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Katya Zamolodchikova on Periscope [7/18/15]

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Stephen Coe (3 years ago)
Katya--I'd love to hear your whole story revolving around addiction and recovery. Maybe a book deal? Maybe a docu-drama??? Make dat money!!! It would help so many people because you are such an awesome person and I am glad to have seen such a true winner from drag race. You are truly amazing, talented, hilarious, and quirky. Just AbFab!!!
Sarah Nunnin (2 years ago)
Stephen Coe I totally agree. I'd love to hear your whole story about addiction. I've watched almost all your vids and got some of the scoop on your addiction and recovery and relapsing and being sober (except for the pizzot) (which I don't count that as a drug) cause I myself am an addict. Been an addict off an on (mostly on) for over 15 yrs. Katya, you really give me hope that I can clean my life up and make something of my life and succeed! I so wanna get clean again!! 💋

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