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The Fastest Process for Making Comics in Photoshop

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My course, LEARN CHARACTER DESIGN, is available NOW!: http://learncharacterdesign.com Comics are a tool for visual storytelling, but they can be very time intensive! By walking you through my process, I'll show you the ways to expedite your comic making that I've developed over 7 years of making them myself. Daily videos and articles this month at: http://brookeseggleston.com My Comic: http://denizencomic.com Signup to be notified when the Learn Character Design Course is available! http://learncharacterdesign.com
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Text Comments (169)
1stdegreetv (28 days ago)
Can you upload ur drawing into individual panels?
Guy Bracha (1 month ago)
say, can you do another video of that?
Guy Bracha (1 month ago)
+Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge thank you, i would happy if you do a video about how to make a black line borders to the panels
I'm on it!
The Equalizer (1 month ago)
You’re gonna do great with the incredibly exciting, fast paced world of comic creation, the topic of the video you clicked on
karin lefer (1 month ago)
6:30 Hello, What can I do if I want that there was just some things that go above the case (Like a hand,..)? I'm making a new sketch-layer under the main sketch layer? Or could I select a part?
jason tribue (1 month ago)
Best video on this subject I've seen so far
archie M (2 months ago)
Great Job. Thanks -zone34
AntOninPortequoi (3 months ago)
why i don't have the wand tool and the bucket tool?
KAI (3 months ago)
That lock transparecy effect BLEW MY MIND , I subbed just because of that , thanks
Richy Stripxssons (3 months ago)
HI, any trick to create a template as vector for panel boxes, specially for vertical and horizontal... I know how to use the path tool and the marquee, but I prefer to be organize. I would like to print my pages , however I am afraid of aliasing .
Gabriel Simoes (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for the tips ♥
charlena hill (4 months ago)
Omg this is the exact video I've been searching for. You talk on all the right things. Thank you!
bengtig77 (4 months ago)
paintur68 (4 months ago)
Superb. I'm a slow ...visual learner, so I lowered this brilliant man's video speed to .75 to have more time to follow his step by step instructions. I love this guy. Thanks helpful Youtube video making artist guy. :-D This really helped me take my skills up a notch. Very grateful slow learner here. Subscribed!!!
Redbougainvilia (4 months ago)
Niko Ništa (4 months ago)
Hello,thank you so much,I've created a storyline for my first webcomic but I had no idea how to draw a comic in photoshop, your video helped me a lot! Can I ask you something: 1.Tips for better lineart in PS? 2.Which brushes are you using? 3.Where should I publish the webcomic once I created it? Thank you in advance!
Jon Mahashintina (5 months ago)
this still feels like more steps than necessary, shrinking a selection, pencil tool, fill.... I find it faster to wand an area, expand it 2-4 pixels, then use fill with foreground, expand and fill being set to shortcuts.
LumpyRex007 (5 months ago)
great video sir. learned lots!
Lancelot Link (5 months ago)
I've illustrated a bunch of children's books and 300dpi cmyk is standard for publishers. Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone feeling like they had to go to 600.
For sure like I think i said in the video 600 is excessive, hehe
Mehdi Sahban (5 months ago)
Excellent tutorial, everything we need to start drawing a comic book!
TheMoonchinKing (5 months ago)
You are very funky TO ME
DTearLesS (5 months ago)
is it able to fit picture in?
Diego Travieso (5 months ago)
Thanks A LOT !!!
JackTYM (6 months ago)
Where do I find the ink brush he has? And the sketch brush too
Neil Macleay (6 months ago)
It bothers me that you gutters are not of equal width. But that said, great technique.
Alexander Von Engelberg (6 months ago)
How do I create round panels? I want to create a round panel in the middle of my canvas, is there an easy way for that?
2guys1cam (6 months ago)
Why is it everyone seems to effortlessly draw in photoshop... I've been drawing my whole life, on paper, but even with a graphics tablet, it always just looks like fucking garbage.
Sarah Sears (6 months ago)
I have Clip Studio Paint with special tools for comics, but they're such a pain in the the butt. _This is a thousand times easier!!!_
Awesome, glad to hear!
Marlon Pastrana (6 months ago)
Will be starting my web comics, this is an awesome video! Thanks bro
Burst (6 months ago)
What lettering did you choose?
