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So I downloaded an app where you can pay to talk to Psychics and Fortune Tellers and I thought i'd record my conversations with them to see if they were any good! Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy watching and subscribe to my channel if you aren't already for new videos every week! Subscribe to my channel here! - http://bit.ly/1qnAKPW ✩ My Clothing Label ✩ http://www.faytthelabel.com Use the code 'YOUTUBE' to save $$ Instagram http://www.instagram.com/faytlabel ✩ Where To Find Me ✩ Snapchat: brittneeylee Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/brittney_saunders Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/britt_saunders Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brittneyleesaunders All business enquiries: [email protected]
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Martha V (2 days ago)
You are funny omg .yeah they should know everything from the get go.right .the have the powers the gifts right.
Destiny Smith (4 days ago)
zippy0099 (10 days ago)
I can’t believe people still believe in this crap in 2019...🙄
Little Fang Tarot (17 days ago)
"Stuff." That's not how psychics work. A general reading is fine and all, but that is like going to your doctor and saying I'M SICK! You're the doctor, you're supposed to know what it is! Without any details!
Poppy xo (16 days ago)
Little Fang Tarot Exactly people are so ridiculous.
Carol Sundara (21 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this. Too painful to watch til the end. Kasamba is an app full of fake psychics
Rebecca Maria (22 days ago)
If you're going in with a closed mind , dont expect much . The app has been around since 1999 , I think that's saying something . 🙄🙄
Carol Sundara (21 days ago)
Rebecca Maria I have found Kasamba’s readers to be fake and also writing the most random stuff. I don’t know how these con artists sleep at night.
Blake Johns (1 month ago)
U can do face to face readers
Blake Johns (1 month ago)
That’s what ORANUM.com is for use it I’m a psychic on there Psychicjennifer2
Sandra M (1 month ago)
I used this app.. I know all of them. Stay away !!!!!!!!!
PSYCHIC MARIE SHE'S AUTHENTIC & GIVE GREAT READINGS! https://www.facebook.com/PsychicMarie777/
Trulys Wish (1 month ago)
I think it was this app that it showed example of what type of answers they give and somebody said something about their cheating partner and the Physic said you should give him a chance blah blah! Why would you get back with a cheater?
L. C. (1 month ago)
* gets add from Kasamba * Not kidding either.
Jessica Von Langer (2 months ago)
actually, you could calculate the persons' macro life like - how is your relationships with your parents, and, your major circle years, but not a career. I studied for it, more like knowing when is your up and down years. but to calculate one's life, it is dangerous hurting yourself so I will never do this for another person like those psych.
Beautiful Disaster (2 months ago)
😂😂😂 I'm literally binging! I have a had a stressful week an this video made my day! 💜
romanticshadow s (2 months ago)
One more tip: if you want them to just read random stuff tell them you want a General reading in (love, career, studies, ect.)
romanticshadow s (2 months ago)
Purple ocean gives you one on one video readings or 3min video replys to your questions. They app is way better
romanticshadow s (2 months ago)
She hubg up on you cause she knew you were just fucking around. Also we dont get 2.99/min we get anywhere from 20-40%....
romanticshadow s (2 months ago)
Actually... You are thinking hollywood psychic. We need to know your question. It doesnt work like the movies....
romanticshadow s (2 months ago)
I would say use purple ocean instead. I work for them. Kasamba wants people to pay them to be advisors. Purple ocean also seems easier to use and the people seem nicer
Shahzad khilji (3 months ago)
Psychic healer for $20 /min should be shot for charging such criminally for production of pure bs.
Shahzad khilji (3 months ago)
Jeeenifer is a bitch who needs patience so she can make more money
Shahzad khilji (3 months ago)
How are people getting away with this shit???? This is BS
Shahzad khilji (3 months ago)
Yeah immpaying you per minute bitch.... stop talking useless stuff
Gina Gjesvold (3 months ago)
I chatted with that same pyschic from app and she was way off
Manjusha Sahu (3 months ago)
Maje le liye ladki ne jeenifer ke!!
iloveoldschool (3 months ago)
I've tried them all and the only one that is legit is psychic center. The psychics on there told me things that no one knew.
Madison K (4 months ago)
what accent was that lol
Galaxy Lmao (4 months ago)
I only do free things and it’s not really different from what they said to you there.
TheFall3n (5 months ago)
I was hired to help make a similar app before my work now...it was run by bots and not people...smart bots they were tho lol
Sid Benedict (5 months ago)
I would pay to have YOU entertain me instead of those psychics.....You are hilarious...Thank you soooo much... <3 <3 <3
Sarah Gardner (5 months ago)
I signed up to be a psychic. I'm just gonna give psychological advice instead. Most expensive counselor ever!!
Angelina von Brockdorff (5 months ago)
Lol my birthday is 27th of April 2
Animesh Pandey (6 months ago)
You are very funny.
Faye Martins (6 months ago)
She’s taking the piss it’s irritating
Shin Toe (7 months ago)
I love your accent!
