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Rihanna's Nude Dress Leads the Best Dressed at the CFDA Awards!

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It was a night of over-the-top fashion at the 2014 CFDA Awards! Need proof? Just take a look at Rihanna's barely there Adam Selman gown. We've gathered our top looks from the night — take a look! Subscribe for more POPSUGAR Fashion! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartvfab Visit our website for more hot fashion tips! http://www.popsugar.tv/#fashion Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/POPSUGARFashion Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/POPSUGARFashion
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Text Comments (22)
Angela Yablonski (4 years ago)
#not sorry
Remy Downs (4 years ago)
you guys need to fix the audio. when your discussing i have to turn up the volume then when you talk over the video its like screaming in my ears. please fix! thanks! <3
TiffanyJayneee (4 years ago)
Dress would've been nice had it not been paired with: 1) the creepy shower cap 2) the gloves 3) the fur
PopeyeCove (4 years ago)
Rihanna is stunning. She's a talented artist who's got vive, and she can definitely pull off the sheer dress look. No problem at all. Now I am most certainly biased in favor of the look because I'm a red-blooded American male. An open-minded one at that. So while I understand why some object, I can't help but love it on her. The reality is that this kind of look is only going to work for a famous person, not the average anybody. So in this context it works because she's making an artistic statement by wearing this daring gown at an arguably appropriate media event, where it will get a lot of press. That's great PR for a celebrity. Would I want to see an average woman (or man for that matter) dressed in sheer clothing at the grocery store? Not at all. Do I want to see the likes of Rihanna in a nude dress up on stage? Absolutely! Can't take the art out of the artist. And let's be honest: Rihanna IS a work of art, and I'm more than happy to support the arts.
Monique Fenty (4 years ago)
it was inspired by josephine baker dumasses
cHriiSzbEe (4 years ago)
Maybe that's why Chris beat her ass
CoRmillitoTV (4 years ago)
subscribe to my channel please
Melanie Silva (4 years ago)
Ugh why are these clips always so fast
77deerose (4 years ago)
I think there saying it was reminisce of Josephine Baker not Marilyn Monroe
LighteningXT9 (4 years ago)
Someone is desperate for attention.
Mimmers483 (4 years ago)
Some marilyn monroe 20's fibe?? You know marilyn was born in 1926?? How could rihanna look like marilyn monroe from the 20's??
Lee Kanae (4 years ago)
I pray I get a chance at the top that is going to be me one day!!! ♥_♡ Yeeeeees RiRi wit ur fine Ass!!!
Briana Smith (4 years ago)
Something's should be left in for the bedroom. It was just trashy...
Brianna Dacres (4 years ago)
I thought that the dress was beautiful however , what examples does this set for a younger audience who are watching , that you have to be practically naked to be considered best dressed ? It baffles me what examples  she is setting for other younger females like myself society and social media is already fucked up as it is , it just doesn't make any sense and I feel as though she could have considered the fact that peoples kids are watching and the wrong messages could be easily misconstrued even though it had not been her intention - Yes i wrote an essay about this because i believe it is worth conversing about... 
Brianna Dacres (4 years ago)
+Nadia Smith That is another thing I forgot to add lol , I used to respect her but nahh not anymore ... I totally agree
Cee Nelly (4 years ago)
Agee 100%. I liked her when she first debuted but not anymore because Rihanna continues to use her platform in a negative way to seek attention any way she can and constantly belittle people. Unfortunately, she has an incredible amount of influence over teen culture, and for her to use that influence to make fun of one of her fans in a completely powerless position is despicable and extremely immature. She is ridiculous with her gross obsessions with alcohol, smoking, hating on other female artists, insecurities, and showing off. Girls like her NEVER become women, they just circle the drain and end up doing Vegas revues in a few year's. I don't understand why anyone would look up to her. I would never look up to anyone who's hand looks like they wipe their butt with it. :>)
GrayPeachyProduction (4 years ago)
Rihanna has a beautiful body and the dress WAS gorgeous. However, she could have left that crap at home. Owning your body and being proud of it is amazing, but children are watching. Not everyone wants to see her that exposed. if she desired to wear that gown so much, she should have done what she did with her front, covered it up with a nude colored bra and actual panties not a thong. People can say that "parents should keep their kids from watching these shows!' It's the AWARDS, there is no warning ;NUDITY NOT FOR CHILDREN! I mean come on...leave something to the imagination. The outfit is fabulous, she looked great....just wished she covered up more. I'm all for feminism and that a women should have full control of your body and what not....but think of who's watching it. If it was only adults sure, go ahead but there are kids man...
Angela Yablonski (4 years ago)
No women's bodies are beautiful it's ok
Kaoutar Gunnar (4 years ago)
+GrayPeachyProduction  the more civilised people get , the more they learned to cover their bodies ... but seems like anything that sells today is nudity , sex , porn... :( what a world we live in ! i agree tooootaly with what you say
GrayPeachyProduction (4 years ago)
+TheBJG7 whether she is for children or not it's inappropriate. Children is a big thing about this yeah, but I am talking about everyone. Not everyone in the world wish to see her naked, people who were there may or may not have been uncomfortable because of that. She's a beautiful woman but not everyone wants to see her that way. You think I'm only saying this because she's a woman? No, I'd say the same thing if a man was walking on a show where kids could see practically naked. You can look glamorous and be best dressed without being half naked. It isn't hard to cover up that's the thing. As I said the dress is BEAUTIFUL. I never said it was wrong. I just said the wrong place. Yes there is nude art, but you don't see people shoving nude art into people's faces. However I expect you to respond back with your own views and that's fine. You are allowed to have your own opinion. I say let's drop this and agree to disagree because there are bigger stuff to argue about in the world than Rihanna being half naked. She's the least of the worries in the world. So it was nice meeting you but I'm just going to let this go now.
GrayPeachyProduction (4 years ago)
+TheBJG7 It is not JUST nipples and a butt, it's her whole naked body. The only thing that isn't shown is her vagina. Children don't need to be seeing that.  It's called being considerate of what parents want their children to see. Not everyone wants to see her nipples or butt.   
Kaoutar Gunnar (4 years ago)
i agreeeeee

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