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English Conversation: Clothing and Fashion

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For the full lesson please go to http://www.englishstreams.com/english-conversation-clothing-and-fashion/ This is a medium-level English conversation. Keep learning and using English everyday!
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Hassi Si (7 days ago)
Aanchayan Sherpa (2 months ago)
Jatin kamboj (8 months ago)
Steven ...plss add more new vedios... It's very helpful for me...😊🙏
EnglishStreams (7 months ago)
Jatin, what kind of videos are you interested in? I'm currently writing a book for teaching children to read and write, but in the future if I have time it would be helpful to know what people want to see. Thanks for watching!
gururaj mayekar (10 months ago)
Arooj Ch (1 year ago)
Its very amazing i like 😍
phantasy (2 years ago)
Like Fantastic Lake channel and participate in the most beautiful canal Pfdyohat wishes more
EnglishStreams (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching!

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