TheMesoPeaks (7 months ago)
I don't have "ink" brush on my CS6... care to help?
JackTYM (6 months ago)
me neither
CrisRos Art! (8 months ago)
Woah woahh The shading that was SO FREAKING fast!!!! It blew my soul away Thankyou for this Great tip!
Andy Copps (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this . Very useful.
Rhizzy13 A (9 months ago)
Is the photo shop app free
I believe there's a 30 day trial, otherwise it's a subscription model for the newest one
Haroon Hassan Qadir (9 months ago)
dude i subscribed after watching this!
Thanks Haroon! Lots more stuff on my channel, this video's rather old!
Seth Pickett (10 months ago)
what is the font
Joshua Armstrong (10 months ago)
That trick you did at ~6:30 where you made a part of the image on a lower layer overlap every above it, does that have a name?
jnxt (10 months ago)
thanks for the tips! i especially love the cell shading technique you use. it's a time saver for sure.
VidEvage (10 months ago)
Interesting. I figured out the same shading technique on my own. It saves a lot of hassle compared to conventional shading techniques.
hawkiemuffin (10 months ago)
6:02 -i tried this, and the first time it worked fine. But the second time i tried using this, i made a new file and did the exact same thing but for some reason I can still see the lines when i draw in-between the panels. Is there something I'm missing when making the new file...?
ChaarvinYaKnow (1 year ago)
my feather does not do anything for some reason
Despolitizado (1 year ago)
C W (1 year ago)
What gear are you using? Mouse? Pen? Etc..
In this video, Wacom Cintiq and stylus, nowadays, Procreate on the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Chilly Studios (1 year ago)
I didn't know that the pencil tool wouldn't create that line! You have made my life SO....MUCH....EASIER! Thank you. And before I hated those ugly lines that pencil tool made. Now they are my friend.
Zachary Lee (1 year ago)
Couldnt find any comments about how this guy looks like Paul Rudd so... This guy totally looks like Paul Rudd! Great Vid!
+Zachary Lee 😂😂 Thanks Zachary
Erin H (1 year ago)
9:00 SAVED MY ENTIRE LIFE suddenly my crops are flourishing and I am getting adequate sleep bless you
Taiwan Numbah whan (1 year ago)
Hey man, can you help a noob out? Can you teach me to put pictures in comic panels? Do I like copy the picture and just simply place it in a layer
Mikisue (1 year ago)
I'm so glad I clicked on this video! There were so many small shortcuts that could've saved so much time in the long run. Thanks for making this!
Chad Anthony (1 year ago)
This was extremely helpful! Thanks a million!
Hailey Servidio (1 year ago)
what font is it?
nZ (1 year ago)
I couldn't find where to change the brush to ink as in 6:48
Just Ihtisyam (1 year ago)
Hmm. What kind of font are you using?
+Just Ihtisyam This is Webletterer BB from Blambot.
Japneet Singh (1 year ago)
That is so cool!
NithariusArt (1 year ago)
This was fantastic thank you!
Hakim Shakunazium (1 year ago)
This is exactly what I needed. Before I always used the lasso tool and colour everything manually
Emma Loura (1 year ago)
This is photoshop...sketch?
Trav Rad (1 year ago)
How were you able to draw that, you didn't use just a mouse did you? Maybe some kind of drawing tool or drawing pad?
Matadorstudio (1 year ago)
great video, I am trying Freddie Williams book on digitally drawing comics. I wanted to ask you what are you running on your comic site? I thinks it's comic press but looks like a squarespace site.
Gentle Giant (1 year ago)
can or did create a video showing how to do it in illustrator... I wud love to see how u do it
Gentle Giant (1 year ago)
thank u
Seks Haver (1 year ago)
Why is the image size so large?
Kiki Lala (1 year ago)
It's a very good video. Super time saving. I'm an amateur and starting from the bottom. I've been in that time-consuming method phase and I've been in intermediate phase. I think, now, it's time for me to polish my technique and my own style. Thank you for teaching. ☺️
Flyx Iz Ya Boi (1 year ago)
pls help me
Flyx Iz Ya Boi (1 year ago)
Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge ok thank you you've helped me a lot
cool guy That's totally fine, text exists on it's own layer, you can have more than 7!