Oliver Watts (8 months ago)
"It's a gift!" Didn't know you had to pay for gifts...
paul jarvis (9 months ago)
Courtney's Chaos (10 months ago)
I’m watching this DYING 😂😂😂😂😂😂
sam cogburn (10 months ago)
I honestly believe that you are the most gorgeous lady on this particular planet ..All jokes aside.. Brittany love your show..
Karen Alderisio (10 months ago)
I wish I had watched this before using Keen.com. Same scammy BS. I requested what was supposed to be 10 minutes for $1.99. This lady with many amazing reviews (fake reviews, I'm guessing) could've been a robot for all I know. I noticed it was almost 10 minutes on their counter on the chat. (It wasn't 10 real minutes because I was timing it with my phone...lol) So, I ended the chat. Afterwards, I realized they charged my credit card $60 for "the additional minutes I requested for my future psychic chats." WHAT? Why would I do that? I'm supposedly getting a refund....in 2 months. lol Why 2 months? Everything about these sites is just so immoral.
Nicole R (11 months ago)
You chose the wrong psychics. The majority of the people on Kasamba are fakes who just babble on to run up your minutes and waste your time. The real ones get straight to the point and don’t run out your 3 free minutes with nonsense. There are a couple of good ones who really are gifted and will blow you away with the information they know. I would recommend SarahJane and Yazmin. I asked SarahJane about an argument I had with my daughter’s dad and she knew exactly how it got started without any information. Yazmin predicted a lot of things that happened and she is great at describing their core feelings. These two are good and they don’t cost a lot. Tracey-C Psychic Spy is also good but not worth the price that she charges.
Shalena (11 months ago)
I'm a psychic and medium.. but it doesn't work the way people try to push it off as. I don't charge people for stuff. You can't connect to everyone, either.. and really, we are just using our intuition which can sometimes be wrong. Anyone with a background in some kind of psychology will understand this. Most psychics that do it for money try to finess you...
pastelkittycorn (1 year ago)
OMG this video is gold, I LOVED the 'dear's, I swear there's like ONE person doing the entire thing, haha, cos they sound all alike. I bet all those reviews on there are fake too, but this is just sooo funny I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you for making this video!
Card Reader (1 year ago)
My God! You realize it's "so generalized" precisely because you're just playing games and giving nothing? Wow.
Card Reader (1 year ago)
If you took it seriously and didn't make a big joke out of it you might get some insights. The reason some are expensive as hell is that they have a shit ton of experience, good reviews and a following. $2.99 are people who've just started.
myparanormallife (1 year ago)
I know a psychic.  That is bs psychic - very generic info.  she will do it for free if she feels you need it.
Maryam (1 year ago)
i am not condoning the use of this app because it seems very focused on bringing financial gain to the psychics on it, however, when going in to ANY psychic reading you have to have faith in the process and BE AUTHENTIC. In no part of this video was Brittney being authentic in her questions, not only that, but they were focused on trivial things. Regarding first kiss and sex???? no wonder she got the responses she did.
Oh my God. I have no idea how I found your video but this was eye-opening. Brittney, this is not a true psychic or medium- I guess you know that. I'm sorry you were actually charged for that crap. If you ever decide to do this again, find yourself a really good psychic medium so you're not wasting your money- I'd be happy to give you a reading. I won't even charge you for a short session. I won't make any life changing promises but I should be able to pick up your energy and some things coming up for you. I would ask you to keep an open mind. I can do readings over the phone, via video chat, messenger.
ok (1 year ago)
You remind me of Bella Fiori
Tiffany Orton (1 year ago)
Seriously...how to I sign on to be a psychic on this app? If people seriously want to get on there and spend their well earned money on this bs then I'd be happy to feed it to them! Sorry no sorry.
Korin Hockman (1 year ago)
I feel so bad I didnt enjoy it i wanna donate you money
my page (1 year ago)
$5 for 5 answer fully refundable guaranteed if not satisfied
Little Sunshine (1 year ago)
I've had 2 readings done that went well one I paid $30 for 30 minutes and the other reading was done for free the first reading I had done only asked 1 question and that was how old I was because I sounded young the other one people were able to ask her one question and she would do a mini reading for you for free out of all the questions that was asked and answered she gave me the most detailed reading both the psychic and spiritual teacher said similar things
Missy Mulan (1 year ago)
Wow they don't know a thing about you EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING OMG
Missy Mulan (1 year ago)
Very true
Mariah Glenn (1 year ago)
Literally laughed the whole video
emmakathryn (1 year ago)
No it's not wrong to make fun of the app, it's fucking hilarious 😂 I feel like going to see someone in person would be better though. God I love your videos 👌🏼😂
Yarii Iglecias (1 year ago)
OMG dying with the prices! I did once pay $10 dollars for like 3 questions though....oops 🙈
Hey Samantha (1 year ago)
I loves the mconnelly brothers on tracey mcbean 😂😂😂😂
Maggiemoore (1 year ago)
This was the stupidest video I’ve ever watched
Paige C (1 year ago)
You troll 🤣 lol jeenifer is savage
Liesl Ehardt (1 year ago)
This was highly entertaining! 🔮🤣
winterTea (1 year ago)
Lol this was so great and different from anyone else’s vids, do more like this 👍🏻🥂
Suzana Grubisic (1 year ago)
hey Britt, what app did you use to record your screen?
