away
Wanda Lucas (8 months ago)
Jen painted very well
Brakernight (8 months ago)
I set off the lunk alarm outside closing my car door...
chad maxwell (6 months ago)
Lmao I didn’t know they had those 😂
Rebecca Foat (6 months ago)
if you know how to paint wrinkles can yu do that so people dont get suspicous
Suzie Haskins (8 months ago)
The tops are always obvious
Cleyna Ramirez Ramos (8 months ago)
Naked? If this is how all the girls are going to the gym nowadays. Heck, this is even how are they going out at the streets, clubs, everywhere.
B89Stranger (8 months ago)
I'd be judging if Im aware someone's sweaty groin is dripping on the equipment
Adam Warlock (2 months ago)
They've got underwear on... not sure how anyone missed that.
DDRUTOU (8 months ago)
That sounds icky.....I would too
DDRUTOU (8 months ago)
Yeah, no judgement. So I can pretty much walk into the ladies' room while they're showering and record. No judgement!!!
Oscar Oliveros (8 months ago)
Phantom Ghosty (8 months ago)
They must be uncomfortable getting painted on their down below erea
Scott B (8 months ago)
Not naked
ostreds (8 months ago)
click bait......
Ben J (9 months ago)
A sluts life must get boring
Zadin Cournyer (9 months ago)
It is lovely
The Rational Saiyan (9 months ago)
Super Duper S.P (9 months ago)
I dont get how you can implement a body positivity thing in this video. These girls have decent bodies so I think that message is weak coming from them... And please stop with that no judgement thing. It feels very unnecessary for a topic like this.
chen 77 (9 months ago)
what is the name of the model in black?
Jenilin Vanak (9 months ago)
You know me because my name is cory robert thomas
august (10 months ago)
Can it be done without the underwear and pasties ? Then, ya got something !!!
Ismael Arana (10 months ago)
jen the body painter how do people let you do this?
Babar Butt (10 months ago)
Hello.i want full naked video
bubblegum pritty sophie (10 months ago)
Nice nice nice beautiful work
Hakan Sapmaz (10 months ago)
Fucking hate the music
Mans Cool Womans Hot (10 months ago)
4:10 piant job?
Michael Phillips (10 months ago)
They are not naked
nightmareman7 (10 months ago)
Idiots everywhere.
Amber Dah God (10 months ago)
What if they sweat a the paint comes off
Gaming Wizardry (10 months ago)
Lawana Wallace (10 months ago)
Aidden Jay (10 months ago)
The girl behind the counter is the one i cant take my eyes off of.
Scrotus Maximus (10 months ago)
Fucking millennials. It's time for Civil War 2.0.
crazy killer 360 (10 months ago)
This is a lie no one will belive this
Tim Lacey (11 months ago)
Hi boys I bet you all like hot blondes getting nasty me and my slutty gf took naked pictures and want to share them all with you just send 1.00 to [email protected] on paypal then I'll send you all 50 of the hottest pictures you have ever seen mmmmmm see u all soon
Aldo Guzman (11 months ago)
name of the songs pls :)

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