Flyx Iz Ya Boi (1 year ago)
but how i don't get it...i had the 7 layers just like you and then i clicked on the bubbles and when i clicked the ''t'' it just ceated a new layer...
cool guy yep you need to create a new blank layer before clicking with the text tool.
Is Gone (1 year ago)
Well, gotta get Photoshop...
Rosseriah (3 months ago)
+Earl dela cruz yar har fiddle dee dee...
Earl dela cruz (5 months ago)
+ CittaV Box Where? I need it. Can i borrow from you?
Is Gone (1 year ago)
CittaV Box I've gotten photoshop already XD
CittaV Box (1 year ago)
Its for FREE!!!! If you know where to look....
DeKoelePeer (1 year ago)
where can i find that sketch-brush tool? i use photoshop elements 11
Aly Melody (1 year ago)
I already do this unconsciously, dang
Señor Jaugarez (1 year ago)
So 11x17 is a good size for webcomics then...also thanks for the great tutorial I'm using Clip Studio paint for my comics. Do you know a good canvas size for vertical comic strips? I want to try that out for my webcomic
Zacharias Malm (1 year ago)
This was exactly what i was looking for! Thanks!
Wasteland Seven (1 year ago)
Very cool tut and highly useful! And it can be translated into almost any graphic software. (I use Krita myself) Thank you!
Ninja-jumipy2011 (1 year ago)
Wasteland Seven same
Maddragon 15 (1 year ago)
Thank you for making this tutorial! I draw about 3 comics per day at school, and I've decided to digitize them so this really helped!
bagoglass1 (1 year ago)
Things were going swimmingly as I experimented. Then the shading technique didn't work for beans. Took me a long time to figure out why. I'm in the habit of using non-destructive adjustments. Meaning I unconsciously changed the path to Hue/Saturation. Instead of going IMAGE> Adjustment> Hue/Saturation, I went LAYER ADJUSTMENT> New Layer> Hue/Saturation. Makes a big difference, because the second way doesn't work! LOL. (Well, it can, but involves using the layer mask, which may have advantages for particular uses. But it's complicated.) Thought it worth mention it as a cautionary tale. The shading method (or lightening method) based so strongly on value/tone (black-white-gray) makes for a dull, dirty look. For fast and dirty it's fine. But one would really like to put rich color in the shadows. Still, as a framework it's good and, I think, flexible enough to accommodate a variety of coloring techniques, including painting directly. Thanks for putting it out there.
bagoglass1 (1 year ago)
Hi , Brooks. 1) Your doc setup creates a monster file size of 192 Mbs. 2) If one intends this for print, then he must setup in cymk mode.(rez 300-600) 3) if intended for web, then must setup in RGB mode. In RGB max rez would be 72 (standard) or 98 (HD). So, it seems as if you've confounded print and web in the doc setup. Am I missing something in the procedure or explanation?
bagoglass1 (1 year ago)
Aye. Exactly - it's the order, confirmed. How peculiar. Thanks for that, too. ( no need to reply)
That's actually pretty common! Depending on which order you fill in the boxes for resolution and dimension, Photoshop will automatically change the other. Something to keep an eye on. Glad that worked out for you! No problem!
bagoglass1 (1 year ago)
In the original pass I ended with a document sized 63"x104". This time I got 11"x17". Also, was able to set res to 600 during the setup without a problem. Don't know how this happened. Pays to double check and ask questions. Good of you to oblige.
bagoglass1 (1 year ago)
Just wanted to make sure I had it right, because PS kept rejecting the 600 rez. Don't know why. I thought it was because I was in RGB and PS was prompting me to either lower the rez or switch modes. I understand you. Thanks. And no disrespect intended forgetting the "e" in Brookes. :)
Conversion from RGB to CMYK is extremely simple. Just because something is intended for the web doesn't mean it's wise to create at 72 or 98 dpi. I'm future proofing the document in case I need to print or use it for another purpose. In the case of a comic, you're hopefully posting online now (RGB) and possibly assembling it for print later (CMYK). Printing webcomics at web resolution comes out terribly. In this situation, all you have to do is the conversion in order to print. File size, if it's a problem for you, do whatever you'd like. This is the process I've used.
