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True Facts About The Sea Pig

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Share on Facebook :: http://on.fb.me/14p7jSf Tweet This :: http://bit.ly/11EUbKs (you can change the text!) music : https://soundcloud.com/querflote/5-audio-track-1 CREDITS: Ocean Networks Canada/ CSSF Ropos Photos courtesy of Ocean Networks Canada https://www.facebook.com/NIWAInvertebrateCollection Selected Sea Pig images provided by the NIWA Invertebrate Collection and were collected as part of the New Zealand International Polar Year -- Census of Antarctic Marine Life, Ross Sea Biodiversity voyage 2008. We gratefully acknowledge project governance provided by the Ministry of Fisheries Science Team and the Ocean Survey 20/20 CAML Advisory Group (Land Information New Zealand, New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, Antarctica New Zealand, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and National Institute of Water and Atmosphere Ltd Thanks to Kevin Matta for the amazing Pearl Fish Video! full clip at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw2DrbhOA-M Special thanks to Chris Mah/http://echinoblog.blogspot.co.nz Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission
 Eyed Sea Cucumber with ejected Cuvierian Tubules, Bohadschia argus, Holothuria argus, Bali, Indonesia Wolfgang Poelzer/Getty Images
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Text Comments (5327)
this uploaded its self (7 hours ago)
The 3 months in hospital was worth the look on the muggers face as my left lung slid down his chest.
MosoKaiser (1 day ago)
The use of "mushy-mushy" in this video almost makes up for the lack of "hidey-hole". That fish living symbiotically with the sea cucumber certainly has one.
M Salman Al farisi (3 days ago)
Do some Sea Bear please, if that creature exist..
Cameron Scheer (3 days ago)
“Land Pig”
Fuad Hasan Manian (9 days ago)
sea caterpillar
HITMAN JJs (15 days ago)
Have u ever had a fish in ur butt that it feels kinda gay.......
Austin Esmie (18 days ago)
this commentary ha me screaming af i cant deal lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Bugbears and Wormwood (24 days ago)
Pig = sea pig = sea cucumber = cucumber ergo pig = cucumber Also deep sea sea pigs still explode when replacing land pigs and cucumbers, their plan to take over the world by killing, feasting upon and impersonating is proceeding otherwise unhindered.
Super Whisper88 (26 days ago)
Test Failed
Jhunille Priela (27 days ago)
April Williams (27 days ago)
Are you planning on making any more " true facts" anytime soon??
Andrey Soloninko (28 days ago)
Dirty beach cracker!!!
Yuan Shao (28 days ago)
more entertaining than Coyote Peterson
Marc Kamo (29 days ago)
His profile picture looks exactly like Gordon Ramsay
Snodge Kat (1 month ago)
Epic as hell
Reub Hurd (1 month ago)
I finally found cq cumber prepare to die
Roche fort6 (1 month ago)
This narrator has ADHD
RixAuzr (1 month ago)
Best one so far!
Minionology for You! (1 month ago)
Axii Crow (1 month ago)
O man laughing so hard I farted my lungs everywhere -_-
Tarek Chamas (1 month ago)
having a brain is better
Aaron Kirk (1 month ago)
Man i love this guy, i get to learn new things everyday at the same time laugh my ass off
Topaz 13 (1 month ago)
Morgan freeman?
Jesus Garza (1 month ago)
ButacuP PucatuB (1 month ago)
How have I missed this?!? “I like a bit of distance between the breathing and the pooping.” OMG me tooo!!!!!!! “Fart your lungs all over that bastard.” I don’t know if I plan to lolololol
Sophia De Loach (1 month ago)
Marvelo Mavo (1 month ago)
After watching all ur videos, I've come to one conclusion.....ur mother used to say the most weird things when u were growing up 😂😂😂
Egg Puppy (1 month ago)
Zefrank1's mother, the most quotable one ever!
Jilligain (1 month ago)
"Don't poke that pig, boy!" No truer words of wisdom have ever been spoken
Peter Houle (1 month ago)
"no judgments"
Chris Hansen (1 month ago)
almost thought he was morgan freeman for a second
ZOE SELTZER (1 month ago)
It’s 3 am. Why am I here?
SD Marlow (1 month ago)
Damn it. Missed opportunity to call them land sea pigs. ;p
So... It's Munna, the Pokemon, right? But like, way more terrifying?
Daisy .S (1 month ago)
I probably shouldn’t have eaten cheese while watching this
freyzer B.Castro (1 month ago)
Nice pigtures ... I'm sorry, I'm leaving now
Taariq M-Star 616 (1 month ago)
Dude I've been so depressed lately and u really cheered me up. Thank u.
Fandom guy (1 month ago)
"A multi-purpose orifice."
