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Best Games for Kids -Sweet Baby Girl Birthday, Bake Cake, Learn Colors Educational Games to Play

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♥ PLEASE ENJOY MY VIDEO TO HELP MY JOB, TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE WITH THE VIDEOS! Hey my friends,please if liked my video please subscribe and share to help me. Thank you . Turn on the bell for more videos please for help me :) ♥♥♥♥ Best Games for Kids to Play and Sweet Baby Girl - Celebrate Baby Birthday, Bake Cake, Get Gifts and Pop Baloons iPad Gameplay HD https://itunes.apple.com/br/app/sweet-baby-girl-celebrate-baby-birthday-bake-cake-get/id883609320?mt=8 Sweet Baby Girl turns 3! Help her get ready for a pink baby princess birthday party: create sparkly room decorations, make a yummy chocolate cherry cake, dress up in a pink birthday princess dress, celebrate with Baby Girl‘s friends and find out what presents did she get. Have fun! WHAT’S INSIDE •Play 35 birthday party mini games! •Learn how to prepare for a birthday party: decorate the room, bake a cake, get dressed and celebrate! •Use sweet Baby Girl‘s birthday ideas for your own celebrations! •Learn how to create charming room decorations and make the same for your own birthday! •Play the game on your birthday and celebrate together with the sweet Baby Girl and friends! FEATURES •Sweet Baby Girl drew a picture of her dream birthday decorations – help her make them! •Grab a paint brush to color letters for a birthday sign and cover them with glitter! •Stick letters on the wall and make a Happy Birthday sign! •Color paper people, hearts and flowers to make a paper chain and hang it over the door! •Take some paper and paint and make the same wall and door decorations for your own birthday! •Mix eggs, sugar, flour and chocolate sauce to bake a birthday cake! •Add whipped cream and cherries to make the birthday cake super yummy! •Change clothes and dress up sweet Baby Girl in a pink fairy princess birthday dress! •Open the door and meet birthday guests – friends of the sweetest in the world Baby Girl! •Celebrate together and find out what Baby Girl got for her birthday! Page in Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bestgamesforkids01/
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