Odist Abettor (1 year ago)
this is fantastic. thank you so much
SamWallace Artisan (1 year ago)
That transparency lock ... I wish I knew about that 3 years ago. Also, I had no idea the selection had a contraction option.
Penelope Cole (1 year ago)
I recently got photoshop and this was so helpful, because I've been so confused for the past week.
Shinpi Tekina (1 year ago)
how do you go about posting it digitally. Like would you cut the panels and reorganize them into a long script
I think you're talking about how to post or upload them online? Generally the best thing is to upload the image by itself. Some people try to chop up the comic into a new panel per page, but it's not really recommended.
Sam Zhuo Ying (2 years ago)
thanks man, very big help.
Wajiha Sarfraz (2 years ago)
This is awesome and very helpful. Can you tell me that are you using mouse for the character making or any other input device?
+Wajiha Malik Thank you, no, I'm using a Wacom Cintiq, a mouse would be impossible!
Tony Mangaka (2 years ago)
11:23 onwards SOMEONE tell me how he's painting the tongue and mouth without going over the lines, he's on the same layer and they are all the same 'colour layer'/locked section (the blue on the face) as the face, so how?
Tony Mangaka (2 years ago)
Nvm I think it was because it was really fast. He switched to pencil tool and just did it manually
Gary Arsenia (2 years ago)
Thanks Man, very informative ..... now i try to create my comics by photoshop
Ferrosa (2 years ago)
You're a great teacher. Thanks for sharing your technique, it's pretty smart.
Exyst (2 years ago)
Thank you so much this was very helpful
Epic Plan B (2 years ago)
are you using pentab?
Purn (2 years ago)
thanks :D I'm gonna make my comic thanks to you! It's called "no shit, sherlock!"
Purn (1 year ago)
+Omio Rahman half half
Omio Rahman (1 year ago)
Purna Blooper you jk or that's really the title
Forry Might (2 years ago)
Good job!
Henderson Lewis (2 years ago)
Super helpful! Thank you!
Black Sun Comics (2 years ago)
Lots of great info here. Thanks for sharing your process.
Pillowzzz Box34 (2 years ago)
this is so awesome. ty ty so much for sharing this. just what I needed. .I'm in the process of creating this Anime comic book. my first 1..I'm had no idea the saturation part where u added shadows was another way of adding that. I know you also could put a darker color near the brighter color but had no idea. I'm re-learning photoshop. appreciate it!😄😆😅💪👍✋
Nihat Muradzade (2 years ago)
Hi, which brush and pen are you using for sketching a character?
Henri-Ansel Vallee (2 years ago)
David (2 years ago)
Most useful video ever!
EmilyKun (2 years ago)
This taught me more about photoshop than any other video I've watched :D
That's AWESOME to hear, sweet!
libykim (2 years ago)
Antman, is that you?
YngPrince (2 years ago)
Thankyou, amazing tutorial!
Jimmy D (2 years ago)
Awesome! I didn't know about that "alt-click" trick to mask lines going off from a shape below. BTW, enjoying my lessons from the Character Design Course :) I'll send you some feedback later on as work is getting in the way ATM :)
abdelrhman amgad (2 years ago)
thanks ..helped me alot do you use a mouse or a wacom
Thank you! I use a Wacom Cintiq.
Mauks Akos (2 years ago)
szar fos geci vagy töröld magadat a picsába !
Jorge Velez (2 years ago)
Best video on this topic, very helpful. Thank you.
onecorpsestands again (2 years ago)
Such a great tutorial! Which version of Photoshop are you using on this?
Thank you! This is Creative Cloud, but these tools go back probably further than CS1! I have a list of everything I use at http://brookeseggleston.com/resources/ :D
Anoryxic (2 years ago)
4:58 first thought it was "OH HELL NO"
Rovert arthead (1 year ago)
atomix dunno But oh hell no it wasn't.
TC4R- Souper Chicken (1 year ago)
Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge what did you use for the sketch
Saph Heartstrong (1 year ago)
Atomix Dunno XD
😂 so Willsmithian
Tony Clark (2 years ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! sequentials have always been my achilles heel! not after this video!! you broke it down in a simple way that i could follow and i'm thankful!! you gained a new follower!

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