itsmefoshohoeee (1 year ago)
it’s in settings
itsmefoshohoeee (1 year ago)
Suzana Grubisic you don’t have to use an app to screen record for iPhones
J K (1 year ago)
omg I SCREAMED at "Jeenifer" lmaoooo
Brooke Armstrong (1 year ago)
Shit that was so bloody funny 😂😂
TheBeautyofBeauty (1 year ago)
Did anyone else other than me, die when she skimmed past the $1.99 one and got Alicia instead who was more expensive?
Shavon Lynn (1 year ago)
I think Physics are a joke sorry that is how I feel
Olivia (1 year ago)
Obsessed with your lipstick shade! Which one is it? ☺️😍
HANNAH (1 year ago)
This video was SO funny! 😂 I lost it at JEENIFER Sorry we got cut off .... We never spoke before!!😂😂
Riley Shatek (1 year ago)
This was great 😂 and yes you could say those things to anyone
ladebrouillarde (1 year ago)
It seems like none of these psychics speak English as a first language.
Oscarnodwannabe (1 year ago)
This is a scam, you were talking to the same person each time.
kristymayk (1 year ago)
I find it odd that everyone of them called you dear... made me think that they’re all the same person just under different profiles charging different amounts
TheFall3n (5 months ago)
Truth is its BOTs
Sid Benedict (5 months ago)
I totally agree with you , "dear"....
theyoungparisians (1 year ago)
oh my god i'm crying this is hilarious #jeenifer
Ellee McKenzie (1 year ago)
I HAD SUCH a negative psychic experience and this lady literally asked me EVERYTHING about my life and it was like I couldn’t sit there in silence because she was so rudeeeee and my entire reading was so rudeee and I recorded it and listening to her voice just annoyed me!!!!! I got actually really upset from her... but it’s like omg the whole time she was being so generalised. So annoying getting a terrible pyschic
Olivia Gemmell (1 year ago)
Why did she say bitch! I hate tbat
Connie Eads (1 year ago)
lol. I charge 25 dollars for a 30 minute tarot reading.. this is just a huge scam.. its an embarrassment to us who actually know what the hell we are doing lol.
Shadoone (1 year ago)
You should try coffee fortune telling (Turkish coffee). I've found that it's been the most accurate especially if it's someone who knows what they're doing.
lucy luc (1 year ago)
This is soon funny
Maria (1 year ago)
Try purple ocean
Tiarni Taylor (1 year ago)
Hey! ive just recently uploaded my first vlog! its my year 12 last week of school video! id mean alot if u could watch it and give me some feedback! Thanks xx
Talisa Embelton (1 year ago)
what!!!! such a scam!!!
Sarah Chowske (1 year ago)
Wait...Brittney doesn't pay for YouTube red? Lmao I'm literally 27 seconds into this video and laughing so hard about that. I don't know why, but I find that hilarious.
missyblissy90 (1 year ago)
equaniminity.... wtf..... do they mean equilibrium? lmao...
Dijana Djuranovic (1 year ago)
You've done this kind of video beofre and you recorded it and showed us the recording ?!
JustClaudia (1 year ago)
This video is so funny haha! Good job :)
Afternoondeelite (1 year ago)
Another gambling app!
Katlin Kidd (1 year ago)
dear sounds so creepy
Bella Garside (1 year ago)
i literally just downloaded this app 10 mins before watching this and I didn't even get as far as to using it because it looked so fake :/
Lauren B (1 year ago)
you should have tod the first psychic"t lady you were a lesbian after she got done talking about males in your life That would have been epic ol
MrGlenspace (1 year ago)
Brittney do not fall for that stuff. It is all nonsense and for entertainment purposes only. Better off spending the money on something you love.
Marissa Laxton (1 year ago)
Omg please make this a series 😂😂😂
Sarah Beackley (1 year ago)
Does Jeenifer even speak english, bra? Lmao 😂
Ashleigh Jade (1 year ago)
Brittney! Where is your clothes hangers from? I NEEEEED then for my getting ready room
HeyItsLiz (1 year ago)
Omg! I'm laughing every time Brittney makes comments with these fake physics Lol too funny ! 😂
Jacqui Leutenmayr (1 year ago)
Sometimes I go on a massive liking spree because I usually watch your videos on my smart TV and I feel bad for watching and not giving a thumbs up (can't do it on the tv) hahaha #dedicatedsubscriber
Alannah Fehring (1 year ago)
such a fucking scam hahaha
Courtney Jade (1 year ago)
The best thing to wake up to omg😂
Aleana Jane (1 year ago)
I’am dying 😹😹😂

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