Shauna Brennan (1 month ago)
Is that why cats are scared of the water
Diamond Smith (1 month ago)
How about another human test sir?
Combat King 0 (1 month ago)
"If someone scares you, just bend over and fart your lungs all over that bastard."
Diem Bommarito (1 month ago)
namibia athens (1 month ago)
..."like a fish farted on a dirty beach cracker"
BoyBlam Old Boi (1 month ago)
Omgg.jess (1 month ago)
Tom (2 months ago)
"retraction" hahahahaha
yeet k (2 months ago)
If they doesn't have brains how do they live?
Page By Page (2 months ago)
Didn't know there is a pig under the sea? Enlightening.
Alice Guerra (2 months ago)
best biology teacher ever
Sergio Gerard (2 months ago)
I don't know how I got here, but I like it here.
Chris Pinkerton (2 months ago)
At least it has a fish in its butt.
Puppy Turtle (2 months ago)
Ironic how i got a bacon burger ad ;-;
Hulk (2 months ago)
Its SEA PICKLE RICK!!! 2018??
Little Squirrel (2 months ago)
Animated the sea pig facts https://youtu.be/S4q64CvqEAg
Jamaican Honey (2 months ago)
3:26 get defense method I feel invincible.😂😂😂
Henry The Cyborg (2 months ago)
Seeeeaaaa piiiiig.... seeeeaaaa piiiiig..
Gettin BeyWay (2 months ago)
From Sea Pig to Fish that lives in Sea Cucumber Butt. Lol
Bacon from a sea pig? "Ocean bacon"?!
GroverKent (2 months ago)
How many times was that stock video of a sea cucumber downloaded after this video?
Sarah Leardi (2 months ago)
*fart your lungs all over them*
Winter Weasel (2 months ago)
its a sea bear in french
Daisy TV (2 months ago)
Im afraid of sea cucumbers
ATFS Tobacco Shop (2 months ago)
I love his videos holy hell I just found him today but I love the true facts😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mr. frosty & sneezer (2 months ago)
There's no "that's how the sea pig do"
Azura Chaos (2 months ago)
your commentary is EPIIIC XDD
Guoenyi (2 months ago)
butt how do the sea pigs do?
Karen Widner (2 months ago)
So binging Ze Frank with hurt ribs is NOT advisable! I cant stop, gimme a pain pill.😜
ADS Studios. (3 months ago)
I laughed so hard at ‘Remember, when something scares you. Just fart out your lungs all over that bastard’ so hard I farted.
Countess Annebelle Lee (3 months ago)
I too like to eviscerate myself by farting my innards into someone else's face.
Asian Sauce (3 months ago)
So what happened to the sea pig... like you were talking about the sea pig then you goto a sea cucumber
QuesoGr7 (3 months ago)
C. Q Cumber?
Ivin3690 (3 months ago)
As opposed to "false facts"?
Ms. Valdez (3 months ago)
Farted on a dirty beach cracker😂😂. I never heard no Shi like that from no one
Verminlord Soulberry88 (3 months ago)
Win win the fish has a home the sea cucumber has a fish in its ass XD
Wild West (3 months ago)
Hi Kevin
Bro'S_ MarArLorGiu (3 months ago)
Splatoon 2 Fans: Aaaawwww Splatoon 2:Octo Expansion Fans: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
With All Due Respect (3 months ago)
Jake Basa (3 months ago)
Omg stop this guy, LMAO!!!!
Cam Good (3 months ago)
FontuneTheTeller (3 months ago)
Win win
veranet99 (3 months ago)
Sea Pig See Pig C Pig Si Pig
ALERT (3 months ago)
Dinand Veldwachter (3 months ago)
1:50 im dieing
Agent 2 (3 months ago)
What do I do with this information?
Ashley Winters (3 months ago)
My penis is breathing through my anus.😂
David Gibbs (3 months ago)
Fart your lungs out all over that bastard!!
David Gibbs (3 months ago)
How is it so funny every time!!! FUNNNY!!!!!
Jeremy Activated (3 months ago)
So basically having sex with a sea pig is like getting a blowjob and an anal at the same time?
what is wrong (3 months ago)
that is how a sea pig do.
Molly Lane (3 months ago)
Can't stop fucking laughing
Dash Chaser (3 months ago)
True facts of the scorpion
Kilkreath (3 months ago)
Loved the cucumber joke
Dr. K1ng (3 months ago)
What about “true facts about the sea pickle”
Blue Dragon (3 months ago)
I ate bacon
Dr. Shoggoth (3 months ago)
I want a butt fish
Diana Dobson (3 months ago)
This video is so funny
Lissie Foxx (3 months ago)
Dirty beach cracker
Me (3 months ago)
Lexi Black (3 months ago)
Mushy mushy

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