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What is NO COST EMI?? 5 Benefits @ E-commerce websites - Camera Tech

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What is no cost EMI? Amazon and Flipkart recently introduced its 'No Cost EMI' finance scheme to make it easy for buyers to purchase expensive items online through EMIs without any additional costs. ... Flipkart promises that there is no additional processing fee or down payment or interest. The regular EMI is provided by Credit Card companies directly, but the No-Cost- EMI is provided in collaboration with loan providers, for example if a online shopping website provides the no-cost-emithen it will first partner with a laon provider like Fullerton India , Bajaj Finserv etc, which will provide the loan. No Cost EMI is a step towards making online shopping truly affordable. To avail this scheme, all you need is any of the credit card. _____________________________________________________ Please do like this video, Comments in the box below the video if you like to ask something, Share it with your friends and relatives... SUBSCRIBE my channel CAMERA TECH _________________________________________________________
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suman saurav (1 year ago)
Nice video
Nice info

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